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Standing at the head of the table, facing his family members, Charles Swan knew that today was the day their hard work would pay off.

He knew his family was unaware of why he had flown them in from their corners of the world at such short notice. The only one sat in front of him, at his right side, who knew of the reason for the urgent call was his only daughter, Isabella. It was because of her they had found what they had been searching for.

"My family," his deep, authoritative voice commanded the attention of all those in the room. "It is now that all of our hard work and perseverance has paid off. It is not lightly that I call you all here and I would not have done so had the news not called for it." He knew he had their attention as he watched their reactions. "He has been found."

The reaction in the room was instant, the shocked expressions and murmurs from his family members allowing Charles to know he had been understood.

"You're certain?" He glanced around the table, aware of the looks begging for confirmation.

"We are." He nodded, smiling at his daughter. "It is Isabella we owe his great find to." He gestured towards his daughter, whom was pointedly ignoring all of the disbelieving stares that were being aimed at her. "Isabella?" She looked up at her father, her brown eyes shining brightly in the dim light of the room. "Would you care to explain?"

She nodded, standing up, her dark mahogany hair spilling over her shoulders as she turned and indicated for the lights to be switched off.

Immediately afterwards a projector screen began to glow, a bright white against the darkness of the room.

"For centuries, our family has relied on the Old Ways to search him out and that has proved fruitless. So in contrast, instead of using the outdated methods of our ancestors we decided to modernise our search." She was aware of the displeased murmurs and shifting of her family, but did not allow it to discourage her. "We were able to take an ordinary Geiger counter and manipulate it, arranging it so that it did not read for ionizing radiation but rather the aura we were searching for. Then, due to Michael's incredible talents with technology, we were able to hook into the government's satellites. Undetected, of course. This ultimately took our search from the few metres the counter on its own would give us to a full blown a global search."

Picking up a small remote control from the table in front of her, she pointed it towards the back of the room, taking the projector out of its sleep mode.

All eyes in the room moved from Isabella to the image of the rotating globe on the screen in front of them. The image had been sped up, due to the time constraints the group in question had to deal with.

"This is the image we have been receiving from the satellite." She explained, moving up to the side of the screen. "As you can see, there's not a lot of activity as we should have guessed, but as the Earth rotates, you with notice certain fluctuations happening around the United Kingdom."

She froze the image on the screen, zooming in on the aforementioned island. As the image stopped once more, the contours of the land of the tiny country now visible, the whole room was thick with the tension as the saw the evidence of Isabella's explanation.

There was a small area in the South East of the country that appeared as though it was vibrating with energy.

"This," she pointed a small red laser light at the area, "is what we have been searching for."

The image of the globe disappeared and was replaced by that of a young man. There were two images of him. One was a full length photograph of the young man waiting to cross the street, watching for any oncoming traffic. The second was a facial photograph, a close up of the first image.

"This," she gestured to the screen in front of her, feeling a sense of pride well up inside her, "is the one our family has been searching for."

"How are you so certain?" A cynical voice called from across the room.

Isabella sighed gently, inaudibly, knowing her great uncle's tone instantly.

As the oldest at the table and the patriarch of the family, Aro Swan was dubious about Isabella's find. There had been many instances over his seventy-two years of life where they had believed their search was over and yet all their efforts had been for naught. It had made him reluctant to believe what his great niece was telling him.

"Because of what we have discovered." She answered smoothly, prepared for her uncle's scepticism. "His name is Edward Anthony Cullen. He is twenty years old and is about to begin his third year at Oxford University, which tells us he is intelligent and will most likely not trust what we say at face value."

"He'll have to be told our purpose, then?" Another female voice asked, watching the images on the screen closely, analysing the young man's image.

"Yes, he will." Isabella nodded, knowing that if she were going to appease Aro, she would have to do it sooner rather than later. "Now, I know you're all wondering how we came to realise that this young man was the one we were searching for, so we have managed to hook up a direct feed to where he is." The screen changed again, producing a live picture of a small village.

There was a row of shops lining one side of the street, houses along the other, the road leading towards a crossroads. There was a small pond on the corner, a small brick bus stop in front of it. It was a quiet, quaint little place.

All eyes were on the screen as a few inhabitants of the village wandered up and down the pathways. The air seemed to thicken as the topic of the meeting appeared on the screen, walking out of the newsagents and lighting a cigarette.

"All seems normal, am I correct?" Isabella nodded towards Michael, who flicked a switch, activating the apparatus they had linked into their intricate computer system. "Watch."

It was as though every single body in the room sucked in a simultaneous breath as the image on the screen changed.

Nothing changed dramatically but they were all captivated as the air around the young man started to shimmer like still air over hot tarmac.

Isabella watched for the reactions of the others in the room, knowing she'd hit the mark when Aro looked towards her and nodded once.

She had managed to do what her family had been waiting for for five thousand years.

She had found the Seer.

Charles stood up, beaming with pride as he watched the image of Edward she he walked down the road.

"This is an extremely important day for us all." He gazed around the room, watching as the family nodded their agreement. "We need to collect him as soon as possible. We need to eliminate the chances of anyone getting to him before we can." He looked towards his daughter again. "Isabella, you will be the one to pick him up."

"But the girl has never handled anything like this before." The shocked tones of Aro drew the gazes of everyone away from Charles.

"I am aware of that, Uncle." Charles nodded, gesturing towards his daughter. "But as you can see, Isabella has shown that she knows what she's doing. It was her ingenious idea that led us to find the boy. If not for her, we would still be lost and without this opportunity. Yes, she may not have the same experience as the rest of us, but that may work in our favour."

"How so?" Aro sat back, his arms folded across his chest. A silent challenge.

"Because she is not as experienced, she is less likely to be noticed by our rivals. If one of us were to go and pick him up, it would alert those who wish to harm him or use him for their own personal gain to our movements almost immediately. Sending Isabella gives us more of a chance at getting him back into our protection as quickly as possible." He looked at his daughter again. "She would not be going alone of course."

"Alright," Aro sighed, shaking his head. "I trust you, Charles. I trust that you judgement will bring him to us. We cannot afford to lose him."

"Of course, Uncle." Charles understood what was at stake here. As did every person in that room. "Isabella, Michael, Stephen and yourself are scheduled to be on a flight to the United Kingdom in three hours."

"Yes, Father." She nodded, gathering up the information spread out in front of her.

"Charles," he looked toward his uncle who was watching him with the keen eyes of a hawk. "This is the culmination of thousands of years of searching. Are you sure she can handle this?"

"I would have entertained the thought if I wasn't, sir."

Aro nodded once before turning his piercing grey eyes to look at his great niece. "Isabella." She turned to face him, unsure of how he would address her now that such a heavy burden had been placed on her shoulders. "Bring him home."

"Yes, sir."

She had one mission to fulfil.

She would not fail.