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The entire wizarding world was in a state of shock; absolutely nobody had seen it coming. The day before all had been right in the world, and the next people's opinions of their saviour came crashing down around their ears. It had been on the front page of the paper on Wednesday the 7th of August, and witches and wizards all around Britain gasped in disbelief as they read the flashing headline of "Harry Potter; The Next Dark Lord."

The news had spread like wildfire, and soon there was absolute, complete and utter pandemonium at the Ministry of Magic; witches and wizards literally scrambling over one another to try and get any information they could in regards the fate of the young man that had saved them from Voldemort four years previously. The information was scarce and hard to come by, and it was only at the point where the Auror squads would have to intervene; when the pandemonium was at its peak, that Minister Umbridge gave her statement to the millions either watching, or listening

She stood above the crowd on her balcony, flanked by several Aurors whose dark robes were in harsh contrast with her flamboyant pink attire. She looked across the people as if she was royalty, and waved her hand to calm them down. Her attempts were less than successful, and it took several noise-maker spells to gain some semblance of silence. After a few moments silence she stepped forward and raised her wand to her throat - and begun to speak in her sickly sweet voice.

"The trial for Harry James Potter was concluded at two fifty seven this morning, whereby the Wizengamot and the Court agreed that he was a danger to the wizarding world."

Cries of outrage met her words, and it took several minutes before order was once again restored. She looked less than pleased with the apparent disbelief and trust that the people had in the man she had just sentenced. "Hermione Jane Weasley, Molly Prewett Weasley, and Ronald Weasley all testified to the court with statements that clearly showed that Mister Potter was heavily involved in the Dark Arts."

"He's an Auror for God's sake; of course he would've been studying them!" She glared at the man who had yelled out from below, but growled angrily and had him arrested when she saw that his words had gained a fair amount of support from the crowd.

Once he was apparated away to a holding cell she continued, holding an official piece of paper in front of her, and then read out the words that rocked the magical world, and would be in the headlines for the next seven months.

"Harry James Potter has been sentenced to ten years in Azkaban."