Summary: Rachel would always be his and he would always be her. No matter how things went down, everyone knew it. Everyone it seems except them. When life throws them curve balls how will they last?

- Chap 1 -

- Santana POV -

"Guys, we need to get them together!" Mercedes said as us glee girls (minus Rachel and Lauren), Kurt and Blaine sat down to coffee.

"I totally agree. They are so cute together," Tina said.

You may be wondering who we were talking about but I thought it was pretty obvious - Puck and Rachel. We were sitting in the coffee shop after the disastrous glee lesson where Schue and Bieste told us that the football team would be joining glee. We were in the process of explaining Rachel and Puck's performance to Blaine and Kurt.

"I wish we could have seen it," Blaine said and I laughed as Britt pulled out her phone.

"Artie said I should record it," Britt said as she handed the phone to Kurt.

"They are adorable," Kurt said with a slight squeal.

"I just wish Puck would stop wasting his time with Zizes," I said. Kurt, who had just taken a sip of his drink, started choking on the liquid.

"Say what? Are we talking about Lauren Zizes? The chick wrestler," Kurt said after Blaine had patted his back.

"Yep. He seems to think he and she would be awesome together," I spat out. I really didn't like Lauren and the feeling was mutual.

"Oh Gucci. That boy needs a few good smacks upside the head. We all know Puckleberry will be forever," Kurt said.

"Puckleberry?" Blaine asked with a confused look on his face.

"Rachel Berry and Puck. Who came up with that name anyway?" Quinn asked.

"Cedes and I cause we got bored one day. We didn't come up with Finchel though. Finn did that because he was jealous that Puck and Diva got a nickname. He thought it was cool but it makes them sound like a bird," Kurt said and we all laughed.

"So, how is this going to happen if Puck likes Lauren and Rach is still slightly hung up on Finn?" Blaine asked being the common sense thinker of the group.

"We just have to show them how well they fit together. When they dated last year, Diva was much calmer and Puck was, well Puck was a hell of a lot nicer," Cedes said.

My phone started ringing and when I looked at the display I said "Speak of the devil. Puck, how can I help you?"

"Where are you Satan? I need to speak with you," Puck said sharply.

"I'm having coffee with the girls, Kurt and Blaine. What do you want to talk about?" I asked.

"I'll talk to you later when I know prying ears aren't around even though you will probably tell them anyway," Puck said and I knew he was smirking.

"You know me so well. Come over around 7. Bye Puckerman," I said before hanging up the phone.

"What did he want?" Quinn asked.

"To talk. If he asks for advice with Zizes, I'll tell him to piss off," I said.

We stayed in the coffee shop for a while longer before hugging and splitting ways. I jumped into my car and headed towards my house where I was shocked to find Puck sitting on my front porch.

"Didn't I say 7?" I said with a smirk as I jumped out of my car.

"Yea but I was driving around and figured I'd stop by," Puck said but he seemed distracted.

"Well come inside. I've got homework to do," I said as I unlocked my front door and we walked inside.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked as I got stuck into my English homework.

His answer shocked me "do you think I'm wasting my time with Lauren?"

"What?" I asked. I turned away from my work and looked at him as he rested his head in his hands.

"Be honest, am I wasting my time with Lauren?" Puck asked me.

"Honestly, hell yes," I said. He looked up at me with a confused look. "Dude, the only reason you want her is because she said no. That's why we dated and failed, cause I turned you down before we finally went out. You like the chase Puckerman."

"Ok, so what do I do?" Puck said to me.

"Stop leading Zizes on and get over it. Trust me, it will make life easy for everyone," I said.

"Thanks Satan. I knew I could count on you," Puck said with a grin.

"You're welcome Puckerman. Now, get out of my house. I have work to do," I said. Noah laughed and pressed a quick, affectionate kiss to my head before walking out of my room. I heard him shut my front door and as his truck roared to life, I grabbed my phone.

We may be closer to Puckleberry than we originally thought, I texted to Cedes, Quinn, Britt, Tina, Kurt and Blaine.

Good. Breakfast debrief tomorrow morning at Breadstix so you can fill us in, Kurt replied and I smiled.

- Rachel POV -

I walked into my once again empty house and threw my stuff on the floor. Not like my dads could see it. That would require them being home longer than 5 minutes. Right now they were in Toronto and wouldn't be home for at least 5 months.

I flopped down on the lounge and flicked the TV onto the ice hockey. I had just gotten comfortable when I heard a knock at the door. I got up and was surprised to find Mike, Sam and Artie.

"Hi guys," I said. My shock levels grew when Sam and Mike kissed my cheek as they walked in and when Artie pulled me into his lap and kissed my cheek before rolling us into the living room.

"Ok, confused," I said.

"Why?" Mike asked as he flopped down on my lounge.

"Why are you guys here?" I asked.

"Well we just wanted to see how you were after the disaster that was glee," Artie said to me as we watched the game.

"I'm doing ok. Bit tired but it's nothing a good sleep won't fix," I answered. "Where are your girlfriends?"

