Hello, so this is my return to Fanfiction with a Supernatural/NCIS crossover, when first started watching Supernatural I couldn't help but wonder if Dean and Tony would be friends since they are quite similar in personality, and then I began thinking of stories where they would be brothers. When I looked for other crossover stories of the same story, I found someone had beaten me to it! But I carried on anyway, and this is my version, the other one is Illucia's brilliant 'Three Brothers' which I highly recommend.

Anyway here is my story, I have most of the chapters outlined (as I always do when I write fanfiction- I must have a plan) so I should be able to update quite quickly. Being British, other readers may notice a few different words or spellings crop up. I try to use American-English in respect of the show, but I might get carried away and leave British words in. So if you have any trouble with translation, just ask and I'll do my best to explain. Also I had to change Tony's age, and I know I'm probably taking a few liberties with how they kids are talking and acting at a young age, but this is Fanfiction. Hope you like it.

Finally in case I forget on future chapters (as I usually do) Disclaimer- I do NOT own Supernatural or NCIS, I'm just borrowing them for my own imagination and plotlines


Life Is A Highway

Chapter 1- Side of the Road

25th April 1985- Long Island, New York, USA

Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo was bored. Very bored.

His parents had gone to a big fundraiser in the city, New York City that is, like they did all the time. Tony's parents were always going to another fundraiser or charity dinner or society lunch, thankfully they only dragged Tony to these half the time. And he usually ended up playing with the other kids who were dragged there by their parents.

This one though had been exceptionally boring, there was a bug going round Tony's private school so for this particular dinner Tony was the only child there, having escaped illness. But he would have actually preferred throwing up in his bed with his nanny by his side to the night he'd had.

His mother had also gotten bored at this dinner after half an hour and while his father was busy talking business with the other men there, his mother had made her way to the bar- her favourite place. And proceeded in her valid attempts to drink it dry.

Tony hid in the corner, just trying to keep out of the way, fidgeting in his suit and staring at the clock. But his attention was soon taken to his mother, who drunkenly walked through the room and planted a long and passionate kiss on her husband's number one business rival. All hell broke loose then with the gossip already starting, Senior DiNozzo 'helped' his wife out the room, while trying to reassure everyone that everything was OK, just a drunken mishap. Then as he let the valet put his wife in the car, he remembered his son and dragged Tony out by his collar.

Once in the car, Tony's mother decided singing at the top of her lungs would be the best way to apologize while Tony's father yelled at him, asking why he didn't look after his mother and how she had made a fool of their family now.

As they drove through the city, Tony tried to melt into the seat, not answering his father and doing his best to ignore the insults he was throwing at the boy. As they got out onto the island, the houses became further apart from each other, with each house accompanied by hundreds of acres of land.

As Tony's father turned to angrily demand an explanation for Tony's behavior tonight, Tony looked out the window and noticed something in the road.

"DAD!" He shouted pointing forward. His father slammed on the brakes but it was too late and the car hit the object in the road. And that was when all hell broke loose for the second time that night.


Sam Winchester sat in his car seat, happily watching the night sky passing by his window. He turned his head to see his brother sleeping next to him, he couldn't resist tugging on his brother's hair. Nearly 2 years-old, it was still Sam's favourite thing to do.

And that was how 6 year-old Dean Winchester was woken up that night. "Oww!" He grumbled as he tried to pull away from his brother. "Sammy, let go!"

"What's wrong?" Their father John asked them wearily, all he wanted to get to a motel and sleep, not become a referee for his boys.

"Sam's got my hair again," Dean moaned just as Sammy let go with a giggle.

"De-De. P-aytime!" Sammy cried, citing his reason for waking Dean up.

"No, Sammy. It's dark out, time to sleep." John said from the front seat. He'd just finished a job, a simple Poltergeist job in New York City, however there were a few problems so to avoid the police the family had to make a midnight flight. Dean had no problem sleeping in the car, but Sam still preferred a bed.

As Dean tried to settle Sam, John had to smile at the sight of both his boys, looking at them through the rearview mirror. As he turned his eyes back to the road, he had to brake suddenly when he caught sight of what lay at the side of the road.

Right in front of them was a car on it's roof and it looked like one side of the car had been ripped right off, and in the headlights John could see a large amount of blood smeared across the car. John drove ahead slowly, just a little and stopped the car. He turned round to the backseat, where Dean was looking confused. "I just need to step out of the car, I'm going to lock you in. Whatever you hear, do not turn round. Just sit in your seat and look ahead, do you understand me Dean?" John spoke, very sternly.

"Yes sir," Dean replied. His face already looking forward and determined.

John nodded and stepped out of the car carefully. He went to the trunk of the car and got out a shotgun, just in case. He walked back towards the scene of the accident slowly, listening for any signs of danger. Getting closer, he noticed the front seat held what looked liked numerous body parts and he suspected that was someone's leg lying in the middle of the road. As he looked round the car, he thought he noticed a movement in it. Tucked right up in the backseat. He held up the gun, and spoke loudly.

"Come out of the car, hands up now!"

After a few moments, someone did indeed crawl out but not who John was expecting. Standing before him, shaking from the cold night and from pure terror was a young boy, about Dean's age. Brown hair and green eyes, holding his hands up.

"What the-" John started. Realising he was still holding the kid at gunpoint, he lowered the shotgun and spoke softly this time. "What's your name, son?"

The boy opened his mouth but no words came out. He just stood simply terrified. John knelt down before him. "It's OK, I'm here to help. Just tell me your name."

He also noticed the boy's wrist was looking purple and bruised, probably broken and there was a cut on his forehead, probably in need of stitches but not life-threatening. The rest of him was also gonna be bruised, thrown about the car.

