So Jess is still alive,

Lindsay knows she's pregnant and is going to tell danny soon,

Stella's still here.

Mac is still convinced he as no romantic feelings towards Stella Pfftt !

Adam is still awesome as ever

Danny is still Hot

Flack is still just like Wow

Sheldon's still a wiseass :]

Sid's still going to that crazy place.

It's based after Sex, Lies and silicone and also a dream I had.

It's basically Life on mars/Ashes to Ashes just with different characters

Enjoy ! Please R&R



Don Flack was not happy today, he was woke up early on his and Jessicas' day off because some looney claimed to be asking for him.

He walked to his desk and sat down.

Infront of him was a young adult no more that 17 years old, she had long curly blond hair, and blue eyes that look slightly familiar, but he shook it off.

She was wearing a White long sleeved top, that somehow made her eyes stand out more.

Skinny black jeans that definitly complemented her body and wore red converse that suited her look, But something made him feel odd around her. But in a good way.

"I'm Detective Don Flack, I heard you asked to speak to me, may I help you?" He asked ever so sweetly

"I hope so, I need your help, but first, I know your not going to believe me but I had nowhere else to go. I'm from the future "

Great !

One day off, in however long and he's stuck with some rather attractive wierdo claiming to be from the future, he wished he would have ignored his phone now.

This was going to be along day !

"I know your name is Donald Flack Jr., you're allergic to cats, If i'm right you're falling in love"

"You already know my name as you asked for me, it isn't hard to find that out, i'm in the newspaper every so often. The minority of the world are allergic to a domestic household pet and lucky guess." He answered feeling smart

This is going to be harder that she thought.

"Ask me something only a close friend would know" She asked, still confident.

Lets play along shall we.

"How many siblings do I have"

She smiled

"A younger sister, Samantha and an older brother who you don't really talk about"

Another lucky guess, she's done her research

"So Do we know each other in the 'future'" He asked using the quotation marks himself.

She knew he was playing along, and she couldn't blow it otherwise that would be it.

Ignoring his last remark she asked him something else

"Don, It's been in the newspaper recently about Ann Steele's murder, I'm guessin' you still haven't found the killer"

He shook his head,

"What about the Dolls" She asked

He was stunned. That bit of information hadn't been released to the press, how in the hell did she know about it.

"Ahh, so i'm guessin' Lindsay made a fool out of you infront of all them people" She tried hard not to laugh.

He was stunned once again, that had happened only yesterday and it was a joke between friends, not something anyone should know definitly something the media shouldn't know.

For some strange reason he started to believe her.

"So, what else do you know about me then"

"You're in love with Jessica Angell, yet she doesn't know it, You work with Mac Taylor, Lindsay Mes...Monroe" She corrected herself, witch did not go unoticed by Don.

"Danny Messer, Stella bonasera, Adam Ross, Sheldon Hawkes. And you have horrible taste in ties" She grinned.

It clicked The eyes; The smile, The converse, The hair and even The tie joke,

"Ok, I believe you, one question for you " He asked honestly

She smiled

"Are you Danny Messer's daughter?"

Her smile faded

"What...W..Why...Would you think that " she laughed in a fake way

He sighed

"1, i'm a detective, 2, you're a crap liar, 3 your eyes and 4 only Messer makes fun of my ties"

"Well...erm" she was stuck, crap how could she let this happen, Damn he was good.

She nodded

"So who's your Mother?"

Ha, she wasn't going to let this one slip yet.

"I can't say"

"It's Lindsay isn't it" He asked

The look on her face was priceless.

She nodded again.

"Wow, who would have thought, Danny and Lindsay getting married and having a daughter, not me for sure, well on some level yes, but Danny noo"

That seemed like an inuslt

She was about to ask how he knew they were married, then she remembered the silp-up earlier

"Well, she's pregnant now you know, but don't go giving it away and make sure she doesn't tell you first" she simply asked

He nodded this time.

"So, you believe me ? " She asked

"I'm not sure why, but yeah I believe every word that comes out of your mouth, like i've known you for years not minutes"

She smiled, taking that as a compliment.

