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I hadn't been able to come back to see Vivian for two weeks and when I showed up at her door I knew I was in trouble. I had hoped to start seeing her after that kiss but by the pure fury on her face I knew that wouldn't be happening.

"Hello Vivian. How are you?"

She looked around the front yard "What no Astrid today?" Oh shit I knew why she was mad now.

"Vivian I am not with Astrid, we just hung out at Tooley's the other night and the pack assumed we were together."

"Whatever, I don't care I'm not your mate. Come in Rudy will be down shortly." With that she took off, leaving me standing at the front door.

Esme and Rudy both came down a couple minutes later to keep me company. We were all chatting in the living room about the pack when I smelled Vivian coming into the room. Once I saw her I knew my want of her was becoming evident. I couldn't help it she looked amazing and I knew it was to torcher me, she had on a halter dress showing a lot of cleavage and the bottom barely came down to her thighs.

"Vivian, where the hell are you going dressed like that?" I heard Esme ask the same question running through my head.

"Out with the five, don't wait up." She looked straight into my eyes when she said it; yep she was definitely punishing me.

I ignored what all was said I just sat there watching her. She sure knew how to get to a man, with that dress. I knew I would have to start coming around more to watch her and maybe have some fun while I am at it. That is exactly what I did too, I began coming to take Esme out on dates although I knew I would never actually have sex with her, after all my end game was Vivian and that was too gross.

Every time Vivian saw me she seemed to be madder at me. At least she was spending her time thinking of me, even if it was bad. One date with Esme I realized she was upset about something, usually I don't encourage her to talk much but for some reason I did tonight.

"What's the matter Esme, you seem very distracted?"

"It's Vivian; she has gone out on a date with a meat boy tonight. I think she is just rebelling against everything because the pack has fallen apart. She has only been around during good times, Ivan had us in our own world in West Virginia and now her whole life crumbled before her and even now the pack is so divided. Hell most of us don't even run together anymore. I understand what she is feeling but I can't fix it."

I sat thinking about everything; I knew she was born for leadership I just hadn't realized how much. I think I will have to have a talk with Orlando and Rudy; we need to get a new leader and I want to be him.

On the night of the pack meeting I arrived early hoping to see Vivian but instead she stayed away until most of the pack had shown up. I sat next to my mother and sisters across the room from Vivian. I would be able to watch her without being obvious about it. I watched her eying my sisters as they got out of control. I leaned over to whisper to them. "If you three do not behave I am going to move you into Persia's and make you help her test all her potions." They instantly quieted down, I would never actually do that but hey as long as they thought so I was good. For some reason they are all afraid of her. I listened as the pack whined about the move, I watched as Vivian took it all in and I watched as shock registered in. Evidently she must have assumed everyone would want the way things were again; I knew this wouldn't be that simple. I put up with all the yelling until I watched Vivian cover her ears.

"Quiet" I was happy when it got silent. Then Astrid started talking and then Esme, I couldn't help but smile. The way these two females were throwing themselves at me was crazy. They both asked for my opinion huh; well let's see how quick they change their minds. "I vote we go."

Wow, she changed her tune quicker than I thought she would. Then I heard everyone throwing their name out for our leader. I am used to being called pup but it still amused me to no end. Just then Persia surprised us all in telling us we must have an Ordeal. I knew I could whip the males in the pack, but it was still hard to imagine killing someone. I jumped back into the conversation as Astrid suggested she should be allowed in the ordeal, idiot. I knew we would have to go to a state park for something like this and I suggested just that. As the five tried to throw their names into the ring Orlando shot them down. Too bad I wouldn't mind teaching them another lesson and maybe get them to stay away from Vivian. Just then I saw her sneak out, I couldn't follow her until all the details were set. Orlando insisted on giving strangers time to prepare and get there, which was fine with me because with any luck that is who I will have to go against in the end. I certainly don't want to kill another member of our pack.

After the elders had decided all the details I went to window and heard Vivian yelling at the five. Those pups were pure trouble. I watched as she stormed out into the yard and began pacing. I knew I would get nowhere with her until the ordeal was over so I decided then and there to let her make her own choices and mistakes until I was leader and then I would end this relationship with the human before she got hurt.

I continued to work and go Tooley's but I also added some weight lifting into my everyday routine. I knew I would need to be in top physical condition in order to take on everyone. I continued to sleep with Astrid here and there; after all I am a 24year old man. One night at Tooley's I heard Esme discussing Vivian's birthday. Well, I had done well in staying away but I figure I have every right to go wish her a happy birthday. So I showed up after I knew the five was there. Esme was disappointed that I wasn't there for her but I really didn't care. I watched as the boys spiked their Coke's, I decided it wasn't my place yet to tell them what to do but soon very soon.

I watched Vivian open one present after the other of underwear, stupid pups. Vivian was trying to make me uncomfortable but unfortunately for her I knew what she was doing. I could tell she was miserable knew the Ordeal was coming in a couple weeks and I could only hope Vivian would join the Bitches dance, although knowing her it would take something major to get her in that dance, which she had to be in. Guess I have one more thing to think about.

Author's note- Next chapter will start in July and include the Ordeal, so stick with me.