After a few more minutes of asking the kid some questions, it was clear he wasn't going to speak to John. Suddenly he had an idea. "I've got my sons in my car just ahead, would you like to meet them?"

The boy's eyes looked up to him, and John could see he had his attention. John began walking to his own car and noticed in the corner of his eye, the kid was following him. When he got back to the car, John opened the backdoor and was pleased to see Dean was still sitting forward. In the time he had gone and with the car now stationary, Sam had managed to fall asleep.

John unbuckled Dean and helped him out the car. "Dean another car had an accident just behind us on the road. There was a boy there but he's a bit scared to talk to me, could you talk to him?"

Dean looked at his father, and saw the look in his eyes that said he was not messing about here. Dean nodded, "Yes Daddy."

John motioned for the other to come over and he did slowly, soon standing before Dean. Standing together, John couldn't help noticed how much they actually did look alike.

"Are you hurt?" Dean asked first, noticing the boy had some blood on him.

The boy nodded and opened his mouth. "My head and hand hurts," he held up his broken wrist to indicate what he meant. John lowered his head and smiled, thankful his plan had worked.

"My Dad can fix you up, he's real good at that. How did you get hurt?" Dean asked.

"Our car crashed. I heard a horrible sound and closed my eyes. When I opened them, there was something there, it hurt my Mommy. She was screaming so much and I closed my eyes again but she was screaming. I opened my eyes and Daddy was gone. Mommy was..."

John guessed the body and the blood around the car was the child's mother.

"Why did you crash?"

The kid averted his eyes, and John knew something was up. Damn, he was hoping this wasn't something supernatural, that he could just get the kid to safety.

"What's wrong?"

"It was...a monster."

Dean looked at his father and leaned closer, whispering to the boy, even though John could still hear him. "A monster, what do you mean?"

"It was like a giant dog, but really big and really, really scary. It's teeth were huge. It had to be a monster."

John sighed heavily. A giant dog, obviously a werewolf. In his quest for the demon that had killed his wife, he had learned that a werewolf was one of the harder creatures to kill, especially if he was on his own.

"Where is it?" Dean asked, looking round.

"After it hurt my Mommy. It ran off...with my Dad. He was screaming. Where is he? I want my Mommy and Daddy." The kid said, starting to cry.

"Hey, it's OK. Here's what's gonna happen." John said, finally speaking to the boy again. "You and Dean are gonna get back in the car, and sit tight. I'm gonna see if I can find your Daddy."

"What? No! You could get hurt." The kid cried, for the first time he was speaking directly to John.

"Don't worry, my Daddy fights scary things all the time. He always comes back." Dean assured him.

"You believe me?" The kid asked John curiously, he never would have thought a grown up would believe him about a monster.

John nodded slowly, "Like Dean said, I've seen a lot of scary things."

The kid nodded, assured he was safe now with these people and climbed into the car after Dean. John locked them in after grabbing a couple more weapons and quickly went into the woods, next to the road. After waiting for a long time, eventually all three boys were asleep in the backseat of the car. And when John returned much later, a little bit bloodied and bruised himself, he smiled sadly at the three of them.

He started the car up and drove forty miles to the nearest motel room. After getting a room, the sun was just coming up but that didn't deter John. He carefully went between the car and the motel room three times, each time carrying a kid into the room.

After cleaning himself up in the minuscule bathroom, John checked on Sam in the crib who was still sleeping soundly. The other two were on one of the Queen beds, under the covers. As he was getting into his own bed, John noticed a pair of young eyes watching him. The boy was awake. He motioned for the boy to follow him into the bathroom, and began cleaning up his forehead.

"Where are we?" He asked, at least he was speaking to John without Dean now.

"In a motel."

"Where's my Daddy?" He winced as John applied some antiseptic to the wound.

"I'm sorry but when I found the...monster, your Daddy was..." John didn't know exactly how to say it to a kid this young.

"He's dead, isn't he?" The boy asked, tears slowly running down his face.

"I am so sorry." John said sincerely. "Do you have any family? Any Aunts, Uncles or Cousins?"

The boy shook his head. "No, it's just me, Mommy and Daddy."


"They're dead. And now Mommy and Daddy are." The boy said quietly, looking away as John attached a band-aid to his forehead.

"I'm sorry." John said again. No kid should have to go through what he had, watching your parents get killed by werewolves, no doubt this would scar him for life.

John set about getting a cardboard box he had found in the motel reception and made a temporary splint for the boy's wrist, and led him back to bed. Setting him carefully on the mattress. "Don't move your arm, after we all get some sleep, I'll take you to hospital and we can get your wrist properly fixed, OK?" The boy nodded.

"Then what? Where do I go?" He asked quietly.

John took a deep breath, and knew what he was about to say could change his life forever, but strangely enough he was OK with that. "Well since you have no family I could take you to Social Services and they would take you to a nice family in the city that would look after you or a home with lots of kids. Or if you want, you can stay with us."

The boy looked over at Sam, Dean and then back to John. "I want to stay."

"Are you sure? We're not a typical family, you might be happier with someone else."

The kid shook his head. "You believed me about the scary monster and you helped me. I want to stay."

"OK then." John smiled and for the first time since they had met, the kid smiled back at him. It was small and barely there but it was a start.

John climbed into bed and tried to finally get some sleep. As he was drifting off he could hear a couple of small voices, apparently Dean had woken up.

"What's your name?" The kid had asked, suddenly realising he didn't know his savior's names.

"Dean Winchester, that's my little brother Sammy and our Daddy, John. What's yours?"

"Anthony Michael DiNozzo. Everyone calls me Tony."

And that was the thing John heard before sleep claimed him. And his last though, 'Welcome to the family, Tony.'