Summary: The war was won in favour of the Dark Side. The Light Side had no hope. Except one, actually four. Harry, Hermione, Luna and Neville are the only surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix. They take a risk that will forever change history as they know it.

Chap 1

- Hermione POV -

"Back to the shelter!" I cried to my friends as the Death Eaters swarmed. Harry, Luna and Neville nodded and we all apparated away with a loud pop. We ended up in a big mess on the floor of our Underground shelter.

"Everyone ok?" Harry asked as we all stood up gingerly.

"Yea. Ankle hurts a bit though," Nev said with a wince. I waved my wand over his leg and his swollen ankle healed itself.

"I'm fine," Luna said in her usual dreamy voice that had become hardened due to the war.

Once Harry was sure we were all safe, we walked into our private sleeping quarters to rest.

A few hours later after we had eaten dinner, I followed Harry into his quarters and cast a wandless silencing charm around the room.

"Harry, we can't keep doing this. We are the only four left," I said. "We are running low on food and going out to get it is becoming dangerous. We can't keep pretending we are immortal."

"I know Mya-bear. I know. I just don't know what else to do. We are, like you said, the only four left. The Order is gone, Voldemort is stronger than us and I hate to say it, but I'm losing hope," Harry said before sinking to the ground and sobbing. I pulled him to me and hugged him tightly.

We stayed like that for a while longer before I coerced Harry into standing up so I could put him to bed. Once he was comfortable, I walked into my own room and pulled a large book into my lap.

This was a book left to me by Professor McGonagall before she died. I had not been able to open it yet which had been frustrating.

"This is the last time. If it doesn't work, I'm burning the book," I hissed to myself. I grabbed the front cover and felt a warmth shoot through my fingers.

I pulled the front cover, expecting it not to give but it swung open strongly. I looked at the loopy writing on the front page and felt tears come to my eyes.

My dear Hermione,

If you are reading this then the Order has lost hope and Voldemort has won. This book is the answer to your problems. However, the risks and consequences involved are monumental.

This book explains the theories of alternate realities and past lives. For some, they are just theories, for others, they are fact. Albus and I have a theory. If you were to go to an alternate reality in a different time, Voldemort could be stopped. If there is no hope for this reality, you may be the beacon of hope for another one.

Read page 483 if you choose to continue with this. Hermione, Albus and I believe that you are an extremely capable witch which is why we have delivered this task to you.

Good Luck


I flicked through the book until page 483 came up. I read through the theory and the spell quickly before closing the book.

I stood up and walked into the main room where Neville and Luna were both curled up in front of the fire reading.

"Mione, what's wrong?" Nev asked as they saw me enter the room.

"I need Harry in here. I may have a way to fix everything," I said. Neville jumped up and raced into Harry's room. A few moments later both Harry and Ron emerged both looking alert.

"What's up Mya-bear?" Harry asked.

I read the page aloud and when I was done, I looked around at my best friends. They were all in various stages of thought.

"I think we should do it. We have nothing to lose," Luna said.

"I agree," Harry and Nev said together. I nodded and read the spell again memorising it.

"Ok, everyone put your hand on the book," I said. I put my hand on it and smiled as Harry's fingers curled around mine. Once Luna's hand and Neville's had joined ours, I took a deep breath and recited the spell.

"Cancellare il nostro passato salvare il loro futuro." (Erase our pasts to save their future).

The room began to spin and everything soon went black.

I felt someone shaking me. I rolled over in my soft bed which woke me up. The bed I slept in was usually hard and definitely not as warm as this one. I looked up and noticed my walls were no longer stone instead they were painted a soothing beige with the wall that my bed was against painted brown. I rolled over in the large bed and jumped slightly at the sight in front of me.

"Morning beautiful girl. How did you sleep?" The gorgeous woman standing beside the bed asked. She brought her hand up to brush some hair from my face but I jerked away. I wasn't used to human contact beside the sort that was used when fixing an injured body part.

