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Summary: When Delia is kidnapped by an entity of Dark Aura, Sakura turns to Ash for help. Ash and Sakura go on a journey to rescue the mother.

Elements of Aura: Trial of Darkness

Chapter 1: Resurrection of the Forbidden Aura

History had depicted that humans and Pokémon have been in peace for many centuries. While this piece of history remains factual, no one in this day in age has any idea of a darker history which led up to this peace. Hundreds of years ago, humans and Pokémon didn't see eye-to-eye and that's the light way of putting it. The two beings were at war. Humans engaged the Pokémon to capture and enslave, closeting their care for these unique creatures who walked, crawled, slithered, swam and flew along the same land, sea and air the humans enjoyed with one another. The Pokémon would soon become rebellious and attack their abusers, their slave drivers and killed many a warrior to escape custody. While hordes of humans were enemies to Pokémon, there were peacemakers amongst the armies of murderous humans, a special group who've seen the hardships of Pokémon and constituted an honor of protecting the well-being of these magnificent beings that share the same world. These followers did not just side with the Pokémon but also mastered an ancient technique called Elemental Aura. Very little is mentioned in what the technique was, how it was used, where it stemmed from or who were the masters of it. Some had believed that these Aura users came in many forms, equivalent to the attributes of the Pokémon from fire to flying to even dragon. Some want to think that these Aura masters were once Pokémon who never separated from their persona and envelop the powers of their former selves. Regardless of the lacked history, one thing came about the arrival of the Elemental Aura masters into the war. The masters and their legion formed a wall, blocking the Pokémon from their enemies. This protest became the moment the war of humans and Pokémon was resolved. Guided by the masters, the humans began to understand and respect the Pokémon which in turn saw the light that not all humans were villainous and cruel. The power of these Elemental Aura masters revealed a light that was never seen through the bloodshed of many humans and Pokémon. Those who followed learned the secret of the Elemental Aura that they would share to those who vow to share along with the Pokémon. Many hundreds of years have passed since the war and the humans and Pokémon have never been closer.

Today, the Elemental Aura has passed to everyone who has lived and passed down the generation lines. Peace is law and fights are few and far between. Elemental Aura is as common as America and baseball. The Auras were based off the elements of the same Pokémon: Normal, Water, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Grass/Plant, Bug/Insect, Ground/Earth, Rock, Steel, Dark, Flying/Aerial, Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Ghost and Dragon. Because of the new generations, there have been mixed elements like Ghost and Ice or Fire and Fighting. While fighting has been practically nonexistent, there are people who fight with each other and sometimes with Pokémon. These warriors were called Battlers. Battlers competed against each other to resolve disputes or just as a spar to practice for occasions which their lives depended on it. While there's peace in the world, an evil lurked somewhere in the Johto Region. A rundown fortress was seen in the outskirts of Mt. Silver. There was a large machine that was being built by a short pink-haired girl in dark drabs. Working the monkey wrench, she twisted screws and bolts into place. The machine had two beds resting next to each other. The girl wiped sweat from her forehead holding a hammer.

"How goes the machine, Washu?" an eerie voice echoed. The girl, Washu, groaned at the tone of the haunting voice.

"It's almost done," she whimpered. No wonder. There was an iron ball chained to her leg. She was a slave.

"Soon, I'll have my youth restored thanks to your Juraian technology. It'll be magnificently easier to obtain the reduction of age than my old technique of absorption." Juraian technology? The slave continued to moan in displeasure, being forced to construct this piece of work.

"700 years of being a mad scientist did not come with slavery as a requirement." 700 years? Some people would be happy to crack 100. But the cracking voice cackled at the words of the girl- uh, woman.

"700 years is a childish age. You have only lived a fraction, 1/3 of my time in existence." Forget old, the cracking female's voice was ancient. "Over two millenniums, I've exceeded in mastering the darkness that became the ultimate me. Ever since I was exiled from the council which I erected for taking the youth of a few hundred rebels, I've seen the humans as nothing more than rodents." Someone despised humans. Washu began to question the dark maiden's motive.

"If you think 700 years is still young, why not take my youth instead of just someone out in the world?" Humanly, she looked no older than eighteen.

"Two reasons: my powers have no effect on anything non-human and you have a purpose of being here." That purpose being creating the machine.

"So, when I'm done, I can go, right?" The ancient's response. Without warning, Washu's neck was quickly tighten, choking the mad scientist. She began to float a little bit but she was struggling to receive air. Just when it looked like Washu was about to suffocate, a force threw her into a wall. Her head smacked the wall and without sufficient air in her alien brain, she was out cold.

"Fool!" Moving on, the ancient managed to create an orb out of midair. "Now, darkness? I need someone to fulfill a task of obtaining the perfect specimen for my regeneration of youth." The orb began to reveal an Asian brunette who looked lost in space. He was in a coffee shop where he was pouring sugar into his coffee. Lots and lots and lots of sugar. Screw creamer, he'd like coffee to go with his large cup of sugar.

"Hey, buddy," one irate customer growled. "The rest of us would like to use some sugar!" The Asian turned around with a scowl, not appreciating the tone of the customer.

"There's always sweetener," he snarled as he capped his cup and left the shop. He walked down the street minding his own business. His destination was unknown, even to him. Suddenly, a veil of black emerged and surrounded the Asian. "What now?" Crowds turned to the sight as the Asian was consumed in the veil. That's when the veil...and the Asian vanished. What happened? No one was sure what just occurred. Meanwhile in a different location, a brunette girl was zooming down sidewalks on roller blades. Despite wearing a white beret instead of a helmet and black schoolgirl uniform with a white skirt that could blow and reveal her...unmentionables, she was flying through the streets. She seemed to be heading somewhere. As she rounded a corner, something caught her eyes. It was a brunette female adult with what seemed to be a clown with sticks for limbs. The brunette wore a pink button-down blouse and long lilac skirt. She and the clown entered a bakery. This intrigued the younger brunette who rolled right by the door where the adult was making some sort of deal.

