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Chapter 14- Always A Winchester

17th September 2005- Washington, DC, USA/ Jericho, California, USA

The past few months had been a bit...difficult for Tony. But that wasn't really new, from hunting the supernatural and living on the road, to living alone and catching human criminals, Tony had always had a tumultuous life. But this was different. Miraculously growing up as they did, Tony and his brothers were still alive and kicking.

NCIS Special Agent Caitlin 'Kate' Todd on the other hand, had lost her life in May. Before Tony could even really process the death of his colleague and friend, Mossad Agent Ziva David had been thrust upon the NCIS team.

That had been four months ago, so between teaching Ziva about NCIS procedures and American customs, trying to deal with Kate's death and alternating visits between his feuding brothers, Tony had been getting weary.

But now after a weeks vacation, Tony sat at his desk, doing what he did best- plotting. After Kate had died the team had a hard time finding their groove again, especially with the added Ziva. They were all still a little wary of her though McGee was happy there was another newbie now. So Tony was getting back to his favourite activity, annoying his co-workers. That was normal, wasn't it?

Thankfully Ziva was so engrossed in her computer and typing her report she hadn't noticed Tony aiming a rubber band at her. Surely he could get it tangled in her long mane of hair. As he pulled the band back though his phone began ringing. Playing the unmistakable ringtone of 'Ramblin Man' by The Allman Brothers Band. Tony had quickly made that Dean's ringtone, which of course his brother had protested asking for Metallica or Zeppelin instead, but Tony was insistent this was a better song for him.

Tony quickly dropped the rubber band and with a glance at Gibbs, who knew what that ringtone meant, grabbed his phone and took off to a quiet corner before answering it.


"Hey man," Dean replied on the other end.

"What's up? Please tell me you're just calling to shoot the breeze," Tony begged, knowing that probably wasn't the case, while that did happen at times, more often than not Dean or John would call asking for help getting out of trouble or something similar.

"Wish I could big Bro, but no." Dean paused before dropping the bomb on Tony. "Dad's gone missing."

"How missing is he?" Tony asked. "Like he's lost himself on a weekend trip in the woods or he's in the middle of a hunt and not returning your calls?"

"The second one," Dean sighed heavily.

"Great, OK where was he last, I'll start making calls to the hospital. And do we have any idea what he was following?"

"He was in Jericho, California, he told me he was headed there cause he found info on the demon that got Mom, but then he found a hunt when he was down there. Dunno what it was though."

"OK, I'll look into it. Keep me posted on your end."

"One more thing," Dean said before Tony could hang up. "This case...it's in California, and you're all the way in DC, and this is serious so..."

"So...what Dean?"

"So I was thinking of asking Sammy to come along with me?" Dean said quickly.

Tony let out a bark of laughter. "Are you serious, you've barely spoken to Sam since he went to college, after that huge bust up between you two and Dad, I'm the only one who's kept in regular contact with him."

"Hey he's the one who doesn't pick up." Dean protested.

Tony was silent to give him a few moments. "Do you want me to give Sammy a heads up you're coming?"

"Nah, it'll be more fun this way plus he won't be able to run away." Dean grinned, Tony shared a grin with him and decided to keep it quiet until Dean reached Sam.

"Fine, catch you later Dean." Tony said hanging up, after Dean said his goodbye. As he returned to his desk, he ignored McGee and Ziva eyeing him and sat down. His mind was occupied, thinking about his ringtone for Dean, he had never actually thought about the lyrics but suddenly hoped they wouldn't find their Dad like that.

"Dammit Dad," he whispered as he picked up his phone again. "Boss, I'm going out for lunch, back in an hour." He said, moving quickly out the bullpen so much that he didn't even give Gibbs a chance to respond.


