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She looked down at the drop. The drop seperating her between living this life and her real one. Well she hoped it did.

She just need to take one deep breath and then she'd be home. With her Dad and her friends.

She closed her eyes and took the deep breath.

She expected to feel wind. Lot's of it. But she didn't all she felt were two pairs of arms wrap around her waist as she was pulled back screaming by Danny and Don.

She knew she wasn't going to get away with it !.

"Lucy, I wasn't gonna' let you jump" Danny told her as he let his arms around her waist go.

She turned to face them and she could feel her lip quiver and her eyes sting as they filled with salty tears.

All she wanted to do was go home. Was that hard ?

"Luce ?" Danny asked as she took a step forward to her.

She curled her fists into a ball and headed straight for Danny, he didn't back away. He didn't move or attempt to stop her as she fell in to his arms and began to beat his chest with her fists. Crying as she did so.

He rubbed her back, whispering loving words to her. Every so often Don could hear 'It's ok' or 'I know baby'

After a few minutes of her hitting his chest she stopped crying slowly lifted her arms and placed them around his neck, in effect bringing him closer. She needed to hug him, she needed to feel close.

He walked her to the car with his arm still tightly around her, trying to keep her safe and also trying to comfort her.

She sat in the back of the car, while Danny drove and Don sat in the passenger seat. The three remained silent. It was asif there was nothing to be said at all.

Everything she had worked to keep a secret in the last year or so had been revealed within a matter minutes. She didn't know what to feel or what to say. Should she be happy that he knew, or should she be scared that he knew. It might change something important in the future like...

Well at the moment she couldn't think of any.

They drove back to Danny's, still silent.

Once at the said apartment building. He opened the back door of the car for her and lead her upto the stairs. She knew Lindsay would be waiting for Danny to come home. He'd probably run out with Don a few hours ago, he probably hadn't told her what he was doing. And she hoped he wouldn't either. She also hoped that he wouldn't just burst into the apartment and say something stupid like 'This is Lucy, our daughter from the future. She's come back in time' With a grin on his face just like a cheshire cat.

He placed his hand on her shoulders. "I'm not stupid" He told her, asif he knew what she was thinking about.

She smiled weakly.

She tried to follow don to the building door. But Danny grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. He smiled and kissed her forehead. "I love you"

Her weak smile, turned into an almost grin as she nearly laughed, he laughed too.

They walked into his apartment. As Danny opened the door he turned to Lucy and whispered "Home, sweet, home"

She looked at him, her eyebrows raised.

He stepped in to find the living room, and kitchen empty. He walked in to the bedroom and came back out within a few seconds. Holding a baby Lucy.

"Lindsay asleep" Don stated more than asked. Danny nodded.

"Is it like this when you're older. Or is there more pictures of you. 'cause I gotta' say at the moment Lindsay's very camera happy."

Lucy shook her head "No, You.. Don't live here when i'm this age. You move out when i'm still pretty young."

She said as she looked around the shelves, looking at pictures of her parents before they were together.

"Oh, " He said not really thinking about it.

She was glad he didn't ask for a reason to why they moved out, he'd probably just have gone with the idea that they wanted more space, or a nicer area to bring a baby up. Not that some crazy person tried to kill her. Or that her Mom had to shoot him. It was simpler to let him believe that.

"You wanna' hold her ?" Danny asked out of the blue. Lucy looked up to make sure he was talking to her.

She smiled and nodded her head.

Danny walked over to hand his Daughter over to his Daughter.

But before she could take her fully. Don spoke up.

"Isn't that going to create a paradox or something.?"

Lucy smiled as she accepted her younger self. She looked up at Don and smiled "No, 'Cause we're not in Doctor Who"

Don's grin grew wider. "You watch Doctor Who ?" He asked getting off topic.

She chuckled lightly. "Yeah. I came round to yours one day, and it was on, ever since then. When I go to yours we watch it."

Don smiled at her and then watched as she turned her attention from Don to the smaller Lucy. She was about three months old now. But still so tiny.

"I want to say 'She's so beautiful' But then I think that's just a little vain."

"You are you know. " Danny told her as she sat down on the sofa, still looking at the baby in her arms.

"You look like Lindsay, When I first saw you, you looked so familiar and now that I know the truth I just can't understand why I didn't figure it out earlier."

"But you have my eyes" He added a few seconds later.

She smiled some more.

Danny couldn't help but watch her. Only a few hours ago had he literally had to grab her and pull her off a bridge. And now she was talking about Doctor Who and smiling. He knew teenagers had hormones but this was just plain stupid.

"So can you tell me about the future or is that like sayin' Voldemort ?" Danny asked breaking the comfortable silence.

Lucy laughed lightly. "I can't really tell you much. Wouldn't want to ruin it for you."

"Not even just a sneak peek, do I get a better paid job ?, Do me and Lindsay have any more kids?, Do we move into a nicer house ?"

"Like I said. Not much I can tell you. Like doctor Who, 'Time can be re-written'."

Danny turned his attention to Flack and rose his eyebrows. "This is your fault, all because of Doctor Who."

Flack grinned.

Lucy sighed. "Let's just say, it'll get better."

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