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Summary: Shuuhei is in an abusive relationship with Shiro. A man from his past decides to be his knight in shining armor

Warnings: Abuse, mentions of a nineteen yr old having sex with a fourteen yr old, Ooc

In the dark with the music on / Wishing I was somewhere else

Taking all your anger out on me, somebody help / I would rather rot alone

Than spend a minute with you / I'm gone, I'm gone

Shuuhei laid on his bed with his ear buds in his ears, his mp3 players volume was at it max.

This habit would probably cause him to go deaf by the time he was thirty, if he lived that long.

His boyfriend Shiro had been abusing him for over three years.

Six months ago Shiro's younger brother Ichigo had tried to help him escape.

Shiro caught them, Ichigo ended up with a broken wrist.

Shuuhei spent the next two months in the hospital.

No one other than his close friends, Kira, Rangiku, Renji and, Ichigo, knew that he was in an abusive relationship.

He had gotten very good at hiding bruises.

Sometimes he wished he was back on the streets.

Shiro found him living on the streets when he was fourteen and took him home.

At first he acted like an older brother then things got intimate a few months later.

Shiro became abusive shortly after he turned fifteen.

He was now seventeen.

Shuuhei had short somewhat spiky raven hair. Three long scars went from his left eyebrow down his right cheek. A grey stripe ran from the bridge of his nose to his left cheek bone. He had tattoo of the number sixty-nine below the stripe on his right cheek.

Suddenly Shiro burst into the room Shuuhei was so startled he fell off the bed.

Shiro had white hair, pale skin, and golden eyes.

Before he knew it Shiro had torn out the ears buds from his ears.

Shiro forced him to stand up.

The frightened look on Shuuhei's face had pissed Shiro off.

"Why the fuck are ya scared?" Shiro growled after he grabbed Shuuhei's hair and forced him to look at him.

"I-I'm not scared", Shuuhei said as he mentally cursed after he realized he had stuttered.

Shiro let go of his hair and back handed him.

Shuuhei fell to the floor.

"If ya want ta be scared I'll give ya a reason ta be scared", Shiro snarled.

Shuuhei cried out in pain after Shiro's foot connected with his gut.

He coughed up blood onto the floor which only pissed Shiro off more.

"Yer making a fucking mess you little shit", Shiro growled before kicking him again.

Shuuhei's vision went black before he passed out.

About an hour later Shuuhei regained consciousness.

He groaned as he curled up into a ball his stomach hurt so badly.

He soon noticed that his head was on a pillow and a blanket covered him.

He looked around him and noticed there was a note on the floor next to him.

I am sorry for hurting you sweetheart, I am going shopping. You can go spend time with Ichigo. I love you, Shiro

He grabbed the note crumpled it into a ball.

Shiro didn't love him, If he had he wouldn't hurt him.

He just didn't know how to escape the situation.

Shiro he already proved he was willing to kill him if he tried to escape.

He sat up slowly and immediately felt like he was going to get sick he slowly got up and stuffed the note in his back pocket before rushing to the bathroom.

He threw up and there was blood in it, not a lot though.

After he was done getting sick he cleaned his mouth out.

He then grabbed his cell phone out of his pocket.

He called Ichigo who said he would come get him.

It didn't matter where he went, he just had to get out of the house before Shiro got home.

Thankfully Shiro had given him permission to hang out with Ichigo so he probably wouldn't get in trouble for leaving.

Shuuhei made his way to the door before going outside and sitting on the porch.

Hopefully Ichigo's father would give him some painkillers.

He looked up as a black car pulled into the driveway.

Ichigo parked the car and got out.

He looked like his brother but had hazelnut colored eyes, orange hair, tan skin, and was about ten centimeters shorter than Shiro.

He looked at Shuuhei and frowned, Shuuhei looked horrible.

"Come on", Ichigo said gently as he helped him up. "Let's get you out of here before the bastard gets back"

Ichigo loved his brother but hated what he did to his friend.

Shuuhei didn't protest as Ichigo helped him to the car.

Arguing would have been pointless; Ichigo was as stubborn as a mule.

Shuuhei was silent on the way to Ichigo's home.

"I got friend's over but I will make sure they leave you alone ok?", Ichigo said as they pulled into the driveway.

Shuuhei nodded before getting out of the car.

