It always begins like this.

War. How many wars had this battened planet suffered in the last few decades? The answer may be low in numerical value, yet too high.

Sigma. War had become synonymous with him. His footprints burn the earth. Every time he blinks, a person or Reploid would be dead. He just wasn't the match, but the fire, the fuse, and the bomb. And he enjoyed it. He enjoyed war; regardless that he lost every war. He got a few small victories every now and then, but he needed more. He wanted the heads of the Maverick Hunters. He wanted to fill the earth with the humans; to help the planet live again.

So he continued. With a new virus. It got called the 'Legion' Virus. It wasn't as strong as the Sigma, Zero or Nightmare Virus, so the Hunters and recovered Reploids were fine. But those infected now become the mindless slaves of Sigma. He controlled over fifty thousand Reploids at once, though a group just followed one order at a time. "For we are many" Was something they always seen.

A year after the first attack has passed. Everyone has worked overtime to combat the army and find the cure.

And so…we open the book to the first page of the first chapter. X, Zero, and Axl are fighting in Pasture City. Alia, Layer, and Pallette are double tasking research and navigating. Signas is using of his powers to help everyone; not just the Hunters, but the citizens. No one had time to complain. Those who did got instantly fired, and some got killed when they started to complain during a hostile firefight.

So…we shall read. Our story is long and has moments of brutality, but that just how life runs its course.

Once upon a time…

Explosions continued to wreck the city. Firefighters and police had given up six months ago everywhere.

X had taken the center of the city. He mostly focused on the flying enemies, as they carried the bombs. He couldn't stop them from blowing up and causing collateral damage, but he needed to stop complete destruction. He carved a path through Main Street, directing the attention of the enemy. Bombs did hit the buildings, but now mostly focused on X.

"X! The virus levels are rising. You'll be fine, but there are still citizens in the buildings."

"Which building?" X said, avoiding a bomb. Shrapnel flew through the air like arrows, but it bounced off X's back.

"From your position, third on left!"

"Send the copter to the Square! I'll get them!"

"Roger!" Alia quickly sent the signal for the copter and told them where the landing zone was marked. She went back to her computer to extend the search, from 25 meters to 50 meters. Zero and Axl's position also appeared, along with the location of enemies and citizens. After a quick calculation; the citizens were too far spread out to get them all to the square. She called two more copters and gave them the best locations to land.

"Layer, how's your work going?" She asked. Layer downed a cup of coffee and quickly typed a command in to rush the job. She waved back; too buried in work. The enemy bombers and soldiers were the latest models sent by Sigma. Pasture City was close to Hunter Base, winning it for Sigma would be the biggest victory for him in nine months. She sent constant updates to the leaders and to the labs to help produce some new weapons and armor best suited for the war. She got up to make a new pot.

"Axl! You moron!" Pallette yelled into her microphone. "Stay away from the bombs! 13 times! You blind?" She had been studying city maps to find safe areas for evacuation. Axl had boasted he didn't need help, so he went in with a personal radar. First minute in, the device got destroyed. So Pallette had to keep Axl's head on straight and help civilians. The few remaining and willing police officers waited on the other line.

"What? These guys are designed to stop us!" He replied back, shooting around in a circle, destroying the soldiers around him. He rolled back to dodge laserfire, and returned fire. He quickly ran off when the next fleet flew in.

"Aren't they all?" Pallette retorted back. She growled, and went back to looking through the maps.

Zero took his time. Out of all of them, he just recently fought the same enemy at the S. S. Doppler. The army had entered in the west, so he headed there to thin out the forces. They pretty much ran right into his sword for a while, but got smart and waited to run across when he wasn't there. But it didn't matter. Zero had already destroyed the order of things. If any of the soldiers got across, they would be caught in either a bomb or a buster shot.

The Hunters were winning. Slowly winning. They would save Pasture City from Sigma, but not from destruction. The damage could be permanent; putting into fact about Sigma's endless desire for revenge cold result in a future attack. Or not. Sigma is labeled a Maverick, so by reducing the term 'Maverick' down, Sigma could also be insane. So there's a chance that he won't attack again, rather going for a predictable defeat if he attacked Hunter HQ.

Or was something hidden from the Hunter's knowledge?

X entered the building. Despite the outside appearance, the apartment building had caught fire. Add this to the weakening structure, and the place was a hazard. X sighed; how come every building with people in it always proves to be a challenge just to go up one floor? Running at the opposite wall, he bounced off over to the next floor. He continued; the signals had come from the top floor.

