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Kensei carried Shuuhei into Hachi's home.

Hachi met them at the door and ushered him inside.

"Please lay him on the couch", Hachi said softly.

Kensei did as he was asked.

He then began to take off Shuuhei's coat.

Concern filled his eyes as he saw Shuuhei's bloodied shirt.

Hachi frowned before grabbing a pair of scissors from his large homemade first aid kit.

He cut off Shuuhei 's shirt before letting out an audible gasp when he saw Shuuhei's bloodied chest.

"Kensei please go get me a few wash cloths and a large bowl of warm water", Hachi said as he began to layout gauze and other medical supplies onto his coffee table.

Kensei left to go get the things Hachi had asked for.

Shuuhei began to stir before he opened his grey eyes.

He immediately sat up before groaning as his head swam from the sudden movement.

"Relax your safe now", Hachi said softly as he gently pressed on his shoulder to get him to lay back down.

"Looks like your awake kid", Kensei said as he set the stuff down on the coffee table.

"Where am I?", Shuuhei asked after looking at Kensei and then Hachi.

"My name is Hachi and you are in my home, I am a friend of Kensei's", Hachi said.

Shuuhei looked at him with suspicion and caution in his eyes but nodded.

Hachi took one of the clean cloths and dipped it into the warm water. "This will sting"

Kensei stood next to the couch.

Situations like this had to be handled gently; Kensei was not a gentle man.

Shuuhei hissed as Hachi pressed the cloth to his chest.

Kensei cursed as the first letter had been revealed.

"What the fuck happened to you kid?", Kensei said in a voice that was almost a growl.

Shuuhei flinched slightly before taking a large breath.

"Shiro said he wanted to remind me who I belonged to", Shuuhei said calmly.

He had already pushed his emotions away he would deal with them when he was alone.

"He said he wanted to make sure I couldn't hide from him even when I was alone", he said.

Kensei blinked how could Shuuhei could be so calm.

When he looked in Shuuhei's eyes he knew the calmness was just a mask.

Shuuhei's eyes betrayed the emotions he desperately tried to suppress.

Anger, sadness, loneliness, shame, self-hatred, fear all showed in his grey eyes.

The look in Shuuhei's eye made Kense want to embrace the boy and tell him he was safe, that he wasn't alone.

"Shit kid", Kensei cursed.

Hachi sighed as he continued to wash away the blood.

He had seen abuse cases before but this was the first time he had seen something like this.

The wounds would need butterfly stitches.

"Umm would it be possible for me to take a shower?" Shuuhei asked while staring down.

It was obvious he was uncomfortable.

"Shuuhei did Shiro rape you?" Hachi asked gently.

Shuuhei continued to stare at the floor; he didn't want to answer that question.

Shiro had been raping him years and he had never gotten used to it.

"You may take a shower and then we will finish taking care of your wounds", Hachi said.

It would have been better to take care of the wounds right away but he understood Shuuhei's need to get clean.

Shuuhei nodded with a small smile before slowly hoisting himself up.

His body felt heavy from the drug still in his system and the blood loss.

He had been able to ignore it earlier because of the adrenaline that had been in his system.

Hachi noticed how slow Shuuhei moved and sighed.

The boy had lost a bit of blood.

He got one of his kitchen chairs and placed it in the shower stall.

"Here this will keep you from falling", Hachi said softly to Shuuhei who had followed him.

Shuuhei nodded. "Thank you", he said softly before flinching as he heard a loud bang.

"You're welcome", Hachi said before sighing.

He had feeling that Kensei had gotten mad at his wall, again.

He left Shuuhei in the bathroom.

"Kensei", Hachi said with a sigh when he returned to his living room.

There was indeed a hole in his wall.

"I'll pay for it", Kensei said in a slight growl.

He was angry how could someone do that to a kid.

About fifteen minutes later Shuuhei returned.

The shower had hurt like hell but it had been worth it.

He still felt unclean but he also felt better now that he had had a shower.

Hachi motioned him to sit on the couch.

Shuuhei did as he was asked.

He let out a hiss as Hachi began to apply an anti-bacterial ointment to his wounds.

Hachi apologized before wiping around the edges of the wounds.

He then put butterfly stitches on the wounds that were deepest.

"We were you heading kid?" Kensei asked.

"To Vick's tattoo parlor, I knew he could help me", Shuuhei said a little reluctantly.

He still wasn't that trusting but figured the least he could do was tell the truth.

Kensei raised his eyebrow but nodded.

"Where are you planning on staying?" Kensei asked as Hachi wrapped gauze around Shuuhei's chest.

"The street", Shuuhei said.

"Don't be stupid, you wouldn't last the night plus you're injured", Kensei said with a light growl.

Shuuhei looked over at Kensei .

"I survived seven years on the street", Shuuhei said softly.

Kensei and Hachi both looked surprised.

"I lived on the street until Shiro literally picked me up off the street, when I was fourteen", Shuuhei said.

Hachi sighed he couldn't force the boy to stay.

Kensei was thinking the exactly opposite.

"You've lost a good amount of blood and will be weak for a few days" Hachi said. "I want to ask Shinji if you stay with him for a few days until you are strong enough to take care of yourself"

"Shinji is twenty and I believe you will get along well with him", Hachi said figuring Shuuhei would be more comfortable with someone near him in age.

Kensei glared at Hachi, he could have taken the boy home.

He felt oddly protective of the boy plus Shinji was a bad influence.

He wouldn't be shocked if Shinji got Shuuhei drunk off his ass the first night he stayed with him.

Was he jealous? No that was impossible he hardly knew the boy or maybe he was lying to himself.

Shuuhei had to think about it, he wanted to go back to his friends, his family but knew Hachi was right.

"I have to meet him first", Shuuhei said warily.

"Of course" Hachi said.

Shuuhei finally noticed the hole in the wall and Kensei's bandaged hand.

"Why did you hit the wall?" Shuuhei asked both confused and curious.

"Let's have some tea", Hachi said quickly changing the subject.

He wasn't sure if Kensei's naturally aggressive nature would scare Shuuhei.