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"X! Come in! X! Do you read?" Alia shouted into her earpiece.

"Give it a rest." Pallette said in a monotone voice. "It's been a hour. It's clear that we're being blocked." When they lose connection to the Hunters, the computer also went out. Pallette had spent the hour researching maps. Not just the Pentagram Complex, but maps of area under control by Sigma's forces. Layer had switched to a laptop and ran all of the saved files under several queries to help the soldiers in battle. Alia had spent her time trying to reach X.

"And that's not good! Who knows what trouble they're in?" Alia's hair had gotten a bit missed up. With the computers out, the fans had stopped working, along with the electronic doors. Layer's field training was in the desert, Pallette's lab was always hot, but Alia had no real time in a hot environment. She always been in a stable temperature area.

"Alia." Layer put her laptop down while the tests were running. "Please calm down. There's no use in panicking right now. X and Zero always make it alive." She handed Alia one of her Bashou fans. "Here." Alia said a quick 'thank you' and she cooled herself down with it.

"No offense, but you haven't been around long enough to say that. Zero has died twice now. X has been in several critical states before. Yes, their rate of success is 100%, no doubt, but that percent comes at a heavy price." The fans flapped faster. Pallette stopped working and turned to Alia.

"When did you become such a pessimistic? Alia, you're the Head Navigator. You're supposed to keep us from having a meltdown." Pallette crumbled up a paper into a ball and lightly threw it at Alia. She knocked it away with the fan. She handed fan back to Layer, and tried to power on the computer. Pallette shook her head and went back to her maps.

The lights came on. Then the fans. And then the computers started up.

"All right! It's time for lunch!" Pallette shouted, and leaped out of her chair.

"You're welcome." A voice came from behind the door. It opened, and a young, long white-hair Navigator walked in.

"Servii? You fixed it?" Asked Alia.

"I had some training in engineering." She answered.

"And now you're a Navigator?" Alia asked again.

"I think that would be odd." Servii said. She sounded a bit uncomfortable.

"I know plenty of female engineers. " Layer spoke, rooting through her desk's drawers. "And they have good professional relationship with the male engineers." She went over to Servii and showed her a photo. A typical Christmas Party photo, shot in the boiler room. Layer looked drunk, along with six male and four female dirty engineers; all of them wearing party hats.

"Wait! You went to the Christmas Party in the basement?" Pallette grabbed the photo out of Layer's hands. "But…but but…what about my party? Ahh! Layer!" Layer blushed a bit, but got the photo back and went back to work. Pallette huffed, but put aside revenge for later.

"Don't try to convince me. I enjoy being a Navigator. And I enjoy working with you." Servii smiled. Servii rarely smiled, but it wasn't a emotional thing, just a thing of hers. She only smiled while around her Navigator trainers. She wasn't found of X, Zero, or Axl, for some reason. "But as long as you don't ask me to get you donuts."

"We don't eat donuts." All three Navigators said unanimously.

"Great!" Servii smile stayed.

"How bad was the damage?" Asked Alia.

"Not that bad. A simple low-power pulse fired from a space satellite. Generally a nuisance to us, we upgraded our systems to protect against long-term damage long ago. Though it will take some time to get up to full power." Servii went over to a panel on the wall and fiddled around with some controls. "I just rerouted a bit more power to this room for now."

"Thanks again, Servii. Can I ask you to stay and help recover any lost data?" Alia asked.

"I'm sorry, but Signas and the Council has personally asked me to help with the library recovering. I actually came here for the tools. Can I borrow them for a bit? I promise to return them." Pallette nodded and handed her the tool box. Servii bowed and accepted it.

"The library is down? I thought that it had its own power." Layer asked.

"Yes. Whoever attacked us went straight to all of the power sources. The sabotage wasn't strong enough for any permanent damage. The engineers are working as hard as they can, but nearly all of them are in the city setting up emergency shelters with the others."

"Sigma is getting more and more dangerous by the day." Alia stated. "By tomorrow, he'll be throwing nuclear bombs."

"I personally think the better term is insane." Pallette brought up. "When he starts to throw the bombs, they will land everywhere. And I do mean everywhere."

"I agree." Servii went to the door, but stopped and turned around.

"Oh. By the way. The library work is a need-to-know. The files are strictly forbidden. Please don't go around and tell people that. We may not meet each other again if you did."

Alia nodded and said, "Okay, Servii…"


Servii dodged back into the room as a medical team carrying three pods stormed down the hall. Alia, Layer, and Pallette didn't have a chance to see what's in the pods, but they knew who was inside. They waited until the medics cleared the hall before they followed behind. They caught up with them at a corner and managed to force past medics to get near the pods.

