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"Welcome to Kino Der Toten." Isabella said while silently musing to herself. Wow, they're all a lot taller than I thought they'd be... or I'm just short. That's probably it... Isabella wondered, allowing her eyes to shift over to where the Marine was standing. And Tank is so damn HOT-

She frowned momentarily, slapping her inner fan girl self while trying to will away the faint pink blush she could feel on her face as she looked away, the reality of things finally setting in. I can't have a crush on a video game char-

"How do you know who ve are?" Richtofen questioned, interrputing her thoughts as he eyed her suspiciously.

What are the odds... Dempsey thought, unable to look away from the woman in front of him as he watched the doc interrogate her. He wasn't used to being around women since becoming stranded with this strange team after the zombies attacked... He shook his head slightly, willing away unwanted memories as he glanced back up at the strange girl, waiting for her to answer the Nazi's question.

Isabella paled for a moment. She didn't think this far ahead. She couldn't just come out and tell them the truth... Yeah Isabella, her inner voice began, just tell them that you got sucked into your xbox when lightening decided to rape your console and the Call of Duty game inside it! They won't think you're crazy or anything... it finished sarcastically.

"Um..." She mumbled, struggling to come up with a lie as she remembered the pictures in the hallway upstairs and got an idea. "Your portraits..." Isabella stated, hoping that would work. "Upstairs. They have your names on them." Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey seemed to buy it, but she could tell the doctor wasn't fooled. She was about to try to change the subject, but was cut off by a familiar demonic voice...

"FETCH ME THEIR SOULS!" It screamed as a thick fog crept in the room making it difficult to see.

"You don't want my soul, it probably tastes like vodka!" Nikolai said to the disembodied voice. "Mmmmm... vodka."

Isabella knew what was about to happen as lightening began to strike randomly around the room. But she had a plan. "Takeo!" She said, taking everyone by surprise as she walked forward and handed him her ray gun. "Use this. It's a one hit kill on the dogs..."

He looked shocked and was about to say something and refuse her generous gift, when Isabella cut him off before he could. They didn't have time to be honorable right now. "Don't worry," she said with a smile, sensing his discomfort. "I've got something better..."

What the fuck could be better than the ray gun? Dempsey wondered as he watched her pull out an M16 with strange red markings all over it. What the-

He didn't have time to think about her weapon anymore as a bolt of lightning struck the ground in front of him, summoning a hellhound that came charging his way. Two blasts from his shotgun put it down quickly.

"Fuck you Fido!" He yelled as he blasted another hellhound in the face, causing it to explode.

"Nein! My poor little accidents… STAY AVAY!" Richtofen shouted as three dogs raced towards him. He quickly emptied a clip into their heads effectively silencing them all. He laughed like a madman as he reloaded his weapon expertly. More bolts of lightning appeared as the sounds of gun fire and angry howling were all that could be heard.

Isabella aimed her gun at two dogs running down the stairs, killing them in a matter of seconds with what appeared to be a stream of laser beam bullets from her M16. "Bad doggies! No treats for you!" She giggled as she fired more rounds into another demonic dog.

That gun is badass! Tank thought excitedly as he struggled to concentrate on the battle at hand, forcing himself to look away when he noticed he was staring at Isabella yet again.

"Pew pew pew! Ha ha ha!" Takeo chuckled, grinning slightly as he shot a flaming hellhound with the ray gun, splattering the ground with blood and bits of fur. Three more spawned nearby and raced towards Isabella since she was the smallest target to the dogs and presumably, an easy meal. But she didn't plan on being any puppy's chew toy. Raising her weapon in an instant she fired at the approaching dogs, hitting one in the head killing it instantly and blowing another one's leg off, which surprisingly enough, didn't slow it down a whole lot.

Oh shit, not good- she thought as her gun clicked. She backed up hitting the wall and trying to reload as quickly as possible but these dogs were fucking fast as shit!

Suddenly the dog with three legs exploded after being hit with a shotgun blast. The other dog running towards her met the same fate, put down by a blast of green from the ray gun. Isabella looked towards Dempsey and Takeo who were standing near her, guns at the ready, looking around for their next target. The lightning had stopped however and the fog began to dissipate, meaning they had survived this little game... for now.

A golden ammunition box appeared, hovering in the air where the last dog had been killed, glowing with an eerie green light. Isabella walked up to it and touched it, resulting in it's disappearance and another sinister voice that yelled, "MAX AMMO!"

