The Closeness Revealed

It had been a week since Soul and Maka had been released from the infirmary. Soul's injuries had healed just fine, although would forever bear the scar from that fight. He didn't mind though. He saw it as a scar of survival and one of devotion. Not to mention, Soul thought it was cool. Everything had started going back to normal.

Maka, on the other hand, had withdrawn from almost everything. She had been more quiet than normal. She didn't even find enjoyment in her classes or in the books that she always buried her nose into. She wasn't even in the mood to practice any of the new moves that they were trying to learn. Anytime Soul would recommend that they work on their resonance, Maka would decline the offer, and would lock herself in her room.

It was late night, and Soul was unable to sleep. He looked out his bedroom window and stared at the moon. It seemed to be staring back at him with a smirk on it's face. Slowly, blood seeped out of its mouth and the moon only laughed softly in response.

Soul sighed and put his head in his hands. What had been going on with Maka? Why wasn't she talking to him? More importantly, why he hadn't told her how much he DOES care and how much he was worried about her?

It was then that he heard Maka screaming from the other room. Without a thought, he rushed into her bedroom to find her still sleeping. He sighed. It had to be another nightmare. Maka began thrashing around the bed, so Soul gently held her hands together so that she couldn't hurt herself.

"Maka?" he shook her lightly in hopes that it would awaken her, however, there was no response from her.

"God, Maka! Wake up already!" this time, he shouted loudly and shook her even harder. Instantly, he felt horrible but was relieved when he saw her opening her eyes.

"Soul? W-What happened?" she asked softly. He could only draw her close to him and hold her. "Another nightmare?" he only nodded. Tears began to make their way down her face. "Well, I'm fine! So go!" she snapped. Soul shook his head. "Not this time. Not until you tell me what's going on with you! I'm worried."

Maka only rolled her eyes. "Your Meister is fine!" she snapped again. "I am worried about my friend and my partner. Maka, you have to talk to me. This is not cool anymore!" he replied, keeping his tone even and gentle.

Maka didn't respond. Instead, she was again drawn to the scar on his chest. It was enough to completely break her down. Her body shook with sobs and all she could say was "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry" over and over again.

Soul felt like an idiot. He finally understood why she had been so withdrawn over the past week. He only held her even closer. "Maka, look at me." she didn't move. "Please." he gently lifted her face and looked into her eyes. She attempted to look away but was unable to. His crimson eyes offered comfort, compassion, and worry.

"It's my fault…" she mumbled. Soul gently placed his index fingers on her lips. "There will be no more of that, Maka. It's not your fault. I won't have you blaming yourself for this!" she nodded silently. "You need your rest, but we'll finish this talk tomorrow, okay?" she only nodded again.

Soul hugged her once more and then started heading for the door. Maka choked back a sob and he turned to face her. "S-Soul…please. Don't go. Stay with me?" he tilted his head slightly. Had he actually heard her right? Was she really asking him to stay with her?

"Please?" she asked again softly. He smiled as he walked back towards the bed. "Of course. I'll never leave you." he whispered as he crawled in the next to her.

He pulled the blankets up over both of them. Maka hugged him. "Thank you for this." she laid her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Maybe he was right. She couldn't blame herself for this forever, and it was good to be able to hear his heart…to know that he was right here next to her. He hadn't died. He was okay.

She smiled as she finally allowed herself to go to sleep.

Minutes later, Soul could hear Maka's steady breathing. He knew she had finally gotten to sleep. Hopefully, it was a peaceful one.

He held her protectively, gently wiping away the remainder of her tears. He would not allow any further harm to come to her, whether in the form of nightmares or anything else.