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In the vast empty black of space there floats an amorphous cloud filled with half sized planets, belts of asteroids and unpredictable bursts of bright energy. This sector of space, known as Arkham, is a haven for pirates and terrorists. For this reason, a sleek black ship, with her dedicated crew, glides through this area of space and hunts for the criminals hiding there. This beauty of a ship is the JSS Bat, a Gotham class starship of Terran design in service to the Sol Alliance. With the best stealth and sensor systems the SA can provide,The Bat is a silent predator who catches its enemies unawares. On the bridge of that ship sits its Captain, Bruce Wayne. He is a large man with dark looks and piercing blue eyes and right now he is looking deep into the swirling mess around them, his eyes searching for any sign of his enemy.

"Sir," Lieutenant Commander Barbara Gordon says from her station at Ops. "We have an organic ship of Martian design coming upon us from the back right."

"Lieutenant Cain, keep the shields up and the weapons ready until we can get an ID conformation," Captain Wayne orders.

"Isn't that being a bit paranoid. There hasn't been a sighting of the Whites for months now," the First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Dick Grayson, asks from the chair to the Captain's right.

"We're in Arkham Grayson," Wayne answers. "You know that here paranoia is a necessity."

"We have conformation Captain," Gordon announces. "It's Sol Alliance. It's the Manhunter sir!"

Everyone on the bridge relaxes a bit and smiles. "Excellent," Grayson says. "Mr. Drake bring us within transmission range and open a channel as soon as you do."

"Yes sir," Lieutenant Tim Drake answers from the con.

The sleek form of the Bat flies through the dangerous space until they get close enough for their communication equipment to cut through the background radiation. Eventually they they come with in sight of a green ship, currently in a shape almost exactly the same as that of the Bat. Several of the bridge crew laugh at the sight. A second later the view screen changes to show the Manhunter's bridge, which is similar to the Bat's only crewed with Green Martians in blue uniforms.

The Martian man sitting in the command chair on that bridge says, "Greetings Captain Wayne. It only took us two days to find you this time, you must be losing your edge."

"Or more likely you have actually learned a thing or two," Wayne answers. "By the way give your new engineer my best, she finally made that bird look presentable."

"I'll be sure to give M'gann your praise," he answers.

"Joking aside its good to see you again Captain J'onzz. We could use your help finding this lunatic," the Bat's captain says.

"Actually we aren't here to help you with your hunt, we're here to take it over," Captain J'onn J'onzz answers.

The Captain and First Officer look at each other in confusion before Wayne looks back at the view screen and asks, "What are you talking about? We've been hunting the Laughing Man for almost a month now."

"The orders are straight from Watchtower, they have a more important mission for you right now," the Martian explains.

Wayne relaxes back into his throne like chair and says, "Alright, give it to me."

The View screen changes from the a video feed of the Manhunter's bridge to a image of a large ship that seems to be made out of white crystal. "This ship has recently been seen orbiting the sun of the Metropolis Terran colony," J'onzz explains. "So far all attempts at communication have been met with silence."

"Do we have anymore intel on the ship?" Lieutenant Commander Grayson asks.

"Only that it seems to come from system KR-AC1.1938," J'onn explains.

Lieutenant Drake looks over his shoulder at his Captain and says, "Sir that system was recently destroyed by a supernova and prior to that occurrence it was unexplored."

"Interesting," Captain Wayne says. "Alright we'll leave the Clown to you and head out."

"Not so fast. Watchtower has decided that this first encounter will be a joint operation," Captain J'onzz explains.

"Joint with whom?" Wayne asks as he raises an eyebrow.

"Themyscira," J'onn answers. "You are to rendezvous with the Lady Wonder at the Themysciran station Amnisiades. I believe you have worked with her captain on a few previous occasions."

Bruce's face breaks into a half grin at Captain J'onzz's statement. "You could say that. Good hunting J'onn," he says as he prepares to end the communication.

"Have fun Bruce," J'onzz tells him as the view screen cuts off.

"Mr. Drake set a course for Amnisiades," Wayne orders.

"Yes sir," Tim answers.

"Ms. Cain, on the way I want you go over all the data we have on that alien ship, by the time we get there I want you to have some sort of defense planned," the Captain continues.

"Yes sir," Cassandra answers.

"Bridge to Engineering, Alfred things may be getting interesting in the near future, I expect the Bat to be prepared for anything," Bruce says.

"As always sir," a calm dry voice answers through the comm.

"Good. It will take us a few hours to reach our rendezvous, you have the bridge until then Dick," Wayne says standing up and walking to the turbolift.

"Yes, I'm sure you need to rest up for your meeting with Captain Prince," Grayson says dryly.

Captain Wayne gives his First Officer a warning glare as the turbolift doors close.

Lieutenant Commander Gordon looks over at Grayson and smirks while saying, "Oh this is going to be good."

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