Chapter One


"Jacob! No! Put me down!" I whisper-yelled and thumped his back with my fists. He had me thrown over his shoulder as if he were a fireman or something after he'd practically kidnapped me from the patio of my own backyard.

For the second time, his hand came down on my ass semi-playfully and he shushed me; stating that it wasn't going to happen and that I was just going to get us caught.

I stopped fighting and fell into a begrudging silence as I bounced along on his shoulder through the forest to where Jake's car was on the highway—where he always left it. Never thinking to change the location for safety/non-discovery reasons.

By the time we reached the car, twenty minutes later, I was completely anger-less and filled with boredom instead as Jacob swung me off his shoulder and into the passenger's seat of the VW Rabbit.

"We could run, you know?!" I grumbled as I watched him walk around the front to the driver's side.

"Yeah, but then one of the others that were phased would see in my head and we'd be screwed. Plus, driving gives us a little more time to work on you," he responded in a slightly regretful tone.

"How does sitting in a car help me?" I asked skeptically.

He glanced for a moment, then directed his eyes back to the road.

"Put your feet up on the dash," Jake instructed.

I cocked my eyebrow at him inquiringly. "Why?"

"Just do it," he muttered without looking back to me.

Hesitating for a long moment, I shot him a hard look of confusion, and then placed my feet up on the dashboard like he'd asked.

He looked over quickly before rolling his eyes. "Spread your feet wider apart. How the hell are you going to get your hand between your legs like that?!"

You've got to be kidding me! I thought, simultaneously squeezing my knees tighter together.

"Now, Alice," he growled impatiently.

I scoffed quickly and clicked me tongue at him—mentally grumbling about how pushy he was—before proceeding to spread my legs wide.

"Happy?" I asked, almost sarcastic.

His reply was a simple, quietly spoken, "Yes" before he continued on in a more commanding tone. "Drop your chair back a few inches then slowly tease yourself over your panties."

Once again, I found myself looking at him out of the corner of my eye. This was a town full of loggers and their massive logging trucks. At any minute, one could drive past and look down to see me—legs spread, feet in the air—with my hand inside my pants and a casual driver who thinks nothing of it.

For whatever reason, that thought began turning me on.

I reached beside the chair, turned the wheel that controlled the backrest angle around a few clicks, and then adjusted myself to a comfortable position.

With a double flip of my wrists, my pants opened and I slipped my right hand in between my fly and my underwear.

"Up and down to start with," Jake decided.

Before complying, I took a deep breath and let it out. Most likely the last easy one I'd have for the next few hours.

Slowly and lightly to begin with, I rubbed my fingers up and down the contour in the fabric. Massaging and drawing soft circles in a gentle pattern to get my nerves waking up.

"Push harder," he murmured.

I looked over, my eyes half hooded, and noticed his hands were gripping the steering wheel tighter. He was getting something out of this, whether he admitted it or not.

When I reached the top again, I pushed my fingertips further into my soft flesh and continued rubbing in long circles up and down. Occasionally, just the right position would result in my inner lips pushing against my clit. I bit back a moan when it happened for the third time and continued lower, over my entrance.

"Put one finger in up to your second knuckle, get it all wet, then pull it out and rub your clit until you come," Jacob ordered, his voice was now obviously strangled with lust.

I pulled my panties to the side then slipped my middle finger between the lips and penetrated my center. A soft gasp left my throat as I pushed in to my second knuckle then pulled it back out.

With my enhanced hearing, I heard the steering wheel crack slightly under the force of Jake's hands.

This was probably the reason why we never did anything in the car before. At least, not while it was moving.

I tapped my saturated finger on my clit and jumped a little from the electric zap that shot up to my navel.

"Mmmm," I whimpered softly, and then began rubbing firm, fast circles over my solid little nub. "Oh, fuck." I panted under my breath.

My hips began rocking slowly to match the tempo of my fingers. My muscles wound tight all over my body until I was rigid, but still moving.

"Good girl. You're almost there, aren't you?" he asked huskily. There was definitely a sexual attraction between us, but it was solely isolated to these times. It would be impossible for him to sit and watch me pleasure myself, without getting aroused by it as well.

He wanted to touch me. Hell, I wanted him to touch me. For a brief second, I imagined it was Jake's hand in my pants. Rubbing, teasing, entering.

"Fuck! Ohh!" I pressed my head back into the seat and arched my back reflexively as my belly was pulled in by the contracting muscles. Even from the outside, I could feel the internal wall squeezing rhythmically with my orgasm.

"We're here," he announced as we pulled into the street Charlie's house was on. "Put your legs down, before one of the neighbors see," he added absently, scanning the fronts of each house for people possibly watching the two of us coming here together.

Breathless and somewhat happy, I complied with his request without argument.

Another thing Jacob did for me—just one more in a growing list—was how his hands could make me come, without even touching me.