Chap 6

- Rachel POV -

"How are you Shorty?" San asked as she slipped into the seat beside me at lunch.

"I'm fine thanks Santana," I answered simply. I took a bite of my sandwich and smiled at the cheerleader. All day she had been tailing me, making sure I wasn't harassed.

"I don't know how you do it," San commented while we waited for the other glee kids.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Be so happy when all this shit is going down in your life," San said.

"I just try and stay positive. Now, I have 7 wonderful brothers and two awesome parents who aren't going to shun me or abandon me," I said.

"I never knew Sam had 6 brothers. What are their names?" San asked.

"There's Liam who is older than Sam and studying business at college, Jamie who is eleven, Daniel who is 9 then Chris who is five and Tyler and Micah who are both 3," I explained.

"So, what are you fine ladies talking about?" Mike asked as he placed his tray down on the table beside me.

"Just Sam and his family. Santana was just finding out how many people lived under the Evans' roof," I said.

"San, its friggen incredible to watch them of a morning. The boys, Quinn and I just watched in awe as 10 people were all showered, dressed and ready for the day in about an hour and a half," Mike said incredulously.

"That just isn't normal," San said.

'What isn't normal?" Sam asked as he, Noah, Artie and Quinn walked over.

"Your family," San commented.

"Oh, is that all?" Sam said with a grin before the rest of the glee club showed up.

"Rachel, would you mind helping me with some bio work?" Tina asked.

"Me too. I seriously don't know how you understand half the crap Mrs. Robantoff says," Mercedes said.

"Sure. What was it?" I asked. I moved so I was sitting in between them as they pulled out the work. I explained what had to be done in between eating my food.

"I really don't understand how this makes sense," Tina moaned as we worked through it.

"You'll be alright. I can help tutor you if you need it," I offered. Tina and Mercedes smiled brightly at me and nodded.

"I will love you forever if you do that," Cedes said and I laughed.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and when I pulled it out I noticed it was a message from Kurt.

Kurtie :) - Heard about the slushy. Wanna chill this arvo and get pampered?

R*- sounds awesome. Wanna pick me up from school?

Kurtie :) - I'll be there when school gets out. Love ya Diva xx

"Who's that Diva?" Cedes asked.

"Just Kurt. He's picking me up from school and apparently we are going to get pampered," I said. "You girls can come if you'd like."

"That sounds really good but my aunt and her family just arrived in town and I've got to go amuse my cousins," Tina complained.

"We've got Cheerio's practice. We could always meet you for coffee afterwards," Q said and I nodded.

"I'm up for it," Cedes said. "Us Diva's gotta stick together."

I was about to say something when a loud commotion caught my attention. Dave, Azimio and a few of the other football players were standing in front of the three hockey players who had slushied me. The hockey guys were covered head to toe in different coloured ice.

"You ever fuck with our teammate again, a slushy facial will be the least of your worries," Dave threatened. "That goes for everyone. Anyone who fucks with anyone from glee answers to us."

The hockey players huffed out of the room before the boys from the football team walked over to us.

"Dave," I said. The boy in question smiled at me and I hugged him. "Thanks."

"Rach! How come he got to do something to them and we didn't?" Noah pouted.

"Their actions weren't as violent as yours would have been and don't insult my intelligence by saying otherwise," I stated. Noah, Sam and Mike were about to protest when they shut their mouths and nodded.

"We'll enforce the ruling at practice today. No doubt some of the female idiots of this school won't listen," San said and I smiled in thanks.

"Hey Rach," Finn said. I turned around and looked questioningly at my ex.

"Yes Finn?" I asked.

"I was wondering if you wanted to hang out this afternoon," Finn said with his usual dopey grin in place.

"Can't sorry. I'm hanging out with Kurt and Cedes this afternoon," I said dismissively. I was really sick of the way Finn kept using me.

"Oh, maybe another time," Finn commented before he sat down in the empty seat beside Artie.

I spent the rest of my lunch hour ignoring Finn and chatting to San and Britt about my dance class. Once the bell rang, I started heading for my Maths class.

"Wait up Rach!" Artie called out. I turned and smiled as Artie rolled up the hall with Britt in his lap. "We have maths together right?"

"We sure do," I said.

"Jump on. I've gotta drop Britt off at her class then we'll go to Maths," Artie said. I tried to protest but Britt just grabbed my hand and pulled me down. I was half in her lap and half in Artie's.