"X! My god! What happened?" Alia got up to the pod and looked inside. X looked okay, but his face was in pain.

"He got infected by the Legion Virus." One of the head hunters said. "Don't worry, the immunity is helping, so he's needs a little recovery time and a small operation." The hunter placed a hand on Alia's shoulder. "Don't worry. Your boyfriend is fine." Alia threw off the hand.

"He's not my boyfriend! And how did the virus get into their systems?" The second head hunter walked up.

"The virus had been directly injected into them. A new weapon and all."

"A new weapon?" Layer asked. She left Zero's side and walked up to the hunter. "I never heard of a such of a weapon." The hunter immediately answered."We discovered it inside of the complex."

"Then where is it?" Asked Layer. "I need to research it." The first hunter tapped the second hunter's shoulder. The second hunter went quiet while the first hunter talked. "Sorry. We didn't have a chance to recover it. We were attacked, and the only weapon we could find was destroyed. Once again, sorry, but we need to get the three to the Emergency Room." The two ran off to catch up with the pods. Three medics stayed behind and were acting…weird.

"Is something wrong?" Pallette asked. The medics were dancing.

Yep. Dancing.

"Have they been infected?" Asked Layer.

"I've…never…seen a infected like this before." Pallette answered. (Not really.) "Could it be they react differently to the virus?"

"No." Alia walked near one of the dancing robots. "They're malfunctioning. A short circuit connecting the brain to the limbs, causing spasms. The war has bought up a rise of this condition. You know, stress and all." She tapped one on the head. It rolled.

"Yikes! I don't think this guy just has a malfunction." Pallette said, after jumping back in surprise. The other heads rolled also. The medics, despite their heads dangling on a thread, started to walk forward. The Navigators stepped back.

"Ermm…Alia? I think you should step back." Layer said, reaching for her rapier. Pallette, though surprised, withdrew her pistol from her holster. Alia didn't go for her weapon, but still stepped back. The medics shambled near them, almost like a zombie. Alia recalled some training she had years ago, right around she first met X. He taught her the methods on how to negotiate with Mavericks or the infected.

"Listen to the sound of my voice. Can you hear me?" She asked.

"Psst! Alia? Not the best idea right now!" Pallette said under her breath.

"Draw your weapon." Layer said. Rather coldly, too. Her rapier was pointed right out to the medics.

"Please. If you can talk, then let's talk. It doesn't need to end in violence."

"Alia! What are you doing?"

"Draw your weapon."

"Please. I just want to talk to you peacefully."


"Draw your weapon!"

Alia bit her lip, and her left hand became the Alia Buster. She charged up. "Where is everybody?" Thought Alia. Usually the base was swamped with different faces every day. But when the medics came in, people seemed to clear out.

Layer got the first move. She went for a simple warning slice, to tear through the clothes. The clothes did rip, but the sword took off the entire shirt. Layer threw it down. The shirt was stained with oil. The medics continued to walk forward. Layer swiped again, several times. More clothes, all oil stained, fell off. Layer stepped back.

"Soldiers?" She shouted. The soldier's heads retracted up, and the oil leaks sealed. They reached for their stun batons, but not their guns. They may have recovered from their swinging heads and leaks, but the glitches in their brains still restricted their movement.

One gained a sudden burst of speed and swung. Layer blocked, allowing Pallette to get a head shot. This didn't kill it, but it just skidded back. Pallette fired more five shots, two in the brain, one in the chest, and two in the right arm. It continued to stand. Alia unleashed the charge shot, and it fell down. It stirred, as if tried to move. Layer finished it off with a stab downwards.

The other two, who fell into 'la la' land while their comrade got butchered, went forward with their clubs swinging. Layer charged one, giving Alia and Pallette the last one. Layer quickly blocked all of the pointless swings and kicked the club out of the hand. She retracted her foot in pain, as a small shock entered her leg. The soldier, who couldn't process that he lost his baton, switched to using his blaster rifle as a club. Regardless of size, he wielded it with one hand. Layer received a blow to the head when her block turned against her.

The last soldier head jerked, and he regained some control. He grabbed his gun and started to fire, but at random intervals. Pallette's hair, the floating ones, actually served as a multi-purpose tool. She blocked the fire (While being pushed back.) and continued to fire off as many shot as she could. The soldier, despite being riddled with energy bullets, fired a shot that pierced Alia's shoulder, who's charge shot misfired. She hit the wall and fired several buster shots. They had more effect than Pallette, but the enemy still stood.

