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The New Hope For Us All

By Summer Jameson

Yesterday in the official press conference organized by Minister Delores Umbridge to discuss the 'criminal organization' Phoenix, didn't go to plan. Barely a minute into the speech given by out oh-so-esteemed Minister, a reporter begun picking holes in the official story. Soon afterwards, a second reporter joined the argument; his face hidden in shadow, and clearly irritating Minister Umbridge with several comments.

Attempts were made to detain the reporter, but everybody present witnessed a sight seen only once before; all of the aurors froze in place. This of course, triggered suspicion on the Ministry's part immediately, but the man continued on unfazed as he put more and more abnormalities to the Minister. Eventually it came to light that Missus Hermione Weasley had murdered seventy two innocent children to complete a ritual which gave her pureblood status, and without any denial whatsoever the Unspeakable herself ordered the reporter to identify himself. The brave reporter finally stepped out from the shadows to reveal himself as Phoenix's very own Harr-

He placed the paper down on the bar in front of him and gazed blankly at the glass of amber liquid that rested by his hand. He didn't know when it had happened; he had combed his memories for the exact moment – so that he could pinpoint the cause and take revenge. He had found nothing, and it had shattered him. He had so hoped that it would be a case like his beautiful bonded; where he could simply eradicate the horrible persona that had possessed her – but when he had looked into those eyes; when he had seen into the very depths of her soul, all he had seen was darkness and greed.

He moved his hand and clutched at the glass; his knuckles white as he gripped it with all his might, but his anger finally abated and it clunked against the granite once more with a quiet tinkle. The part of The Sanctuary where he was sitting was silent; the beat of The Floor not daring to encroach on his thoughts, nor did anybody wish to interrupt him – at least until Teddy and Alyssa. "Where's Bella?"

He looked up from his drink, and a weak smile floated across his lips. "Envoy to the French Ministry."

Teddy frowned, "Why didn't you go with her? You're the head of Phoenix after all."

Harry shook his head and took a tentative sip of the whiskey. "No, my wife and I are the advisors of Phoenix; not the leaders. Phoenix is a concept, not something that can be controlled." He sighed, "But the reason I didn't go was more due to the fact that I would likely be the worst company Minister Leveque had been in for quite some time."

Alyssa sat closest to him, while Teddy waved Jen over and ordered a wine for his bonded, and a beer for himself. Harry didn't even have the heart to reprimand him. The young Slytherin's clear blue eyes looked into his clouded green, and she frowned. "Rita was telling us what happened yesterday. Bellatrix's love clearly wasn't enough to cure it?"

He shook his head. "Her love always holds me close, but this is something that even she cannot heal. I can only be thankful that Mister and Missus Granger are no longer in this world with us; they would be disgusted with the person that their daughter has become."

Teddy was silent as he sipped on his drink, but finally spoke after several long moments of quiet. "She has a sister."

Harry's head snapped upwards to look into his friend's eyes, and he frowned. "No she doesn't…she would've mentioned it."

Teddy took a large swig of his drink before answering; his tone tense. "If she wasn't in a mental institution." Harry's eyes widened even further, and Teddy sighed. "Minerva and Philip figured it out yesterday afternoon. They were going to tell you themselves, but considering how close we are she thought 'Lis and me would be better suited to give you the news…especially after yesterday." Harry had to admit it to himself; the young man was right.

"Why is she in a mental hospital?"

Another swig, and then "Long term ward, been in a coma for twenty seven years."

Harry's face fell in horror. "Merlin no…no she wouldn't…"

Teddy sighed, and Alyssa put her hand over Harry's. "Teddy and I went to check it out; make sure it was confirmed before telling you. It's exactly like Alice and Frank Longbottom were before they died."

Harry buried his face in his hands; the information simply overwhelming him. It took only a moment however, for his normal persona to kick back into gear. His head snapped upwards; his eyes glowed green, and his drink was banished with a snap of his fingers. "Right, where is she being held?"

"New England Center for Mental Health, 119 Russell Street, Suite 30 Littleton." Harry turned to leave, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Alyssa looking at him seriously. "They are identical twins."

Harry nodded after a moment, and then popped loudly away as soon as her hand left his shoulder. He came back into existence outside of a large building which sent chills down his spine. It positively exuded an air of detached helplessness. He had thoughts of the woman living inside, but shook himself – the woman was her own person; not Hermione. After a deep, calming breath, he started walking; not even bothering to hide his appearance. He assumed that being in the muggle world he would not be recognized.

He immediately found that proven wrong however, when he walked past reception and was tackled into a storeroom cupboard. A paralysis curse immediately followed the attack, and the woman who had done the deed found herself quite unable to move. Harry picked himself up off the ground, and then looked at the woman – a moment later releasing her and apologising profusely. The blonde laughed and shook her head. "No problem Harry, I understand your caution – really."

Harry grinned sheepishly at Hannah Abbot and then raised an eyebrow. "So we're in a medicine cupboard…looks like the broom cupboard isn't fashionable enough for you Miss Abbot." He ducked away from her playful slap and then turned more serious. "But more to the point, why did you tackle me?"