"Reppin the pimp look," Artie said with a grin before he started down the hall.

"Ray, can we hang out tomorrow afternoon?" Britt asked.

"Sure Britt. I've got dancing straight after school but we can hang out after that," I said.

"Where do you dance at? Can I come and check it out?" Britt asked.

"Starstruk Dance Studio and sure Britt," I answered.

Britt smiled and I moved slightly so she could get up. She kissed both Artie and I on the cheek before walking into her classroom.

"Hey Artie," I said as we headed for our own class room. When he nodded, I continued. "Thanks for everything."

"You're very welcome," Artie said. We arrived at our classroom and once we were at my desk, I jumped off his lap.

"Thanks for the lift," I said as I kissed his cheek.

"Any time little sis," Artie said before moving over to his desk. I sat down and waved at Artie before grabbing my books. I listened as the teacher talk about quadratic equations and such but after a while I blocked her out. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and discretely pulled it out.

Kurtie - Pretty pumped for this arvo - had a bad day :(

R* - poor thing. Talk later.

I slid my phone away and started working on the assigned work. Class couldn't end quickly enough. I only had one more class left and unfortunately it was with Finn. I walked into my Ancient History class and rolled my eyes as Finn beckoned me over. Unfortunately, it was the only seat left so I had to sit there.

"Hey Rach," Finn said as I pulled my things out.

"Don't call me that. Only my friends call me that," I said.

"But we are friends Rach. I meant to tell you this the other day, but your hair looks gorgeous. In fact, you look even more beautiful than before," Finn said.

Before I could answer, our teacher walked in and started explaining what we would be doing. During this time, Finn slid a note across the table to me.

I was wondering if you wanted to go out tomorrow night. We could go to dinner then the movies.

I crumpled the note up and raised my hand.

"Yes Miss. Berry?" Mr. Conners said.

"May I please head to the nurse? I'm not feeling well," I said.

"Of course Rachel. You look pale. Go rest, oh before you leave, here's the work for today's class," Mr. Conners said. I packed up all my things and he handed me the work as I walked out of the room.

I dialled Kurt's number as I headed for my locker.

"Hello, you're talking to Kurt's absolute favourite person in the world,"
Blaine's voice came through the line and I smiled.

"Really? I didn't know I was talking to myself," I said smugly and Blaine laughed.

"Hey Sweetheart. Shouldn't you be in class?" Blaine asked.

"I could say the same for you Mr. Anderson. It was my class that I had with Finn so I needed to leave," I replied as I arrived at my locker. I grabbed my bag and stuffed my work into it.

"Poor baby girl. Do the boys and I need to come and set him straight cause we totally will," Blaine said seriously.

"No thanks Blaine. I was just wondering where Kurt was," I said.

"He's taking a nap before your big afternoon. Did you want me to wake him?" Blaine asked.

"No don't wake him. Just tell him if he can't find me, I'll be in the auditorium. Oh, and tell him Cedes is coming with us this afternoon," I asked.

"Will do honey. Are you sure you're ok?" Blaine asked.

"Yea B. I'll talk to you later," I said before hanging up the phone. I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I walked into the auditorium.

I sat down at the piano and pressed a few keys as tears dripped down my face. I grabbed some sheet music out of my bag and started writing down a few notes. I pushed a few keys on the piano and found a pattern that sounded good so I wrote it down.

I kept playing, crossing out notes and scribbling down new ones. I didn't hear the bell ring and I didn't hear my phone going off. All I thought about was the song I was writing. I finished the music when I decided to check my phone.

Kurtie - Hey bub. Blaine said you'd had called nd u sounded off. We r outside when u r ready.

R* - on my way out now.

I packed up all my music things and walked out of the auditorium wiping the tears from my eyes. I walked out to the car park and noticed Kurt and Cedes sitting in Kurt's SUV. They both jumped out of the car and pulled me into a hug.

"Are you ok babe?" Kurt asked. I pulled away and shook my head.

"Just Finn being a jerk. I'm ok," I said.

"Ok. Let's forget about stupid jerks and go get pampered," Kurt said. We walked back to his car and jumped in. We headed straight for the beauty salon.

We sat down at the pedicure stations and smiled at the women. I handed the woman sitting at my feet some bright blue nail polish and she got to work.