"Are you ok honey?" The woman asked again. She sat beside me and I felt her hand rest on my head.

"You're running a bit of a temperature. I'm going to wake your brothers then I'll be back with a thermometer and some potion. You stay in bed sweetie," she said before she kissed my head softly. She left the room and closed the door softly.

"Brothers?" I whispered. I swung my legs out of the bed and was unprepared for the soft shag rug underneath my feet. I walked over to the dresser and picked up a photo. Two boys that looked like Harry had their arms around a girl with long black hair and warm brown eyes.

I looked up into the mirror and shrieked softly. The girl was me. My hair was no longer short (it was easier to control the unruliness when it was short) and frizzy. Instead, it was long, down to mid back in the braids it was in. My eyes were still the same which I was grateful for. I couldn't stand looking into another set of eyes all the time. My body was slightly more nourished then my old self. I still had muscle tone, I just looked healthier. I was slightly taller, a few inches maybe. I thought back and realised what had happened.

"It worked," I whispered.

I looked back at the picture and noticed that while both boys were identical, they had one subtle difference - their eyes. One had hazel eyes and the other had green ones. The boy with the green eyes was obviously Harry but the other was a shock.

"James Potter," I said softly.

"At your service Mya-bear. Mum said you weren't feeling well," a voice from behind me said. I spun around quickly and gasped. I was looking at an exact replica of Harry only with hazel eyes.

The boy walked towards me and placed a hand on my head.

"Back to bed missy. Mum and dad are in with Harry at the moment, seems he has the same thing as you. She sent me in to tell you she was coming," James said. Without warning, he picked me up bridal style and walked me over to the bed. I couldn't stop the smile that crossed my face as he gently placed me on the bed and put the covers over me.

"You comfortable?" He asked as he too smoothed my hair down. I nodded, not trusting my voice at the moment. I was still stunned about how our plan had actually worked.

James continued smoothing my hair and his gentle, loving action, along with the adoration and love that shone in his eyes brought tears to mine. I couldn't hold them back and one traitorous tear slipped down my cheek.

"It's ok Mya-bear. Don't cry," James said. The tears fell faster as he said that and before I knew it; James lifted me up and was sitting against my headboard holding me tightly in his lap. He rocked me back and forth slightly and kissed my head.

"Shh sissy. It's ok. You're ok," he whispered as I cried. I soon felt another hand on my back and I jolted and shied away slightly. A man was gazing down at me, worry evident in his hazel eyes.

He took me off James' lap and placed me in his own. He rested my head against the crook of his neck and one hand held me in place and the other rubbed up and down my back.

"It's ok Princess. Being sick sucks," he whispered. I unconsciously nuzzled his neck and snuggled into his body heat more. He was radiating warmth and my body sought it out.

I looked up and noticed the woman from before looking concerned but also smiling. She walked over to me and placed a thermometer under my tongue. A few minutes later she pulled it out and frowned.

"You are running a temperature. So is Harry. Drink this and go back to sleep," she said as she handed me some potion. I looked at it like it was poison but the man smiled at me.

"You drink that baby and I'll lay down with you for a while, just like when you were little, remember that?" He asked.

I nodded even though I had no idea what he was talking about.

"What about work?" I asked softly.

"My baby girl takes precedence. They will survive an hour or so without me. Come on, drink up," he said. I knocked back the potion and grimaced.

"Come on James. Leave your sister," the woman said. James kissed my head and followed the woman out of the room. I felt the man lift me up and I was once again placed under the covers. I cuddled into the man's warmth and he kissed my head before I fell asleep.

- James POV -

"Alright. I'll see you guys later," Dad said as he walked into the kitchen 30 minutes later.

"How are they?" Mum asked.

"Sleeping. I would recommend keeping an eye on them. Well, gotta go. I love you Soph, James," dad said. He kissed mum and ruffled my hair before walking out of the kitchen.

"James, what time are the boys coming over?" Mum asked.

