Summary: First official Chick-Fic! Where friendships and rivalries are seperated by a thin, thin line. There will be some lovin' and heartbreak, but frienship at the root of it all. Yes, friendship in the main theme for this story. There will be multiple pairings eventually, you know how slow-paced I can be! XD

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~*R E L I N Q U I S H*~


Friendship is the cooperative and supportive relationship between people. In this sense, the term connotes a relationship which involves mutual knowledge, esteem, affection, and respect along with a degree of rendering service to friends in times of need or crisis. Friends will welcome each other's company and exhibit loyalty towards each other, often to the point of altruism. Their tastes will usually be similar and may converge, and they will share enjoyable activities. They will also engage in mutually helping behavior, such as the exchange of advice and the sharing of hardship. A friend is someone who may often demonstrate reciprocating and reflective behaviors. Yet for some, the practical execution of friendship is little more than the trust that someone will not harm them.



This was mission impossible. Nerves wracked her body, there was no possible way that she was going to be able to do this! Did they not remember who she was? Hinata Hyuuga did not stand up in front of the entire school and sing! Girls like her band-mates did that sort of thing.

She was seeing double and was just about to faint before a hand rested on her shoulder, claiming her attention. Hinata looked up into those familiar dark eyes that seemed to always quiet her thoughts. A small smile tugged at her lips just as a tiny blush stole over her cheeks.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Close your eyes."

Immediately she did as commanded and closed her pearly lilac orbs.

With a tiny smirk he walked behind her and moved her long silken tendrils of hair to the side, wrapping a small piece of cloth around her eyes tying it gently. Stepping back, he genuinely smiled and moved to stand in front of her, taking in the new look. "Open your eyes Hinata."

Her eyes fluttered open with eyelashes catching on the haze of white in front of her. She could still see but…her vision was mostly obscured. "I-Itachi?" she barely made out his profile in front of her.

He stepped in closer to her, to the point where she could feel his breath on her face, "Lace. It will help."

The grin that crept onto her lips was quick and easy. He didn't need to explain further, and already she felt better. He was so brilliant it was astonishing. And thoughtful, he was so considerate. She was in trouble and she knew it. She was headed straight for falling in love with him.

Maybe she already had.

The lace that was now so gently covering her eyes, she could see, yet she couldn't. It was an odd sense of protection, as though she was being veiled. She could do this, she found the inner confidence within herself. The courage rose inside of her, she could go out there and sing her heart out. Everything was truly going to be okay. Thanks to Itachi.

He was at her ear again, whispering hotly, "You are incredibly beautiful." Before she could fathom the unimaginable, she felt the slightest pressure on her lips. By the time he pulled away from her, she was nearly giggling with delight.

And suddenly…nothing seemed impossible anymore.

Chapter 1

Junior Year - Hinata Hyuuga: Practiced fingers swiftly flew over the well tuned keys of the old wooden piano. Her nails were rugged and short, evident of the constant chewing due to her nervous nature. Soon following the soft melody her conditioned hands played on the piano, she lilted her voice. The music was of sorrow and loneliness. Perhaps even regret. It seemed as though no matter how hard she tried, she always set herself up for failure. Trying so desperately and wanting to believe that it could change, that she would succeed and be worthy. The smooth tones bellowed outwards, bathing the empty classroom walls with her words.

"Don't tear me down…for all I need. Make my heart a better place. Give me something I can believe."

With her eyes closed, her hands stilled in their position on the ivory keys of the piano. Allowing the echo of her voice to wash over her, taking in the soft tones she had just created. A small smile slowly adorned her pink lips, just before the reality settled once again in her mind. The feeling of stark isolation she was coming to be so familiar with filtered through, took over every emotion and rampant memory. Oh how she missed him.

She missed his laughter and bright eyes, his easy-going demeanor and will-power to never give up. Her eyes had been on him from the very start, over a decade ago now. He was the lonely boy who everyone picked on and made fun of. It took her years to even speak a single word and not pass out while in his presence; even longer before she could work up the courage to confess her feeling for him. And it was a hollowing pain when he didn't respond to her for almost a year afterwards, but eventually he had. It was just last year he finally made all her dreams come true by taking her to the winter dance. Little did she know, at the time anyway, that he had only asked her out of pity. Now that she no longer had him in her arms, she realized how much she had shaped her life around the simple ideal of just being with him.