Layer's enemy had relearned how to use his gun. This actually made things easier, as Layer could actually reflect the shots. So now the hall got filled with bouncing enemy fire. Layer stepped back, along with Alia and Pallette. The enemy took the full blunt, with one falling dead. The last one lost his arm, and the death blow was dealt by a charge shot from Alia. The hallway was filled with holes, burn marks, body parts, bodies and other debris.

Layer rested on the wall. She had been out of training for a while, so fighting against three soldiers from Sigma took a lot of her. If she continued to train with Zero, she could handle a entire a squad. But Zero had been too busy with the war to train, yet alone see to each other. Not of course he had a reason to see her.

Oh great. She was going on about Zero again. A grown woman having a childhood crush. She held back her blush. This was no time for that. Alia tapped her shoulder, and she ran off with Pallette. Layer took a quick break, and followed them back to the Navigator Room. Servii was still there, as if stunned.

"What happened?" She asked.

"Sigma happened. His forces have snuck in." Alia stormed over to her computer and quickly bought up cameras to the medical offices. The soldiers stripped off the uniforms, and the two hunters hit a button on their belts. Vile and Dynamo appeared in their places. Vile quickly sent out three soldiers in different directions. Three stayed behind to follow both Dynamo and Vile in another direction.

"They're headed to the library." Servii said. Her eyes went wide. She accessed a computer and tried to access the defenses, but no response came. "They disabled the turrets. The library is completely open to them. Even the forbidden files."

"…We need to stop them." Alia said. She went over to the emergency weapon console and started to empower her weapons and her armor. Navigators aren't made to fight, but they're designed with self-defense mechanics. The Council decided, about three months into the war, to give the Navigators a offensive option. The other three Navigators got both confused and scared.

"By ourselves?" Asked Pallette.

"Everyone else is gone." Alia said, while her buster got charged with new energy. "We may not be the best people for the job, but if Sigma gets those files that Signas deem forbidden, the war is over." The weapon and armor upgrade finished. Alia went back to her computer and quickly typed in a command, bringing up a map with several markers. She turned back to Layer and Pallette, who were just standing there. "Well?" She asked.

"What?" They both asked.

"Are you coming?"

"No!" They both said. Alia held up one finger.

She asked, "Weren't you just listening? We're the only ones who can stop this."

Pallette got to talk first. "But X and the others are waiting for us! Let's get them up!"

Alia now held up three fingers. "One. In order to get to X, we need to get through at least three waves of soldiers." She pointed to her map. She traced the shortest route from the Navigator Room to the Medical Office, and her finger passed through three groups of three red dots. "Two. Those capsules are designed to combat the virus. Only a medical officer can open them." She bought up the capsule's information. "And the only medical officers in the building are those carrying guns. And the real ones won't be back in a hour. Third. If we can get to AND open the capsules, then they would be too drowsy to move for a another hour. We don't have time to wait. I suggest we move."

Layer, the one who usually followed the path of least resistance, took a deep breath and went to the console to get the needed boost. Pallette gawked. "Layer!"

"Pallette, she's right. The truth may be painful, but we're the last line of defense here. If you're scared…" Pallette's mood quickly shifted.

" 'Cuse me? Excuse me? Me? A coward? Yellow-bodied? No way! Move!" She pushed Layer out of the way and started her own power-up. Servii, who stood in silence, finally spoke.

"I agree that the files need to be protected, but who's going to protect you? The soldiers can move at anytime!"

Alia sighed. "And you gals call me a pessimistic. Well, Servii, we do need a Navigator. And seeing of course that we are the only ones who fight here, it looks like you will have to watch our backs." Servii got taken back. "Are you up to it, Rookie?" Servii looked back and forth; from the computer and Alia to the door. She made the right decision and went to the computer and activated the Navigator Program.

"Thanks. If we survive, I'll buy you whatever you want. Anything." Alia said with a voice of a leader. "All right. This isn't a stealth mission, so don't lead us away from the soldiers. We need to kill all of them. If we leave one alive, it could be disastrous. As confirmed, there are a total of eighteen soldiers. Six groups. Once we take them down, then we go after Vile and Dynamo. The files will take time to download, so let's focus on thinning the forces before we go after the leaders."

"Is that clear?" She yelled.

"YES, MA'AM!" All three saluted.

"MOVE OUT! THERE'S NO TIME TO LOSE!" Alia threw her arm around back to the door and all three ran off to handle the soldiers.

