So...I got a new obsession...and I decided to inter-mingle the two. If anybody's seen Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse''ll know where I'm going with this. It's amazing. And I absolutely adored both seasons, I do NOT see how that show got canceled whatsoever. Again, it's amazing. If you don't know what 'Dollhouse' is, you need to go wiki it, because otherwise, you'll be so lost in reading this.

This is all AU (because we should all know by now that I absolutely love AU stories...) so there's no BTR, no Minnesota best friend boys...actually, I even think there's no Carlos (at least not outright anyways). So yeah, don't expect to know the boy's as their normal lovable selves. (I mean...I didn't change them completely, but enough to be noticeable.)

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He let out a shout of laughter as his sated body collapsed to the bed. His breath came in pants and a dopey smile graced his face as he almost inhaled the pillow his face was practically smothered in. A kiss was placed on his shoulder and that euphoric state only increased.

"Kendall," The masculine voice whined from beneath him, a breathy chuckle escaped his mouth as he buried his face into the brown locks. Kendall rolled off the equally sweaty body but quickly pulled him into his arms.

"Sorry, Logan." He placed a chaste kiss on the other man's forehead. "Didn't mean to suffocate you."

Logan let out his own chuckle, peppering the blonde's collar with little kisses. "You know I like it rough sometimes, but only in the heat of the moment." His chocolate eyes sparkled as he pulled away from the hold and winked at his companion. He left the bed and walked toward the bathroom in what Kendall believed was more seductive than when he had walked in the room with that sexy smirk on his face, even though he was noticeably limping now.

He heard the shower kick on and the sound gently lulled him into dream land where deep brown eyes and a handsome face haunted his every move.


Logan stepped out of the shower, feeling clean and happy. And all of it stemmed from the gorgeous blonde man laying in their bed, his arms splayed out and soft snores carrying all the way into the steamy room. He felt his entire being relax and tingle as he watched the way that muscular back rose and fell with each deep breath.

He leaned on the door frame, arms crossed over his chest as he watched the love of his life sleep. They had been together for three years, and every single one had been wonderful. The man treated him like a prince, lavishing him in gifts that he was sure the price tag would make his head spin and loving him without abandon.

Most days it all seemed so unreal. Logan was just a middle-class nobody who was working his way up in the medical field, trying to get his M.D. as fast as he possibly could. How did a celebrity singer/songwriter ever fall in love with him? Kendall Knight could have anyone he wanted, yet he chose the brainy med geek.

Logan pulled away from the wall and made his way down the stairs of the large home, detouring directly to the kitchen to grab a large glass of water. He felt parched, as he almost always did after one of his rounds with the blonde upstairs. Kendall's thing after sex was sleeping, his was downing a gallon of water.

A knock came at the front door, and Logan frowned and glanced at his watch. It was nearly ten o'clock at night, who would be visiting their home at this time. He glanced down, making sure he had remembered to put his black pajama pants on before he went to answer the door.

He eased the door open, peeking between the cracks worriedly. His fiance was famous, and he was pretty sure that meant he had crazy fans or enemies out there somewhere, the last thing he wanted was to be attacked as soon as the door swung wide.

Brown eyes were the first thing he saw, and the kind smile made him respond with the same. He opened the door wide for the shorter female who he felt like he had known his whole life. Her blonde hair almost reminded him of his Kendall, the way it was a shade darker underneath and lighter on top. She could easily be the female version of his love, if only her eyes were that beautiful shade of green that he loved staring at daily.

"Hello." He greeted, his hand coming out to touch her shoulder. She continued smiling, not making a move to step inside the house.

"Hi, Logan. Would you like a treatment?" She asked, taking a step back towards a large black van that waited for them. Logan smiled brightly, it seemed like a great idea to him.

"Sure. Let me lock up real fast." The female gave him a strange look, but nodded all the same, allowing him to close and lock his front door before leading the way to the van.

The drive was almost silent, but he felt content sitting next to the small female who seemed to be checking his body.

"You know, Kendall doesn't like anybody else looking at me like that. Even if you are female." He joked, knowing that the way she was looking at him had absolutely zero romantic undertones. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he did.

