Summation: Wally's reasoning behind his continued disbelief in magic. Wally/Klarion implied

Prompt Fill for "How do you make someone love you when they don't even believe in what you are?"

It was easier to believe the Witch-Boy was an alien. If Klarion was just from another planet, or a pocket dimension, or was an escaped lab experiment… or, or whatever… Any other explanation he could cobble together that didn't use the 'M' word. It was selfish, not believing in magic like that after everything he'd been through, but Wally couldn't help it. It was a comforting lie, a seductive, safe lie that made everything easier.

Because if Wally accepted magic, then it meant he had to accept the existence of the Lords. He had to accept the fact Dr. Fate and Mr. Nelson were right. He had to accept the fact that this wonderful, goofy, whiny brat was really just the shell of some destructive cosmic force, out to speed along entropy and chaos-

And if he accepted that, then he'd have to accept Klarion was his enemy.

And that was simply something Wally West could never accept.