Pairing: Steve/Danny - Here be slash! If you don't like the idea of these two together in a romantic fashion do me a favor and click the back button now

Set after Episode 7: Ho'apona

A/N since I started watching the show about a month ago these two will not leave me alone I figured if I could get a story out that they would leave me alone… then 6 snippets came out. If you guys let me know that this doesn't suck then I'll post the others, if not I'll keep them for myself

Disclaimer: Don't own, if I did this would be canon.

It was bad enough that his partner had to go and implant himself in a hostage situation, but the smug bastard had to come walking off the ship like that was, in fact, nothing. It pissed Danny off; here he was worrying his head off and Steve thinks it was nothing. Danny waited until they were almost back to the car, his car damnit, before addressing the taller man. "Steven?" "Yeah Danno?" He replied absent-mindedly, while turning to face the Jersey native. Steve wasn't expecting the right hook that Danny threw and lost his balance, falling into a seated position on the hood. "What the he..." Steve's ability to speak was cut off by Danny's lips as he kissed his partner senseless. After a moment of shock Steve responded eagerly. In the distance, both men heard someone walking up but didn't care. "Hey, McGarrett—oh Sorry." Reluctantly the two pulled apart. Danny softly said, "I'll be in the car." He turned and nodded to a blushing Ms. Hill before heading towards the vehicle. Steve drew a deep breath before replying, "Yes ma'am, Ms. Hill?" "Governor Jameson just wanted to thank you and your team for resolving this issue so quickly." Steve smiled saying "Just doing what she hired me for." He paused for a moment, standing, "If you'll excuse me." "Yes of course." The two shook hands and Steve turned to get in the car. As he settled into the driver's side he asked "What was the punch for?" Without turning from the window Danny said "If you do something that stupid again I'll hurt you. You had me worried sick about you." Steve nodded before saying "'M sorry…and the kiss?" Danny turned to look at his partner before saying, "I thought I was gonna lose your crazy ass. I promised myself that if you got out ok that I'd do something bout this change in our relationship. I took a risk and I'm sure glad you didn't sock me..." Steve having sensed a trademark Danno-rant coming on did the only thing he could think of to silence the blond man, kissed him into silence.