Author's note: Yeah it's rubbish but I like the 15 years later parts really :)

Part 41: Hannah's POV

I opened the door to air and make up, and walked quietly inside the room. Debs waved to me when she spotted me, calling me over to her. I picked my way through the other girls, ignoring the looks they were giving me, and hopped in to the chair in front of Debs.

'I hear someone had some trouble waking up this morning.' She joked, I pulled a face and nodded, 'don't worry about it, Jay phoned and we were all prepared for the worst, and honestly, you don't look as bad as we were expecting.' The girl next to me turned to look at me; she had long, curled brown hair, and was as every dancer was, skinny and tanned.

'Excuse me, did I hear right?' She asked me, I looked at her, a bit confused as Debs began fixing my hair, the opposite of this girl's, short and black.

'Hear…what right?' I asked the girl. She sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes to go with the sigh.

'Hear something about Jay…' she prompted, whispering his name, as though saying it aloud was poisonous.

'Oh right yeah.' I smiled and nodded.

'As in Jay McGuiness, that Jay.' She asked me, now seeming to get the attention of the whole room. I nodded again, this time a slow nod, uncertain of where she was going with this conversation.

'Yes Jay McGuiness my BOYFRIEND.' I emphasised, deciding that this girl was getting on my nerves.

'Oh, right, so you must be Hannah then?' She sneered, stage whispering the last part, 'such a common name.'

'It may be a common name but Jay seems to like it.' I sniped back, 'in fact, Jay seems to love it, considering he says he loves me, oh I don't know, every few hours?' The girl leapt out of her chair and stormed off. A satisfied grin grew on my face.

Another girl turned to me; she was sitting in the chair beside the now vacant one. She smiled at me, a nicer smile than the one the other girl had given me.

'Ignore Bianca,' she said to me, smiling reassuringly, 'she's a bit of a stuck up cow. She was Brian's favourite before you got here; she's only been dancing for the boys for 6 months at the most. She hated that they never used to give any attention to her. Jay gave her the most attention but even that was the occasional, hi how you doing, before walking away to join the others. I'm Maria by the way.' She finished, moving in to Bianca's empty chair, 'I think the two of us will get on just great.' She finished, smiling to me.

'Well, if all the dancers are like her,' I said, jerking my head towards the door where Bianca had just stormed out, 'then I think I'll need someone to get on with.' I laughed, feeling my Blackberry vibrate in Jay's hoodie pocket, I pulled it out and answered the call.

'Hello,' I said down the phone.

'Hey babe,' the voice of Jay replied, 'where are you?'

'I'm in hair and make up and then I'm going to get changed. I'll meet you in the main studio after.'

'Yeah I know that, it was just I had a call from Nathan. Apparently there's a dancer storming around demanding to know where I am?' I groaned.

'Hannah? Do you know something bout this?' He asked calmly.

'Yes, I just had a bit of a run in with some dancer about you, apparently she's jealous that I'm with you or something?' I said, looking to Maria who nodded.

'Hannah, please don't start silly arguments over me with dancers.' Jay pleaded down the phone.

'It wasn't silly,' I whined, 'you'd do the same if some guy was saying to you that he was jealous of you being with me.'

'If some guy implied that he fancied you I wouldn't start an argument with him…' Jay started, 'I'd punch him in the face. You're mine and no one can come between that. No one can take you away from me.' He finished.

'Now I've got to go, but I'll meet you outside your dressing room in 10 ok?' He said to me.

'Ok. 10 minutes it is.' I said, ending the call.

'OK, you're just about done.' Debs said, spinning my chair to let me see in the mirror. I looked at myself and grinned, standing up out the chair and hugging Debs.

'Thank you,' I said and she smiled back.

'Now you two girls go and get changed and get on set or you'll be late.' She said, ushering Maria and me towards our dressing room.

'Wait we share a dressing room?' I asked Maria, who nodded and smiled.

'It was either me or Bianca.' She grimaced and I pulled a face too. We stepped inside and saw both of our outfits, hanging up on hooks at opposite sides of the room. We both walked to ours and got changed, to complete my outfit; I pulled Jay's Converse hoodie back on. It covered most of what I was wearing, making it look as though I was wearing nothing. My phone buzzed again and I opened the text from Jay.

'I'm outside. We need you for rehearsal of a bit in the dance. Brian said he told you about it but couldn't go over it because you needed us.' It read. I grinned, turning to Maria.

'I'll see you in a bit.' I smiled to her.

'Why where are you off to?' She asked, pulling her top over her head.

'Jay's outside, and all my friends are waiting for me with the other boys. They need me for some rehearsal for a thing we're doing in he shoot. I'll see you on set.' I grinned.

'Shoot starts in an hour so I guess I'll go get something to eat.' She grinned, hugging me before I walked out the door, straight in to Jay's arms.

Part 42:

Jay grinned at me, hugging me tightly,

'Let's have a look at you Missy.' He said, stepping back, holding the tops of my arms at arms length.

'Are you even wearing anything under that hoodie?' He joked, winking at me.

'Wouldn't you like to know?' I sniped back at him, lifting it up and over my head. The look of shock was evident on his face as I threw the hoodie to him for him to hold. I twirled in a slow circle while his eyes roved my body, taking everything in. He let out a long, low whistle.

