Author's Note: I'm sure somebody used this idea before. Since there's no way for me to search every Harry Potter fanfiction story, I'm appealing to you all. Do you know of any other HP story that had the same concept that'll be shown in the upcoming chapters? In any event, here's my take on this.

Centuries earlier:

"We accept your condition."

Salazar had a rare expression appear on his sly face, that of surprise. Looking around at the others, as they all stood on the bare spot overlooking the lake, where they were about to set the foundations of the immense magical castle soon to be known by its rather peculiar name, the wizard from the fen saw his companions nodding in agreement with Godric. Narrowly eyeing his former friend, the mage said in a suspicious tone, "I was sure you wouldn't agree, and that you asked me here to tell me that."

Crossly glowering at Salazar, the wizard with a magnificent sword at his side gruffly answered, "I'm not happy about it at all, but we do need you, and Helga and Rowena both persuaded me your demand was extremely unlikely to ever happen."

"Indeed," spoke Rowena in her clear alto. The woman's beautiful face was calm as she went on, "The chances that the those exact specifications will be accomplished are virtually minuscule-"

Chuckling, Helga interrupted in her normal jolly voice, "What dear Rowena is trying to say, is that whether magical or Muggle, people are people, and there's no way nine-tenths of everyone will ever see eye to eye on this! You couldn't get that many people to agree the sun will come up tomorrow morning!"

A sardonic twist of Salazar's lips was his only reaction to Helga's statement. Noticing this, Godric cleared his throat, and asked a bit plaintively, hoping for at least few moments of their past friendship with his ex-comrade, "Salazar, why are you doing this?"

"Oh, I have my reasons," shrugged the ancient and monkey-like mage, his long, thin beard falling nearly to the bottom of his robes. Looking at the bewildered man across from him, the devious wizard allowed himself the most infinitesimal twinkle to appear in his eye, as he muttered, "The merest of them is that it'll prick your blasted pomposity. Plus, I'm sure that eventually something quite amusing will come of this."

As Godric's face turned red and he started swelling up, about to bellow in rage at Salazar, both Rowena and Helga simultaneously snapped, "Enough, you two!"

Startled, the two men looked as one at the pair of irritated women. The wizards saw the witches were about to express their evident exasperation in the form of several seriously discomfiting hexes upon the men in the next few moments, unless they promptly changed their behavior for the better. A little chastened, both Godric and Salazar glanced at each other, and silently agreed, for once, to hold their tongues.

Seeing this, Helga and Rowena smirked at each other, and then the plump, redheaded woman said with a rare edge in her tone, "We're here to create the first magical school, so now can we begin?" Her glare at the two wizards won reluctant nods from them, and with a satisfied expression upon her face, Helga moved to a specific position on the flat outcropping, standing in the north corner of an imaginary square on the ground.

Giving the wizards a cool look that showed she quite agreed with her fellow witch, Rowena walked to her south corner, and both Godric and Salazar stiffly strode over to their own positions in the east and west corners, respectively. Neither of these men were stupid enough at this moment to let appear on their faces actual pouts over being so ordered around by the women.

Still, now that they were all here, everyone begin to act as proper magic-wielders adept and accomplished in creating spells and enchantments on a scale not seen since Merlin himself. All four of these people at their positions now shut their eyes, composed themselves, and brought up their hands to clasp these together with the other mages on their sides. A few seconds later, the chant began, as Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin began to slowly weave together their magic, to create what had never been before in the world.

"Hogwarts shall be thy nameā€¦"