Everyone looked down and noticed their clips were all full. "A gift from Sam? But vhy?" Richtofen questioned, wondering exactly what that little girl was up to...

"Who cares!" Tank interrupted, "Ammunition on the house!" He shouted as he high-fived Nikolai who was standing next to him with a laugh.

"If only vodka was on the house, da?" The Russian commented sadly, draining the last few drops from his now fully empty vodka bottle. Isabella rolled her eyes and reached into her back pack, pulling out... you guessed it, delicious vodka!

"Here." She said, trying to keep a straight face, as she handed it to the soldier with a smile.

"Vodka! My-" He shouted happily, but stopped after taking a closer look at the bottle he was holding. "Wait... why is there picture of cherries?"

"It's cherry flavored vodka. It's really yummy!" Isabella giggled, then pointed at him seriously. "But you have to share!"

Richtofen, Dempsey and Takeo nearly died laughing at the mental image of the war harden Soviet having cherry flavored cocktails with a little girl. Nikolai looked from the strange girl to his own comrades rolling on the floor laughing at him, deciding what to do. Psssh, as if there was any other choice than him consuming vodka. He shrugged, laughing a bit himself at the situation and unscrewed the cap, draining about half the bottle in a few swigs.

"HEY!" Isabella shouted noticing, "I said you had to share!"

Later that night...

After they decided who would take watch, Nikolai passed out on the couch upstairs next to the bathroom while the doctor and Takeo slept on the two couches downstairs in the lobby. Dempsey had taken his gun and gone to go look around while Isabella began making herself comfortable on the balcony overlooking the stage. Dempsey had volunteered for first watch, and Isabella offered to take the second one but she really couldn't sleep. It was weird not being here alone anymore...

She reached into her pack and pulled out a tattered purple journal, flipping to the last entry.

March 2, 2011

Today it's been exactly two weeks since I became stranded in this godforsaken theater. Things are going much better than when I first arrived. I've managed to acquire some good weapons that are very effective against the undead. The ray gun has proven itself to be invaluable, as it has already saved my life more than once. Luckily, I was equipped with my knowledge of this place before I appeared here or I can only assume I would have perished. Yesterday my phone finally died, cutting off what little contact I had with my sister and Zack. I hope they are okay. I know Zack will take care of her... but how the hell am I going to get to Russia?

She flipped the page and pulled a pen from her bag, clicking the tip before she began.

March 10, 2011

I haven't updated in a while because nothing had changed... until today. Dempsey, Takeo, Richtofen, and Nikolai arrived just before nightfall, following what I'm assuming is the same plot line as the game. If I'm correct, that means they just came from Der Riese. I'm keeping my secret of how I got here to myself for now since it is a rather strange tale. Perhaps with time they will be able to accept it and maybe understand. I wonder how I can get on Richtofen's good side? I need him to reprogram the teleporter so I can get to Russia as soon as possible... Maybe I should just tell them I need their help? It's been a while since I've spoken to Brianna and Zack. I hope they are still alive...

She closed the book with a sigh while looking up and noticing something... Dempsey's face was about two inches away from her own.

"Hey th-"

"Aaaah! Zombie!" She screeched, slapping him in the face with her book and sending him flying. To her surprise he jumped up and tackled her, putting a hand over her mouth.

"Shhh! You're gonna wake everyone up!" He whispered, slowly letting her go once she calmed down. She backed up, frowning at him and whispering back harshly, "I wouldn't have screamed if you didn't sneak up on me!" Crossing her arms defensively, she continued. "What do you want?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he went to sit down on the balcony, "I dunno. I'm bored." Isabella sat down next to him since he was in her spot now, and didn't say anything...

"Aren't you supposed to be getting some sleep?"

"Aren't you supposed to be keeping watch?" She countered.

"I can do that from up here."


"So... what's your story?" Dempsey questioned, trying to keep the conversation going. He looked over at the girl who seemed to be in deep thought, as she subconsciously played with the necklace she was wearing. Should I tell him the truth? She thought, panicking slightly, It's going to have to come out eventually and I don't want to lie to him...

"You don't have to if you don't want to-" He started to say, but she cut him off.

"Even if I tell you the truth you might not believe me..." Isabella began, turning to look him in the eyes. She took a deep breath as Tank waited for her to continue.

"It all started when I decided to log into xbox live during a thunderstorm..."

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