"About 11," I answered. The boys mum was talking about were my three best friends - Sirius Black, Neville Longbottom and Remus Lupin. Us four and Harry made up the Marauders. We were master pranksters and the six of us (Mya-bear included) were entering our sixth year of Hogwarts at the end of the summer whilst Mya-bear's best friend Luna (Neville's little sister) would be heading into her fifth year. Mione's other best friends Lily Evans (who happens to be the love of my life), Shannon Jones, Maddison Bennett and Alice Prewitt were in sixth year like us.

"Just be sure to keep the noise down. I want Harry and Mione to get as much sleep as possible," mum said before kissing my head.

Harry, Mya-bear and I were triplets and as close as hell. We did practically everything together. We had always been close, I was the oldest, then Harry was born five minutes after me then Mya-bear was born ten minutes after Harry.

At 10:45, the fireplace roared to life and the green flames licked the walls.

"I knew you would be early," I said as my best mate tumbled out of the fire.

Sirius Black stood up and dusted the soot off himself. Sirius defined aristocratic. The looks and air of arrogance could be attributed to the Black family gene but his Gryffindor nature and hatred for the dark arts defined him. He was a huge man whore but he had always harboured a crush on Mya-bear. He told me that he didn't act on it because he didn't want to lose the friendship he had with Harry, Mione and I if they had a harsh break up. That's something I respected about Sirius, he did have morals. Having morals didn't stop his crush though.

"Couldn't leave fast enough," he said with a grin as he hugged me. Sirius' family was totally insane. His mother and father were heavily into the dark arts and were huge fans of this rising freak who called himself Voldemort. They resented Sirius for breaking tradition and being sorted into Gryffindor on our first day of Hogwarts instead of Slytherin.

"Mum says you are more than welcome to move in here at any time," I said.

"Soon brother, soon. So, where are Mya and Leo?" Sirius asked as he sat on the lounge. Leo was Harry's nickname that we had come up with in third year. Mine was Prongs, Sirius' was Padfoot, Neville's was Stripes and Remus' was Moony. They corresponded with our animagus forms with the exception of Moony who was actually a werewolf. My form was a stag, Sirius' was a large dog, Neville's was a tiger and Harry's was a lion.

"Bed. Both are sick at the moment," I explained. Sirius sat up and looked at me dead in the eye.

"Is Mya ok?" He asked. Sirius was the only person allowed to call my sister Mya. She hated it when other people said it so everyone else stuck to Mione. Harry and I always called her Mya-bear but the name Mya was reserved for Sirius.

"She's fine. Just running a temperature. We'll go check on them once Moony, Luna and Stripes get here," I said. Sirius sat back but began tapping his fingers against the lounge. After a while, it became annoying.

"Go up. She's in her room. Just be careful. She's a bit skittish today," I said as I remembered what had happened when Dad had come in. Pads jumped to his feet and raced up to my sister's room.

- Sirius POV -

I knocked on Mya's door before slipping inside. She was lying on her side snuggled under the blanket. She rolled over and I got a look at her gorgeous face. She seemed like she was having a nightmare. Her face was strained and she was jerking around in bed.

I walked over to the bed and sat down gently. I placed a hand on her exposed shoulder and shook it gently. Mya's eyes sprung open and before I could say anything, she had flung herself out of bed and was pressed against her bedroom wall as she slid down the wall into a ball.

"Mya honey, calm down. It's just me," I said as I tried to calm her. Mya's eyes were darting around the room looking for danger. I walked slowly around the bed until I was in her direct line of sight. I knelt down slowly and frowned when I noticed her shaking. She seemed utterly terrified. I held out a hand to her and when she gingerly placed her hand in mine, I pulled her into my lap. I felt her tears wet my shirt and I wrapped my arms around her tightly.

"Shh Mya, it was all a dream. You're ok," I whispered. I massaged her neck lightly and kissed her head as she sobbed into my neck. A small part of me was ecstatic that she was here, in my arms but the rest of me was terrified as to what the nightmare was about.