After a couple dozen phone calls to various hospitals in California, Tony still had nothing to give his brothers. There was no reports of a John Winchester or John Doe, not even a description of John fit any patients. As he was returning to NCIS he quickly remembered saying he was going for lunch, so he backpedalled down the street and grabbed a few sandwiches for everyone at the local deli and a big cup of coffee for Gibbs.

Everyone was so grateful for the food, they didn't ask him any questions about his sudden need to get out. But they all suspected it had to do with the mountain of paperwork they were all battling through. The day dragged on but eventually the clock hit five and once again, Tony was the first one out the door, rushing to get home so he could make a few more calls, with it still being the afternoon on the West Coast. Before he could though, Gibbs had caught up with him in the car park.

"DiNozzo, what's going on?" Gibbs asked quietly as they stood by Tony's car.

"John's gone missing," Tony said simply.

"Demons?" Gibbs asked, and once again Tony was a little startled at how Gibbs could ask him that so easily.

"Don't know, he was tracking one but then he found something else, Dean said. Not sure what's going on though. No luck on hospitals, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Dean and Sam are going to check it out though, they'll keep me posted."

"Dean and Sam? I thought they still had a Cold War going on?"

"So does Sam, let's hope it ends peacefully." Tony grinned.

"Alright well keep me updated on the case."

Tony nodded as Gibbs walked to his own car. "Will do, Boss."


The next day, Tony was awoken early by his cellphone, this time with another ringtone. 'Surfin' USA' by The Beach Boys, Tony grinned as he picked it up. Another customized ringtone, this time in honor of his youngest brother's current home state, California.

"Morning Sammy," Tony smiled, knowing what was about to happen.

"Dude, how the hell could you not warn me?" Sam yelled down the phone. Tony guessed he was outside somewhere, or at least away from Dean, or he wouldn't be shouting so loudly.

"I know you like surprises."

"This isn't funny Tony!"

"I'm not laughing." Tony said, as he fought to keep the grin off his face.

"You may be across the country, but I'm still your brother. I know when you're laughing on the inside." Sam growled. "So what gives?"

"Look Dean needed help, and I can't get away from work-"

"But it's OK for me to just suddenly leave school. Dammit T, I've got an interview for Law school on Monday, I don't need this right now."

"Well I'm sure Dad is very sorry to go missing at such an important time, he didn't know you had an- wait, a what? How come I didn't know about this interview?"

"I-uh- I was- I just didn't want to say until after, who knows if I will actually get accepted." Sam faltered.

"Of course you will Sammy, that's great news. I am really proud of you little brother. And trust me, I know Dean will get you back there in time. Sam, please stick with him. This is Dad. Despite what happened between you three, I know you're scared for him. You wouldn't want anything to happen to him."

"Of course I wouldn't. He is my father." Sam admitted.

"So please just help Dean out, for me?" Tony asked, knowing when he had his little brother.

"Alright, but only till Monday."

"Thanks Sammy,"

"Not you as well, I already told Dean. It's Sam. Not Sammy. I'm not 12 years old anymore."

"You know you'll always be the baby of us all, Sammy." Tony said.

"Loser." Sam said.

"Prick." Tony returned, hanging up. Just another lovingly moment with his brother, what a great start to the morning. After a few minutes, Tony got another phone call, this one informing him of a case the team needed to work. Tony groaned internally, hoping he could use his weekend to help his brothers but that clearly wasn't going to happen. He thought about maybe calling in sick, Gibbs would- should understand, but then thought better of it, and quickly got ready.

The next few hours was a blur, it was one of their easier cases, a Marine suspected of suicide. After going through his life and talking with his family, all they were waiting on was Ducky's Autopsy findings and Abby's Lab results, but it looked pretty clear cut. So Tony was crossing his fingers that he would get home soon and still have his Sunday free.

But he was pulled out his wishing when his phone rang again indicating Sam was after him. "Hey Sam, you find anything?" Tony asked quietly, heading to a more secluded corner.

"Yep, we got us a Woman In White." Sam said simply.