"Aurors and Unspeakables. Don't know what Hermione did to pull the strings but hey; it certainly wouldn't be in the form of sexual favours now would it?"

Harry thought back to his little 'chat' with Hermione a few week ago and grinned. "I suppose not. I'm surprised that she hasn't killed…"


Harry nodded his thanks, "Kaia yet. She certainly didn't have any trouble in murdering other innocents, so why not her sister?"

Hannah deflated. "I only just saw her yesterday, which I suppose is why you're here, but Harry – she looks exactly like Hermione. If you stood one next to the other I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Maybe she just can't stand the thought of killing somebody so like her."

Harry shrugged coldly. "Well that doesn't matter. Where is Kaia?"

"Here," she handed a map to Harry and then pointed to a room, "forth floor, room 56, bed D."

Harry nodded to her, and then smiled. "Thank you Hannah; you just gave a woman her life back."

Without pausing to answer the woman's shocked expression which clearly asked 'you can actually heal her?', he left the room before joining the swarm of other white-coated men and women heading to the elevator. The brown-haired man didn't stick out in the least, and the contingent of Ministry Aurors passed him by without a second glance. Even the one with the magical eye paid him no heed.

Harry smirked as the doors to the elevator closed.

As soon as he stepped out on the fourth floor however, it because quite clear that getting to Kaia Granger would be slightly more difficult than he had originally anticipated. He sighed, and then slowly begun to fade away to darkness; shivering as he moved through the dimension of limbo to arrive at his destination. He would have preferred to not travel in that manner, but it was the most viable method of getting in undetected, and around the squadron of aurors guarding the entrance.

He looked around, and it took less than a second for his breath to hitch as his gaze fell upon the sleeping woman before him. Kaia Granger, although thinner and gaunter looking than her sister, was a carbon copy. Not a single freckle was out of place, and Harry would be willing to bet that the only mark on her body different from Hermione's would be the curse that the latter received at the DOM in their fifth year of Hogwarts.

After a moment's staring he launched into a battery of high-powered diagnostic and ward-breaking spells; designed to do only two things: destroy any and every single ward in the room before they could activate, and bring the woman into a magically receptive state. The unfortunate side effect of this however, was that the power surge from the magic was so great that even muggles shivered. To the magical people present it was comparable to a sledgehammer in the face. An auror rounded into the room, his wand-tip glowing and a diffindo on his lips, but he found himself screaming instead as his wand-arm snapped back at an unnatural angle.

Harry quickly moved to the woman's side, and after making sure she was secure and stable, he cracked away with a magical shockwave that served to knock down the small battalion of Unspeakables that popped into the room just as he departed. He arrived in a whirlwind of power precisely where he wanted to be; right in the middle of the youth floor. As he quickly begun tracing runes and angelic markings around the woman in his blood, he had the thought that The Ministry was truly incompetent; it had taken him literally under a minute to kidnap someone that could help spell complete destruction for them, and hopefully would at some point. "Kaia, my name is Harry Potter-Black," he spoke softly as he drew, "and I am going to pull you from the prison of your mind. Your sister Hermione cast something called the Cruciatus curse on you when you were around eight years of age – nearly twenty seven years ago now. It was likely accidental, but such a curse at such an age causes corruption to begin at an irreversible level.

"The only thing I could do to save your sister would be to either wipe her mind completely blank and substitute a personality of my choosing, or kill her. Neither is what she deserves; what she has done since then is unforgivable." He sighed. "I am a friend to you Kaia; I will not hurt you, nor will I force you to do anything you do not wish. I know that you can hear everything I am saying, and so I will tell you what I am about to do. If you do not already know about magic, it is real. I am about to use a ritual of sorts to bring you back, and it will be uncomfortable for you. Your body has been long neglected, so it will be weak and more than a little uncooperative once you awaken." He slit his already-healed hand once more, "You are now thirty two years of age, but twenty seven of that was stolen from you. As is the tradition here in Phoenix, we give you back what was taken from you; in this case your youth – probably back to when you were twenty three, and the knowledge which you were denied."

He smiled at the apparently-unconscious woman and leant down. "You will likely awaken on a comfortable bed, in an unusual place. All I ask is that you stay calm, and once you are calm you call for me. A simple 'Harry' will suffice. My wife and I will pop on over and answer all of your questions."

He finished the intricate marking, and then turned to Teddy and Alyssa who were watching him with rapt attention. "Stop gawking." Their mouths snapped comically shut, and Harry laughed. "Right, now get over here." They stumbled eagerly to his side, and he pointed out the various things he had written and drawn in his blood; explaining each of their properties. After finishing his explanation he turned to Kaia and grinned, "And yes, I'll be teaching you that cool kinda stuff as well – so stop mentally cursing me for being more knowledgeable than you; get used to it – I'm immortal."

He could almost see the mental jaw-drop.