A few hours later, we dropped Mercedes home and Kurt headed towards my place. I kissed his cheek when we got there and jumped out of the car.

"I'll see you soon babe," I said and Kurt nodded. I walked up to the front porch and waved as Kurt drove off. I walked inside and smiled at Sam and Liam who were sitting in the living room.

"How are you honey?" Sam asked and I shrugged.

"I'm alright. I'm just tired," I answered and I smiled at Lee as he walked over and hugged me. "I'm going to head up to my room. Can you call me for dinner?"

Both boys nodded and I walked upstairs. I lay down on my bed and pulled out my sheet music from earlier. I grabbed a pencil and my notebook and started scribbling down ideas for lyrics.

I heard someone knock on my door and when I called them in Jamie smiled at me.

"Mum said dinner is ready," Jamie said and I nodded. I put my pen down and walked over to him.

"What are you writing?" He asked as we walked downstairs.

"Just a song. How was school today?" I asked.

"It was good. We've got to give a presentation next week on someone we admire but I don't know who to do it on. Most people are doing it on a celebrity but I don't think I want to do that," Jamie said.

"You'll think of someone. I'd be happy to help in any way I can," I said and he leant up to kiss my cheek.

"Thanks sis," he said just as we walked into the dining room. We sat down and I kissed Sandy on the cheek when she placed some food in front of me.

Dinner conversation was mostly about school and work and I noticed Sam clenching his teeth to stop from saying anything about the slushy.

Once dinner was over, I walked back up to my room and kept writing my lyrics. When I was finished, I walked downstairs to where mum was watching TV.

"Mum," I asked and she muted the TV as she looked at me.

"Yea sweetie," she said with a smile.

"Did you mind if I went back to my father's house for a little bit?" I asked and she frowned. "I don't want to go for long. I just want to play my piano for a few minutes and check the mailbox."

"Alright baby. Take Sam with you please, just so I know you are safe," mum said and I nodded. I kissed her cheek and ran upstairs to Sam's room. After a few minutes he was ready to leave and we drove to my old house.

"You ok Rach?" Sam asked as we drove.

"Yea Sam. I've written a new song and I want to see how it all sounds on the piano," I answered.

We pulled up at the house and I grabbed the mail from the mailbox. I slipped it into my handbag and unlocked the front door.

"Would you mind waiting up here?" I asked Sam. "The song is personal and it isn't done yet."

"Sure Rach. Yell if you need me," Sam said and I kissed his cheek. I walked downstairs to the soundproofed basement and ran my hand over my beautiful white piano. I sat down on the stool and placed my music on the stand.

I started playing through the song and tweaked where necessary. After an hour and a half, it was done. I smiled at the finished product and slipped it back into my folder.

I walked back upstairs and smiled at Sam. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. We walked back out to his car and headed back home.

"Are you going to perform your song in glee?" Sam asked as he drove.

"Maybe. It's about my dads," I whispered to him and he grabbed my hand.

"Is it helping you vent?" He asked and I nodded. "You don't have to perform it for the glee club if you don't want to."

"Maybe soon. Once I've worked up the guts to tell them all," I answered and Sam smiled as we pulled in the drive way.

"You will tell them when you are ready," Sam said. We got out of the car and I hugged him tightly. I felt him press a kiss to my head and I just cuddled into his chest further. We walked inside and I felt safe and loved at the warm feeling that wafted through the house.

"I'm heading up to bed Sammy. I'll see you in the morning," I said. I kissed Sam on the cheek and walked up to my room. I quickly got changed into my pyjamas and flopped down onto my bed.

I heard a knock on my door a few minutes later and I called the person in. Jaime walked in and I patted my bed. He lay down and I cuddled him.

"Everything ok?" I asked him. He shrugged and I squeezed his arm. "Come on, what's wrong?"

"There's this girl in my class who is really pretty. I really like her but I'm too scared to talk to her," Jaime said. I smiled down at him and kissed his head.

"What's her name?" I asked.

"Chelsea Lane," Jaime said.

"I think I know her from dancing," I said and Jaime perked up. "Well, do you know if you two have anything in common?"

"Well, we both play soccer and basketball," Jaime said thoughtfully.

"Well there's something to talk about. Is she smart or does she have trouble in any subjects?" I asked.

"She's really good at Maths but she's not the best at History," Jaime said.