The woman's eyes widened for a moment before she released a giggle. "Yeah, Logan. I know. We're here." She patted his hand before opening the van door and stepping out into the parking garage.

"Oh, good." Logan smiled faintly as he was lead into an elevator, then out again a moment later into a large spa. "This won't take long, right? Kendall's asleep and I don't want him to wake up alone." The woman smiled at him kindly and nodded her head without a word, nudging him into a large black chair.

The chair went backwards and he happily laid down with it. Then pain shot through him and his mind blanked.

"Hello Romeo. How are you feeling?"

He glanced blankly to his right, looking at the young man there. "Did I fall asleep?" He asked in confusion.

"For a little while." The man nodded. Romeo looked to the door then back.

"Shall I go now?" The man smiled.

"If you'd like." Romeo nodded his head before leaving the room. It was time for his shower anyways.


Kendall groaned as his eyes burned him awake. His body was sore in all the right places. It was almost a perfect awakening, minus the missing body next to him. Logan was gone, and he felt his heart grow heavy.

Once again, his life was an empty shell of what it used to be. He was a walking cliché. Celebrity, rich, career that most would kill for, yet he was lonely and depressed. Oh, what a world he lived in.

Logan made things better. He was everything he had ever wanted in a partner, and he had the DollHouse to thank for that. They took the few details he wasn't sure how to give and turned them into the perfect man who loved him for who he was and not what he did for a living. Who showed him the affection he so desperately craved without taking away the real aspects of a relationship, like arguing and bantering. It always felt so real when he was around.

Which was probably why he shelled out so much every other week just to have that feeling back again, if only for a little while. And not to mention the one they always sent was absolutely gorgeous.

He walked downstairs clad only in his black boxers and went straight for the front door. Those guys never seemed to lock the door when they took Logan back. Thank goodness for the security guards he had hired.

The door was locked. That made him pause for a moment. Maybe Jo actually listened to his request this time. Deciding to not think about it further and to send a thank you note, he slowly made his way back into the kitchen.

Logan's cup was still sitting there, just like it always was and it made Kendall smile. For just a little longer, he could pretend that Logan still existed at all. That it wasn't all just some huge elaborate lie that he paid to make happen. That he was still loved by one of the most gorgeous guys he had ever laid eyes on.

He shook his head as he stared at the cup, then tossed it lightly into the sink. No use dwelling on it, he supposed. He would see Logan again, but he was beginning to think that maybe he should wait a little longer for his next appointment. Kendall could feel himself getting far too attached. If he was being completely honest with himself, he was falling in love with pretty much nobody.

Because in the end, that's all that Logan was. A nobody. A nobody who he could make to be anything he wanted.

Kendall clenched his fist in agitation before continuing to get ready for his day.


"Romeo." The brunette looked up only to see blonde hair, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Kendall?" He asked, reaching out slightly. The person moved from in front of the bright light and more into his line of vision, a confused look on her face.

"No, Romeo. It's Jo." She put her hand on his shoulder as he continued to look at her in confusion. "It's time for a treatment. Would you like that?"

He bit his lip for a moment and looked down at his hands. Who was Kendall? All he could picture in his head was blonde hair and green eyes. "Yes. I like my treatments." And just like that, Kendall was gone from his mind, as if he had never even been there. He followed his handler up the stairs and into the room with the big chair.

"Hey Topher." Jo greeted to the man who stood next to the chair. He jumped a little from the sudden noise, but smiled back.

"What have we got this time?" The schizo man asked, flitting from one machine to the next, pushing a button here and a button there.

"Big TV star wants to meet a waiter and have the whole love at first sight experience." Jo responded, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. "Romeo seems to be really popular among the celebrities." Topher quickly smirked then looked back to the brunette sitting in the chair patiently.

"You ready for your treatment, Romeo?" He asked pleasantly, the brunette man smiled faintly and nodded.

"Yes, please."


Kendall glanced from side to side behind his dark shades, the dark green ball cap covering his blonde hair almost perfectly. Of course, this was LA, people were always looking for celebrities to maul and beg for autographs, so the disguise was probably useless. But it made him feel more secure with going out in public, so he kept the ridiculously cliched pieces.