"I'm here. It's ok. I promise, nothing will hurt you," I whispered to her. She sobbed for a while longer before she went limp in my arms. I picked her up and placed her back in her bed. I moved to the other side and pulled her to me as she slept.

- Harry POV -

My eyes snapped open as I felt soft silk underneath my skin. I sat up sharply and looked frantically around the room. The room was a rich burgundy colour totally unlike the stone walls of our Underground shelter. I grabbed my glasses off the bedside table before I realised something - I didn't wear glasses anymore.

During the War, Mya and I realised that my glasses were a hindrance more than anything because they would either fall off or break when I was fighting. Mya had decided it was time for contact lenses. We had entered muggle London and ordered as many pairs of contacts as possible. It saved so much time and effort.

I put the square black frames on my face and the room came into focus. I heard a knock at the door and hesitantly called out "come in."

A man and woman, probably in their forties walked into the room. The man had unruly black hair and hazel eyes. He was quite tall, probably 6'5. He was well built and while he looked intimidating, he had a calm smile on his face. The woman was probably 5'7 and she had long black wavy hair that had the side sections pulled off her face. She had soft green eyes and fair skin. She smiled warmly and walked over to the bed. Just as she pressed her lips to my head, I jerked away.

"Harry honey, are you ok?" She asked. I just stared at her. She placed a hand on my forehead and sighed.

"You and your sister must have come down with a bug. I'll go grab you some potion and then it's straight back to bed for you. You will not be going out with the boys today, you aren't feeling well and you can't get worse," she kissed my head again and this time I let her. It felt nice to have some human contact besides wound healing.

"Tell you what Harry. You and Princess get better and tomorrow, I'll skip work to take you two, Sirius, Remus, Nev, Luna and James to the Puddlemere game like I promised. Just don't tell your mum or she'll have my head," the man said with a wink. I nodded even though I didn't know what he meant.

The woman (who I assume is my mum) returned and the man (my dad) patted my shoulder and walked out of the room. My mum handed me some potion and told me to drink it.

"Go back to sleep honey," she whispered. She kissed my head one final time before leaving my room and closing the door behind her.

Once she was gone, I swung my legs out of bed and walked over to the desk that was against one of my walls. I noticed a photo that had two boys with dark hair, one with green eyes and one with hazel, and a girl with black hair and chocolate brown eyes all standing together. Before I could think it over any more, nature called. I entered the ensuite attached to the room and relieved myself.

As I was washing my hands, I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror. I gasped slightly and said "no way. It worked."

My face wasn't as sunken and shallow as it used to be. My body was devoid of all battle scars and while I still had muscle, I looked a hell of a lot healthier. I quickly swept the hair off my forehead and was stunned. No longer was my skin marked by Voldemort's lightning bolt. I was free.

The potion soon began to have effect and I became drowsy. I walked back into the bedroom and slumped down onto the bed. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the nightmares that were sure to come.

- Neville POV -

I opened my eyes slowly and my body instantly alerted me that something was wrong. My room was no longer cold or stone as it usually was in the Underground. Instead, the walls were a deep blue with lots of photos scattered around.

"Dude, wake up. Come on," a voice said as a boy walked into the room. He was maybe a year older than me but he looked familiar.

"Come on slow poke. Jeez, you and Luna are both so lazy this morning," he said. It was then I worked it out. This was my dad, Frank Longbottom. My dad looked young and carefree. He didn't know about his upcoming fate. Mya's plan must have worked.

"Bro, you ok? You look a little pale," my dad, Frank said.

"Yea, I'm ok. Just had a restless sleep," I explained softly. He nodded and walked out of the room. I swung out of bed and walked to the door.

"Nev?" Luna's dreamy voice asked. I spun and grabbed her in a hug as she ran towards me.

"Mione's plan worked. We can change it all," she whispered into my ear.

"We know nothing though. After breakfast, let's explore," I said. Luna nodded and we walked down the hallway and down the stairs. We followed the smell of pancakes cooking and walked into the kitchen. My Grams was cooking at the stove but she looked younger. She was happy. Gramps was sitting at the table drinking his coffee and reading the Daily Prophet. No, not Grams and Gramps - mum and dad.