"History Is a subject you are awesome at so why don't you offer to help her with her History work and maybe she can help you with Maths then you can work on it from there," I said. Jaime smiled brightly and nodded.

"Thanks Rach, you give the best advice," Jaime said. He kisses my cheek and jumped out of my bed. He waved at me and ran out of my room quickly. When he left, I dropped down against my pillows and sighed.

The next day I went to school like normal. I ignored Finn, ate lunch with Noah and Santana and ignored the hockey players as they tried to get a rise out of me.

"Hello princess," Mike said as he met me at my locker at the end of the day.

"He Mike. Where were you this morning?" I asked.

"I had a doctor's appointment. Come on, hurry up. I'm driving you home," Mike said. He took my bag off me and wrapped his arm around me. We walked out to his car and once I was buckled up, he drove away from the school.

"Where's Sam? He drove me today. Or Noah because it's slightly out of your way to drive me home," I commented.

"Stop asking questions Tiny Dancer. All will be answered soon," Mike said. We were soon pulling up out the front of the house. Mike opened my door for me and when I jumped out, he wrapped a blindfold around my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I asked him. I felt him slap my hands away as I tried to take the blindfold off.

"It's a surprise," Mike said. He led me up to the front porch before I was swung up into his arms.

"Mike!" I cried before he started walking. I felt that we were walking upstairs and soon I was placed on my feet. I was walked forward a few steps before the blindfold was taken off my face. I gasped at what I saw.

"Oh my God!" I whispered. My piano was sitting against the far wall of the room; my guitar was beside it along with my desktop computer that had my music converting programs on it. On another wall was a writing desk that had fresh pages of manuscript paper on it and on the wall beside that was a lounge. The walls had a keyboard style trim and the walls were painted a soft green colour. The members of glee who knew, all the Dalton boys, the Evans' and Mr. Schue were standing there smiling at me

Mike turned me slightly until I was looking at the door. Written on the door in black and gold paint was "Rachel's Music Room. Genius at Work."

"What do you think?" Noah asked. I turned to look at him and felt tears come to my eyes. "We've alternated shifts today so we could get it all done. The Dalton boys helped us get your piano out of your house while the Evans', Mike, Artie and I alternated painting shifts. Mr. Schue helped put the desk together and Quinn and Britt picked the rug and other wall decorations."

"It's beautiful," I said softly.

"And it's all yours baby. This is your home now and this room was going to waste do now it had a perfect purpose," mum said. I walked over to her and dad and pulled them both mum and dad and hugged them tightly. I watched as everyone slowly left one by one until Noah and I were the last ones in the room. Sam closed the door behind him and I turned I Noah. I moved into his open arms and smiled against his chest as he kissed my head.

"Thank you so much Noah," I said into his chest.

"What for?" I felt his chest rumble as he spoke and it was a comforting sound.

"For everything. Thank you for being my rock," I said as I moved my head from his chest and looked up at him. He had a soft smile on his face and I couldn't stop myself from cupping his cheek in my hand and running my thumb across his mouth. I gasped slightly as he kissed my thumb and brought his hand up to my face.

"I'll always be there for you Rach," he whispered. As our eyes connected I felt like he was looking into my very soul. I rose up on my tiptoes and pressed my lips to his gently. I watched as his eyes widened before I gasped as he hauled me up against his frame and kissed me firmly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers along his neck and his head. I felt him moving and soon he sat down in my lounge and rested me in his lap. His tongue ran along my lips and I opened my mouth so he could deepen the kiss. One of his hands went up to my hair and the other bunched the back of my shirt before slipping under it and massaging my back.

"Rach, I've got a question," Noah said in between kisses. I made a noise for him to continue and he pulled away to look at me. He moved a lock of hair off my face and looked me straight in the eye. "Rach, will you be my girl?"

"Yes," I said almost instantly. He smiled brightly before pressing his lips back to mine. I pulled away from the kiss and looked at him. "Thank you for making me whole and for always being there for me."

"You aren't getting rid of me anytime soon babe," he replies before pulling my mouth back to his.

I AM SO SORRY! *Ducks away from projectiles being thrown at head*. I have Angel JJK to thank for helping me get this chapter out – you got me off my ass and made me finish this. Thank you so much. Thanks for being patient with me and I promise to try and have chapters out sooner than last time