'Debs did a bloody amazing job.' He whispered, kneeling down in front of me and taking my hands. 'But she missed one thing.' He said, taking a bracelet out his pocket, tying it round my wrist gently. I looked at it. Lifting my wrist to my eyes and studying it. It was a braid, made from purple, blue and black thread, and wound around my wrist 3 times before Jay had tied the ends together. I looked at him questioningly.

'It's an ancient tradition from some countries in Asia.' He answered my unspoken question, 'Young men give them to the girl they love. The girl they wish to marry when they are older.' He finished, drawing me in to the circle of his arms and resting his head against my chest. He was still kneeling down on the floor. He stood, lifting me up with him.

'Now lets get you to the studio.' He said.

'Wait…' I said, wriggling out his grip and dropping to the floor.

'Let me put your hoodie back on for a while?' He laughed, pulling it over my head for me before picking me back up and carrying me towards the studio.

He carried me the whole way down the corridor and in to the studio, set up ready for filming, ignoring my protests. He finally put me down inside, when Brian walked towards us, he took my hand instead.

'I am capable of walking you know.' I grumbled, he laughed softly, releasing my hand. But instead of moving away from him, I moved towards him, snuggling in to his side, making him laugh again before he wrapped his arm around me.

'Now, the plan is,' Brian began, turning to the rest of the room and addressing the others, I hadn't noticed them all before, but there they were, seated on a couple of sofas. I pulled Jay over to join them and we st side by side on the sofa.

'Right, Hannah knows the bit of dancing she's doing whilst Siva and Nathan are singing. She'll be in the front left, with Bianca on the right, Maria behind her and Angelina behind Bianca.' I grimaced and Jay pulled me in to his lap. 'They'll be doing a synchronised bit of dancing. Nathan, remember when you sing about having each other to point directly at the camera, as if it was Sarah. Jay your bit outside, remember to walk in to the tree, but not to hard or it WILL fall over. Tom will pass by you on the butterflies bit but you MUST ignore him, act like you don't see him, Tom and Max, remember to dance like butterflies, flapping your wings. Anytime another member of the band passes by you, you must ignore them and carry on it looks better that way. Max, Tom and Jay, when you run at the camera and run past it to go around again, make sure that you give it a really wide berth or you'll be in the side of the shot when Nathan is singing. Don't forget the 'creep' faces as Jayne calls them. And right at the very end, when Max is singing his final solo, all of you will move slowly in to position, Louisa, come in directly behind him, so that as he turns, he can take you in his arms easily. The others, you and your partner will come in from opposite sides so you face each other and end up directly in front of each other, your end position is your choice, but Sarah, where you come on is a chair so maybe sit in it or make use of it somehow so it looks as though it is meant to be there. I know it's a lot of information but let's make it look good right?' We all nodded, standing up off the sofa and spreading to our starting points.

As the music sped up and Maria and I stood at the side waiting for our signal to go on, I felt my heart speed up.

'I'm nervous.' I whispered.

'So am I.' She whispered back, grabbing my hand as Brian signalled to us, we jogged on, in to our spots. Bianca glared at me before the camera turned on us, we heard the doors open behind us and as Max, Tom and Jay ran towards the camera, we began to dance.

'Promise me, you'll stay the way, you are. Keep the fire, alight, and stay young, at heart.' He sang as we danced in a square around him. He ran forwards, making way for Nathan to continue.

'When the storm, feels like, it could blow you out, remember you, got me. And I got you, cause we are…' He sang, before the music cut off,

'CUT!' The director's voice sounded out among us and we all relaxed, Jay swept me up in his arms.

'You were amazing!' He said, swinging me round. Bianca ran past us, in tears, I looked questioningly after her as Jay put me down.

'It's not over yet.' I giggled as the director called for us all to move outside. Jay dragged me out after him where I caught up with Maria.

'What's wrong with Bianca?' I asked, to my surprise she began to giggle.

'She messed up.' She giggled, 'she forgot the moves and had to look at you to carry on!' We both dissolved in giggles as Jay gave me a hasty kiss on the cheek and dashed off to his place.

'We'd better move.' I said to Maria and we grabbed each other's hands, running to the spot where Jay would run past us and grab my hand on the way past. A bit behind us stood Sarah, Louisa, Nikki and Priya, who had to make it look as though they were chatting, and then when Jay and I ran past they would follow us to where Tom would be singing. Him and Max would do their little bit before Max would take on his solo again, then we'd all move off to the sides as the boys would circle Max and pull the 'creep face' smiles and the camera would pan round to each of them. Then we'd all run indoors to film the final scene, with the ending.

The music began to play, I could see Jay moving out the corner of my eye and as he walked out from among the trees, Maria and I began to dance, Jay ran past us, but instead of grabbing my hand, he flung his arm around my shoulders and his other swept under my legs, knocking me in to his arms, I squeaked and he carried on running. Putting me down where the two of us danced whilst Tom sang,

'Butterflies, butterflies, we were meant to fly you and I you and I…' Tom sang and the camera turned off us, allowing me to laugh briefly. Jay looked at me questioningly.