"Morning darlings," mum said. She walked over and kissed me and Luna on the head before frowning. She pressed her hands to our heads and clicked her tongue.

"You are both running a temperature. Back to bed. I'll bring you up some tea shortly," mum said. Luna and I shrugged and turned on the spot. We both walked into my room and faced each other on the bed.

"So, it worked. Apparently we are now the siblings of my dad," I said softly.

"I wonder were Mione and Harry are. Do you think they are ok?" Luna asked. I pulled her to my chest and kissed her head.

"They'll be fine. They are strong," I said. We both heard gentle footsteps coming up the hall.

"Hey sweeties. I've just floo called Sophie and told her to tell James, Harry and Mione that you won't be over because you are both feeling a little off. She told me that Mione and Harry are the same. Now, drink this potion and have a nap," Mum said. Luna and I sculled the potions and fell back against the pillows.

Mum shut the door softly behind her as she walked out and I turned to Luna.

"At least they are safe," I said before we both succumbed to sleep.

- Sirius POV -

I had been in with Mya for twenty minutes before James and Remus walked into the room. I shushed them as Mya moaned slightly but I just massaged her neck and she was gone again.

"Where's Stripes?" I whispered.

"Sick. He and Luna have the same thing Mya-bear and Leo have," James explained.

"They must have caught something when we went to the Alley the other day. Wonder why we didn't get it," James said.

"We did split off for a while. Maybe they bumped into someone from school who is sick," Moony said. Mya began to fidget again so I drew gentle patterns on her back to calm her down.

"Probably. How is she? She was quite skittish this morning. Both her and Harry. Mum was worried because they both shied away from her," James explained.

"She was having a nightmare when I came in and when I woke her up she threw herself out of bed and hit the wall. She sobbed for a good five minutes before she fell asleep," I said softly.

"I hope she's ok," James whispered. He rested his hand on Mya's hair and rubbed her scalp gently.

Someone knocked at the door and James jumped up to answer it.

"Hey Bro," he said as Harry walked into the room. He seemed stunned for a second before he composed himself and walked over to us.

"Hey guys," Harry said before sitting next to Mya and I on the bed.

"How you feeling?" Moony asked.

"Better after a bit more of a sleep. How is she?" Harry asked as he looked down at Mya.

"Alright. A bit skittish though," I explained. Harry nodded and rubbed her back gently.

"Hello everyone," mum said as she walked into the room. She felt both Leo and Mya's foreheads and frowned.

"Alright, everyone out. Let's let these two sleep. Come on Siri, Jamie, Rem," Mum said. I carefully moved Mya so she was resting against Harry and slid out of the bed. Mum pulled the covers up over them and kissed their heads before we walked out of the room.

- Mione POV -

I woke up slowly and found myself leaning against Harry. I began to think everything had been a dream until I felt the silk sheets under my body and remembered that I had indeed been crying against a 17 year old Sirius.

"Harry?" I whispered. He moaned and his eyes fluttered open slowly.

"Hey honey. How you feeling?" He asked.

"Alright. I think the sickness is a bit of a side effect from the travel," I said.

"Considering we jumped times and realities, I think this is a fair trade off," Harry said with a small grin.

I laughed lightly and sat up.

"This is so weird. We have all our memories from the past but we don't have any memories from now. We need to find out some things about ourselves so we don't screw up," I said.

"Sounds good. Are you ready to get up and explore?" Harry asked me.

"Sure," I replied. I swung my legs out of the bed and walked into my ensuite whilst Harry started searching.

"Mione, I found something," Harry called out. I walked out of the bathroom and into the room where Harry was holding five journals.

"I think these belong to you," Harry said. I took them off him and looked them over.

"You should go search your room," I said. Harry nodded and walked out of my room and down to his.

I looked at what was written on the first journal and smiled. The journal read First Year. I sat back down on my bed and started to read.