The library (The official name is the Source Collective Library.) is, without a doubt, the biggest information storage in the entire world. The Hunters were proud of it, and the library expanded every day, even during the war. Every single letter of every single paper ever written was forever filed away and permanently preserved. Electronic locks were the seals, and only certified Hunters above the rank of A could open.

And the Rank A Hunters could only open only 10% percent of the files. 30% were open to Rank AA. Rank AAA? Only 60%. The remaining 40% was only open to the Council. Signas had access to 75% of all of the files.

So Dynamo and Vile weren't having a fun time.

"Geez. How long have we been here?" Asked Dynamo.

"Only a hour. Why? You have a date? You'll turn into a pumpkin if you don't get home by midnight?" Vile retorted.

"No…if this takes too long, then we have to deal with a whole lot of Hunters. Personally…"

"Shut up. Why do you think I ordered everyone to split up? We're fine, ya chickenshit."

"I meant X, Zero, and that new punk, Axl. If they get out…"

"Then we'll have to deal with a bunch of drowsy hunters. If they get out, IF being a keyword, then we have a one hour window to get the rest of files. And besides, again, any Class A or higher class Hunter are out of the country. I think I can handle a couple of medics and scientists, but hey, if you're scared, you can leave."

Dynamo laughed. "Of course not! However, you should see this." He gracefully bowed, leading to a computer screen. Vile shoved him out the way and looked on the monitor. Four security cameras showed the first floor's north, south, east, and west corridors. Specifically, the locations where Vile had sent his men. They weren't there anymore. Instead, three different people were making a path to the library. Dynamo held back his laughter as Vile quietly smashed the computer. He didn't say anything. The three remaining soldiers manning the computer downloading the files walked up to their commander. Vile punched one to the ground. The soldier just got up and rejoined the group.

"You three." Vile started to give orders. He remained calm. "I'm giving the order to use the deadliest weapons you have to eliminate the enemy. As you can tell, they just destroyed 7/8 of our finest soldiers. They're aren't to be underestimated. I don't care how you do it, as long as we get the information, then you can kill all you want! Is that clear?"

"Sir, yes sir!" All three said in a electronic voice at the same time. They marched over to one of the chests and pulled out several parts to a much larger gun. Vile sat down, fuming. Dynamo flicked a switch near him, and a monitor facing Vile showed re-plays of the Navigators going through the soldiers. Vile shot up, interested in how his personally trained men got easily butchered. "Here's my favorite. Alia. Her buster may not have the punch that X's does, but these guys aren't me or you." Dynamo didn't laugh, but it was obvious that he was enjoying Vile's reactions. Vile's fists balled up when a charge shot burst through a chest of a soldier. Alia then round-housed kicked the standing dead robot into another who was going to shoot Pallette.

"And the second contender is Miss Layer. Zero's strongest fangirl." Dynamo said in a way to anger Vile. But in a way to direct the anger at the Navigators, not himself. He continued. "Though fangirl might be a understatement. She can kick as much ass as Zero can. Oh, look!" He pointed back to the screen. Layer cut down a soldier. The screen cut, and showed Layer killing another soldier. "Ooh! Decapitation. Admittedly awesome." Vile didn't agree.

"And lastly, Pallette. The youngest? Yeah. The weakest? Yeah. The most annoying of them all? No doubt there. But she's better than your guys in the realm of weaponry. Take a look…" The screen turned to Pallette as she switched to a flamethrower and lit three people on fire. She returned back to her regular pistol and shot all three in the leg, leaving them to burn and die. She kicked them for good measure. "Brutal. The young ones are always the most brutal ones." Vile was at bursting point. Dynamos set up his final attack.

The monitor split into four screens, showing every single death of every single soldier over and over again for Vile's disgust and Dynamo's enjoyment. Alia, Layer, and Pallette. Navigators. Operators. Non-Combative Reploids. Killing Vile's special trained soldiers. The ones he spent twelve hours one day teaching them the thousand ways to use a single weapon to kill anyone.

And that weapon is a stick.

Vile this time didn't break the computer. But he gently pushed Dynamo out of the way and typed in a command to access a fifth camera.

"Ah. Here's something we could use." Dynamo looked over and his smile grew even larger.

"I'll go. Make sure our guests are well accommodated." Dynamo left in the back door.

Vile sat back. The thought of torture relaxed him.

The big gun that the last three soldiers built was a ten foot bazooka called 'PLR-05' (Pulse Laser Rocket). Once a prototype designed by the world's greatest weaponsmith, the war robbed him of the plans. Completed and remolded by the Mavericks, the weapon had tore through several defense lines. Thankfully the weaponsmith made a shield to counter the weapon, and the weapon nearly faded away. This one was the last one created and still in use.