'That was hardly a butterfly dance.' I giggled, running forwards with Jay, 'it was more of a butterfly/chicken dance.' I finished, reliving the memory of Tom and Max, dancing back to back, flapping their arms like chickens. Max began to sing his solo bit as Jay ran in to position. I went and stood at the side of the room, opposite where Jay would be standing and waited. The other's appeared within moments, standing opposite where the boys would be. In an instant, the boys were opposite us. Jay blew me a kiss as Max began backing in the room and one by one we began walking in view of the camera. I began walking, and so did Jay.

'The memory of being here with you…is one I'm guna take my life through…' Max sung, backing slowly towards Louisa, I was nearly at Jay.

'Cause some days stay gold…' He sang, as Sarah sat in the chair, Nathan knelt in front of her, Nikki walked in to Tom's arms and he hugged her, resting his cheek on the top of her head. Priya walked in to Siva's arms and rested her cheek on his chest. Max spun, taking Louisa in his arms, and kneeling in front of her, I met Jay, he wrapped me in his arms, leaning down to press his forehead against mine.

'Forever…' The final word rang out and everyone stayed where they were, except Jay, who leaned in, planting a kiss on my lips as the music faded out.

Part 42:

'That was BEAUTIFUL!' Brian called, rushing towards us once he'd been cleared by the director that the cameras were all turned off.

'Lovely improvising at the end there with your positions and Jay, that kiss beautiful.' He finished, hugging me.

'Well done with your dancing Hannah.' He congratulated, 'now good luck on tour boys. I have business to attend to.' He said, before dashing off. The director called us over.

'That was brilliant, no retakes or anything.' He beamed at us, 'now once it's all finished and put together, I'll email a copy of it to Jayne whilst you're all on tour so you can see it then. It was brilliant though, well done all of you.' He said, before moving away from us. Jayne came over.

'Now then, we had people go to all your houses and pack for the tour, now all that's left for us to get on that tour bus, and go.' She beamed, leading the way in to the car park outside.

'Oh my GOD!' I exclaimed when I saw the bus parked outside. It was the size of a large coach, with a huge picture of the boys on either side, printed. We looked at Jayne who signalled to the driver to open the doors. He did, and we all ran forwards, I pushed my way past and ran in first. I froze at the top of the stairs. The front was like a main, sitting area with a sofa and a coupe of chairs, then on the left, a table with some laptops on it sat there, a long chair, attached to the wall, snaking around it and a couple of stools bolted to the floor the other side of it. On the right was a small kitchen area with a fridge, a kettle and a microwave oven and some cupboards and worktops, I walked forwards, Jay close behind, towards the back of the bus to allow the others on. We passed through a small corridor, with shelf beds on either side, stacked up 5 tall with a ladder going up each one to allow everyone on. It was obvious who was sleeping on what one as they each had our own duvets and pillows on them. At the back was a store cupboard, which we opened to find our suitcases, stacked along, fully packed, the final door was a bathroom, with a toilet and a sink but o shower. I grimaced, it was like being in caravan, we'd have to shower where we stopped off on tour.

We went back to the front of the bus and joined the others sitting on the sofas. Jayne smiled at us before climbing in to the passenger sea in the front. I pulled my Blackberry out and texted mum. She texted back quickly 'Have fun on tour and be careful of your joints. We all love you lots, keep in contact while you're away.' I smiled before standing up. Jay grabbed my hand,

'Where are you going?' He asked.

'To get food?' I said, voicing it as a question. He grinned as I went over to the cupboards, pulling them open. I found a box of cookies, grabbing it and taking it back to the sofa with me. I flopped down next to Jay, ripping open the box as he pulled me in to his arms. Stuck my hand in and grabbed a few, eating one and feeding Jay another.

'That's one thing I love about you.' Jay said after swallowing, 'you eat whatever and you don't care about looking fat. And you know the way to my heart.' He finished, smiling as I fed him another cookie. After a while Jayne turned to us.

'Guys, bed.' She said, 'we're headed to Glasgow so you'd better get some sleep.' We nodded, the five of us girls standing first, walking to our suitcases and pulling out pyjamas. We headed round where the boys couldn't see us before getting changed. When we were changed we walked back round. Jay stood before me, in tracksuit bottoms and noting else, holding a mug of tea.

'I love you.' I grinned, grabbing it off him and drinking it quickly. I turned to the other girls. They'd all climbed in to their beds. I climbed the ladder to the third bed and ducked inside, pulling the curtains across the window beside me.

'Night,' we all chorused pulling the curtains across that blocked us from view from the rest of the bus. I heard the boys climbing in to their beds and it wasn't long before I heard Tom's deep snoring, Siva's light breathing and the breathing of the others asleep. I rolled over to face the wall, just beginning to drift off to sleep when a set of arms grabbed me, sliding me out my bed. I looked down, Jay was pulling me out of my bed and putting me in his, he pulled the curtains back across my bed and left my duvet there before climbing in behind me and pulling the curtains across.

'What?' He whispered. 'I couldn't sleep.' I laughed quietly before tucking myself closer to him.

'Neither could I.' I whispered back, before shutting my eyes and gradually falling asleep.

Part 43:

It wasn't until someone ripped the curtains open the next morning that I woke up, Jay was the side of the window now, his arms wrapped around me, the duvet pulled right up under our necks. I cracked my eyes open to see Tom's face right in front of mine.