Never would she have imagined the care-free boy would end up hurting her so deeply, without even thinking about it. Was she so worthless? That pathetic? The relationship was easy from the very beginning, as though she just fell into place right beside him. He had always been a boy that needed attention, and she was just the girl to give him what he craved. Her every thought and whim had been to cater to him and his needs. Even though it was frustrating at times when he could just push her on the back burner for everyone else. She never came first when it came to Naruto. At the time, Hinata had felt that he simply wasn't used to someone doting on him, didn't believe that he could possibly know or understand how to return affection. It all became clear to her later on. Now, here she was, going through each day alone, no one noticing the sorrow that she reigns in. They all fall for the façade she places on her face each day.

No, she wasn't happy. Yes, she was depressed. He hurt her severely; with ease he so carelessly and completely destroyed her. All she ever wanted was for the boy, her longtime crush, to finally acknowledge her. And when he did, it turned out to be worse than never talking to him at all.

No matter how much it hurt in the end, she wished that he just would have been honest with her from the get go. They had spent nearly a year together, she supposed now that it was all fake smiles and fake happiness on his part. She should have known that he would never truly belong to her. All the lies. Every kiss, each touch, every single glance in her direction was a lie, and she fell for it every time. She would rather live each day knowing from the start he never cared for her, instead of holding all of these wasted memories.

Her attention was pulled from her most inner thoughts as the heavy door of the classroom opened suddenly, her gaze settling on surprised bright emerald eyes.

The two girls stared at each other for a moment, the instant pain filling both hearts and minds. Hinata felt the anguish refuel her soul as her former best friend's eyes took her in. Since the incident a couple months ago, they avoided each other like the plague. Seeing Sakura just standing there, her perfect pale pink locks moving to cover her eyes, Hinata realized that with seeing this girl the pain was worse, stronger than the feelings of her former love…her Naruto. How could she, her best friend of five years, Sakura, do this to her? How could she so callously throw away their friendship, her trust?

She listened with a sad heart as Sakura cleared her throat in her unease, "I…I forgot a book…"

Hinata closed her eyes and turned her head away, so it came down to this? The awkwardness would forever be between them, or so it seemed. Why did Sakura's betrayal hurt more than Naruto's part in all of this? Why was it more painful that she and Sakura had lost their friendship? Why was it more difficult to lay her eyes on Sakura than it was Naruto? Because of the trust she lost in her, the one friend she had put her utmost faith into?

But friends were not supposed to sleep with your boyfriend.

Junior Year - Sakura Haruno:Captivating almond-shaped green eyes took in the sight of her once so-called friend. Her heart felt as though it was shattering all over again. Sakura understood very well that it was her own fault, she knew that she was such a selfish girl. She barely found her voice to explain why she was even there, it seemed as though she had trespassed on a private moment. "I…I forgot a book…", when she did finally speak her reason, her stomach clenched as she watched Hinata's eyes shut as she turned her face away from her.

The only thought running through her brilliant mind was that it wasn't worth it. The happiness she felt being with Naruto everyday wasn't worth the pain they put her through. But she was so very selfish, and she wouldn't give him up. Not for anything and certainly for anyone! Was it wrong of her to expect Hinata to understand? They were in love!

Sakura sighed softly and left Hinata quietly to herself. No wonder she would never be forgiven if she kept thinking that Hinata should just accept the fact that they were together. If it was her, would she accept it? Could she herself just smile and go on like nothing happened? Yeah right, she would probably ruthlessly destroy everything and anything to do with either one of them. But that was what was so special about Hinata, the shy girl would never posses such sadistic thoughts of revenge, she was just too kind. They used to be the best of friends, each of them making up for the other's weakness. Where Hinata was timid and gentle, Sakura was loud and forward. Sakura herself had ruined everything on her own, casting their friendship aside. And she wasn't even woman enough to face the truth of it all. That she was a cold callous monster of a person.

Tears slowly started to work their way from her jade eyes, where had she gone so wrong?