All three were needed to work the weapon. One to aim the gun in the front. One to lock and load the gun in the middle. One to pull the trigger in the back.

"Target #3 is coming forward." The one in the front said. Pallette couldn't see them behind the door.

"The gun is ready to fire." The second in the middle said. Pallette got closer, and slowed down to open the door.

"Firing." The third in the back said. The weapon vaporized the door and hit Pallette.

Or rather Pallette's hologram. The hologram device took the full blunt of the attack. The real Pallette, along with Alia, destroyed the weapon and the soldiers. Layer ran forward into the library. When Alia and Pallette rejoined her, she had her sword at Vile's neck. He remained in his chair, regardless that the weapon could easily kill him like a buzzsaw through paper.

"Welcome to the library. A area who's files are always black and white. Nothing marked out. This room is designed like that. Black and white. Yin…and Yang. The files can be either good or evil." Vile said without a single hint of a negative emotion.

"Hello Vile." Alia said, strong. "What's with the talk? We know about this place. Everyone in the base does."

"But I didn't. This is new, remember? I was kinda dead when this wonderful place was founded." Vile got up and walked over to a computer, Layer following him the entire way. He didn't object. Vile tapped in something, and a file appeared. He stepped to the side, and with his hands, lead Alia to the computer. She kept her back opposite to him as she opened the file. She was taken by surprise by the file, but she kept her guard up.

"I never seen this before. Did you upload it?" She asked.

"A gift." The screen showed something called 'DeathArcana'. The main picture showed a city that looked like a giant robot, and smaller robots that unnerved Alia. They only had one red eye that glinted in the photo, and had a stitch smile. This reminded her of something.

"I heard about this. But the name is different."

"Yes. Reaverbots. That's a name you given. But now, Sigma's top researchers have discovered their origins. The file will take time to decrypt, but I explain the first paragraph. The Arcana race was, was being the keyword, a underground race that had great minds that exceeded the time they existed in. The 'Reaverbots' were once friendly, and served as protectors, and only attacked those who attacked them."

"So the ruins that the diggers explored thousands of years ago were actually former Arcana cities?" Asked Pallette.

"Correct." Vile walked back to his seat and sat down. "They did have some connections to the aboveground, but rare and far apart. They really didn't like us who basked in the sun. In fact, the reason why they aren't around anymore is because they cured all of their diseases, but none of ours. And they left behind a legacy of machines, robots…and several other things."

"Other things?" Asked Alia. She silently charged the blaster. The silent treatment took longer.

"…they were a race united for one cause. One mission. They never fought any wars. Because they hate war. They hate filth. They hate…hate. They wanted to create a world where no one suffered. The project they left behind still remains underground, and all across the world. The machines, over the years, became brutal. Hence, the name DeathArcana."

"Thanks for the exposition." Alia's buster nearly reached full charge. "What's the point?"

"You should know what the main mission was. It's something that Sigma is repeating."


Vile laughed. But he didn't ignore Layer. He knocked her aside with his cannon, and shot Alia in the foot, stopping the charge. Pallette covered herself with her hair. Vile wagged his finger.

"They wanted to replace the entire solar system. With their own planets, cities, government, people. A perfect life."

Alia looked up in pain. The robotic looking city made sense. Did that mean that the underground ruins were replacements for the cities above?

"Hey, Dynamo, you're coming back, aren't you?" Asked Vile, without moving his head.

"Yep. And I bought my own gift." Dynamo kicked the door off its hinges, hitting Pallette in the head. Layer, being the one least damage looked up.

Servii. Dynamo held her like a bag, with rope being the handle. He gently put her down and walked to the computer stealing the information and looked at it. He threw up his arms and went back to Vile. He whispered something in the ear. Vile sighed, and went over to one of the chests in the room. He pulled out a medical kit and placed it on the table and opened it. He withdrew a syringe and a darkened vial.

"Vile…hurt Servii, and I WILL keep you alive…but in pain you want to die from." Layer threatened.

"Guessed I should have shot you too. But now it's a waste of ammo." Vile took the syringe and dived the needle into the wax top and pulled the plunge up, extracting some dark brown liquid. "We have time to burn, so let's spend it in the best way possible. Why don't you tell us what you personally know?" Vile put the vial back into the case and put the case back in the case. He crossed his arms, holding the syringe in his left hand.