It was a quaint little restaurant that he had just had lunch in, enjoying his meal in solitary out on the patio in a secluded corner. He was even sure he had seen James Diamond on his way to his seat, something that sort of surprised him. Diamond was not the type to try to keep it low key, he was a typical Hollywood Jerk who barely cared about anyone besides himself. Hiding his selfish and egotistical ways behind large charity donations and faux community service.

He was the type of guy that made Kendall hate being what he was. Fame had gone straight to the guy's head.

But Kendall had more pressing matters to deal with. His focus needed to be on the record he was producing. And the paperwork was about to drive him insane, one of the few moments he wished he had an assistant. Then he thought about the complications and lack of complete control, and he changed his mind.

With lunch finished, he made his way back out onto the street, happy to be in a more serene part of town with little to no hustle and bustle. The only real occupants on the street were the garbage truck down the street a little ways and the black limousine that had just pulled up. Probably for James Diamond inside.

Kendall pulled out a cigarette from the pack in his pocket, lighting and taking a deep drag then releasing the smoke into the atmosphere on a sigh. It was a horrible habit he had developed after too many nights spent partying and being in the general vicinity of smokers. Something Logan had been trying to get him to quit for a while now.

His jaw clenched as he thought about the brunette. It had already been a few days, and felt that ever present burning need to have him near. He could even hear his laugh almost everywhere he went. It sounded so real sometimes, while other times he knew it was all in his head.

Right now was one of those real moments. And it made his head snap up and to the side quickly, trying to identify the noise.

And there he was, not even twenty feet away. Dressed up like a cute waiter with a blush staining his cheeks as one Mr. James Diamond led the way to his limo, a look of pure adoration on the shorter man's face.

A surge of pure, white-hot jealousy surged up within him. "Logan?" He whispered, just loud enough to carry to the brunette's ears, who furrowed his brows for a moment and then turned to look straight at the blonde.

"Kendall?" Logan breathed, confusion coloring his features for a moment before he looked to the taller man's hand. "What have I told you about smoking?" His hands came to his hips in a cute and pouty way that had Kendall itching to step forward. But Diamond was looking at the two of them weirdly then put his hand on Logan's shoulder.

"I thought your name was Henry?" The voice cut through the moment that the two seemed to be having, and it also seemed to be the exact thing that knocked whatever Logan had been thinking off course and he turned back to James with another confused look.

"I am Henry." He giggled after a moment, laying his hand on the taller brunette's forearm, the adorable smile back on his face as he fawned over the actor. His bottom lip jutted out in an all too familiar pout as he looked up at the other male. "Did you forget my name already?"

That was the last thing Kendall cared to hear, he didn't need to stand there and listen to the way he said his words, far too similar to his Logan yet not quite right. He began walking in the opposite direction, toward his car, trying to ignore the need to go back and claim his man from the hands of another man. It was ridiculous, Logan wasn't real. It was, quite literally, a name he had picked out of thin air.

The urge was strong to look back, and he gave in. Just one last glance and he'd be okay.

Those chocolate eyes were trained intently on him, and he could see the spark of recognition in them before they blanked again and Logan disappeared within the limousine.

He was getting far too attached. And he needed a break.


The sound of whirring machines woke him with a blink and he looked around, confused.

"Hello, Romeo. How are you feeling?"

Romeo looked around himself before back to the man standing in front of him. "Did I fall asleep?"

Topher smirked. "For a little while." Romeo nodded minutely, the explanation seemed right.

"Shall I go now?" He glanced towards the door, even though he just woke up, he felt exhausted, like it was time to go to sleep in his pod or something.

"If you'd like." Topher nodded, then flitted off to his next experiment. Leaving Romeo to make his way back to his sleep quarters, meeting up with the other four who slept in the same room. The glass slid over his pod and he turned his body to the side to curl up comfortably.

Blonde hair and and green eyes invaded his dreams. Devilishly handsome looks floated across his vision, and feelings of warmth and security surrounded him.

He awoke breathing harshly, sweat dripping down his temple and onto his pillow. Romeo looked around himself, he didn't feel right. This bed wasn't the one he really wanted. He didn't want to be trapped in one of the pods while he slept.