The fire had started from here; telling by the ash on the floor confirmed that the fire had been long, but not very strong. Lights flickered. X activated the scanner in his helmet, leading him to the citizens. Apartment 777. Lucky numbers. Nope the people inside were just as a lucky. It didn't help that the trail of burn marks actually started under the door. The marks were thin; someone set the fire on purpose. Looks like X would have to make a arrest. The door was slightly burned, but someone put out the fire burning it; water had stained the carpet.

X, with one fist, battered the door down. Nothing laid in the living room, but a noise came from down the hall. X set his buster to 'Stun'. He took each step as slowly and quietly as possible. He didn't want to alert whoever waited inside. He set the scanner to X-Ray, and did a 360 surveillance. He found four bodies. One large and fat, and holding something in both hands; like a gun. Two bodies moved only in ways that a person bound could do. One didn't move. Dead or asleep, it did have a skeleton.

X went straight to the door of the room. The master bedroom, according to the plans. The large body remained quiet and unmoving. He pointed the thing in his hands towards the door and, in a move he would regret, locked and loaded his shotgun. The body didn't seem to react to giving away his position or revealing he had a weapon; in fact, he was thinking that it would scare away whoever it was. The two bound bodies gave off small whimpers.

X quickly considered the best options to handle the situation. Repeat before, and get shot or get the hostages shot. Kicking the door would work, if not for the door being designed to prevent damage to the hinges. Fire a buster shot? The man's body mass would cause spasms, and potentially fire off the gun, hitting him or a hostage. Upping the power would cause problems back at HQ, something he, or the Hunters couldn't afford.

But he looked back to see something he could use.

The man, Howard we shall call him, used to be a prisoner back at the highest human security prison in the world. What got him locked up? Two counts of arson; he burned down a girlfriend's house and a house of a public servant. Ten counts of attempted murder; his girlfriend, her parents, her current boyfriend, the public servant, his two daughters, and three guests. Three counts of manslaughter and murder in the second degree; the mom, one of the daughters and one of the guests (Another public servant) perished in the fire. One count of resisting arrest, he barricaded himself in a house. Two counts of kidnapping, the house had a couple inside. Three counts of assault with a deadly weapon; he shot the couple in the leg and a police officer in the arm.

He might have gotten away with it. If he's wasn't stark raving mad, posting his actions online and hacking the news channel to announce his greatness. He said his reason for doing all of this was because his girlfriend dumped him when he started to stalk her (He denied stalking, calling it 'protection' against those hate love.) and the public servant laughed at him for not helping him raising attention for his original story. (Bio Fighter: Starring the ORIGINAL character, Ryu Redfield, the long lost brother of Chris and Claire Redfield!) He believed that people should immediately like him, as 'God' (Actually a drunk Santa) told him he was destined for great things. (Because the six-year Howard somehow got a bottle of vodka off a rich man to give to the Santa.)

Due to the war, he escaped, only after violently attacking a female guard that refused him attention. He might have gone further, but once again, the escape was supposed to be a quiet operation, and she raised the alarm, resulting in half of the escapees being returned to his cells. So being hunted by the remaining police, convicts wanting to kill him for preventing their friends from leaving, and bounty hunters, he came to Pasture City, were he stole a shotgun off a corpse of a Hunter, and took control of a apartment. He had no real reason to set the fire. Ryu Redfield may just told him to do it.

But now, the person who came was gone. He wiped his forehead clean of sweat and stress. Good, now no one will come between him and his sweetheart. Or sweethearts. But wait! A noise sounding like something ripping came from the living room. Hold on. He left something in the living room.

The home-made, all-original, Redfield bracelets! He spent so long finding strands of red rope and then glue them across some brass bracelets he found! He rushed outside…

…and promptly got smashed over the head by a fist. Howard laid there, not moving.

X didn't mean to rip the bracelets. He was going for the large Ming vase, the one thing that hadn't been overturned. He fell down ,and accidently tore off some the rope.

A hour later we shall jump ahead to. The battle is calming down. The army that Sigma had sent in has nearly been destroyed, now the regular Hunters could come in and comb the area for any hiding enemies. X, Zero, Axl still remained, there was still the matter of a investigation needed. The city did just got installed with the latest defense technology, due to the threat to the Hunters. But when the attack began, the systems went offline. What happened?

The company, Pentagram, wasn't being too friendly with the Hunters.