"What can we possibly know that the library doesn't?" Alia asked. Dynamo bended down and lightly slapped Alia, as like a joke. "Well for starters, what things did you learn today? I mean, it's only been about three hours since the attack on the city. That's not much time to enter the city. So tell me and my friend. Anything interested turned up?"

"Go to hell." Alia spat on Dynamo's face. He got up and wiped it off. Vile handed him the syringe. Dynamo walked over to Servii's body.

"Okay, fine. So let's switch roles. What do you think is in the vial?"

"…The Legion Virus..." Said Alia.

"Correct. Your friend may not be made for combat, but still, the effect would be fun to watch." He strolled around . "…You haven't seen anyone turn, have you?"

"No, but I don't want to."

"Well then." Dynamo gave the syringe back to Vile. "Let's talk."

"Let's not." A voice said.

"Who…" Asked Dynamo, right before he got knocked back by a powerful gust of wind. Vile's heavier body resisted the wind, but he couldn't move. The wind reached the bodies of Alia, Layer, Pallette, but instead of being moved back, their bodies got recharged. The energy was fantastic; the three jumped up back to their feet. They felt new and powerful, like a Hunter.

"Servii?" Asked Pallette. Alia turned to see her friend floating three feet above the ground. A white aura surrounded her, and her eyes had gone completely white. Vile and Dynamo attempted to get up, but Servii bought up her arms, and the two got sent up by a small tornado.

"Servii! What's going on?" Asked Pallette again.

"I'm the Angel Unit." Servii said. Her voice lost the human touch, and became a voice that almost seems angelic to the others. Alia felt her heart flutter. "I must protect….I must protect….I…must…protect…" The aura faded away, and Servii fell to the ground, with Layer catching her. Servii's eyes returned to normal. She seemed to be unaware about the whole thing.

"Huh? What?" She said, rightfully confused. "I'm in…the library? How do I get here? Is everything okay? Are those two dead?"

"Woah, woah." Layer said, putting a hand on Servii's shoulder. "It's okay. Everything's fine. The mission is completed. We're safe." Pallette then kicked Vile's computer, leaving a huge hole in the screen. "And thanks to you."

"Me? What did I do?"

"You don't know?" Alia said. She got to work on unlocking the DeathArcana files. It was going to take a long time, even the computer didn't know how long. So far, the part that Vile described had were the only thing that was available. And that's just the summary of the entire document. Vile didn't into details.

"No. Are you sure that I did this?" She pointed to Dynamo, currently being cuffed by Pallette.

"You can view the camera files." Alia went over to a different window and showed the file. It showed the last five minutes of the events that transpired in the library. Alia and the others being taken down by Vile and Dynamo. Servii being threatened with the Legion Virus. Servii becoming a 'angel.' And recently. Servii couldn't really take it all in. Her eyes showed it all.

"I…I…I d-d-don't understand. What happened to me?" She asked.

"You don't know? Servii, where do you come from?" Alia got closer.


Vile was right behind her, and the syringe he played with now laid in Servii's shoulder. The plunger went down on its own. Pallette bought him down to the ground, but the deed is done.

Servii had been infected.

"And now, ladies. You get to see the live show." Dynamo said, rolling away from Pallette's foot. Servii went into spasms, hitting against the wall. Alia attempted to restrain her, but got back-slapped by Servii. Pallette switched to a net launcher and fired, but Servii just ripped it apart. Layer didn't attack, but held her sword close, in case.

While the three tried to help their friend, Dynamo and Vile broke free of their bonds. (They played along.) The two quietly walked past the commotion to their computer. Dynamo ejected the disk while Vile bought out a second computer. They entered the disk and checked to what they got.

"63%? Not bad." Dynamo said.

"Not passing, but at least we got something of use to Sigma." Vile said while bringing up a program on the computer.

"Scanning the girl?" Asked Dynamo.

"If the virus gains control of her, then Sigma may not mind the missing thirty-seven percent. But first, what is she?" The scan began. Layer looked back at the two. Dynamo threw his saber at her, but it didn't hit; as that was the point. Layer attempts to get close never worked against Dynamo's flying saber, as it

now followed her.

"How's she doing?" Asked Vile.

"She just bitch-slapped Alia. And I wanted her to get Pallette." Dynamo said with a chuckle.

"Well, it would nice to see that happened to Zero. He deserves it."

"Well, talk about issues." Dynamo sat down to watch the scan. Layer tried to jump and slash him ended with her being knocked back by the saber.

"All right." Vile said, as the screen finished the scan. "Let's see what she is…oh?"

Vile sounded surprised, a new thing. Dynamo got interested and looked.