'Jesus Christ Parker,' I cried, shooting upright and smashing my head on the bed above ours. 'Scare the crap outta me why don't you utter pleb!' I moaned, pushing his face away from mine.

'Oh and you didn't scare us when Sarah pulled back ya curtains ta find ya gone.' Tom said, stepping away, 'we've just searched the whole bleedin' bus before Nathan suddenly realised Jay weren't up so you must be wit' him.'

'Well I'm sorry to scare you all but ain't all blonde.' I giggled, wrenching Jay's arms from around me and dropping lightly to the floor. Jay stirred.

'Where you going Hannah...?' He whined, pulling the duvet back up to his neck where I'd moved it to slide out.

'To get my phone,' I said, pulling his duvet straight off him and wrapping it around me, padding off down the corridor to the table,

'Now get up you lazy sod.' I giggled as he slid out of bed behind me and dashed down after me, attempting to wrestle the duvet off me. He threw me down on the floor, trying to wrench in out my grip, tickling me for good measure. I didn't let go, I refused, pulling myself away from him and pushing myself up off the floor, plonking myself on the sofa by the table, picking up my phone off the table and opening Facebook to update my status.

When Jayne finally joined us an hour later, she found quite a sight, the boys spread around the room half dressed (they seem to be allergic to shirts all of them), I was tucked under Jay's duvet with him. He was lying back on the sofa; I was lying practically on top of him, my head resting on his chest, his arms were wrapped around my back and he was smiling. I was just beginning to fall asleep again when Jayne cleared her throat loudly. I shot upwards, Jay's arms ripping off me as I jumped, my knee slid between his legs and he cringed inwards. I jumped straight off him,

'I'm sorry! Jay I'm so sorry!' I screamed, kneeling beside him and kissing his face repeatedly. I heard the others laughter as his face screwed u with pain.

'It's fine…accident…' he grunted, pulling me back on to the sofa and under the duvet the hug him. Jayne cleared her throat again and this time we all looked to her.

'Right, you've been on this bus for 5 hours and I'm guessing you're all in need of some fresh air. So we are stopping in about 10 minutes. This is normal motorway services but I am hoping that you don't get recognised. We need you to wear caps and sunglasses so that you have as little chance as possible to being recognised.' We all nodded, 'well go get dressed then.' She sighed. We all jumped up, running to grab our suitcases. I pulled mine open; grinning when I saw all my new clothes had been packed, along with my favourite skinny jeans and crappy Primark, stretch t-shirts. I pulled out my skinny jeans and my blue Primark t-shirt before ripping open Jay's suitcase, before he'd got to it; I pulled out the hoodie that was packed on the top, it was the black one, with the Converse logo on it, and a blue baseball cap. I took them with me and ran to get changed, pulling on the cap and pulling out my huge sunglasses from my shoulder bag and placing them on to.

10 minutes later, we were all back in the main room as the bus pulled in to the coach park. Jay looked at my sunglasses and giggled.

'What?' I asked, prodding him gently.

'You look like a fly.' He laughed, gently prodding me back.

'Ahhh.' I gasped.

'What?' Jay said, pulling away from me, afraid he'd hurt me.

'That's Nathan's job!' I said, putting my hand in front of my mouth, feigning horror.

They all sighed.

'You daft cow, you had me worried!' Jay moaned, hugging me before we both turned to Nathan.

'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.' We both hummed in tune with each other. Tom and Max laughed, both of them joining in with us.

'EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.' We all hummed in harmony, mocking Nathan.

'Give it a rest you lot.' He moaned, climbing out the bus first as it stopped.

Part 44:

Standing just outside the bus, Jay took my hand and pulled me towards him. I grinned up at him, pushing my sunglasses up my nose and pulling on the baseball cap I'd borrowed, I pulled up Jay's hood and he laughed softly in my ear, hugging me close to him. I yawned, trying to stifle it behind my hand as he let me go, wrapping his arm around my shoulders; I wrapped mine around his waist, stifling another yawn. We set off, away from the bus and towards the service station, the tension in the group was evident, the stiff way we were all walking, the way Tom gripped Nikki's hand as if she would disappear if he let go. The way Max had his arm around Louisa's waist, ready to drag her away from any danger, the way Siva had a tight grip on Priya's hand ready to yank her towards him and out of danger, protected by his tall frame, the way Nathan had his arm around Sarah's waist, his hand gripping her hip tightly. And the way Jay's hand gripped my shoulder, preventing me from moving to far away from him, as if he was holding me there on this earth, his body almost shielding mine, he was big enough to shield me, all he had to do was wrap his arms around me and his huge frame would shield mine. We could feel eyes watching us, we hoped they were watching us as young couples in love, perhaps because we were all in sunglasses, hats and hoods.

We reached the service station and walked through the doors; I looked up at the signs and saw the male and female toilets were at opposite ends of the services. I made to pull away from Jay, just as the others were all doing. He grabbed my arm as I pulled away, pulling me back to him and wrapping his arms around me and pressing his fore-head to mine, pushing up my sunglasses so he could see me properly. I could feel people watching us as they walked past and heard one elderly couple comment,

'It's so nice to be so young and so in love.'