Alia directed them to the building that held the main defense system. The door, normally you would need a keycard to open, had been forced open by someone with large hands, as the metal had been bent. The three went inside. Power had been shut off. But the power generator is directly connected to the defense grid. Someone, or something had sabotaged the whole building.

"Pallette, how's the map coming?" Asked Zero.

"The contractors are bunch of jerks! I'm trying to explain to them about the break-in, but they're threatening to call their lawyers. They think we're going to go after them for their system failure!" Pallette said, while she passed the phone over to Alia to negotiate with the contractors.

"Well, conspiracy is out of the question. Sigma would never work with the humans. We'll try to wing it. See if you can hack their network to get us something."

"Roger! Over and out!" Zero signed off, and went over to where X and Axl were trying to open the door to the 'employee' only area.

"Let me guess, they changed the passwords." He said. Axl nodded his head, as he entered the password again. X sat there, trying to use a hacking device. Zero used something more useful. His sword, of course. He carved the door of its frame. He bowed, and the two other hunters clapped.

"Ummm…Zero?" Alia called. "They just witnessed the damage though the cameras."

"Tell them eat shit. Also, the map for this place would be nice too. After all, we don't want to end up in a black-ops room now?" Zero smiled straight into the cameras. A mere second later, the map for the complex appeared on Pallette's screen. Zero held up a thumbs-up to the camera and he ran forward with the others.

"Alia. They hanged up. They didn't say anything else." Layer said, as she had the buck. Alia nodded and got back to work. Pallette entered a few commands, and the map got sent to the Hunters, along with the locations of recharge stations, the security room, the generator room and hangar for the defense bots. All six of them agreed to visit the security room first, the intruders may have caught on camera.

"Hold on." Layer's voice echoed through the empty hall. Everyone stopped.

"I'm getting…enemy signals? Huh?" Layer bought up a holomap, showing the locations for the Hunters, marked in blue. Three red blips were advancing upon the location of the blue blips. But something was different. The red blips were faint, and were getting fainter by the second. Alia quickly took control of the hallway's camera to get a better view. Despite she chose the camera nearest the enemy, she couldn't see anything.

"Incoming invisible enemy! Switch to alternate vision!" Alia called, urgency in her voice. X nodded, and started to flip through vision modes. X-Ray. Heat Vision. Energy Detection. Nothing popped up. The red blips now stood right in front of the Hunters. Alia look into another camera. Nothing. Layer checked her findings again.

"Is there something wrong with the program?" Asked Alia.

"No-o…the computer confirms hostile presence." Layer meekly replied.

"All right, then!" Axl put away one pistol, and aimed the other at the area in front of them. "Let's prove it then." He fired a single shot.

It hit something, all right. But it bounced off whatever it was, and continued past the Hunters and down the hall.

"Something…is here? What the…" Alia said, before doing a more advanced search.

Static appeared. Static appeared on all of the screens. The commutations ended.

"Alia? Come in! What happened?" X shouted.

"LOOK!" Axl pointed to where the enemy was. And now it is there. Three grey soldiers wielding shields and blaster rifles stood there, as if they was there. They put their rifles through the opening in their shields and opened fire. The Hunters rolled over to the nearest adjacent hallway.

"LAYER! We need scan, now!" Zero called. He heard nothing but static. The gunfire continued.

X braved it and fire a few shots while rolling under the fire to another hall. The buster shots all disappeared at the shields.

"Well, what do you think would happen?" Yelled Axl, as he rotated through his inventory of weapons until he found his G-Launcher, and launched several explosive shots. The soldiers got knocked back, and one lost his shield. X rolled back, and with a charge shot, destroyed the soldier. The one on the right grabbed the fallen blaster and stuffed it in the shield's slot. Placing the shield upright standing, he fired both guns. Nothing changed.

Axl fired more shots. The soldiers stood their ground, not moving. Zero quickly leapt back into the hall, and performed Raikōsen, and got over the heads of the soldiers, and destroyed a light structure. It fell, landing on the both of the soldiers. Zero landed, and then repeated the same move, finishing the soldiers.

X continued to contact Alia. "Nothing. We're blind."

"Not really. Pallette uploaded the map." Axl said, bringing up a holomap. According to the map, the security room just laid three corners away. Axl hit a few buttons, and the map switched to the basement. The generator room and the hangar were neighbors. The complex had fifteen floors (Not including the basement); minus three in the bombing. Fortunately, the rooms needed were just on the first floor and the basement. They could explore the higher floors, but nothing of interest was there.