"Woah. That's different….she's a Navigator?"

"No…" Vile scrolled down. "She's a Storage Unit. But I can't…"


Everyone in the room held their ears in pain as Servii let loose a piercing scream. Her eyes faded to white, but the aura didn't show nor did she float. Her face became contorted, and old. She stopped screaming. Something beeped on Vile's computer.

"I don't like the sound of that." Said Dynamo.

"We all should. The virus is reacting differently to her. She's out of control." Vile said while stepping back.

Servii's head rolled four times. In a way that snapped her neck. The only reason the head stopped rolling is because she stopped it. Pallette held her breath.

"Are…are are…you…aaaa…enemy?" She asked.

"Do….do….do…youyouyouyou….want want…to…kill…me?"

"Servii, no!" Alia said. Pallette and Layer held their weapons ready. Like before, Alia tried to negotiate. "Listen to my voice. We don't want to hurt you. And you don't want to hurt us."

"YOU. WANT. TO. HURT. ME. DON'T. LIE." Servii's voice turned hostile.

"Please! Servii!" Alia pleaded again.


Servii rose up a foot. "ELIMATITION MODE ACTIVATED. ALL FRIENDLY UNITS LEAVE THE AREA. THIS IS THE ONLY WARNING." Two rifts appeared over her shoulders, and two green orbs came forth.

"Those orbs! I recognize those!" Pallette said. "Those used to be placed inside statues to serve as a defense to robbers."

As if on cue, two white lasers fired from the orbs, and struck both Alia and Layer. They got hit hard, but they continued to stand. The energy from Servii had given them a boost that may keep them alive, if Servii didn't pull out anymore secret weapons.

Layer recovered first. She considered that a plan of non-resistance won't work, and the best option is to subdue her. Without Alia or Pallette, she moved forward and slashed once, across the chest. Servii held her chest in pain, and fired back. Layer stepped back and flipped backwards to avoid the lasers. She came back with two strikes, the chest and the arm.

"Layer! Stop, that's Servii you're attacking!" Alia shouted.

"I'm just trying to knock her out! I could use a little help!" Layer shouted as she blocked several lasers. She switched to her fans and performed Zekkyōdan. She ran forward with her regular sword, absorbing the lasers. It helped recovered the damage from the first attack. Three slashes; one arm, two chest.

"Layer! We can cure her! We don't know what sort of damage we could do if we tried to fight her!" Alia yelled.

"I thought you wanted to stop them. Servii needs to be stopped before she helps them!"

"I didn't mean that!"

Pallette just stood there, stunned.

The orbs floated over Layer and a thick laser beam tore down, catching Layer in between two lasers. Servii's left arm became a white thorn and she slowly approached Layer.

"Dammit, Layer!" Pallette yelled, opening fire on the orbs. It took several shots, but the orbs shattered.

"Sorry, Alia, but right now, Servii is out for blood. I rather lose one friend than two." Pallette joined Layer's side. "We're just trying to stop her, right?" She asked.

"Correct." Servii flew forward, with both arms now thorns. She spun around, nicking both. Pallette countered by shooting both arms and Layer kicked her. Servii hit the wall, and slid down. She didn't move. Pallette ran up to her and checked the vital signs. She was alive, but her signs were slowing. She nodded at Alia. Alia let out a huge sigh of relief.

That got revoked when two thick lasers hit her, propelling her forward. Servii knocked Pallette to the side and went straight to Layer.

Alia never faced or ever dealt with such pain before. Whatever Servii did for her before helped her survive, but she now she started to fall into the darkness.

Her sight blurred darker and darker, but she still could see her friends. Layer attempted to block Servii's arm, but a laser to the back stopped her. Pallette fired wildly at the orbs, but Servii chopped her down. Alia tried to move her arm, her hand, even a finger. All failed her. Servii got closer to her. The orbs went silent, and one thorn arm stayed . Alia tried to speak, but even her tongue couldn't help her. Her sight reached a slit.

Servii didn't say anything. She arm went back, and she stabbed forward.

But it didn't reach her. She shot first.

Alia's buster fired a single shot, and it went through the stomach of Servii. Her eyes went dark. The sound of shattering glass could be heard behind Alia; the orbs had fallen. Servii fell to ground on her back, with one arm still a thorn. Her face was no longer the friendly girl. She didn't bleed, her death came too soon.

A new found strength entered Alia and she got up to go to Servii. She couldn't face it, or understand it. Why did she fire her buster? She had no reason. Servii was a friend. Not an enemy. Layer and Pallette were trying to stop her, and she stood back and killed her! She had been following X's ideas the entire time, try to negotiate first and then resort to violence. But that failed!