"You're kidding." Tony cried, before he could stop himself. Despite what they had seen, some things were still a bit rare and unusual for the Winchesters, this was one of them. Many legends had been heard about theses specific ghosts, but the boys hadn't had to stop many of them before. "Should be simple enough to get rid of."

"Yeah except..." Sam said, pausing.

"Except what?" Tony said, almost dreading hearing it.

"Dean's been arrested."

"What!" Tony groaned. "Why?"

"Credit card fraud."

"Still? When is he gonna learn?"

"Clearly not any time soon. What should I do?"

"OK, are there some local kids or troublemakers in town?"

"Yeah, probably. Always is in a small town."

"Alright, find a street name and call in a disturbance from there. Dean should be able to escape that way, you just go wait for him at the back of the police station." Tony rubbed his temple in frustration. "I'll check on my end and see if Dean was processed."

"Alright, thanks T. I'll check back in a few hours."


It wasn't actually till late in the night, the next day when Dean called Tony and broke the news to him. Tony had been investigating a case of a web-murder. It involved a long day of Star Wars figures, internet porn and military wives. Tony also learnt his current girlfriend was married, a little fact she had neglected to tell him even though he had explicitly asked, and he had discovered McGee was teaching Ziva all about American dating using examples from Tony's love life.

However Tony's problems all went out of his mind when he spoke to Dean.

"So Dad's chasing Yellow Eyes on his own?" Tony asked taking a swig of beer.

"Yep, and T, there's something else." Dean said, before sighing heavily.

"Sam's girlfriend-"

"Jess, yeah, she's a nice girl." Tony said, remembering the few times he had met her. After he and Dean had romanced many girls in their teen years, he was happy to see Sam smitten and settled down with this girl. She had been beautiful and friendly, a great fit for Sam.

"Tony, she's dead." Dean stated.

"What?" Tony asked in a barely a whisper, not sure if Dean even heard.

"Tony, she died in the exact same way as...our Mom. In a fire, on the ceiling. I had just dropped Sam off at their place, I barely got him out of there before the place burned down. He actually saw it happen."

"Damn. Where's Sam now? Is he OK? Right, I'm coming out there-" Tony said, already standing up and going to pack a bag.

"No, Tony stop!" Dean ordered, much like John. "I've got Sam, he's sleeping right now. He- he wants to help me look for Dad, then get the demon. Tony, it was the Yellow-Eyed Demon, again. And Sam wants to get him now."

"Revenge, just like Dad. Damn, this won't be easy." Tony said, sitting on his bed.

"Yeah, exactly. Look we need you to stay there, I know you want to be here for Sammy but I've got him. The best thing you can do is stay there and look out for us on your side of the law."

"I know. Oh by the way, I managed to keep you out of the Jericho police system."

"Thanks big brother." Dean said, smiling for the first time that day.

"Promise you'll look after Sammy? I mean, this is the most time you've spent with him in four years."

"Still our baby brother, always will be."

"Yeah, same goes to you D. Make sure Sam calls me when he wakes up."

"I will. Why do I sense a lot of chick flick moments are gonna be happening?"

"Shut up! Just keep me updated with what you find."

"You too Tony. Dad might contact you as well, right now we have a lead that he's in some back end woods out in Colorado, we're gonna follow him. Let you know what we find."

"Thanks Dean. Good luck little brother."

"Good night T." Both boys hung up with a lot weighing on their minds.

Hours later, Tony was still wide awake, lying in his bed simply thinking about his family. Tony always knew. He had said it to himself often enough. And though he had helped out on some cases with them before, he knew it now more than ever. Their dad had gone AWOL. He was a lone ranger. John Winchester had never played well with others, but now it seemed his sons were included on that list rather than people he could trust.

Tony knew his brothers would be calling him more often, needing his help or assistance or just someone to listen to, despite his motor mouth Tony was also a great listener, especially for his brothers. Tony was and always would be a Winchester.