Author: My friend has a gnome mage that she adores. She is very upset with how the trogg problem was handled, however, and had posed the question of why Mekkatorque would do something like nuke his home city.

This is my response.

Dislcaimer: No. Just, no.

Gnomeregan had a trogg problem.

It was annoying and obvious, and, as King of the Gnomes, it was Gelbin Mekkatorque's duty to take care of it. He refused to resort to what most other races did whenever they had a particularly pesky kill-able problem: hire adventurers and have them do the work for him. It was inelegant, and, as a gnome, he could most certainly invent a way to do the job better than any mortal could! He wasn't High Tinkerer for nothing.

He was busy working away on his latest anti-trogg device (it already had a 14.9% chance of working, which was better than all his previous ones!) when he was approached by his advisor, Thermaplugg. He could tell the gnome was trying to talk to him, but it was hard to hear anything in his workshop and he just couldn't stop—not when he was on a roll!

"What?" he yelled, attempting to be heard over the whirls and whizzes and bangs of his lab.

He could see his advisor's mouth move, and caught the words 'trogg' and 'kill' over the din.

"I'm working on it!" he replied as loudly as he could. He couldn't afford to stop working, and as his advisor seemed pleased enough, he dismissed the encounter from his mind.

He would only find out, once the radiation had settled, that Thermaplugg had asked, "Why don't we use the radiation bomb to kill the troggs?" and had heard in reply, "I'm for it."