A/N – So I thought I was done with this series, then I had a thought: the boys hadn't told Catherine. In my sleeplessness and pre-dentist jitters this came out. Enjoy! P.S. that little scene in Kai e'e never happened =)

Steve and Danny did the sensible thing and waited for two weeks before telling Mary and Kono about the proposal. Rachel naturally found out as soon as Grace got home. It was hard to miss when she came bounding out of the car exclaiming, "Mommy, Danno and Steve are gonna get married and I get to be the flower girl and Aunt Mary and Aunt Kono are gonna get to plan it. It was all because of my paper!" Rachel looked up to see both men staring at the ground, blushing furiously. She just chuckled and asked if she got to help pick out Grace's dress.

Getting Mary to come back to Hawai'i was expected to be the hard part, but she jumped at the opportunity to come back home. The plan was to get Mary and Kono in the same place and tell them at the same time to avoid repeated ear damage. Both men were certain there would be squeals.

Steve was pacing around the living room waiting for Kono and Chin to show up. Chin had, naturally, guess what was going on between the two after a slip of the tongue on Steve's part, and was quickly sworn to silence. Mary was upstairs getting ready for the "dinner party". Danny watched his partner make a 10th run through before sighing and saying, "Babe, we are telling your sister and our teammate that we wanna get married, not planning a strategic op into hostile territory with minimal back up and cover. Relax, or Mary is gonna figure it out." Steve sat down next to the blond man, "I'm just nervous." Danny fought the urge to roll his eyes and mutter something sarcastic like, "really, I had no idea" and instead rubbed his fiancé's back and said, "it's gonna be ok."

The doorbell rung, the duo looked at each other confused. Chin and Kono both knocked then barged in. Steve got up to answer the door; he looked out the peephole and saw Catherine. He turned to Danny, "Shit! We never told Catherine." Danny's eyebrows shot up. "She's here?" Steve nodded. "I can see your extremely tall ass, so open the door Steve," they heard. Danny moved towards the door, gently kissed the other man and whispered, "Go check on Mary. I'll take care of this." Steve did as he was told, and as soon as he was out of sight Danny opened the door.

"Catherine, I presume." She was dressed in jeans and a tight tee shirt, clearly on shore leave for a few days hoping to 'spend time' with Steve. "Danny, I presumed," she parroted. She took in his attire; black slacks, blue shirt that made his eyes pop, no tie though. "I know Steve is here, can I see him?" Danny looked around for a second. "See the thing is, Steven has plans for today and he can't 'play' with you right now." Danny noticed Catherine's eyebrow quirk at his use of Steve's full name. "I'd like for 'Steven'," she said sarcastically, "to tell me himself." Danny tilted his head to one side.

"Steven, babe, she doesn't believe that you have plans," he called up the stairs. He noticed Chin and Kono walking up the walkway to the house. "Hey, come in. Super-SEAL is upstairs. He'll be down in a sec." The cousins nodded to Catherine as they walked past. Danny was beginning to think her eyebrow may be stuck into an inquisitive position. Steve came down the stairs, greeted the other team members then turned to address his current and former lovers.

Catherine noticed that he was nearly matching Danny; black slacks and white dress shirt. She didn't miss the way that Steve's hand travelled, seemingly on its own, to the small of Danny's back as he came to stand next to the other man. Steve swallowed before saying, "I really do have plans for the day, Cat." She nodded and asked, "Can I talk to you for a sec," she paused, "without the guard dog." Danny's eyes narrowed at that. Steve turned and whispered, "I'll make it quick," and stepped outside. The door slammed behind them.

"Well, he's pissed." Catherine started. "You did call him a dog." Steve countered. "How long?" she asked. Steve sighed and said "Late August." Catherine did the math in her head, 8 months and she didn't have a clue. She nodded and said, "I'm sorry to have interrupted. You should've called." Steve laughed and said, "Would you have believed me?" She laughed too, "Good point, I wouldn't have. I'm gonna go, have fun." Steve held his arms out and smiled; she gave the man a hug before going back to her car.

Danny opened the door before Steve could even reach for the knob. Danny launched himself at Steve, who was expecting this and caught him. Steve chuckled before kissing the blond man. "Come on, we gotta go have dinner and tell everyone the good news." Danny pulled back and said "Oh what that the wicked witch is dead?" Steve shook his head at his jealous partner, tugging him inside. Once they had all eaten, Steve cleared his throat.

"Mary, Kono, would you guys like a project together?" The women looked at each other and nodded. Steve looked at Danny hoping he would take over, but Danny just looked at him with the 'this is all you' look. Steve exhaled slowly and Mary jokingly chimed in, "What, Steve, are y'all getting married?" The three men exchanged looks. "Holy crap, y'all are," Mary's replied. Kono looked at her boss, silently asking if his sister was right. Steve nodded and she exclaimed, "We are planning it, right? I mean, that is the project, right?" Steve and Danny both nodded and the two women went off to discuss venues, color choices, cake flavors and flowers.

"Well that went better than expected," said Chin. "I'll say. I'm glad they're excited about it," said Danny. Steve just smiled, kissed his partner and said, "Beer, beach, no squealing." The other men smiled and followed him out.