Of course, it started with Sasuke, it was always about him. Sasuke Uchiha, the most handsome boy in their year. She was so desperately in love with him for so long, but he had always ignored her. So when the day came and he coldly told her to get lost one to many times, she found the comfort in one of her other friends, Naruto Uzumaki. They had always known each other, hell she was the connection that brought Hinata and him together. She knew that he always had a crush on her, over the years he had asked her out on countless dates. But with her infatuation with Sasuke she always ignored him, thought he was just annoying. It really opened up her eyes though, because the night she spent with him showed her that she could really learn to love him. Hinata never once crossed her mind as they gave their innocence to each other.

But it wasn't worth it, was it?

A shadow fell over her, and she found herself looking up into the familiar pale lavender eyes of Neji Hyuuga. His eyes, they only caused for more tears to fall down her cheeks. His eyes reminded her so much of what she gave up with Hinata, just to feel pleasures of the flesh with Naruto. She was so sorry! She wanted to scream it! She needed Hinata back in her life, it just wasn't right without her! She loved Naruto though, she was so in love with him…wasn't she?

Her eyes closed as more tears fell down her face, she was nearly sobbing now, with the Hyuuga male right in front of her, witnessing her every weakness. She just knew that if she looked back up at him, that she would see him mocking her through his knowing gaze. Neji must despise her for hurting his precious little cousin like that. Really though, she couldn't blame him for that, he was always looking out for Hinata. He was very against the idea of Hinata dating Naruto in the first place, who knew that she would be the one to break them up.

She heard his light footsteps take him away from her, and her tears only came faster, hotter than before. She was to the point where she was nearly gulping for air. "Dammit," she punched her palm, "Breathe Sakura, just breathe." She had to calm down, it simply wouldn't do for her to have red eyes during cheerleading practice.

She wiped her tears away and ducked into a bathroom to freshen up, good thing no one else saw her besides Neji. Who knew what the rumor mongrols would have going by now. Maybe Naruto heartlessly broke up with her, or she was pregnant, or…whatever. Taking another deep breath, she tried to not let the reminder of what a horrible friend and person she was turning out to be ruin her makeup.

Shaking her head sadly, she looked in the mirror at her own reflection. Was she that vain? If she could really turn her feelings on and off like that, then did she truly love Naruto?

She was scared of that answer.

Junior Year – Ino Yamanaka: It was very obvious to the captain of the cheerleading squad that her co-captain had been crying. No matter the excuse Sakura muttered to her and the others about her eyeliner bothering her eyes. Whatever, she didn't need to get involved in her problems, she had her own to face. She was tired of Sakura's every day drama. One day she's happy, the next she's sad. Really, was the girl bi-polar or something? It was really unfortunate though, because she used to be great friends with Sakura. Until Sasuke Uchiha caught both of their attention so many years ago, and in the end it was Sakura who revoked their friendship. All over a boy who probably could care less about either one of them.

Whatever, she learned to move on. Ino wondered though, Sakura had destroyed her friend Hinata completely by sleeping with her boyfriend. But if Sasuke were to all of a sudden ask her out, would Sakura just dump Naruto and leave him by the way side? She felt that yes, Sakura would do just that. Poor Hinata, if anyone, she was the victim in all of this. It wasn't fair to the quiet girl. She tried talking to her, but they were really only acquaintances, and the girl was so shy she couldn't get past a stuttered hello in the hallway.

Moving through the moves of yet another routine, the sounds of the boys practicing for their football game sounded loudly in the background. Her eyes caught sight of number 55 and she tried not to tremble. After all, a girl shouldn't be frowning when she sees her boyfriend of two years. No, she didn't have time to worry about Sakura and pretend to care about her self-inflicted problems. Not when she herself was distressed.

It was true, she let go of her childhood attraction for Sasuke, and opened up her eyes to the new star quarterback of her school's team, the Konoha Demons. It was only natural for the captain of the cheerleading team to date the quarterback of the school. And Chouji was a great a guy, was being an important operative word. In the beginning everything was perfect, he was a true gentleman. He was the most well-built guy in their freshman year, handsome and kind. Not to mention he only smiled whenever she constantly prattled on and on. Her heart truly loved him and that was why it hurt so much to know all the things he was into now.

