Baichan: Yay me and Elliot are in this story! See if you can guess who I am!


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Alice: I'm not in it!

Elliot: I am! Kinda... Wait since when did I have a daughter?

Baichan: P.S. this is short because it's the prologue

Prologue: Violet in a Field of Violets

Violet was walking through the woods, trying to find the field of violets her father had shown her. It was one of the few places she could take her bonnet off.

When Violet took her bonnet off her rabbit ears popped up. She loved to her ears free, the sun beating down on them.

Her father had told her that if anyone found out her and her father would be killed. Violet lived in fear of that day. She avoids other people entirely, usually exploring the forest.

"Finally!" she said to herself.

Violet stopped as soon as she saw the hole in the center of the field. After an internal debate of whether of not go towards it she stepped towards the edge strangely drawn to it.

"It looks really deep." she mumbled to herself.

"Aaaaah!" Violet screamed as she found herself falling, along with the ground where she had been standing.