"Britt is at home making sure her cat isn't reading her diary, Quinn is out with her mum and Tina is doing homework I think," Sam explained. I nodded and jumped off Artie's lap to grab some ice tea and cups from the kitchen.

"Where are your dads Rach?" Mike asked once I had walked back in with the drink.

"Somewhere in Canada. I don't pay attention anymore," I answered. The boys looked slightly stunned while I calmly poured them all drinks.

"How long have they been gone for?" Artie asked.

"A month," I replied shortly before sitting down on the lounge. "They won't be back for about 5 months and then they'll probably go away again."

"So you will be living alone for more than half a year?" Sam asked incredulously.

"It isn't the first time and it won't be the last trust me. They add money to my account weekly as pity money," I answered. We began watching the game in silence and once it was over the boys stood up to go.

"If you ever need us Rach, just give us a call," Sam said to me. "Our numbers are in your phone. Artie put them in while we were watching the game."

"Thanks guys. I'll see you tomorrow," I said. All three of them kissed my cheek before getting into Mike's car and leaving.

Once they were gone, I grabbed a store made salad and ate it quickly before going upstairs, getting changed into one of Noah's shirts, throwing my hair up into a messy bun on top of my head and falling onto my bed. As I lay there, tears came to my eyes and, like most nights, I cried myself to sleep.

- Sam POV -

I waved to Mike as he dropped me off and walked up the drive and into my house.

"Hey Sammy," my older brother Liam said as I walked in. He was studying business long distance from UCLA while also working around Lima.

"Hey Lee. Are mum and dad home?" I asked.

"Yea. There in the living room helping Jamie with homework. You ok bro?" Lee asked me.

"Yea, I'm just worried about a friend of mine. I wanna see if mum and dad know any ways I can help her," I explained. Rach and I hadn't really spoken much but she was a lovely girl. I couldn't believe her dads were never around and I wanted to help her.

I walked into the living room and noticed my mum Sandra, my dad Dave and my brother working hard.

Jamie was 11 and was a year off finishing junior high. After Jamie was Daniel who was 9. Then came Chris who was 5 this year. My youngest brothers' names were Tyler and Micah and they were 3 years old. They were probably up having a nap before dinner.

"Hey kid. How are you?" Dad asked. My dad was a very important neurosurgeon but he was an All-American football player during college which is how I got interested in the sport.

"I'm good. Can I talk to you about something?" I asked my parents. They both exchanged worried looks before sending Jamie upstairs. Mum pulled me to sit beside them and smiled at me.

"What's wrong honey?" Mum asked. I took a deep breath and launched into the story of how Rachel was living. By the end of the story, dad was fuming and mum was upset.

"That is disgusting. How could they leave their daughter alone for all that time?" Dad said as his hands shook with anger.

"That poor girl. Sam, I insist that you go straight to her house and pick her up. There is no way she is going to live alone at 16 if I can help it. Bring her here straight away," Mum demanded.

"She won't accept mum. She is stubborn," I tried to say.

"So am I. Come on. Dave, get started on dinner. We'll be back soon. LIAM! YOU'RE COMING WITH US!" Mum shouted to Lee. He appeared in the room looking very confused as mum jumped up and grabbed her keys. We followed her obediently to the car and I gave her directions to Rachel's place.

We pulled up and noticed all the lights turned off. We all got out of the car and mum marched up to the front door with Lee and I running behind.

I rang the doorbell and about 5 minutes later, a bleary eyed Rachel opened the door.

"Sam? Did you forget something?" Rach asked. I noticed she was wearing a long McKinley High shirt (I had a sneaking suspicion it was Puck's), her hair was up in a bun and she had tear tracks on her face. Mum instantly pulled her into a hug and Rach tensed. After a few minutes I watched as her body sagged against mums and she hugged her back.

"Rach, this is my mum Sandy and my brother Liam," I said once mum and Rach pulled apart.

"What are you doing here?" Rach asked. I noticed she was blushing slightly as she looked at mum.

"Honey, Sam told me of your situation and I would like to request that you come stay with us," mum said and Rach was stunned.

"Mrs. Evans, as much as I appreciate it, I couldn't impose. I will be fine by myself. I always have been," Rach protested.

"You would not be an imposition. I would prefer you stay with us so I don't worry as much and please, call me Sandy," Mum said calmly.

"Put it to you this way Rach, you can stay with us or I'll tell Mrs. Puckerman and she will move you in your sleep," I said and Rach paled. Everyone knew what Puck's mum was like but that was why she was well loved.

"I won't really take no for an answer," mum said with a soft smile.

"Fine. But I want you to promise that the second I become an imposition, I want you to tell me," Rach said and mum nodded smugly.

"The boys will help you pack your things and I will ring my husband and tell him to set up the spare room and set an extra place at dinner," mum said. Lee and I followed Rach up to her room and we watched as she pulled out two suitcases.

"Thanks Liam, Sam," Rach said softly as we packed her books, CDs, DVDs and clothes.

