Hey everyone so you know how in my story Tears of the Broken I posted that stupid (that's what I think of ANs) AN. So here is one of my ideas, well not really completely my idea, its actually eltigre221's idea, which u guys should read the story, it's called Percy Jackson the wolf and the half—blood… I think, something like that. Anywhos so here is my story the details may sound kinda like the other story but im gonna try and make as different as possible. Kk so this sadly isn't the first chapter, its just a rly long summary and explains what's gonna happen and maybe parts into the story, so if you guys want the rest of the story send me some feedback, but then again I'll probably post anyways, but non the less, REVIEW!



110 years ago the great Prophecy was given. 115 years ago a son of Poseidon, favored by the gods, was born. 100 years ago he disappeared.

Now a new generation of Half-bloods are getting ready to war against Kronos, with Ian Steele, a 14 year old, arrogant son of Poseidon, leading them. Everyone believes he is the child of the prophecy. Then one day a new camper shows up at the camp boarder. He has uncontrollable messy raven black hair, with bangs flipped to the left side of his head. His eyes are as black as midnight. And he seems to know everything that's going on, with the gods, camp half blood, the prophecy, and Kronos.

Even weirder though, it's that the gods and Chiron know who, this mysterious camper is, but refuse to say even to our favorite group of demi-gods (and satyr). After Nico went missing a month or so ago, this new camper is a new mystery that the campers are dying to unravel. But even more so Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, and Grover Underwood are interested with him. This 15 year old mystery boy, is taking Ian's spot light, and he is not happy about that, but little do the campers know, he's gonna be taking more than just a spot light.

Who is this new camper? Is he even new to camp half-blood? They've never seen him before, but…. Who is he? Who is he to make the gods doubt everything they knew? But at the same time make them rejoice and are even stronger in the fate that we will win the war? His name? Perseus Jackson.