Chapter One

"But Daddddd, we always spend Christmas together, just you and me!" Parker Booth looked up at his father with a disappointed face. "I know buddy, but, now we have Hannah to add to the fun! You like Hannah, don't you?" Seeley Booth knelt down and put a hand on his son's shoulder. Parker simply shrugged as he averted his eyes to ground. "I guess…She's always here, now. I never get to be with just you." The boy looked back at Booth through shielded eyes, his face contorted as he tried not to cry. He was a big kid, big kids didn't cry. Normally Hannah being around wouldn't upset him this much, but Christmas had always been his and his father's holiday since he could remember. Booth sighed and stared at his son for a moment. "I know Christmas is our thing, but you're just going to have to get used to Hannah being with us too. Look, it'll still be ours. Nothing's really changed…" He tried to give the boy a reassuring smile, but it quickly faded as Parker just dropped his head. "Yeah…except now there's a dumb girl who ruins it. I wish I could have gone with mom and Mr. Fantastic, now." "Hey, don't talk about Hannah like that. She's practically family. You shouldn't talk about anyone like that, and what did I say about calling you're mother's boyfriend that?" Booth spoke sternly, trying to keep his patience. He was getting frustrated. Parker sighed and simply nodded, making his way to the couch and reaching for the remote. Booth shook his head, still slightly agitated that Parker was being so difficult. He stood up now and walked toward the kitchen. He was pouring himself a glass of orange juice when he heard the door knob turning. Booth wasn't surprised to see Hannah come through the door. She smiled as she saw the two Booth boys, shutting the door behind her and setting her keys on the counter. "Hey Parks, Seeley!" She began walking toward Booth, as he met her with open arms. Parker rolled his eyes as the two of them kissed briefly, but then turned his attention to the TV. I never get time with dad anymore. He's always with Hannah. Girls are stupid, anyway…Well, except Bones. I mean she knows like everything! Parker stared blankly at the TV, though he wasn't paying attention, he was deep in thought, as deep as a 10 year old could be, anyway.

"Why don't you go sit on the couch with Parker and I'll cook us some dinner." Booth flashed Hannah a smile and kissed her forehead. "Hmmm, alright. What are you making?" She looked up, smirking. She obviously knew the answer to that question, but couldn't help herself from asking. Booth replied, "My famous mac and cheese of course." Hannah laughed softly, shaking her head as she turned to go have a seat next to Parker. Booth grinned, watching her for a moment before he turned and began to get out the necessary ingredients for dinner. As Hannah sat down next to Parker, he scooted closer to the opposite side of the couch, not bringing his eyes away from the television. This did not go un-noticed by Hannah. Although she was not great with kids, she always made an effort to try and connect with Parker whenever she could. Her brows furrowed slightly as she looked at Parker with a bit of concern. "You okay, Parks?" She went to touch his shoulder, but he just flinched, his eyes still glued to the TV. He chose to ignore her. Hannah could see that Parker was obviously very upset. She had never seen such a look of anger and sadness on his face before, but then again she didn't see Parker much. Hannah tried to think of something to say to the boy, but she had no idea how to deal with this. "Parks? What's wrong?" She bit the inside of her cheek, hoping to get an answer and be able to fix it. Parker was quiet for a moment before he finally turned to face her, opening his mouth to speak. "Why do you always have to be around? You're always stealing my dad. We never do anything fun anymore, because he's with you. I-I just with you'd go away!" The boy blurted out. Hannah sat there, speechless. His words made her heart sink to her stomach. Booth had already gently grabbed Parker's hand and pulled him up. Setting his hands on the boy's shoulders, he lead them into Booth's room as he began whispering things in Parker's ear so that Hannah couldn't hear. Once Booth and Parker we're far enough away from Hannah, he looked down at his son with an angry face. "Parker, I don't know who you think you are to talk to Hannah like that. I'm very disappointed in you. That was extremely rude and hurtful." Booth tried to keep calm. He knew this was going to be hard for the boy to accept, but he didn't expect it to be this bad. Parker just kept his eyes on the floor. "I'm sorry, It just came out. I didn't mean to hurt her feelings." His voice was low as he did his best to ignore his father's eyes. "You're going to apologize to her and tell her you didn't mean it." Booth was speaking sternly, but wasn't yelling. He always swore he'd never be like his own father, always yelling and hitting. But he was a drunk. Parker shook his head. "I wont." Booth clenched his jaw a moment, trying to keep his composure. "Excuse me?" His voice had risen slightly. Parker crossed his arms. "I wont apologize, and I wont tell her I didn't mean it, cause I did. She's taken you away from me." He looked up now, anticipating his father's reaction. Booth shook his head, breathing hard in anger. "Well then you can sit here and think about what you did, until you decide to come out and apologize." With that, Booth slammed the door behind him. Parker was so angry now he felt like he would explode. After a little bit of frustrated tears and punching pillows, Parker decided that if he only wanted to be with Hannah, then he wouldn't keep getting in the way. "Fine, if you don't wanna be with me, than I'll leave." he thought aloud, as he looked through his dad's drawers until he found what he was looking for: His father's wallet. Grabbing 20 dollars out of it, he shoved it in his pocket and looked around, trying to think of a way to sneak out. His eyes landed on the window and he slowly moved toward it. That was it, he'd use the fire escape to get out.

Dr. Temperance Brennan sat on the couch in her living room, staring at the screen of her laptop. She had been trying to work on her next book for days now, but things weren't going well. She couldn't focus, and not only that, but she kept getting interrupted. It was getting very old, very fast. She heaved a tired sigh and groaned as her head fell back against the back of the couch in annoyance. "I don't understand why I'm having so much trouble. I've never had any problems in the past." She was talking aloud to no one in particular, of course. As she closed her eyes, she heard a knock on the door. The doctor's brow's furrowed as she set the laptop on the coffee table in front of her. I wonder who that could be, I'm not expecting anyone. Perhaps it's Booth… She tried not to smile at that last thought, but it couldn't help but spread across her delicate features. Looking through the peephole, She didn't see anyone. That's strange. Maybe he left thinking I wasn't home. she opened the door anyway, almost tripping over the little person in front of her. She was half right, it was a Booth, just not the one she was expecting. Regaining her balance and holding onto the doorframe, she turned her head to the side like a dog often does in confusion. "Parker? What are you doing here, where's Booth?" She took the time to look over the little boy she had come to love, though she wouldn't admit that to herself. Parker looked up with sad eyes, but then anger flashed over them. "I don't know and I don't care." He grumbled, breezing past Brennan and taking a seat on her couch. Brennan, still stunned, shut the door and locked it behind her.