"Call me Lee. Its gunna be awesome to have a sister," Lee said as he grabbed some more books. Rach smiled softly and I was thinking the same thing.

"Is this all the clothes you have?" I asked. The clothes took up only a third of the first suitcase.

"Yes. They were the cheapest ones I could buy," Rach said. She sounded embarrassed so I grabbed her hand.

"We can remedy that darling. Tomorrow, you and I are going shopping," mum said as she appeared in the doorway.

"I can't take your money," Rach protested.

"Don't worry, we have plenty to spare," mum said calmly. Rach sighed and continued packing. It took the four of us about 15 more minutes and after finally adding Rachel's two favourite pillows and her stuffed animals, I grabbed her school bag, laptop and all her school books before taking them out to the car while Rach threw on a pair of sweats and some shoes.

"Tomorrow we will come back and take the food out of the fridge and turn it off," Mum said as she made mental notes of what to do. We all jumped into the car and I smiled as Rach rested her head on my shoulder.

We soon pulled up outside my house and Rach gasped. My house was the equivalent of a small mansion (it had to have enough room for 7 - now 8 - kids and two parents).

"Your house is huge," Rach commented.

"Come inside darling and meet the rest of the family. The boys will grab your things," Mum said before wrapping her arm around Rach and walking inside.

Lee and I grabbed the bags and walked inside to find dad hugging Rach while Tyler and Micah hid behind his leg. Jamie, Chris and Dan were standing off to the side so I assumed they had said their welcomes. Tyler toddled around dad's leg and looked up at Rach. She knelt down and looked him in the eye. They seemed to be in an intense staring competition before Rach poked Ty's nose. Ty started giggling and fell forward into Rach's arms. Micah walked over towards Rach as well and held out his arms. Rach hugged him as well and smiled at them.

"Like sissy," Micah cried and Tyler nodded as Rach stood up and took the twins with her. Rach smiled softly and kissed both of them on the cheek.

"Come on Rach. I'll show you your room," I said. Rach nodded and tried to put Ty and Micah down but they clung to her neck. "Guess they're coming to."

I led Rach upstairs and Lee left after putting Rach's bags down.

"Here it is. Feel free to decorate any way you would like," I said, I smiled at the way Ty and Micah were clutching Rachel's neck and playing with her hair.

"Sam, I don't know how to thank you for this," Rach said softly. I pulled her into a hug and Ty, Micah and I smoothed her hair down as she cried.

"Come downstairs. Dinner should be ready shortly then once you are done, you can head to bed if you'd like," I said. Rach nodded against my chest and the four of us walked back downstairs.

Once dinner was over, we all walked out into the living room to watch TV. Mum smiled softly as Micah crawled into Rachel's lap and rested his head over her heart. Not to be left out, Ty crawled over to the other side and put his head next to Micah's. Pretty soon they were both asleep.

"I'll take them up to bed and go myself. Goodnight and thanks again," Rach said. Mum and dad kissed her head once she had carefully stood up and I smiled at her as she went upstairs to bed.

- Kurt POV -

"Where is Diva? She's never late," I said as Blaine, the girls and I sat down at the coffee shop again.

"She wasn't answering her phone this morning," Quinn commented.

"Isn't that her?" Blaine asked. We all looked to where he was pointing and gasped. "If I was straight, I'd tap that."

Diva walked through the door of the coffee shop and over to the counter and we were stunned. She was wearing some skinny jeans with rips in them, a grey off the shoulder top with a black spaghetti strap cami underneath. She had a pair of ankle boots on and a black jacket slung over her shoulder. Her hair was straight and up in a ponytail with a braid framing her face.

"Damn," San said effectively summing up everyone's thoughts. Rach grabbed her coffee and walked towards us.

"Sorry I'm late," Rach said as she sat down beside us.

"Nice outfit babe. Didn't know you had it in you," I said with a grin.

"You really like it? I only got it today," Rach said with a shy smile.

"You look great," Britt said with a smile.

"Thanks," Rach said. As we drank and talked, I noticed something different about Rach. For the first time in a long time she seemed very calm and happy.

"It was great to see you again Diva," I said to her once we had finished everything. The girls had all left and Blaine and I were walking around the streets with Rachel.

"You guys too. Oh, there's my ride. I'll see you guys soon," Rach said with a grin. She hugged Blaine and I and we watched as she walked over to where a very handsome, tall man was standing by a car. He hugged her quickly and opened the door for her. Once she had slipped in, the guy got in the other side of the car and they drove off.

I quickly grabbed my phone and sent out a text to the girls.

Puckleberry may be in danger! Sighted - Rach getting into an unknown male's car.

The replies were instantaneous.

Q - Crap! We've got to move fast.

San - Shit! I just got Puck sorted. Britt says crap.

Cedes - Bloody hell! This is more drama then a soap opera!

Tina - I have faith it will work out.

"Kurt, just chill. You may be over reacting," Blaine said.

"I hope so. I just want to get Puckleberry back," I said.