Author's note: Hey all, Maru-sha here! I'm back with another crazy fan-fiction! Hetalia has been a interest of mine, so I decided to write this since I just LOVE cracky ideas! Laugh and Enjoy!

Many centuries ago, the moon we know of today was ruled by the two powerful beings known as Rome and Germania. Everything was peaceful until Germania began to want more power to himself. One fateful night, during one of the moon's well known parties, Germania led a full on attack on Rome and their developing countries of the Earth that always came to the said parties. His army consisted of other countries that were promised great power after assisting him.

Without any warning of the attack, Rome was unable to save all of the countries. When all was said and done, there were only his two grandsons left. "W-Why did Germania do this to everyone, grandpa?" the battered Chibitalia sniffled, lying beside his weakened and beloved grandfather.

"That bastard is a traitor! He caught us off guard and defeated us!" Chibi Romano growled, also defeated next to Rome. Heaving a heavy sigh and taking a long look into the stars of space; Rome took hold of his grandsons and held them close.

"What's all this talk about being defeated? We have one more plan!" he told them.

"Y-You mean...?" Chibitalia asked, rubbing a few tears out of his eyes.

"Yes. Cosmic Moon Unification Power." Rome responded.

"Are you sure?" Chibi Romano asked warily, reaching under his gown and taking out a silver, crystalized tomato.

"Grandpa Rome always knows what is best!" Chibitalia squeaked taking a wand of some kind out from his gown. The form of it resembled a crescent moon shape, but the crescent moon part was made up of many, many stings of gold encased pasta noodles. As the sounds of the approaching army grew nearer, Rome placed the Silver Imperium Tomato into the Crescent Moon Pasta Wand.

Clinging onto their grandfather, Chibitalia and Chibi Romano, they began granting Rome with the needed extra power. Rome raised the wand and proclaimed loudly, "Cosmic Moon Unification Power!".

A blinding white flash came from the crystal tomato, causing Germania and his army to halt. Some retreated and others still tried to keep going. Germania ran towards the light, but just as he made out Rome and his kin, it was far too late. The light became a powerful force of power that forced Germania back before disintegrating him entirely. There was no escape for any of his army either and many cries of distress were cried before they succumbed to the power and were blasted away, not a trace of them left.

Needless to say, the Moon Kingdom was forever destroyed.

Now completely void of strength, Rome was contemplating on what to do in his final hour. "You beat them, Grandpa Rome! I'm so glad!" Chibitalia said, in his own heap of exhaustion.

"We beat them, Italia. I'm so proud of the both of you." The elder said between panting breaths.

"But what about the others? All the other innocent countries...they're all...all..." Chibi Romano sniffled, unable to say the word. But it was true. Many innocent countries had been cut down, never having their chance to fully live the live Rome had wanted for them. With a heavy heart, Rome knew what he had to do, and fast before he himself had absolutely no more strength to live. Removing the Imperium Silver Tomato from the crescent wand, he took one last look at it before it began to emit a faint, but wondrous glow.

"I'm going to bring them all back." He told his little ones.

"R-Right now? Here? But everything is all gone." Chibi Romano reminded him. Rome smiled and shook his head slowly.

"I'm going to revive them all and send them to a new future on Earth."

"That sounds like a good thing, but why do you sound so sad?" Chibitalia whined. Rome knew just what would happen if he did this, he'd lose his own life. But he'd rather die knowing he was giving what he started a chance than just dying in vain. If he did that, then Germania had won by default.

"Because none of them will remember their previous lives nor the peace we all had with one another. This whole Silver Millennium will be lost along with all their memories." He explained. In one final flash of light, the Imperium Silver Tomato granted Rome's final wish. The many souls of the countries who died in the horrible attack began to be transported gently to Earth. The two chibis watched with wide eyes. They were filled with hope that all would be well in the future. Maybe Germania would turn out to be a better person in another life, along with the countries that sided with him.

"R-Remember..." Rome struggled to say, facing his two grandsons. "If a-anything goes wrong in the's your job to reawaken our warriors."

Rome gave them both a farewell pat on the head before finally succumbing to his drained stamina and life. "Grandpa Rome!" both Chibi Romano and Chibitalia cried before they themselves were safely locked into their own protective encasings in a deep sleep. They and all the other countries were whisked away to their new future on Earth.

To be continued, maybe!