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Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Dr. Edward Richtofen were running for their lives with a horde of flesh hungry zombies right behind them as they raced through the deserted hallways of Der Reise. Tank spun around quickly and aimed his MP5K, intending to lessen the number of undead on their tail but soon heard the all too familiar click, which meant…

"Great!" he yelled as he continued running behind Nikolai, "Knee deep in zombie shit with no ammo! Glorious!"

Nikolai was running as well as he could, considering the amount of vodka he had consumed earlier, as he too tried to kill off some of the zombies but hearing his weapon click as well...

"Greedy capitalist dogs! Give me ammo!" He yelled drunkenly as he ran for his life. He could see Takeo and Richtofen running in front of them as they turned to dash across a large metal bridge.

"Follow me mein comrades! Zhis way!" Richtofen shouted above the moans of the undead right behind them. They all rounded a corner and came face to face with a large teleporter, glowing a purple blue color with a giant swastika that was lit up in the center. Richtofen ran inside the glowing machinery, pressing buttons furiously while Takeo covered him with his M14, holding the zombies back momentarily. Nikolai and Dempsey ran into the teleporter and drew their knives, knowing with what ammunition they had, or didn't have rather, they could not stay here long.

"Takeo one, zombie zero!" the Japanese man cheered after blowing a zombie's head clean off. "Shi-Ne!" he cried as he blasted 3 more into oblivion.

"Eat my blade maggot sack!" Dempsey shouted, knifing a zombie that got too close as he turned to see the crazy German doctor fiddling with some sort of control panel…

"Richtofen! We need to get the hell-"

"Zhere!" the German doctor shouted as he looked at the others in the teleporter with him, checking briefly to make sure they were all standing on the glowing pad beneath their feet. "I hope zhis works, jah?" He laughed while smiling crazily as he pressed a button that made the world around them erupt into flashes of white before they all felt that familiar sickening feeling of teleportation.

Another flash of white and they were back on solid ground, but somewhere else. Tank felt a little nauseous but began to examine his surroundings. "What the hell just happened? Everyone okay?" he said eyeing Nikolai who looked a little worse for wear. "Ugh, I feel like I will throw up..." he slurred as he leaned over slightly. "A mere side effect Russian," Richtofen explained while the sound of Nikolai puking could be heard in the background.

"Everyzhing is normal." He continued while looking around at the strange room they were in. Four windows that were boarded up, a staircase on each side of the room leading to the upstairs window and a locked door, a door on the bottom that was, surprise, also locked, and finally a heavy set of metal doors that wouldn't budge but had no lock. After playing this little game more than once, they all knew the key to surviving was to find the power switch.

"We need to bring light to this dark place." Takeo stated calmly as Nikolai stumbled over, apparently feeling well enough to start drinking again, as he took another swig from his bottle.

"No power! Just like home!" He laughed while Takeo shot him a look that implied what little honor he had. Not that Nikolai cared, in his book vodka was much better than honor any day...

"It's like déjà vu all over again." Dempsey said cautiously, walking towards the upstairs door as he could have sworn he heard a strange sound coming from that direction…

The Marine whistled lowly to get the rest of his group's attention as he pointed towards the door in front of him, all of them hearing the sound of something approaching. As it got increasingly louder and closer they could tell it was the footsteps of... someone running? It didn't sound like the zombies...


The door in front of them swung open revealing a young girl with black hair and dangerous green eyes which widened in shock when she came face to face with the group of zombie killers.

What the F? Isabella thought to herself momentarily before remembering why she was running in the first place...

Before any of them had a chance to do anything, she pulled out a ray gun and turned around, shooting the zombies pouring into the hallway behind her, blasting away at least 20 in the process. "Death by green doughnuts! Ahahaha!" She shouted, laughing to herself while reloading. More zombies arrived, tearing at the boards on the windows surrounding them as she looked back at the newcomers for a moment... I can't believe it's really them, Isabella thought briefly before turning her full attention to the fight at hand.

The zombies began breaching the windows as she helped Takeo hold them off since they were the only ones with any ammunition. Richtofen ran forward plunging his knife into a zombies head before it fell to the ground, dead again. "Vithout bullets I vill have to resort to SCHTABBING!" He cried while laughing hysterically and running to slash more undead.

"I need to find some lead or I'm gonna get bored here!" Tank whined as Nikolai nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll have to kill them with my breath!" The Soviet slurred, trying to make a joke out of their bad situation while downing the rest of his vodka and throwing the empty bottle straight into a zombies head stunning it momentarily before it came running forward yet again.

Isabella looked back for a moment noticing that, armed as they were, they couldn't survive here long. She turned and began shooting her way through the hallway she'd come from while yelling over her shoulder at the other men, "Follow me! I know where you can get better weapons!"

That was all Dempsey needed to hear before he was running right behind her. "Woohoo!" He shouted excitedly, "Finally get to kill more freak bags! Lead the way little girl!"

She frowned when she heard that. "My name's Isabella, not 'little girl'!" She said while leading everyone through the hallway and down a set of stairs, blasting zombies out of the way as she went. She exited the stairs, making sure the next room was clear of any undead and pointed to a chalk outline of a shotgun on a nearby wall. "That gun is pretty good..."

Dempsey walked up and grabbed it with a smile, "I'm gonna spill their guts all over the place!" He said while moving back to cover the stairs as Isabella lead the other three men down yet another set of stairs, pointing to yet another chalk outline of a gun.

Richtofen practically skipped over to it and plucked it off the wall. "Ze MP40! Wunderbar!" He giggled in a high pitch voice before unleashing deadly accuracy upon the zombies trying the breach the bottom two windows. Nikolai grabbed an MP40 for himself and began shooting the zombies with less accuracy than the German but still killing a good amount of them.

"You cannot even beat a drunk Soviet!" He yelled while firing into his window and taking out all the zombies in it. Takeo had run back up the stairs to assist Dempsey since that's where the remainder of the horde of zombies was coming from. Richtofen killed the rest of the zombies in his window as the American and Japanese soldiers worked together to dispose of the rest coming down the steps. Isabella looked around the room and watched them all defending their respective areas, working together as a team. They're really good at this... She thought absentmindedly, smiling slightly as she sat back for a moment and watched them all do what they did best.

When the last zombie fell to the ground, they all regrouped in the center of the room around a table with a sweet looking turret on it as Isabella decided now was the perfect time to break the ice.

"So," She stated clapping her hands together once, getting their attention. "I'm Isabella. Isabella Valentine. It's nice to meet you Dr. Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Misaki, and Tank Dempsey." She looked at each person respectively as she said their name, receiving shocked looks from all of them...

"Welcome to Kino Der Toten."

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