'I love you.' Jay whispered, his fore-head still pressed to mine, 'be careful.'

I laughed quietly,

'I'm only going to the toilet Jay, what damage can I do there?'

He laughed back, kissing me briefly,

'Just try not to flush yourself down a toilet.' He said, kissing me again quickly, but still not letting me go.

'Your mum told me about your hip problem by the way.' He whispered in my ear, 'and I will do everything in my power to keep you safe, and keep you in one place.' I nodded, a tear forming in my eye,

'I'm glad you know.' I whispered, choking out my words, before ripping myself away from him and running off after the girls, wiping the tears from my eyes. I heard Tom ask Jay what was wrong and the reply of,

'Nothing that concerns you.' Nathan asking what he said and Jay saying he said nothing wrong and they were tears of relief.

A woman grabbed my arm as I tried to brush past her to join the others at the toilets. She had a pushchair in front of her with a toddler strapped in, straining to get out.

'Are you ok love?' she asked, my tears splashing the floor as her hand on my arm caused me to jerk. I nodded, trying to pull away but she pulled me back. I flicked my sunglasses down, hoping she hadn't actually recognised me.

'It's just, I saw you with your boyfriend and you looked so happy, and then you almost ripped yourself away from him. Did he say something to upset you?' I shook my head, choking out my words,

'No, I'm just relived, he knows my joint problems. He's never done anything wrong to hurt me. He never would. I'm fine thank you.' I said, stepping forwards and hugging the woman, who looked pleasantly surprised. She smiled at me,

'Ok, go and catch up to your friends.' She said, letting me go and nodding after them.

'Thank you.' I smiled, wiping the last couple of tears from my eyes and running off after the others.

I ran in to the toilets and pulled of the cap and sunglasses, looking at myself in the mirror. I heard a voice behind me and turned to Sarah. She took one look at my red eyes and grabbed my arm, pulling me in to a cubicle and locking the door behind us.

'What happened?' she whispered, hugging me. I hugged her back,

'Mum told Jay about my hip.' I whispered back. She pulled back and looked at me,

'Then why are you crying, you were worried about telling him. You weren't sure if he'd treat you differently, be more protective.'

'I'm crying because I'm glad!' I said, hugging Sarah tightly again. 'He's not treating me any different and he still loves me all the same.' I grinned.

'Good. I'm glad you're happy.' Sarah smiled,

'Me too,' I whispered, 'Nathan looks after you well.' I said, reaching around and opening the door, going out and looking in the mirror. Standing at the mirror we were joined by the others.

'Ready?' Louisa asked me, I turned and nodded.

'Can we go Smith's before we meet back with the boys?' I asked, 'it's just across there and I want to get some magazines to read on the journey.' I said, grinning. They all nodded and we walked out and ran over to Smiths.

Part 45:

Walking in to Smith's we headed straight over for the magazine rack. I grabbed a copy of Teen Now and Love It and walked over to get a drink when a shout behind me made me turn. Sarah was brandishing a copy of Top of the Pops, waving it around like a crazed lunatic. I looked at her with a confused expression on my face.

'Look at who's on the front cover!' She squeaked, thrusting it under my nose. I looked down, and shrieked.

'But...that's us?' I said, looking down at the cover version of the five of us. It wasn't a large picture, but it was large enough, there we were, all of us pictured with the boys.

'Newest Celebrity Couples.' The title read underneath us, then 'Page 20.' Written beside it. I flicked it open to page 20 and shrieked again. It was the final scene from the Gold Forever video shoot, and right there, in the middle of all of them, was me and Jay, lips locked. I stood there, stunned in to silence for the first time since meeting the boys those couple of weeks ago.

'Oh my God.' I mouthed, looking up; Sarah, Louisa, Nikki and Priya were all crowded round, looking at the picture too. We all looked at each other before grabbing a copy each and joining the queue to pay.

I reached the front and passes over my magazines and my bottle of Diet Coke to the woman behind the desk, who began scanning my items. She looked down as she picked up Top of the Pops, and looked up at me, then back down at the magazine, and then peered around where the others were now paying at other desks. It suddenly dawned on me, none of us had put our sunglasses back down, they were perched on the tops of our heads, and the baseball cap was clutched tightly in my right hand. I flung my money across the desk, clamping my left hand over her mouth, and ramming the baseball cap back on my head.

'Say nothing...' I growled at her and she nodded, reaching for the till to hand me my change. I took my hand away from her mouth and took my change and my bag of items, hurrying along, ushering the others away quickly from their tills. Just as we were leaving the store we heard a shout of,

'Does that mean The Wanted are somewhere in the building?' We turned and looked at each other, eyes wide in fright as people turned to look at us, the shock on their faces evident. People began to crowd towards us, we could no longer hear ourselves speaking.

'RUN!' I screamed, 'FIND THE BOYS!' It was pretty obvious what I was saying, even if we couldn't hear each other.

'Don't get separated!' I yelled, and we all grabbed each other's hands, running off through the service station.

People stared at us as we ran past, me in the middle, slightly ahead of the others, almost pulling them along. I turned to see if everyone was behind me still, and ran straight in to someone, toppling sideways.