"I'm glad this would have been so much harder having this conversation with my Mom or my Dad, but I guess it would be nice to see her again"

Trying to get back to her problem she shook her head

"I need your help, i'm here for some reason, not sure how I got here or why but I think I need to stop it or try. You love Jess right?" She asked,

He nodded

"She's erm, she's er, well while she's looking after Conner Dunbruck at Tillarys diner, She's shot"

Don's eyes widened at even the thought of this, He didn't like where she was going with this,

"She dies, she was shot twice with a 40. Calibre Dessert Eagle."

He had nothing to say to this.

No one would or could survive that not even Superman let alone a small woman

"You told me awhile ago, when I was younger you used to tell me everything, how you felt, you said because I was the only one who didn't feel sorry for you, didn't want to make you feel better utter useless words of respect"

He really wanted to cry, just the thought of losing Jess was bad enough.

But actually having to live through it.

"It's a few weeks after i'm born, I don't know much else."

He needed to change the topic

He cleared his throat

"So are Mac and Stella finally together?" He smiled

She looked confused


He nodded

"Yeah, Stella"

"Oh, Stella, no. Mac's close to retiring, Danny's good, Adam's still... odd, Sheldon's still real smart and Jo, she's really nice"

She said the wrong thing once again.

Great going Lucy! Just great

"Jo ? " He asked with a confused smile

"Yeah, she's Stella's replacement. She left when I was young maybe 2, 2 and a half. I haven't seen her since I was like 5 at my Mom's funeral"

Once again take your foot out of your mouth Lucy,

Just great more questions.

I mean it's not that hard to answer yes and no.

Damn it !

"What..." He said as his face drained with colour

Safe to say he definitly heard her

"Your Mom's funeral"

Yep ! He noticed

She nodded

"Yeah, She was stabbed, Never found the killer, It's been pretty much me and dad since then well and you of course" She said playing with something on his desk, avoiding eye contact

"Man... poor Danno, I couldn't imagine him without his Montana"

She smiled at her Moms nickname

He noticed her smile and smiled too.

Maybe answering the phone hadn't been so bad after all.

"So when and why did Stell' leave? " He asked slight concern in his voice.

"She left just after Shane Casey's shooting and she got a better job offer in New Orleans, she's head of the crime lab" She said almost in a proud voice.

"So, we all still work at the lab and the here" he said gestering to the precinct.

She nodded

"Yep my Dad's the only one who really threatened to quit, after he was shot and paralyzied for a while and when my Mom died, Said he wasn't good enough to find her killer, he wasn't good enough to work here. You talked him out of it though"

She answerd, switching from the things on his desk to the hem of her top.

He smiled, sounded something like he would do.

"Wait.. Shot"

"Yeah, after you solved Angell's death you all went out for a drink, mourning her death really, someone fired at the bar and hit my dad, leaving him in a wheelchair for a few months"

"So, How are you here exactly, like in 2005, when you live in like 2021 or something" He asked thowing his hands out in the air.

"I was shot, that's all I remember" she said as if it wasn't a big deal

"What, you were shot" He repeated hoping to get more information

She nodded

"That's why i'm here, I think I need to Change a few things, so I need a huge favour" she said showing off her big blue eyes.

He smiled

"And what would that be?"

"I need to pretend that i'm your niece, Amber or something, i'm your sisters long lost daughter, something believable, so I need a place to stay, and make sure no one knows who I really am, I don't wanna' risk changing something big"

"Wait, you never told me your name?" He asked

She smiled

"Oh, it's Lucy, My name's Lucy Messer"

He fished in his pocket for something, He pulled out a shiny key

She smiled and pulled out her key chain and took hold of one in perticular, his key

"Ok, Amber Flack I guess you know where I live then" he smiled with a hint of sarcasm

She got up to leave

"But there's one problem, you don't look like me, you look like Danny" He said

She smiled and carried on walking

"If I had a Dollar, for everytime someone said that i'd be rich" she said loud enough for him to hear.

He smiled at her comment as he watched her leave.

Crap. !

What was he gonna' tell Jess

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