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A day after the battle, the three captains walk side by side on the streets of the capital city of Metropolis followed by some of their officers.

"So the Green Lantern was in the system looking for a renegade member of its own fleet?" Diana asks.

"Yes Abin Sir called him Sinestro, Captain of the Parallax," Captain Wayne answers.

"He's helping West drag the Brainiac back to Watchtower in hopes that they have some information that can help him in his hunt."

"I was hoping I'd get to spend sometime with Wally before he left, get a chance to catch up," Donna says with a frown.

"It's been a while since Titan's squad hasn't it?" Dick says giving her a smile and receiving one in return.

"Yeah, and I still can't believe that out of all of us, the first member of our little squad to reach Captain was red haired Wally West," Barbara chips in.

"The universe works in mysterious ways," Cassandra adds.

"Speaking of which," Diana says as she turns toward Kal Kent. "Now that the planet's governor has given you the northern polar region of Metropolis to call home, how are you going to settle the area?"

"The Kandor was made to work as the foundation of a city, so after repairing the damage all we should have to do is land," Kent answers. "The ship will then expand from there, using minerals from the planet, and create all the space we shall need to live comfortably."

"Yes and though the low temperatures have put off human settlement, we are unaffected by the cold especially given the intense radiation given off from this system's yellow sun," Kara Zor explains.

"Though I think I might like to venture out into the human cities," Kon Kent says. "From what I've seen I've find the human race to be very interesting. Especially the females," he says smiling and looking at Cassandra, who simply raises an eyebrow at him.

"I don't think thats a good idea," Captain Kent says. "We have recently lost the bulk of our race, and I think it should be a priority for us to rebuild our civilization and our numbers. We can mingle with our human neighbors once we get ourselves re-established."

"Excuse me Captain!" a woman's voice calls out from behind the group. They turn to see a rather attractive human woman in a business suit with a recorder and a camera man behind her. Having gotten their attention she runs up past the SA and Themysciran Captains to stand in front of the Kryptonians.

"Hi, I'm Lois Lane, reporter from the Daily Planet's news site, and I was wondering if I could get a few words from you about the battle, your plans for the future, and well everything else about you Captain Kent," the woman says with a breathtaking smile.

The Kryptonian man is completely silent for a moment, lost in the lavender eyes of the woman before him. Eventually he's able to mutter, "S...sure."

"Great!" Ms. Lane says, before grabbing him by his arm and leading him off, followed closely by her ginger haired cameraman.

Kon shrugs and begins to walk away before Kara grabs him. "Don't even think about it," she tells him. "The Kandor has a ton of battle damage that needs to be fixed before we even think about landing her, not to mention an insane amount of other important things that need to be done."

"Yes sir," Kon says with a mildly disappointed but compliant tone before touching a button on his collar and saying. "Kandor, two to beem up."

With the Kryptonians now gone Tim turns to his Captain and says, "Guess thats our cue to get back to work as well?"

Everyone turns to the Captain of the Bat, who glances to his left at Diana Prince before putting on a half grin and saying, "Actually I think we've all earned some shore leave." He then takes the Themysciran captain by the hand and walks off with her.

"Wow...thats awesome!" Mr. Drake says as the Captains leave.

"Come on guys, I've heard of this great dance spot," Donna says, leading the group of officers.

Grayson stops Barbara from following and says, "We'll catch up."

As Donna, with a knowing smile on her face, leads the group away Lieutenant Commander Gordon turns to her lover and says, "Something wrong?"

Dick sighs. "When we were split up, the woman I saw...her name is Helena..."

Barbara cuts him off with a finger to his lips while saying, "Shh." She then plants and kiss on him and explains, "It doesn't matter who she was. I am just happy that you're willing to be completely honest and upfront with me. Now come on, I feel like dancing!"

A stunned Dick just follows her shaking his head. He will never understand women but he is glad that he has Donna to translate for him.

In a very nice room of a very nice hotel in one of the nicer parts of Metropolis, Diana and Bruce prepare to spar once again. This time both combatants are unarmed, as well as unclothed. The two threw their all into it, breaking out new tricks and maneuvers, and constantly trying to one up the other. In the end they're both exhausted and they don't really know which one "won." They're just so satisfied that they don't really care.

The lovers lay on the bed in each other's arms, enjoying the after glow and just being close to one another. After a few minutes Diana kisses her lover on the cheek and says, "I want more."

Bruce chuckles and replies, "Your insatiable."

"Can you blame me, I don't get to have you very often," she says, kissing along the center of his chest and rubbing along his thigh.

"Give me a few minutes and I'll service you to your hearts content," he tells her.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," she says, her lips now reaching his stomach.

Bruce reaches over and moves her hair out of her eyes and looks deep into them before saying, "No. I only say it to you."

The Amazon crawls back up over him and plants a luscious kiss on him. Then she whispers in his ear, "Make love to me again Bruce, thats an order."

He gives her one of his half grins and says, "Aye Aye Captain," before rolling her under him. Not much later the delighted screams of the Themysciran captain can be heard across the city.

Two days later, the shore leave is over and the crew of the Bat are on their way back to Arkham. "Everything is in working order Captain," Gordon says.

"We will reach the madhouse in about two days sir, maybe less as long as the old man can keep us in warp," Tim Drake reports.

"Expect one less Mr. Drake," the voice of Engineer Pennyworth says over the comm to the helmsman's surprise.

"I'm interested to see if the Manhunter has caught up with our prey yet," Cassandra says with an excited gleam in her eyes.

"So am I," Captain Wayne replies.

The First Officer looks about him for a second before leaning in and whispering to his Captain, "Bruce, how do you manage not seeing her for such long stretches?"

"Memories of sparkling blue eyes, luscious lips and a mean left cross and the hope of more "sparring" in the future," he answers in a hushed tone. Then the Captain of the Bat smiles. "Also there's the thrill of the hunt."

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