'Sorry, sorry.' I stammered, trying to right myself. I heard a soft laugh and looked up. I'd run straight in to Jay and Siva, literally, straight in to them. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

'Who are you lot running from?' Siva laughed, letting me go, sure I wasn't about to topple over. I pulled the magazine out my bag, brandishing it under their noses.

'They know, we're in the building, we forgot about the sunglasses and some woman recognised us and screamed out are The Wanted in the building with you and we ran because people were crowding us and it was really scary...' I babbled at high speeds, 'and some woman stopped me earlier to see if I was ok because she saw me crying and I said I was fine but I think she might have recognised me too and she might have recognised Jay, and now I've blown all of our cover and I'm...' I continued, until Jay cut me off, bending down and pressing his lips to mine to shut me up. Siva laughed beside him. I tried to continue talking, mumbling against Jay's lips but he put his hand behind my head, pulling my lips tighter to his, cutting off my speech. I kissed him back until he was satisfied I was done speaking, and he pulled back. I tipped forwards and fell against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me, pressing his face in my hair and laughing.

'So I'll take that as our signal to leave then.' Siva said, as the other 3 boys joined us, grabbing each of the girls and pulling them close. We nodded, turning to the doors.

'Oh no...' Jay mumbled, I pulled my face away from his chest and turned to, the doors were almost blocked by a crowd of people.

'How do we get out?' Sarah gasped, drawing closer to Nathan who put his arm around her tightly.

'With difficulty.' Tom whispered loud enough for only us to hear.

'I'm going through.' Tom said, grabbing Nikki's hand tightly and charging his way towards the door, closely followed by Max, Louisa, Siva and Priya. I turned to Jay, tears forming in my eyes again.

'J-J-Jay...I-I can't go through that...I'll get hurt!' I sobbed; he pulled me close to him.

'I won't let you go through that; I don't want you getting hurt.' He growled, turning to Nathan, 'now how the hell do we get out of here?' he asked.

'I think there were windows in the toilets...' Nathan began, that was all he needed to say. Jay grabbed me round the waist, picking me up and placing me on his front, like a baby once again, I wrapped my arms and legs round him tightly, burying my face in his neck and shoulder.

'Hold on tight.' He whispered, jogging off, holding me tightly. I could hear Nathan and Sarah running behind us. I suddenly realised, we were heading towards the male toilets,

'Wait, female toilets windows come out at the back, we're better off going out back and running round front.' I said suddenly, causing a change in direction. We reached the female toilets and barged in, causing panic and scatter among the women in there. Jay placed me down and I ran along the cubicles, finally finding a window big enough for us to fit through.

'In here.' I called, waving them in. Sarah, Nathan and Jay joined me in the cubicle, Nathan locking the door behind us. I climbed on to the window sill, feeling Jay behind me, supporting me so I wouldn't fall backwards. I fiddled with the window lock before slumping down.

'It won't open.' I moaned. Jay hugged me.

'You tried your best love.' He said, pulling me back against him.

'No.' I groaned, lunging forwards and slamming my fist down on the lock, again and again. Blood oozed out of the side of my fist, smearing the lock with blood.

Jay grabbed my hand, preventing me from hitting it again and making my cut worse. Tears of frustration pooled in my eyes as I lashed out at him, causing him to jump back in fright. I whacked the lock again, and this time it moved. My grin lit up my face, I grabbed Jay's face, putting a hand on each of his cheeks, and dragged his face to mine, kissing him hard on the lips.

'Sorry I went to hit you, but look.' I said, pulling back and letting him catch his breath. I hit the lock again, and it broke away from the window, which swung open easily.

'Ta-daahh!' I said, flourishing my hand outwards, so they could all see the open window. They grinned at me while I peeked out, looking down to the floor.

'It's about a 6 foot drop.' I said, recoiling quickly back and letting Jay look. He looked back to me,

'I'm tallest, I'll go first.' He said, hanging his legs out the window, lowering himself down so he was hanging, looking me in the eyes still.

'My Spider Man.' I whispered, kissing him before he let go.

'Nath you next!' He called from below, I moved so Nathan could drop out next. We heard a gentle thud as Nathan hit the ground.

'Sarah you come now!' Jay called; Sarah climbed up beside me and looked down.

'Don't worry; we're both here to catch you.' We heard Nathan call, and she dropped gently. I heard a slight grunt from Jay and Nathan as Sarah dropped in to their arms. Then it was my turn, I looked out the window and saw all three of them standing below, looking up at me, Jay stretched out his arms.

'It's ok, you don't have to drop, I'll lift you down.' He called up to me, I shook my head.

'I have to do this.' I called back to him, hanging my legs out the window and lowering myself, spinning so I was hanging by my elbows. I could feel Jay's hands on my legs. Supporting me,

'Jay please let go, I don't want to hurt you.' I called down to him, my arms beginning to shake from the weight, blood seeping from my cut fist, on to the window sill. I felt Jay let go,

'We're clear.' He called up to me. I pushed off the wall and let go, spinning 180 degrees in the air until I hit the floor. I bent my knees as I hit the ground; I carried on going down, throwing my body in to a roll. I stood up to see the stunned look on Jay's face.

'Army cadets remember?' I laughed, taking his hand and leaning up to kiss his cheek.