And now, the body of her friend laid in her hands. Tears burned in her eyes and fell to the cold floor. Servii no longer looked like her friend. Her death spited Alia, as if to say that this was her fault. Looking back, it was. SHE left Servii alone in the Navigator Room. SHE distracted Servii so Vile could infect her. SHE killed Servii.

Oh, Servii. It's my fault. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry…

"Move." Vile kicked Alia in the chest. She dropped Servii and hit the wall. Dynamo walked over and picked up the corpse. "Now, excuse us. We're done here."

"Wait…" Alia tried to get up, but Vile's foot came down hard on her head.

"Wait for what? You?" Vile's foot pressed down harder. "While should I waste even more time with you? You destroyed my squad. You destroyed my equipment. Normally, I would like to watch your eyes burst out of their sockets and your brain to drip out…" The pressure became unbearable. "…But I'm under a tight schedule. I will make a appointment for you, and your friends later. Personally, the end of the world is a much more fun sight to see." His foot retracted, and Alia fell on her face.

Her sight started to fade, but it wasn't something she wanted to see. Vile putting electromagnetic bombs on the computers and Dynamo packing up, but wrapped up Servii in a sheet. A short timer was set, and Vile grabbed the sheet. He and Dynamo shared a conformed look and they headed to the back door.

"No…Servii…" Alia's last words for the time being.

"Don't worry." Dynamo said. "We'll bury her as a hero. Soon…"

"What a waste!"

Alia's sight went away as soon as the new voice came on. She listened to anything new, but the voice didn't say anything else, neither did Vile or Dynamo. The last sound she heard sounded like…someone being hit hard.

Alia drifted into a dreamless slumber.

"Alia? Can you see me?" A familiar voice echoed into Alia's brain. She tried to speak. She was too weak to talk, or even wiggle a finger. Her thoughts were clouds.

"Can you hear me?" X. The voice is X. The medic team had came back and freed the Hunters. Good.

"Alia. Can you move?" She tried. At this point, her mind became a little more clearer, and she came to realize that she was in a healing capsule. Some power came back, and she tapped a finger. X could be heard letting out a sigh of relief.

"You're okay! Thank god!" X's voice sounded happy. Alia expected him to scold her for taking brute action. More energy poured into her. She tried to speak. She formed words, but not sentences. Her eyelids became lighter. Cracking open, X's helmetless face came into view. He may just had been in a warzone, but being stuck in a capsule cleaned him up.

"If it's too hard to talk, don't. You, Layer and Pallette just mowed down twenty four of Sigma's soldiers. You need rest."


"The sever is fine."


"Hold on." X turned around. "Has anyone seen Servii?"

A collection of 'No's later, and X turned back. "What's wrong?" Asked X.

"…Taken…please. I need out." Alia opened the capsule from the inside. She passed X and headed to the door, but her feet flailed. X grabbed her. "You need rest." Said X.

"No! Vile and Dynamo…"

"…are in custody. We found them unconscious in the same room. They had been shut down by a unknown force." He showed her a cyber file. The photo of Vile and Dynamo's bodies on the floor of the library, minus two things.

"Where's their case?"


"They downloaded the library! They had a computer in that case!"

"All right. Once me, Zero, Axl are cleared, we'll look for it."

"And Servii."

"Servii? She was kidnapped?"

"…yes. Someone came in. I didn't see who, but there was someone! I need to get Servii back!"

"Alia! Calm down! Do I need to restrain you?" X grabbed her shoulders. "We'll look for both the case and Servii. We just need to be cleared by the medics first."

"Screw that!" Alia pushed him off and entered into a capsule the override code, clearing her for duty. Her weapons re-activated. X stood in her way. She tried to walk around him, but he moved in the direction of her. He was adamant.

"MOVE." She said with a stern, cold voice.

"No. You need rest. Look." He grabbed a mirror from the counter and held it up to her. She looked drained. She gently pushed the mirror down.

"X…listen. Servii is my friend. I let her get kidnapped, twice. I need to save her."

"I understand. But let us…"

"No. We do this together. Me, you, Zero, Layer, Axl and Pallette."

"But you're not made for combat."

"You just admitted that we just handled twenty four Mavericks. We're in this now. Besides, a lot of good we're going to do, with the comms. out." She became adamant. X smiled.

"We…think the same. You sure that we aren't long lost twins?"


"I'm joking. Yeah. You can help."

End Chapter 2.