The glass was easily moved as he placed his palms against it and slid it down, desperate to get to that place where he belonged. It was warm there, he needed to get there soon. He didn't know why, but he needed to be there. It was where he always wanted to be, even when he was going through his treatments.

Oddly, the house was supremely quiet, not that he knew what sneaking out even meant. He walked straight past the lab and into the doors that slid open sometimes with people inside. He stepped inside the box that presented itself and looked around.

There were far too many buttons on the wall next to the sliding door, but he picked the one that said 'garage.' It seemed to be in the around the same spot that the button everyone else pushed was in. He stepped out into a muggy, lowly lit concrete area. Black shiny vehicles were parked in rows, seemingly waiting for someone to come along and do whatever it is they did with the cars.

Romeo walked slowly, unsure as he stepped around the automobiles, looking in all directions. This was new. The air was thicker than what he was accustomed to, and it smelled weird. He followed a yellow line until he saw lights that seemed to blink in and out of focus. More of the vehicles were zipping along the streets, the lights being their headlights and the noise almost scared him. Everything was so loud, and their was water falling from the sky. It was almost like he was taking a shower, but it was everywhere, and everyone was dressed.

The brunette looked left to right along the streets, but it was almost as if he didn't need to see. The address was in his heart, he knew it, and how to get there. Where he was supposed to be. Where he belonged. Where he was his best, and happy.

Romeo began walking, barefoot and without a jacket. But he knew where he was going.


Kendall's head popped up at the sound of his door knob being turned. He was trying to enjoy a moment of late night talk shows before he went and crashed in his bed for the night. Nobody was allowed to just walk into his home. Nobody.

Except for Logan.

Kendall shook the thought from his head. Logan didn't exist, and it was time he remembered that.

He walked silently to the mantle, grabbing the pistol he had been advised to get just in case he had a situation where security couldn't get to him in time. And maybe it was time to use it.

Kendall flicked the lock before jumping back around the corner of the wall, aiming his barrel straight at the door, ready to pull the trigger if the need arose. The door handle jiggled again, and the large door opened.

The only light he could go by was the light from the lamp in the living room, but that was still very dim. It didn't stop him from seeing the hunched over figure that padded through the door, shivering and twitching as if he wasn't sure what he was doing. Water began dripping onto the floor by the door as the figure stood there, still looking lost and confused.

Then he stepped forward a little, and soft light fell on his face.

"Logan." Kendall breathed, lowering his weapon quickly, his jaw dropping to his chest in shock. He stepped forward, but stopped himself short. Logan was dressed in what looked to be soft cotton pajamas. He had no shoes on and he was soaked through with water, the blonde didn't even know it had been raining.

Brown eyes locked onto him, and dark eyebrows drew together as they studied him. "Who is Logan?" The small brunette asked, his arms hugging tightly around his body, his face still holding a terrified edge to it.

"I-I'm not sure." Kendall finally responded, taking small steps around the shaking man to get to the light switch to the foyer, he looked like he would run at any sudden move. "What's your name?" He watched the brunette for any signs of freaking out before he got to the switch plate. Logan tilted his head to the side as he studied the blonde's movements around him.

"I am Romeo." His eyes immediately drew upwards as the light came on above him, and he squinted in discomfort. Kendall could see the fear on his face despite his calmly given responses as he was focused on something else, then those chocolate eyes locked back onto his face and it seemed as if the man's entire body relaxed. "Kendall." He smiled softly, his eyes still holding confusion and fear.

Kendall was stunned. Dolls weren't supposed to retain any memories of their engagements, that was in the contract the blonde had signed when he had ordered the first encounter with the beautiful man before him. How did he know his name?

His arms were suddenly filled with wet, shaking male as buried himself within the appendages. The brunette's arms were wrapped tightly around the blonde's waist and he could feel the other man's chest heaving with his sobs. "Why is it so wet outside?" The words confused Kendall, but succeeded in breaking his heart at the same time. So this is what they were like in their normal state, he was no more logical than a toddler or a baby.