'Yeah but doesn't that hurt your hip?' He asked seriously, looking at me. I nodded,

'I'm used to it, it's just a jarring pain, it hasn't dislocated yet.' I said.

'Now come on we need to get back on the bus.' I said, pulling Jay's hand and starting to run, closely followed by Sarah and Nathan.

Part 46:

We ran across the car park, until we could see the bus. Then the screaming began.

'TOM! MAX! SIVA! OPEN THE DOOR!' We yelled as we neared it. We didn't stop running as the door neared. We screamed louder, I was barely 50 metres from it when it swung open and Tom jumped back a bit. I felt Jay's arms around me, lifting me off the floor and in to the bus. He jumped up after me and I heard Sarah and Nathan stumble in. The door slammed shut and Tom jumped over us, heading for the front of the bus. He obviously said something to the driver as a moment later we felt the bus begin to move, pulling away from the services. Jay took my uninjured hand pulling me to sit on the sofa; I went with him easily. He sat me down before walking off to find a first aid kit. I curled up, wrapping my arms around my legs; the others were spread around the bus, doing whatever they wanted. Jay came back in and stood for a moment, looking at me, before sitting down opposite me on the sofa. He took my hand, turning it, cleaning the cut and putting a plaster on it before standing up again and walking away. I curled up tighter and turned my back on the bus, looking out the front windscreen instead. I didn't here him come back; it was only when he threw his duvet over me that I knew he was back. I pulled his duvet right up under my chin, and then I felt his arms around me, gently pulling me backwards across the chair.

I went with it, pushing my shoes off on to the floor, he pulled me back until could feel his legs either side of me and his chest pressed against my back. He lay back, laying me down with him, so my head was resting on his chest. I rolled over so I could face him and propped myself up. I looked in to is eyes,

'I'm sorry I tried to hurt you.' I whispered, 'the frustration got to me.'

'It's fine love, honest.' He smiled, kissing my nose gently. I pulled back a bit.

'It's NOT fine...' I moaned, I tried to hurt you.' I moaned, ignoring the others entering the room.

'Yes you tried to hurt me, but you did it for good reason.' Jay said, pulling me back down to hug him. I relaxed in to him,

'I love you.' I mumbled against his bare chest. He grinned.

'I love you too Hannah. Even though you can be a tad violent, it's one of the many things I love about you.'

I was just nodding off when Tom and Max barged in, tipping me and Jay off the sofa.

'Hey!' I complained, picking myself up off the floor and going and hugging Jay.

'Listen what's on the radio!' Tom yelled, cranking up the volume. I heard the violins playing the introduction.

'OH MY GOD!' I shrieked as Max joined in singing,

'Fighting won't knock you out, of my head.' That's when Nathan and Siva and the girls joined us, building up to the best bit,

'Till it ceases I'll never know, How Do you get up from an all time low?' Max sang, we all joined in, dancing like crazy.

'A LOW A LOW A LOW A LOW A LOW.' We all sang loudly, dancing around. Manchester, you'd best be ready to SCREEEEEAMMMM, I thought.

15 years later, The George Household:

'HONEY!' Louisa called loudly upstairs. 'YOU NEED TO GET THE KIDS UP!' She groaned loudly, holding her back with one hand and her stomach with the other, waddling back to the kitchen. She felt two arms around her,

'What are we calling this one?' Max whispered from behind her.

'I was thinking Aria-Michelle.' Louisa replied, twisting to hug him as Russ and T.J. joined them in the kitchen.

'Mummy, when's our sister coming?' Russ asked, plonking his bum in a chair to eat breakfast.

'Next week, hopefully.' Louisa smiled, 'Uncle Jay and Auntie Hannah are coming over in a couple if days to look after you while Dad and I go away to get her.' T.J. grinned toothily.

'I like Uncle Jay. Is he bringing his lizards?' T.J. lisped. Max rolled his eyes,

'Yeah I reckon they'll both bring Tia and Jake. Just make sure they don't mess everywhere.' He grinned, 'Now go get dressed for school.' The boys scurried off, Louisa turned to Max,

'Don't forget you're going out with Tom tomorrow for a drink before the baby comes.'

'How could I forget? He would never let me forget.' Max laughed, kissing Louisa briefly,

'I love you.' He said, hugging her gently.

'I love you too.' Louisa replied.

The Parker Household:

'TOM! GET YOUR LAZY ARSE OUTTA BED AND GET FRAN AND RYAN UP!' Nikki yelled up the stairs, laying the table for breakfast. She heard a door bang open and Tom's growl at the kids. Then their shrieks and laughs, presumably as he tickled them to get them up. She laughed softly to herself, he still got her up like that, and she loved him for it. She heard the kids thumping downstairs followed by Tom. Tom ran in the kitchen, grabbing Nikki and whirling her across the kitchen, making her giggle. He kissed her on the lips,

'Not in front of the kids.' She laughed as both Francesca and Ryan mimed gagging in to their cereal. They'd been through tough times, breaking up few years back before realising how much they needed and relied on each other, getting back together. It was nice to see them so happy together now.

