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From down the street Daphne could tell something was amiss. There was something lying on the Minor's front porch and the blinds of the front window were waving lazily in the wind. Getting a couple yards closer, her heart jumped in to her throat.

It was Chris on the front porch. And he wasn't moving.

Daphne sped up and quickly parked her car in front of the house. Jumping out of the vehicle she sprinted to the porch while pulling out her cell phone and dialed 911. She told the operator that her boyfriend was unconscious on the front porch, gave them the address, and hung up.

"Oh my God Chris, what happened to you?" she whispered.

Daphne was kneeling next to him, unsure of what to do. His breathing was normal but there was a small puddle of blood pooling next to his face, it also looked like he had a pretty bad gash on his left forearm. She swept the glass away from him and gently pushed Chris onto his back, being very careful with his head. She was relieved to find that the blood was coming from a small cut across his left eyebrow.

Chris groaned and cracked open his right eye. It took a couple seconds for the scene to come into focus. Daphne could barely hear him when he spoke.

"Daph? What's going on?"

"I just found you here on your porch. What happened?" Her voice was shaking and he could see the worry in her eyes. Chris swallowed thickly before answering.

"Um . . . Dad and I were arguing . . . and I guess he ended it by throwing me out . . ." like garbage. He could no longer look her in the eye, instead staring straight up at the ceiling. His head was killing him. He sighed and rubbed his temple, willing the pain to go away. It didn't.

Daphne couldn't keep the horrified look off her face. How could a father do that to his own child? She knew Roy was kind of an ass, but to do this? To hurt your own kid, the one who's spent more time at work than school to keep a roof over their heads? She just didn't understand and probably never would. It hurt her to think that Roy could hurt Chris like this, her Chris.

"God Chris I'm so sorry." She brought his hand to her face and held it there, intertwining her fingers with his. " I called an ambulance, it should be here soon."

Chris met that statement with a sharp stare that quickly vanished. He couldn't be mad at her, he probably needed to get checked out anyway given how much his head was pounding. He sighed and glanced at Daphne.

"It's okay, you did the right thing. This is all my fault anyway. If I hadn't-"

"Stop. This isn't your fault. Your dad's a jerk and you got hurt because of it. Period." She squeezed his hand and began stroking his hair with the other.

Daphne could sense how close he was to cracking. All this time, everything he'd done was to take care of his family and it always seemed to come back and bite him in the ass or throw him out a window in this case. Chris closed his eyes and as the tears began to fall he tightened his grip on her hand. She could literally feel his pain and the tears she had been holding back began to fall as well. She leaned over him, touching his forehead to hers. They remained that way for a few minutes with Daphne whispering in his ear.

"It's okay Chris. Everything's going to be okay. I promise."

In the distance the sirens of the ambulance could be heard. Daphne pulled away knowing Chris would want to compose himself as best he could before they arrived but she didn't let go of his hand.

"Thanks Daph . . . I'm glad it was you that found me."

"Thank you for trusting me." She placed a gentle kiss on the back of his hand. Daphne knew it couldn't be easy for Chris to be so vulnerable - he's had to be the strong one for so long. For him to trust her enough to show that side of himself meant a lot to her. She only wished it had been under better circumstances. The closer the ambulance got, the more she could feel him pulling away, putting his mask back in place. His face was blank and he was staring at the ceiling again.

The ambulance arrived and two male paramedics got out of the truck and hurried towards them. Daphne had to move away from Chris to allow the paramedics to do their job.

"Hey kid, my name's Michael and I'll be the one taking care of you while Joey gets us to the hospital okay?" The paramedic, Michael, was flashing a light in Chris' eyes that made him hiss in pain.


Soon enough they had Chris in a neck brace, on a stretcher, and into the ambulance. Daphne climbed in after them when Chris asked for her. She kept out of the way but put her hand on his foot to let him know she was there. Chris answered questions as Michael took note of his injuries - the cut above his eye, a possible concussion, and a particularly nasty gash on his left arm probably from trying to catch himself on a bed of glass.

"Can you tell me your name?"

"Chris Minor."

"What day is it?"

"Tuesday March 1st."

"What are you feeling?"

"Serious headache and my left arm is stinging."

"Anything else?"


"How did this happen, kid?"

Chris didn't answer immediately. That was definitely a loaded question - should he tell them? That would lead to a bunch of other questions he knew he didn't want to answer. Questions that could endanger Daphne and her family too.

"I fell."

"Through a window?"


The paramedic knew it wasn't the truth but also knew that he wasn't going to get any other answer from the boy. He sighed in frustration and began cleaning the cut on Chris' face. Chris winced but didn't make any noise.

"You'll probably need stitches for this cut, definitely for the one on your arm. When we get to the hospital the doc will check your head for serious injury. I need you stay awake for me."


Chris' cold demeanor frightened Daphne a little bit. How easily he lied to protect his scum bag father, how emotionless he seemed compared to a few minutes ago. She knew it was a facade, that all the turbulence was under the surface, but she wondered how long his mask had been in place, how long he'd been lying to protect his 'family.' It took a damn telepath to see behind that mask and she's never been more grateful for her abilities.

Chris was so tired and he just wanted to go to sleep but Michael wanted him to stay awake - anytime he'd start to doze the man would call his name. It sounded so similar to his dad yelling at him. The pounding in his head was getting worse by the second and the room was spinning. With each beat of his heart a wave of pain passed through his skull and it was making him feel sick. Michael saw him turn green and grabbed a bucket just in time.

He leaned to his right and vomited into the bucket, the paramedic supporting his back. When he was done retching, Michael helped him lay back down, supporting his neck and back as gently as possible.

"Is he okay?"

"Vomiting is a symptom of a concussion. Don't worry, we're almost to the hospital."

When they arrived to the ER Chris was swiftly taken to an exam room and Daphne was ushered into the waiting room. She gave his hand a reassuring squeeze before leaving for the waiting room. It took only a little while before a doctor came out and talked to her. Chris had a mild concussion and two lacerations that were getting stitched up now. They ran CT scans and found no internal bleeding in the brain so it was possible that Chris would be discharged today with orders for bed rest and acetaminophen for pain. He also was not allowed to drive for the next ten days and if any of his symptoms worsened he was to return to the hospital immediately.

Daphne knew he wouldn't take the no driving and bed rest very well but also knew her family would help and hopefully his bosses would understand. Before going to visit him Daphne decided to make a phone call.


"Dad, Chris is in the hospital."

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