Kendall didn't even try to stop himself from folding his arms around the broad shoulders and shushing the man in his arms, and trying his hardest to just get him to stop crying. He led him to the couch, sitting him down before going up the stairs to his bedroom to grab some clothes and a towel. It wouldn't do for him to get sick while he was here.

"Where did you go?" The small voice asked him as he came back into the living room. Logan was looking up at him with large doe eyes that had water continuously leaking from them.

Kendall smiled softly. "I went to get you clean clothes and a towel so we can get you dry, is that alright?" Logan nodded, standing up and beginning to remove the wet clothing from his skin. Kendall's mouth went dry as each inch of silky skin was revealed to him, no inhibitions whatsoever. The blonde reached forward with the towel and began slowly drying the cold skin with care. Logan may not be a real person, but he was here, and Kendall was going to do what he always did when they were together. He was going to cherish each minute and treat Logan as if he were the only person in the world.

When he had clothes back on his skin, Kendall sat back down on the couch, patting the spot next to him so the brunette could choose whether or not to sit next to him. Logan immediately took the spot and then some, curling into the blonde's side without hesitation and with complete trust.

"Kendall?" Logan asked as the other man reached for his cell phone that was sitting on the table next to him. He 'hmm'd in response, quirking an eyebrow and sending out a new text with one hand while the other wrapped itself around the shorter man's shoulders. "Who are you?"

Kendall hit send before turning to Logan. "What do you mean, Log-Romeo?"

"I see your face, every night." The shorter man reached up a hand to cup the blonde's cheek. "And I know your name. But you don't live in the house." His voice held a pleasant, yet almost monotonous tone.

"I-" Kendall was interrupted by the front door opening, and he regretted leaving his gun out of reach. But the blonde who came around the corner, smiling at them politely, caused the sudden tension to release from his body.

"Hello, Romeo. How did you get here?" She asked, her tone pleasant and light. Almost unnerving in its own way.

Logan smiled widely as he sat up and turned to his handler. "I walked. It was wet." He responded, still maintaining skin contact with Kendall.

"Well, it's time for a treatment. Would you like that?" Logan's smile almost faded as he glanced between Jo and Kendall, he didn't seem to know what he wanted exactly.

"I want to stay with Kendall." The child-like quality to his voice was adorable, but it was odd at the same time. "I know him." The conspiratorial way he said it had Kendall smiling like a fool.

Jo let out a small laugh. "Yes, we all know Kendall, Romeo. But it's time for a treatment, and then you need to get back to bed. You have another treatment scheduled for tomorrow." The disappointment clearly painted itself across the brunette's face as he looked up at his handler. And Kendall felt his heart sink, he could pretty much guess that that code meant that Logan was going out again the next day. The thought of it shattered his heart into pieces and made him extract his arm from around the other man.

"And I can see Kendall after my treatment tomorrow?" Romeo asked as he made his way from the couch to his handler, an expectant look on his face. Jo cut her eyes to the other blonde in the room.

"I'm sure you'll be seeing him soon, but I don't think it will be tomorrow." She said carefully. Romeo beamed at her and she almost felt bad for kind of lying to him. "Now say goodbye so we can get you to your treatment."

Logan turned back to Kendall and waved at him. "Goodbye Kendall." Then he was following a few other men in suits that Kendall had failed to notice at his door, Jo staying behind for a moment.

"I apologize for this, Mr. Knight. It's the first time he's ever just left like that before." She said, her body visibly relaxing once Logan was gone from the house. "He'll be back to the way he was before your next engagement. And we will compensate for an inconvenience this may have caused you."

Kendall shook his head. "No. It's fine. I'm just glad he came here rather than wandering around for too awful long. No telling how long he was out there before he showed up here." Jo bit her lip and contemplated for a moment.

"He came straight here. He's only be gone for a total of an hour and we followed his signal directly here." Her calm disposition faltered slightly. "He knew exactly where he was going." Kendall sighed, running a hand over his face. His life never ceased to get complicated. "We think he was going on pure instinct. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience Romeo may have placed upon you." Then she was out the door and his house was silent once more besides the sounds of Jay Leno laughing about something he said.

This was getting to be too much. He needed to stay away from Logan. Probably for good this time.