'Don't forget you're out with Max tomorrow for a drink before their new kid arrives.' She grinned, placing a bacon sandwich in front of him. He looked up at her, grinning like he always did,

'Oh yah yah yah.' He nodded, making her laugh. She sat beside him, hugging him and kissing him,

'I love you.' He said to her,

'I love you too,' she replied, kissing him again, making Ryan and Cesca gag again.

The Kaneswaran Household:

Siva gently shook Priya awake, grinning at her as she cracked open her eyes.

'Morning love,' he whispered, 'Angela and Robert are just getting up for school. They've had breakfast and everything, thought I'd let you sleep a bit longer.' Priya smiled up and him, sitting up and stretching, climbing out of bed and pulling on her dressing-gown, padding downstairs after Siva. She walked in to the kitchen to see a breakfast plate laid on the table with pancakes on it for her. She turned to Siva,

'I love it when you cook breakfast for me.' She grinned as Angela and Robert came in and hugged her, saying good-bye as they got ready for Siva to take them to school.

'Siva, don't forget you're going out with Jay and Nathan tomorrow.' Siva laughed softly and smiled to her, pulling her close and hugging her gently.

'I could never forget, Jay would bring that damned lizard over here if I forgot.' He shuddered, 'And Nathan would never let me live it down.' She laughed, hugging him back.

'I'd better get the kids to school.' He said, kissing her gently, 'I love you.'

'I love you too.' She replied, waving to the kids as they raced past to the car.

The Sykes Household:

'Nathan!' Sarah yelled up the stairs, 'Get Alex up for me!' She heard a groan and a thud as Nathan rolled out of bed. She shook her head, laughing, even 15 years later and he was as lazy as he always had been. She heard a shriek as Nathan woke up their 7 year old son, Alex, then footsteps on the stairs, indicating they were coming down for breakfast. She walked to the kitchen door in time to see Nathan place Alex down at the bottom of the stairs and block him from running back up to bed.

'But Dad…' He whined, 'I want to see Uncle Jay and Auntie Hannah with you today instead…' He moaned, turning to Sarah, arms folded, pouting. Nathan laughed,

'Wonder where he got that attitude from.' He mumbled jokily, wandering past Sarah to get breakfast. She thumped him playfully as he passed.

'Must be you love.' She retorted, following him in to the kitchen, before turning back to her son,

'Uncle Jay and Auntie Hannah are coming to get you from school later to take you home to play with Jason, Tia and Jake for a bit while your dad and I sort some stuff out with Louisa and Max.' She said, hugging her son before picking him up and putting him in his chair to eat his cereal. He grinned at her widely, showing his missing teeth,

'Look this one's wobbly.' He laughed excitedly, showing Nathan and Sarah his new wobbly tooth.

'Well you'd better be good for the tooth fairy then.' Nathan said as he went to get changed to take Alex to school. He hugged Sarah, kissing her gently,

'I love you.' He mumbled against her lips.

'I love you too.' She replied, hugging him tighter.

The McGuiness Household:

'Jay!' I yelled up the stairs, no reply, 'JAY!' I yelled louder before running up the stairs, tripping up the top step. I steamed into our room and jumping on the bed. I stood up, bouncing hard on him.

'What are you doing… ?' He moaned from somewhere under the covers.

'Wake up, wake up.' I yelled with each jump, finally giving up and flopping down on the bed, energy gone.

'No matter how old you get, you're still a child really aren't you?' He laughed, getting out of bed and stretching.

'Are the kids up?' I shook my head.

'Get them up for me?' I moaned, 'I need to feed the lizards.' He nodded, walking out the room,

'JASON, TIA, JAKE! Get UP!' He called, running in to their room, I heard the shrieks as he presumably tipped them out of their beds. Jake and Tia are twins, both of them 5, Jason is 7, in the same class as Alex at school. I stood up, walking back downstairs, stretching my top down as I went, bad habit but still. I heard the others running downstairs after me and next minute I was being mobbed by my 3 children and my husband. It felt weird, having three smaller than me and then Jay, who was still 6ft 3in, and me, dwarfed by him at 5ft 4in. I hadn't grown any taller in the last 15 years. I grabbed some food for the lizards out the cupboard and walked in to the living room, scratching the lizard tattoo on my shoulder, a smaller version of the one Jay had on his arm. I slid open the tank, letting both our lizards walk out to stretch their legs for a bit, putting food in the tank for them before turning round, and jumping out my skin. Jay was standing in the doorway, watching me let the lizards out.

'God, would you stop scaring me?' I asked him, walking over and prodding him in the stomach. He still made me jump, even after 15 years of being together. He laughed, making me punch him gently, pushing past him to go back to the kitchen.

'Don't forget we're going out with Nathan and Sarah today, picking up Alex as well from school. You're out with Siva and Nathan tomorrow, and then Wednesday we're over at Louisa and Max's, helping Louisa move some stuff around for their new baby.' He nodded, rolling his eyes at me.

'How could I forget with you nagging me constantly every minute of the day.' He joked.

'I do NOT nag!' I replied, folding my arms and pulling a serious face at him, making him laugh more.

'That face still doesn't work on me.' He said, hugging me, I relaxed, hugging him back.

'I love you,' He whispered in to my hair.

'I love you too,' I replied, leaning up to kiss him, before resting my head on his chest. Life was good. For all of us.