The Reason Epilogue-Pledging my Love

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"Love is the emblem of eternity; It confounds all notion of time; Effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of a end." - Madame de Stael

Saturday Clean up

"Kid don't eat that." Dropping his half eaten ham sandwich, Dave turns around with a grin on his face. Standing on the sidewalk in front of his house is his former boss and savior Gerry. A tall brute of a man, with dark black hair and green eyes. The first time he met Gerry, He scared the hell out of Dave, now he realizes how much he misses the man, who became like a father to him.

Dave walks towards him, "Man, I can't believe your here."

Kurt and Sam, watch awe struck as Dave is grabbed up in a bear hug by a man neither has ever seen. Dave turns to them, "Gerry, this is Kurt and My good friend Sam Evans." Smiling the two boys say hi. Kurt catches the way Dave introduces him, and blushes. He must of told him about me.

Dave, "Gerry owns the restaurant I worked at in Indiana, and rented me the apartment."

Gerry, " Dave was my best employee." Looking at Dave, "It's not the same without you."

Dave, " What brings you to lovely Lima?"

Gerry, "I had some business up in Toledo, and thought I would drop in and see for my self how your doing."

Dave smiles, "Hey, come inside and say hi to my ma."


April-Senior Prom

Forever my darling our love will be true, Always and forever I'll love only you

Just promise me darling your love in return, May this fire in my soul dear forever burn

Kurt and Blaine were putting on their finishing touches. Dave and Sam would be there soon, along with Azimio and Mercedes. All of them had pitched in and rented a limo.

Kurt, "I am so excited about tonight."

Blaine, "I second that." Fiddling with his bow tie, "I can't seem to get this straight."
Kurt walks over and helps him, "Your just nervous. What time does he get off?"

Blaine blushing, "Well he should be leaving the store now, he's just meeting us there so He has time to get ready."

Kurt, "Good,.. how do I look?"

Blaine his eyes raking over Kurt, "Gorgeous."

Even a few months ago that would have made Kurt uncomfortable, but now things had rebalanced themselves. Their friendship bounced back, even stronger than before. No misconceptions about one another, each one seeing the other for who they really were.

Kurt, "Thank you, I can say the same about you. Well have to get a mop and bucket, Jeremiah's going to melt at the sight of you."


Dave stands in the small apartment living room next to Sam while his mom snaps pictures.

They moved after Christmas, and even with the market bad, the house sold by March. Looking at his mom smiling, he realizes even with all the heartache, he wouldn't change anything. His soul bathed in fire, may have been burnt, but ultimately it was molded into something better. He was not the only one responsible for the happiness written on his mothers face. Gerry. He's been seeing a lot of his old boss and friend, who frequently, makes the trek into Lima. Dave is happy for his mom. The last time he seen his father was the championship game, which the titans won again, this time with less drama.

That's been a while now, and he didn't even talk to him that night. His dad just watched him from the sidelines. Dave had even hung around after the game, hoping his dad would come say something, anything, but he didn't. Sam had found him that night, huddled under the bleachers. He didn't cry, but talking with his best friend, he finally grieved for his loss. Now he considers that part of his life dead and buried.

Now standing next to Sam, and reflecting on his Senior year, He smiles. He hopes to return the favor, not with a burial but a birth. Sam didn't want to come tonight, But Dave said there was no way he was letting him miss it. Sides he had it on good authority that a certain someone would be flying solo tonight.


My Heart's at your command dear, To Keep, Love and Hold

Making you happy is my desire dear, Keeping you is my goal

The theme was Classic Love. The gymnasium filled with silver streamers and soft lighting. Dave holds Kurt close. Swaying to the music, he buries his face in his loves hair. Kurt sighs and holds on tighter, smiling when he sees Blaine float past with a beaming Jeremiah.

Sam is a wall flower, watching everyone with a frown in place. Then a soft perfume, cherry blossoms drifts over him and he turns to find Quinn beside him.

Quinn, "Sam, would you like to dance?"

Dave smiles, he sees his best Friend take the floor. What Sam didn't know was Dave and Quinn had a talk. Sam never saw the looks she sent his way, or what was really in her eyes. She had regretted everything, it was the classic don't know what you got till it's gone story. After some persuading, he promised her Sam would be here, even if he had to hog tie him. Now he knew it was worth it as they moved to the music. For once, Sam's smile reached his eyes.

Dave whispering into Kurt's ear, "I love you, Hummel."

Kurt giggling, "I love you too, Ham Hock."

I'll forever love you, for the rest of my days

I'll never part from you, or your loving ways

Just promise me darling your love in return,

May this fire in my soul dear forever burn