Sin Forever

By Yami Ace and Neko

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Chapter 3

"So this is what a city looks like?" Vann inquired. Vann was wearing her long brown hair in a ponytail, her outfit made her look like a tomboy which made her blueish gray eyes standout. But of cause her outfit was like baggage on her since she was so skinny. Around her neck was a violet choker, on her right arm was a bracelet with a horse charm on it. Neko nodded. Neko had her hair up in a bun with her red and black streaked fringe out, her outfit considers of black and white top with a rose patten along the bottom with loose black pants a white rose going up along the side of her pant leg. Neko had lived in a city up until she was murdered.

"Now all we need to do is find the gems or the gem's heir" said Neko. Neko had the look of adventure in her Lapis Lauzi eyes and her blue jacket glowed with energy.

"Easy, we have to wait for Faith" Said Vann.

"Your too proud you know that?" Neko pouted.

"Yeah well be lucky only messengers and those that are sin heirs can see us" Vann replied.

Neko rolled her eyes, it was just like her to say that, wasn't it thought Neko. No sooner she thought that Faith came running up the alleyway.

Somewhere else in Domino city, two males had two different gems in their hands one was blue and in the shape of a cow (though normally a bull) the other was violet and in the shape of a horse rearing up on it's hind legs.

"What do you think these are, Sennen?" asked the male with chestnut brown hair.

"I don't know, but they seem to be shining with a lot of... energy maybe?"asked 'Sennen'

"Well it seem that these... gems I guess are trying to tell us something" Kaiba was right the gems were letting off what looked like beams of light to let the keepers know where their were.

Back with Vann and Neko

"What's that up there?" Faith asked. Both Neko and Vann looked up at the sky. It's the beam from my crystal! Neko and Vann thought at the same time. Then Neko and Vann looked at each other then nodded once and Vann was off. Neko turned to Faith and told her to look for the other sins heirs and to tell Ma'at of her progress. Faith stared dumbfound when Neko went in a puff of smoke but then remembered her duty

10 minutes later

Neko had just arrive with Vann and were hiding behind a bush watching and waiting to see if Yami or Seto could see or hear them.

"I doubt they could hear us, Neko" Vann doubting whispered.

"I don't doubt it" Neko had said back with an idea lanced in her voice.

I don't like it when there's an idea lanced in her voice. Vann thought.

Neko took a deep breathe then chanted a spell: May a cat be thy eyes and ears and I it. Allow thy spirit and body become one.

After Neko had cast her spell, she changed in to a feline with her clothes off. That always happens to me, Vann, don't worry. Neko had mewed with a catty grin. Vann didn't look impressed at all and asked how long it lasted. Neko told her until she said the S word, then left to see if Yami at least could see her. Neko only need to meow once and both Yami and Seto saw her.

"What does that overgrown rodent want?" asked Seto. Yami ignored him and looked for a collar in Neko, which he found but had no I.D.

"Well, for one thing's for sure, she knows what she's looking for" chuckled Yami. Man if Neko was human she would be blushing.

On the other side of Domino city, was a sound, a rumbling. A dangerous rumbling.

But if it was on the other side of the earth, Neko and Vann still sensed it. Both tensed, but Neko being in a enchantment heard it better then Vann, but when she saw what it was, she started to hissing. Yami and Seto were confused with the sudden hissing so much that the both jumped when Vann appeared out of nowhere.

"Neko, change back and make it snappy!" shouted Vann.

Neko jumped from Yami's arms on to his head then jumped over Vann's head and into the bushes but a blinding light made Seto and Yami cover their eyes. Then out came Neko on her human form and dressed in flowers with her jacket over one arm shoulder.

"And I was just getting comfy too" sighed Neko. All Vann could do was rolled her eyes and pointed to four hell hounds that appeared from the rumbling.

And that is the third chapter introducing Neko and Vann to Yami and Seto

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