She had always been familiar with being popular, it never bothered or got to her. She knew she was gorgeous. Her hair was a long lustrous natural blonde color, and her eyes were a piercing pale blue, with a body that was once described as 'banging'. However, Chouji Akimichi was new to being in the 'in' crowd, and for the first year of their relationship everything was great. But the more popular he became, the more and more he started to change. He started taking drugs, and they started having sex on a regular occasion. Being intimate now was almost like a bad habit, the feeling behind the action just wasn't there anymore. It was all fun and adventurous in the beginning, but then the drugs started to come harder and harder. And he cheated on her, more than once. She even knew who the girls were, but he explained that it was just because he was so messed up he thought they were her. He started gaining weight and not taking care of himself. Everything just started falling apart right in front of her.

Looking at him now, while Sakura directed the girls on a new move to try out, she could clearly see him breathing heavy, like he couldn't keep up with the pace of his teammates. It's been months now since he started sleeping around, and it just gets worse and worse. But she loved him, she truly did. It wasn't that fake love like Sakura shared with Naruto. It was a real genuine love, so that's why she put up with it. That's why she accepted his every excuse. He was really overweight now, but it didn't bother her, she loved him so she stayed with him. Just as simple as that.

Only it seemed no matter how hard she tried to help him, he just got worse. His reassurances of love for her were getting to be redundant and she knew it was just another routine for them to play out. No, she just needed to be strong and endure. She would be the one to help him out of this dark mess he's gotten into. He was worth it.

Even if she had to wear wraps around her forearms to hide the bruises he left on her last weekend.

Senior Year - Tenten Tanaka: Cautiously she stepped out, grateful that the girl who just left didn't realize she was holed up in one of the stalls in this now familiar bathroom. She walked slowly to the paltry sink, avoiding catching a glimpse of herself in the worn-out mirror and turned on the faucet to rinse the blood away. This was becoming a very unhealthy habit, but she deserved it for being so…so…

She couldn't finish her thoughts, just like she couldn't stop cutting into herself with her small knife.

Looking back, she had never been this way, never. Never like this. Tenten had always been a straight-forward no-nonsense kind of girl. Maybe it was still the shock of it all; maybe that was why she couldn't bring herself to stop the sick cutting of her flesh. She relished in the sting as the tip of a blade perfectly sliced open her skin, she felt as though the sensation reminded her that she could still feel something. Maybe, she knew it was wrong. It was obvious that it was unhealthy, but it felt so good. She should have never allowed herself to get this worked up all over a boy.

But he wasn't just some boy. He was her boy. They had been perfect friends for the longest of years. So when they hit their freshman year together, she deemed it as absolutely necessary to make him take her out on a date. It was the thing to do back then, everyone around her was already dating and she didn't like to ever be left behind. So the efficient choice was to turn the long-time friendship with Lee into something more. She should have known better. Here she was, in her senior year, lonely and a sick freak who no one ever even noticed anymore. Not like that was a bad thing though. If no one noticed her then they couldn't make fun of her.

Why! Why did he just go along with it! No, she didn't deserve to cry, and besides he wasn't worth it. Stubbornly she held back the sudden tears that pricked her eyes. It wasn't her fault, was it? She'll never forget that moment, the moment when it all became so painstakingly clear, when she caught her boyfriend of three years kissing and feeling up another boy. It's one thing to cheat, but to cheat on her with someone of the same sex? It was only natural for her to feel disgusted with herself, and the comments that came the next couple months didn't help at all.

"You're so ugly you turned Lee gay!"

"No wonder he's gay, I would be too if I went out with you!"

"Keep your hands away from my man, I like him nice and straight."

It went on and on. The torrent of insults was horrible, she really felt that she was the reason that he turned to his basketball teammate Gaara. And Lee, to make things even worse he tried to defend her. He still tried to be the best friend she remembered from childhood, as if he didn't realize that he just made things so much harder. The bad part is that he probably didn't realize how his natural defense for her made everything worse.

She was angry, but mainly with herself. For despising him so much for all of the lies he told her. She was angry because she lost him as a friend, because she was the one to let go of the friendship that was built over years. It wouldn't have mattered if he would have been honest with her and tell her that he was attracted to men, she could have cared less. Regardless, she would have supported him and helped to fight his battles that were bound to happen. But he let her get her heart involved with him, to become so attached to the idea that they were a solid couple. Was she truly that horrible of a girlfriend that she made him turn to another man? Never mind the pretty obvious signs he displayed from early on: the gentlemanly nature, the loyal friendship, and the matching clothes (though it was always the same constant green and the casual tendency of spandex). Only one person really didn't turn their back on her, their mutual friend Neji, but he was so busy with his academics and training he couldn't afford the time to keep checking up on her. And really it wasn't the Hyuuga's responsibility, they were friends, but this whole mess was between herself and Lee.

