"Ms. Taylor, we apologize for pulling you away from your engagement early, but we have something important to come up." Adelle DeWitt took a sip of her drink, sighing at the burn that accompanied the liquid traveling down her throat. Sometimes, it was the only way she could just feel anymore.

Jo stood before her with a curious look on her face, it wasn't very often that an engagement was ended because the handler had a mission of their own. "What seems to be the problem, Ms. DeWitt?" Adelle smiled, she remembered why she always liked Jo Taylor, she had always been so respectful.

"It seems that one of your former...charges...has failed to make an appearance at his annual check-up." Adelle took a seat behind her desk, typing a few keys on the computer and pulling up a file. "Logan Mitchell, Romeo number 354. His contract expired two years ago while you were still his handler, yes?" Jo smiled widely before hiding it once more.

"I remember him." The blonde nodded at the Brit, already beginning to bounce at the thought of seeing one of her former charges. Logan had been such an anomaly at the time, somehow escaping to see one of his "clients" sans personality. Even towards the end of his contract, when Mr. Knight had stopped setting up engagements with the man, Romeo (or rather, Logan) had botched a few of his own romantic assignments because he was in love with someone else. The same situation that was happening more recently with two of their current dolls. "Do I need to bring him in?"

Adelle watched her for a moment before slowly shaking her head. "I don't think it's necessary, but we do need to know what is going on with him. We have his last known address, but otherwise, there's no other information that has been found on him in the past year." She took another burning sip then pulled out a pen and pad, scribbling the address down. "We just need to know what's...going on. And since you were his handler, he'll still have that...trust in you." She smiled tightly at the young woman, handing her the slip of paper.

"Okay, I'll be back soon then." Jo Taylor pocketed the paper and quickly left the office, not wanting to sit there much longer. Some things about Adelle had her questioning her own sanity sometimes, and she was quite excited to see the first doll she had been the handler for.

The address was easy enough to find, some upscale apartment building that he had been set up with after leaving the dollhouse as a transition home. How he disappeared from there, she couldn't understand. You never truly left the dollhouse, so how did nobody notice him missing his check-ups? And he should've already been under constant surveillance as soon as he regained his own personality back.

She knocked on the door, but received no answer. She wasn't really all that surprised, but boy did she love a good mission. Sure, this one wasn't a matter of life and death, but it was still fun. Because she would find Romeo, no matter what.


She spoke to neighbors, who didn't remember anybody by the name of Logan of course. She talked to the landlord who remembered a young dark-haired man moving out over six months ago from that apartment, but he hadn't heard or seen him since. So that was pretty much a dead end.

Even one of his co-workers couldn't tell her exactly where he was, seeing as how he had transferred to a different hospital a few months back.

Jo hated to admit it, but she was stumped. There weren't too many other places Logan could have gone in the greater Los Angeles area, and she was pretty certain that he hadn't moved away or anything.

She drove along the PCH while she thought, chewing on her bottom lip. "And in other news, famous music producer, Kendall Knight, came out today. He announced his impending marriage to his long time partner now that proposition eight has been overturned, catching the media world by surprise."

Jo laughed. She was an idiot. Why the hell hadn't she thought of that?

The directions came to her without even a second thought as she made her way into the gated neighborhood. The driveway gate opened up to her as soon as she came within distance, oddly enough. Jo walked briskly up to the door and knocked, her stomach filling with giddy butterflies. Logan would always hold a special place in her heart, right in that special area for those she thought of as family and loved unconditionally.

The door opened, and Logan stood before her with a large smile. "Jo." He nodded in greeting, and despite not having seen one another in over two years, they found themselves hugging each other as if they still knew every little thing about each other. "I've been waiting all day for you." Jo pulled back and looked up at him with a quirked eyebrow and he smirked. "Come on in. Kendall will want to see you. Then I'll explain."


"So, you're saying that Romeo-I mean Logan Mitchell, contacted you this morning?" Topher Brink scratched his sandy hair as he stared at his boss. "And you sent Taylor out on a wild goose chase just so he could personally invite her to his wedding?"

Adelle smirked at the younger man. "Yes, that's what I just said, Mr. Brink. What's the matter? Too emotional for you?" Topher's eyes squinted up as he smiled at her confusedly.

"No. Just seems pointless and kind of dumb." He lounged back on the couch in his lab, throwing a small orange ball in the air. Adelle stepped forward and caught the ball mid-throw, then stepping back to lean against the large desk behind her.

"I think it's quite sweet. Especially with him marrying a former client of his when he was a doll." She allowed a small smile for a moment before her stoicism took over once again. Topher sat upright and gave her one of his calculating looks.

"Which client?" His hand came to rest against his mouth as he watched her.

"Kendall Knight." She answered, honing in on the almost imperceptible widening of the man's eyes. "What did you do?"

"Oh! Nothing!" Topher laughed, a slightly psychotic sound that cut off quickly as he gulped. "It's just...um...I remember that personality." Adelle stood before him, her hands coming to rest on her hips as she loomed over him.

"What about that personality, Mr. Brink?"

"I didn't really...make the personality, per se." He fiddled with his hands as he stood up and paced a little bit; Adelle's eyes followed him like a hawk. "I just kind of took Romeo's original personality and changed some of his memories...and his career aspirations a little bit." His eyes widened as he continued pacing, explaining the situation to himself at the same time. "I mean, what else was I supposed to do? Knight wanted basically what this Logan guy already was, so I just kind of gave it to him." He shrugged his shoulders and let out a 'heh' noise as he grinned warily.

Adelle stared at him for a moment before placing a hand to her forehead and shaking her head back and forth. This little genius gave her such a headache sometimes.

"No harm done this time. Just-" She paused to give him a specific look that told him she was being absolutely serious. "Don't ever do that again." Topher held his hands up in surrender as she pointed at him, then she turned on her heel and left the room.

She worked with a bunch of idiots. But at least this deviation from protocol ended pleasantly enough. Logan Mitchell was marrying Kendall Knight, and they had been together ever since Mr. Knight had left the hospital over two years ago.

Adelle smiled sardonically as she entered her office and saw the fancy envelope sitting on her desk, the elegant script making her name look beautiful. At least someone was getting a happy ending. Because she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that hers was a long ways off.

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