June 12 | 0641 Hours

MHI Headquarters, Cazador, Alabama

Begin Log:

"My name is, soon to be 'was,' Jeremiah Ribasso Lusano. I have been working here at MHI for about fourteen years. Every second of my off time, though that doesn't account for much, has been spent trying to find a cure for my…'condition.' Thus far, my efforts have proven unsuccessful. Scoffs That's sure putting it lightly. I, an expert in genetics, can't even begin to unravel the mysteries of my own genomic patterns fourteen-and-a-half years after they were rewritten; they have become that complex and convoluted. And the entirety of our mythological library contains no information on even the slightest possibility of there being a cure, barring divine intervention. While I enjoy the power and durability that comes with my 'condition' (many call it a curse), I can't bear the thought of what might happen if I lose control, though my inhuman side doesn't put up much of a fight for control anymore, unlike that first year.

I realize that you may be confused at this moment, so I will start at the very beginning.