Ichigo quickly got in front of Shuuhei, he didn't need his insane father attacking Shuuhei on accident.

He opened the door and dodged a punch before throwing his own punch, which knocked his father on to his ass.

"Dammit goat face is that any way to treat your son", Ichigo yelled.

There were several sounds of laughter coming from inside the house.

Ichigo walked past his father and motioned for Shuuhei to come in.

Shuuhei walked in and saw Kensei.

Kensei was a well-built man white short hair that was a silverish grey.

He had saved Shuuhei from a few thugs when he was about ten years old.

It only took Shuuhei a few seconds to get over the shock of seeing him again.

Isshin, Ichigo's father got up and looked at Shuuhei closely.

Shuuhei's right cheek was bruised but other than that he looked fine.

Isshin knew he probably wasn't fine; Shuuhei had a high pain tolerance and was good at hiding things.

He notice there a few drops of blood on Shuuhei's t-shirt.

Isshin decided that the blood had come from Shuuhei's mouth which probably meant internal bleeding.

Well there was an easy way to find other than asking.

Asking was just to hard.

No instead he decided to press against shuuhei's stomach somewhat hard.

"Fuck",Shuuhei groaned but he managed to punch Isshin in the face before he held his stomach obviously in pain.

Ichigo's friends looked over at him concern and confused.

Ichigo smacked his father against the head after recovered from the punch.

"What the hell did you do that for goat face? You could of just asked him", Ichigo snarled.

Yuzu walked over to Shuuhei. "Are you ok?" she asked softly.

"Yeah can take a nap in your bed, I don't think I can make it up the stairs", Shuuhei said.

"Sure go ahead, I will get you some pain killers too", Yuzu said with a soft smile.

Shuuhei smiled. "Thanks Yuzu", he said before heading to her room for much needed rest.

Ichigo smiled Yuzu took care of everyone.

He then walked back over to his friends.

The friends Ichigo had over were a group that called themselves the visards, they were all artists and all of them were eighteen or older except for Mashiro.

There was Kensei and his sister Mashiro, who had green hair and was seventeen like Ichigo and Shuuhei.

Hachi who was a somewhat plump man with pink hair and a mustache .

Lisa was a slender woman with black in a braid.

Love was a light brown skinned man who always wore sunglasses and had an afro done in five triangle around his head.

Rose was a dramatic man who had long curly blonde hair.

Hiyori was a short woman with blonde hair put in to pigtails

And then there was Shinji, he had blond hair cut shoulder length.

Shinji was a unique individual who had the oddest sense of color coordination.

"What the hell was that about?"Hiyori asked in a irritated tone.

"That was my friend Shuuhei Hisagi", Ichigo said before sighing.

Kensei's eyes widened slightly as he heard the name.

He remembered that name.

"Is it just me or do you and him know each other?" Shinji asked Kensei.

"I helped him when he was a little kid", Kensei said with shrug.

"I thought it had been you but I hadn't been sure", Ichigo said with a small chuckle.

"I'm guessing that's why he has sixty-nine tattooed on his cheek", Shinji said with a laugh.

He could imagine the torment the kid went through for the tattoo.

"Yeah, he's had the tattoo since before I meet him and he was fourteen when I met him", Ichigo said.

"I going to ask you again what was that all about? If I don't get a real answer I am going to beat the shit out of you", Hiyori said, she was starting to get pissed off.

Ichigo frowned before sighing. "Goat face noticed some blood of Shuuhei's shirt and wanted to see if Shuuhei had internal bleeding"

"He's Shiro's boyfriend" Ichigo said after he sat on the coffee table.

"How long has Shiro been abusing him?" Hachi asked.

"Two years, he's the same age as me", Ichigo said with a frown.

"He must not have really good parents, if they let him date someone five years older them himself", Shinji said with a frown.

"He doesn't have any parents, legally Shiro is his parent", Ichigo said in an anger laced tone.

"That is soooo wrong", Mashiro said.

Kensei on the other hand was visibly angered.

He hadn't saved the boy for him to have a miserable life later.

"He should just leave", Hiyori said with a snort.

"He's tried, last time Shiro almost killed him", ichigo said with a frown

Kensei silently vowed to help the boy.

Hopefully he could do it without going to prison for manslaughter.