"I got a call saying that my cake was ready," the adult explained. A cake?

"Yeah, Jim's getting it packed up," the cashier confirmed. Who's the cake for? When the cashier checked up on Jim in the back, the clown spotted the kid at the entrance.

("Sakura, it's you!") the clown shouted. The adult heard her clown and turned to see the kid as well.

"Oh, Sakura!" the customer greeted. "It's a pleasure seeing you around." The cashier came back with a large cake encased in a box. Sakura became interested with what the cake was about.

"What's the occasion, Mrs. Ketchum?" she snickered. Mrs. Ketchum chuckled at the curiosity of Sakura.

"Well, today is our one year anniversary of the new family. I'm presenting this cake to Norman for today's celebration and hopefully we can share some with our children." Sakura wouldn't mind having some of the cake. That's when she wondered about Mrs. Ketchum's husband.

"Do you have anything planned with Norman?" That was an interesting question for Mrs. Ketchum to come up with a reply.

"Norman's already got reservations to a dinner where he took Caroline on their first anniversary." The thought of Caroline abruptly caused Mrs. Ketchum to frown. Sakura realized why the thought saddened her.

"Right, Norman's visiting her grave today as well. I can't believe it's been two years already." Caroline had passed away long before this story. No wonder Mrs. Ketchum felt for Norman. Unbeknown to either, the ancient one was monitoring the two but mostly on the older brunette.

"She has the youth I desire," she cackled. "My, the perfect subject for the rejuvenation of my immortal beauty and strength for conquering the world." She was joined by the Asian but not Washu. "Yuto Sakurai, I've summoned you to attain this rodent. You possess a great Dragon and Steel Aura that can accomplish this task." Yuto scowled at the ancient one, not liking the tone she gave off.

"You brought me over here to snatch a mother?" he questioned. "You go do it, I don't need this treatment!" At least he's punctual. The ancient one wasn't going to let his tone slide.

"You do not have a choice. I know that belt you wear is not for show. That belt contains powers that can defeat all that stand in your way." Forgot about the belt. How could a belt prove the power of one person? This was an Aura-filled world.

"I'm not one to aid those who can do the task themselves. I'm outta here." So he says... Just like Washu, Yuto was forced into the air with that mysterious choke. Struggling to breathe, he reached to pull out what's suspending him in the air.

"Maybe what you need is an attitude adjustment. I wished to refrain from this but your behavior has left me little option." That's when Yuto's head was encased in more darkness. Then, something eerier than the ancient's voice occurred: the darkness seeped into his ears, mouth, nose and eyes. Not a lot of room for anything to get behind anyone's eyes but she did it. The force suddenly released Yuto and he clutched his head in agonizing pain. He screamed loudly but he couldn't shake what was consuming his brain. After a minute of trying to fight off the energy, he succumbed. No, he's not dead. He opened his eyes, changing them from brown...to pitch black. That isolated desire had vanished. He was now the ancient one's puppet. "Now that you are my possession, I order you to attain that woman."

"Yes, O lord." Mind possessed, Yuto was now out to chase Mrs. Ketchum. Speaking of, she and Sakura picked up some tea to bring home as the clown held the cake reading "NORMAN + DELIA 1 YEAR OF MARRIAGE." Guess Mrs. Ketchum's first name was Delia since Norman was mentioned.

"I still find it odd that Norman wanted to change his last name to Ketchum instead of you," Sakura joked. Delia wasn't laughing too much but did understand why Sakura was wondering about this piece.

"It was Norman's idea of having a last name to remember by," she explained. "But I think he wanted to make sure I wasn't alone with Ash and he didn't want May and Max to live without a mother." That's rather deep of her to accept Norman. "Then again, Max had looked up to Ash as a big brother so in all, it worked out. Ash has siblings and a father, Max and May have a mother again and..." And? Come on, Delia, release the suspense! "Well, I wanna have another child with him. I could care less about gender, as long as he or she's healthy is wonderful enough for me." Sakura smiled at the contribution Delia wanted to give. Then she had something to say.

"Speaking of Ash, well..." Now it was Sakura's turn to influence suspense. "I wanna stop just being friends." Delia and the clown were surprised with the sudden admission. She wanted to stop being friends with Ash? Why? How long were they friends?

"But Sakura, you and Ash have been best human friends for months!" Sakura realized she said something wrong. She had a comeback ready, right?

"N-No, not like that! I-I mean I wanna be more than simply being friends with him!" Oh, now Delia was suspicious of what Sakura tried to comment on. "Sorry if that came out wrong. It's just..." Poor Sakura. She can't get her words out. Delia had a hunch at what Sakura wanted to connect.

"You love my son, don't you?" Found out, Sakura hiccuped stunned. She wildly blushed, her face as red as the apples on one stand they passed. "I understand and I can help you with that." Sakura's day can't get any better, can it? She was in glee with Delia's support. "I mean, you two have been best friends for quite some time even during the day Ash got his Battler license." Sakura giggled at the good fortune. However, it was about to be dashed.

"I found you!" someone who sounded like Yuto shouted. Was it Yuto? The women turned to a man in metallic green armor and clutching a sword with a triangle point pointing at Delia. "The Ancient of Darkness wants you!" Delia and Sakura were in trouble. Who was this green knight and why was he after Delia? Was he the possessed Sakurai? What can Sakura do to protect Delia?