He turned back to Alyssa and pointed over to the far corner. "Please kneel down by that point of the pentagram." She did so, and he pointed Teddy to a different marking – which he took his place by a moment later. "Now I will possess your voices if I may? It's a rather difficult language to learn, so it would be far quicker to just speak through you." They nodded their permission, and a moment later the three began chanting in unison; an oddly frightening yet beautiful dance of voices that sent chills down everybody that was listening; which was over two hundred by that point.

After nearly five minutes Harry broke away and begun speaking in a guttural, snarling language which made quite a few witches and wizards feel quite ill, and yet when Alyssa's voice joined his, almost singing, in a beautiful tune, the entire chant took on a powerful and otherworldly taint. If the voices weren't an indication of the power behind the ritual, and the forces being called into play, the tendrils of light and dark that rippled off Harry's arm were. They spread in an unusual harmony to layer themselves over his blood on the ground, until they flashed and established themselves fully.

Harry nodded to himself, and it was then that Teddy brought forth the final voice of the ritual; an ancient, lost dialect of Latin which only two people in the entire world knew. The lines pulsed with unseen power, and nobody could deny the waves of energy that was being emitted from the circle. Finally Harry lifted his hands, and the voices stopped completely; the lines fading back into the now-dry blood on the ground.

It was almost anti-climactic, at least until Kaia shot upwards with a gasp; like a drowning man's first breath. Harry caught her; his eyes looking into her worried chocolate brown in the dim light, and he smiled warmly at her. "Good day Kaia, I am Harry Potter-Black. I spoke to you briefly before bringing you back. You need to rest; it's okay – you're safe now."

Her eyelids fluttered slowly down, and she gave small mumble and nod before succumbing to the exhaustion of returning to her body after nearly thirty years – although to look at her one would guess at her only being twenty. Several strands of white weaved through the air to connect to the sleeping woman's scalp, and they pulsed several times before retreating once more. Harry was ecstatic at the strong magical core he could sense in the woman.

And then it happened.

Jen walked over and nodded to Harry, before moving to pick the sleeping woman from his arms. A flash of gold, a ring of blue, and a blast of white rocketed throughout the entire Sanctuary at the contact, and Harry was blasted back into a nearby wall; cracking his head so violently against it that he actually died. He came to a moment later; his wound already healed, and he looked at the sight in front of him in awe and wonderment. Both women were hovering nearly a meter off the ground; surrounded by an ethereal silver glow, but then were slowly lowered to the floor before settling into an embrace; Jen spooned to Kaia's back.

He looked quickly to the bar, and seeing none of the normally-active Jens, gaped at the scene in front of him. He, apparently, was the only person that knew what in the hell was going on – and moved to explain it when he was suddenly tackled by the one person he would know anywhere. Bella hugged herself tightly to him, and then pulled back; looking worriedly up at him. "Are you alright? I felt you die."

Harry shook his head in amazement. "I'm fine, I- I'm just…well I died because I had a rather violent collision with that wall there," he jabbed his thumb at the offending object, "because of that," he pointed at the two spooning women.

Bella was now as confused as everybody else, minus Harry. He kissed her gently on the lips, eliciting a wide smile, before stepping forward and addressing everybody present. "Um…I feel the need to tell you that I never in a million years expected that to happen. This, ladies and gents, is not our beloved Hermione Weasley, but Kaia Granger; her twin sister. The fact that she is here means that she is now one of us. What just happened however, I did not see coming."

He conjured up a chair, and virtually everybody else followed suit as Bella settled into his embrace. "I have been talking with The Source for the past couple of months about Jen. When she arrived, she was merely an embodiment of the power we use, and yet over time she developed into more than that. She transformed from merely a representation into her own person. I asked The Source if it was possible to free Jen and allow her to live."

Shocked expressions followed this revelation, and Harry chuckled, "Oh you know me, it gets better. Before, you witnessed a golden flash. That was the separation of Jen from The Source, and the transferral of a magical core into her new body – a rather powerful one I must add. I was shocked when I saw that, but when I saw the silver glow I knew it could only be one thing, and that blew me out of the water…and into that wall," he glared at the stone which still had a smear of his blood on it. "My Brothers and Sisters, right now you just witnessed a soul bond form between these two women." Slack jaws met his smile, and his grin widened when he wondered back to his rather interesting training with Chamael. "And so by the power invested in my by the Holy Spirit, and as a third order Archangel, I now present to you Missus Jennifer and Kaia...hmmm...I believe that Carwyn will suffice quite nicely!"

A blinding white flash met his words, and he stared at the glowing white markings that weaved beautifully up each of the newly-bonded women's arms in shock. "Well I'll be damned…"

Harry turned to Alyssa and Teddy with a wild grin, "By the power invested in my by the Holy Spirit, and as a third order Archangel I now pronounce you man and wife; Mister Teddy and Missus Alyssa Lupin!" Once more a pure white flash met his words, and as with the two women, the lovers now had glowing white tendrils curling artistically up their right arms.

Harry turned to the rest of those assembled and grinned gleefully before clapping and rubbing his hands together. "Right, who's next?"


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