Making her way out of the bathroom, she pulled her hoodie up to cover her face, anything to become invisible to the outside. Anything. She placed headphones securely around her ears and blasted the music that was on her iPod. Maybe no one will bother her on her way to the locker. She could only hope.

But the fates were not of the same mind, they wanted to mess with her. So she became panicked as she spotted him.

Senior Year - Temari Sabaku: She was in one hell of a mood, and she was absolutely not up to her baby brother's antics with his insane boy-toy. She had one too many classes with that Nara jerk and it had her on edge. Ever since she called it off with him, it seemed that he all of a sudden wanted to pay attention to her, like he suddenly started to care. What an ass.

All she wanted was to go home and relax before diving into her crazy assignments from Ms. Anko Mitarashi. Before she could do that though, she had to meet up with her questionable brothers. She was the eldest child of a dead mother and a father who never bothered to care. Her twin brother was the popular party boy and football star on the varsity team, Kankuro. And the younger brother was her recently turned homosexual, anger-issue and problematic, Gaara. And when she met up with her brothers, that meant she had to meet up with Gaara's love, Lee Rock, as well. She didn't care that her little brother was homosexual, it didn't bother her one bit, it was his business after all.

But Lee? Really?

They were the most ill looking couple and so unevenly matched it was nearly impossible to even glance at the two. Gaara and his beautiful aquamarine shade of eyes and bright red hair complete with his badass attitude was a perfect contrast with his pale skin and small frame. As for Lee, everything about the boy was obnoxious! Shiny straight black hair cut into a bowl-shape style, scary ass eye-brows, and a horrid habit of wearing green spandex. Maybe Gaara liked seeing his muscles flex as he moved? Who knew.

A note fell out from in between two books from her advanced classes. She opened it and frowned deeply as she took in who it came from, and only read it to try and avoid the sudden kissing noises coming from her little brother and his freak.

Give me another chance

What, two years of chances wasn't enough? She was not about to let that lazy ass back into her life, she really could have loved that smart ass with all of her heart, could have given him everything she was worth. But if he couldn't appreciate her and at least try, then why sacrifice her feelings for him? If Shikamaru Nara is just now figuring out that she was done with him for good, then it really is a lost cause. Maybe it was brutal of her to think like that, but she'd be damned if she would put anything else into a relationship that he deemed as 'such a drag'. She'd rather be alone than be with someone who just now, after two years of being together, was showing that he cared for her. How dare he just now start to take an active interest in pursuing her?

Her twin brother, who was held back thanks to his constant skipping while a sophomore, finally made his appearance. He was talking with a group of his friends, all football players. "Oh man Gaara, do you have to do that in front of my locker?" Kankuro complained.

"We are enjoying the passions of our youth! Yosh!" exclaimed Lee.

"Yeah, down boy. Let's go," Temari muttered with clenched teeth.

Gaara coughed a little and gave into Lee who was reaching for his hand, "Can we take him home?"

What, was he some pet now? Temari looked at her little brother, the one who barely spoke to her, the antisocial one, all the while trying not to laugh at the sudden image of Lee wagging his tail like a playful puppy. She looked at Gaara, the one who had someone to love in his life and she didn't. Kankuro had too many loves in his life, considering the huge catfight at lunch two weeks ago when they all found out about each other. That was a fun day. She considered Gaara's request, it was becoming a regular habit to drive the green-clad boy home at least once a week. So she merely nodded her consent and waited for Kankuro's approval.

Then he reminded them that he had football practice, but he could take him home afterwards. Temari was more than aggravated. She forgot about Kankuro's stupid foolsball practice today. Damnit, that meant she had to wait for him and listen to her little brother get all kissy-face with Lee. First though, they decided to put their belongings in Kankuro's brand new shiny black truck. Apparently he had to get it because it was a chick-magnet. Whatever. Where he got the money, she had no idea. Maybe he somehow tapped into the HUGE trustfund set up by their sadistic diplomat, or known as daddy-undearest. Or maybe her twin was simply a drug dealer now.

Oh…this should be interesting. Isn't that…Lee's ex girlfriend?


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