"You think that Pentagram shut us off?" X asked.

"Doubt it. Sigma's forces just led us into a trap." Zero bent down to one of the bodies. A 'E', the signal of Sigma, was on the back on the shields. "Suggestions, anyone?"

"Spring the trap!" Axl said, slapping one of the bodies in the face, copying it. He became the soldier, and grabbed a shield and a blaster. "The cameras are down, so they're blind too. So I clear the way for you guys to do your thing!"

"And what thing is that?" Zero asked.


"Don't use that word…."X said rather meekly.

"All right, all right. Come on! I escort you two prisoners to the security room." He pulled off the soldiers two handcuffs.

"Wait. How come they have handcuffs if the first thing they did was fire at us?" X asked as Axl cuffed him.

"Like I would know! Come on. We're wasting sunlight." Axl slapped the last cuff on Zero and butted the two in the back with the gun.

Two more soldiers stood guard at the security room. Motionless. They didn't have the virus, but they didn't need it. Sigma's personal friends. They only followed only one command at a time. These two were under the order, 'stay and prevent visitors to the security room.' And that meant everyone. Even Sigma himself.

But Axl the guard didn't know this. He walked up to the door, and the two guards blocked the door with their shields.

"Hello. I located two of the Hunters. I'll like to store them in the most secure room in the building." The guards didn't move. They didn't even bother to check if one of their own was telling the truth. Axl tried to move forward, but he just bumped right back into the shields.

"All righty then." Axl drew his pistols, and shot both guards in the head. They didn't bother to react. Axl dropped the disguise and opened the door. X went over to the computer and went into the archive to go back around the time of the attack. Axl waited outside, placing the guards back up, and hiding any evidence of their death. He made them return to their positions.

X flipped back a hour before the first confirmed bomb. Normal day with normal people with normal interactions. Poor souls. They didn't know.

It started with a giant machine with grippers plied open the door, and a hail of gunfire entered, killing all in the main lobby. X's stomach, as artificial as it may be, churned. Several of the soldiers cleaned up the mess, throwing the bodies outside. The cameras from the outside had been destroyed fifteen minutes before the attack. The security guards looking at the cameras were the first victims.

After a full minute of a disgusting body removal, two familiar faces came in.

"Vile." Zero said through gritted teeth. The first person to kill him.

"Dynamo." X said with anger. One of the more annoying people in his life.

"Oh, old friends, eh?" Axl came in, shutting the door slightly to not make the guards fall. X and Zero shot back with glares. Axl held up his hands.

"Looks like Dynamo is under the employ of Sigma again." Zero said, creating a holo-log for later. "Haven't heard anything from him since the Nightmare incident. "

"I heard about this guy during my short stint in Red Alert." Axl pointed at the image of Dynamo, currently tossing a boulder at a security guard who fired back. "He did a small job; stole some information about a small Maverick hideout. He did the job sometime after the Nightmare incident and before I entered Red Alert."

"Hmm. I knew we would we meet again."

All three jumped. Dynamo had directly addressed the camera.

"Yes, I'm talking to you, X. I've no doubt that you would see this, knowing you."

"I'm holding in the urge to respond." X said. He didn't want to be a rage now.

"So…Sigma has offered me the continent that everyone wants to own, Australia. Yeah, I know, silly, but I do like a good fight, especially with you. And besides, hey, Australia." He laughed, and Vile tapped on his shoulders. Dynamo looked around, and Vile pointed off screen. Dynamo nodded, and held up one finger. Vile went off.

"Well, I gotta to go. Tell you what. Meet me in the hangar. Then we can duel once again." Dynamo flicked the camera, ending the feed. Axl checked the basement map, and placed a marker on the hangar.

"Axl, what are you doing?" Asked Zero.

"Zero, did you go deaf?" Replied Axl.

"No, you spiky-hair fool! Why should we run straight at Dynamo? He's been waiting for us for at least five hours! Who knows what traps he made had laid at this point? Take off that marker!… " Zero reached over to the holo-map device and attempted to take it, but Axl dodged.

"Listen! Dynamo may have information. So let us get it!" Axl tripped over X's outstretched leg, and the device fell into Zero's hands. He pressed 'delete' and the marker vanished. "Oh, come on, guys! Aren't we supposed to take down Sigma and his cohorts? We can't just leave him here, he might repeat the situation!"

