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Prologue: Mad World

Such an ending was definitely not on Mion's agenda. If she had known her decisions were to lead her up to this breaking point, she wouldn't have done anything that would've brought this outcome.

Mion didn't want to die here.

Yet there she stood in the presence of Beyond Birthday; carving knife rooted deep in her abdomen. Her lips quivered as did her hands that pressed the bloodied weapon further and further within herself.

She took a spit of her own blood, before gaining enough strength to look dead set into nonchalant eyes.

" I hope you suffer in Hell, " she whispered. " I hope.. You burn.. "

He stared at her frail form but did nothing. A fake smile had found its way onto his face, and a Shinigami's laugh did come forth. " I'll be looking forward to that. "

" I.. " Her world was spinning, and no longer could she keep her balance. Tumbling forth, drowning in her own gore, Mion was crumbling away under Beyond's beating eyes.

Beyond took a fistful of Mion's hair and forced her up to meet his face. Sweet venom pouring through his voice; " this is your fault, Mion. "

Mion's groggy expression was less than appealing to Beyond, but he kept his composure.

" Mion I want you to disappear, knowing that it was all your fault. "

' Was it my fault? '

The child that lived behind pools of blood, emerged for a second, " Mion don't leave me, " he whimpered. This child was Beyond's "second soul". " Your numbers are decreasing, love. You were supposed to live. "

" B-B.. ? " Mion fell limp under Beyond's tight grasp, before an exchange could be made. Her voice trailing as it did, Beyond actually looked a little frightened at the sight of Death. But this face was made by the child who loved Mion, so very dearly.

Beyond's facade shattered moments after she decided to sleep for eternity.

His fingers twitched in anticipation, as he threw Mion's now deceased corpse over on its back. The gash stretched along her stomach, giving Beyond plenty of space for his hands to dig their way inside. No shame in disrespecting the dead, he dug through her insides, pushing the unnecessary organs aside, in search - of something.

After a few minutes, his wristwatch went off, and the murderer pulled back. Checking the time, he clicked his tongue in annoyance. It was about time for Noami to be arriving. If Beyond wanted to finish his last criminal act, he'd better start fast and leave fast.

With one more glance over a mauled Mion, another whimper escaped his throat. He looked down at his bloodied hands and felt his chest tighten. The child, B, lived behind Beyond's eyes, and all he did was cry out loud." You lied to me, " he whispered. " There is no one inside of you. "

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