"We KNOW, Axl." Zero said. "We will get him. But first…" Zero placed a marker at the generator room. "Restore the power. The survivors could use it to get the electric trains running again and other electric devices. Remember what Signas said. 'People first. We must serve the people first.'"

"Oh yeah? I got a better motto." Axl said with actual anger, rather with playful anger. " It goes like this. 'Strike first to save later.' Take down those who command the army to end the war faster. X, you agree right? I mean, you defeat Sigma, and the war is over! And you go after him from the beginning, right?"

X sighed, thinking. "You're both right. Sigma needs to stop as soon as possible, but we need to make the world stable first. We can't go straight to Sigma without knowing he might have a bomb placed somewhere, and waiting for us to meet face-to-face to set it off. We'll work both sides, okay?" Zero and Axl nodded. X smiled, and hit a button.

"All right, I opened the door to the basement. Let's go…" The Hunters quietly walked out and closed the door, not to disturb the corpses. Axl patted one on the head. It rolled. Axl quickly fixed the head back and tip-toed away. The head rolled off after Axl left the hall. Like dominos, the other head fell off, and the body fell down back to what they were when Axl shot off.

X flipped the switch. The generator came back on.

It took a half-hour to reach the generator. Some soldiers patrolled the halls, but they all fell to X, Zero, Axl. They used the soldier's pre-programmed mind against them. Thankfully, no one was paying any attention, so no one fixed the problem. Axl started to have fun, despite all of the destruction.

He stopped when he saw the bodies.

The generator took some time to fix. The Mavericks had tore off several parts, but Zero managed to make some make-shift parts for replacing.

"All right. Good. People can be a bit more comfortable now." Zero said, wiping off some oil. X tapped his communicator.

"Damn. We're still alone in here. I would like to talk Alia and tell her about the power and Dynamo, but now? We have to do double paperwork." X said, sitting down on a ledge. Axl, in a playful mood (Like always.) decided to talk with X.

"Oh…is our blue bomber pining for a lady clan in pink?" Axl said, like if he was going to sing.

"Axl…" X gritted through his teeth.

"And that confirms it! Oh come on, X, it's plainly obvious. What's the matter? Scared?"


"Or is it disappointment? She did downgrade. So do prefer long or short hair?"


"Heh heh heh heh…X, you're fun!"

"Is this fun?" X punched Axl with his buster. Axl rolled, laughing all of the way.

"Don't hit him, X. He wants it." Zero put away the tools in the toolbox in the wall. "He wants you to react. So ignore him. Come on, X, don't be a child." X growled. Zero just threw up his shoulders.

"All right. Let's go after Dynamo." Axl got up and walked to the door. Zero grabbed him. "Hold on. He'll be waiting for us. Walk through the door, and get blown up. If he's actually still there."

"HE will be there." X got up and fiddled with his buster. "Dynamo would never leave without fighting me. Why else would he indirectly send a message to me?"

"Then, where's Vile? Isn't he still on the idea of 'kill X and Zero with bigger guns'?" Axl asked.

"Yeah. I wouldn't know. He could also be behind this wall." Zero pointed the wall that lead to the hangar. "Well, let's go find a vent…"


Both Axl and Zero covered their faces as debris flew at them. As soon as the dust cleared, they saw a hole in the wall, and X's buster smoking.

"X! The hell!" Axl shouted.

"Subterfuge, X! Subterfuge means not drawing attention to yourself!" Zero also added.

"Oh, look and stop complaining." X pointed.

Vile and Dynamo laid on the floor, hurt and groaning.

"…at least warn us!" Axl added as a final remark.

The three stepped through the hole and picked up the two Maverick leaders.

"Oww…X! That wasn't fair!" Dynamo whined. X punched him.

"X…damn you. I won't even do that." Vile said, with no emotion in his voice. He got punched by Zero.

"X…well, I will say this. You did a smart move there, taking down the wall and avoiding the traps at the door." Dynamo said, without anger, sad, surprise or anything that would normally function as responses to having the wall next to you blowing up and your enemy capturing you. "If there WERE any traps. Got you there." X held his surprise in.

"Correct." Vile also joined in. "Watching you through our small spy cameras were interesting. In fact, we arranged for your safe passage. Notice how the soldiers didn't chase after you, rather: stand ground and fire. You did notice that, right?"

"We don't care right now. We have you." Zero pressed Vile up against the wall. "Now then. Time for some questions. First question," X also followed suit with Dynamo. "Where do we find Sigma?"

Dynamo answered first. "Heh. That should be something we could ask you."

Axl pointed one gun at each Maverick. "What the hell does that mean?"

"Sigma only shows his face via screen." Vile took over. "He wants to keep his location a secret…for now. He doesn't want people knowing his location so you wouldn't beat it out of him. And look, you're doing it right now. And now you know."

"Let me guess." Dynamo continued. "The next question is, why are we currently planning to attack Hunter HQ?"

"Wait…what…" X asked.

"And the answer is…YES! YES WE ARE!"


Dynamo and Vile pressed a button on their waist. Electric charges hit X and Zero, and they vanished in a cloud of smoke. Axl fired widely into the smoke.

"Where did they go…" Axl asked.

"LOOK!" Zero pointed.

The hangar was filled with defense bots. Giant machines that resembled a complete D-1000 (Intro boss in X6) were deployed in time of emergency to fight off intruders. They did have advance measures, and could easily take down a Class-A Hunter.

And now, it had been infected by the Legion Virus.


The Infected Defense Bot opened fire with all four of the laser turrets. All three Hunters easily dodged, and returned fire. Zero switched to his buster, despite it being less effective than the others. The Bot attempted to bash right into Axl, who just flew above it and fire off more explosive shots. Zero switched back to the Z-Saber, and performed Rasetsusen on the head. Several plates of metal fell off.

The Bot really tried to fight back. Rank Triple A Hunters was too much for it. Single A ranks, as I mentioned before, could easy fall to this monstrous weapon. Double A, however, were levels above, and a challenge it would be. But a Double A Hunter were short in stock. So a Triple A Hunter could easily destroy one in mere minutes. And there was only three Triple A Hunters ever. And the Defense Bots never trained with the those three.

Zero chopped off the right arm and Axl shot off all of the turrets. Now the Bot could only do was ram. But it couldn't get off even one. X ran forward, charging. A single charge shot blew off the head, ending the battle rather quickly.

Too quickly.

Vile and Dynamo had ran behind the Hunters using the smokescreen. They stood there waiting. Soldiers quietly marched in, carrying several chests. The soldiers quickly outfitted themselves in Hunter medic outfits and Class B Hunter outfits. Vile and Dynamo were handed holo-outfits of Class A Hunters. Recently dead Class A Hunters. They didn't activate it, just yet.

"Sir, all of the other Hunters have left the area. The path is clear." One of the soldiers said.

"Good. Citizens?"

"They all left. Casualties are minimum. Lord Sigma may not be happy."

"He will be. The information back at Hunter HQ will be more valuable than a few worthless human lives." Dynamos said. He withdrew from the chest three stun bombs. He juggled them.

"…looks like the battle is near its end." Vile noticed, as a the missing arm fell to the side of the group. Dynamo walked quietly up to the back of the Hunters and threw the bombs. The bombs landed on the backs of each Hunter and sent a higher voltage of electrical charges through each. They fell like stones. One soldier for each Hunter grabbed them all, and placed them in a portable resting pods.

Dynamo laughed. Vile had stopped laughing years ago. The soldiers didn't laugh.

"Let's move." Vile said. Four disguised Mavericks picked up one pod and left.

"Well, easier than done and said. I honestly can't believe our luck." Vile said.

"I agree! We got rid of the three and only threats to us! Now it's free reign of the entire world! I mean, who's going to stop us? The Navigators?"

"Don't jinx us. Those three have been trained by the Hunters. We'll have to take them down silently." Some red circular object glinted in Vile's helmet. Dynamos immediately went quiet. Vile did have a face, but only rumors served as evidence. But if you saw a red 'eye', run. Vile has spent time upgrading every weapon he had. He had become a actual weapon.

And so…we end today. We'll come back at a later time to continue our story.

The war continued to ravage the land…

I'm kinda proud of this. My writing style goes on and off at times, there are parts I really like, and parts, if I could, I wanted to change. Continuity is a important thing to me. It makes authors look silly for not knowing how their own story works. And I do have a story all ready worked out. I've said this before, but I really do have a plan on how my stories end.

So…my first Megaman story! I plan on continuing this for a long time. I also had been planning this for a long time.

Confession time. As a out-of-control-austisic kid, I created two things. Original NetNavis, and plans for RPGs. Really. I created locations, bosses, bosses hp, weapons, and even at one point, names for the music! I crafted stories out of nothing. I'm good.

But still. Review my story with a open mind. You can flame if you want. Give me suggestions.

Over and out.