The Striped Pajama's

Chapter 17

Births, Deaths, and a Whole Lotta Life

(Ted's Song: Used To Love Her by Guns and Roses.)

Ted took the guitar from James and started strumming, it, then frowned and tuned the strings.

"Do you play? I'm just learning. Something to do to stop me going insane while I help all these fuckers until they all trust me," James said.

"I used to write my own songs. I wrote a Lullaby for Elizabeth, my wife," Ted replied.

"Really?" choked James, Ted did not come across as the type of man who would write a lullaby.

"Yeah, I'll play it for you:

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I had to put her

Six feet under

And I can still hear her complain"

James laughed and shook his head. "Very nice, a little too romantic for me, but yeah."

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I knew I'd miss her

So I had to keep her

She's buried right in my backyard."

"God, I hope not, that's too risky, where is she really?" he asked.

"She's in her own backyard, this meadow her parents owned and made sure I couldn't inherit. They didn't like me for some reason. It went to the snivelling little fucker she forced onto me. I never liked kids."

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

She bitched so much

She drove me nuts

And now we're happier this way."

"Oh ain't that the truth. First woman I offed was my bitch, Victoria. Nobody knows that, by the way. Cut her up into tiny pieces and burnt the bits to ashes. Washed her down the sewer," added James in complete agreement and understanding.

"I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I used to love her, but I had to kill her

I had to put her

Six feet under

But I still hear her complain."

Ted handed the guitar back to James.

"I feel the urge to visit her. It'd be good to walk all over Elizabeth again. Come on, boy, we are going to visit that Goddamned little rathole named Forks. I'll introduce you to the missus."


"Place is locked up tighter than Fort Knox," James commented as Ted slid down in his seat as the gates automatically opened. Someone was going out or coming in. No cars in the street, must be going out.

James opened a road map for show and watched over the top as the blue car drove out and the gates immediately shut behind it.

"Get the numberplate, could be useful," Ted ordered.

James scratched the numbers and letters into the border on the map.

"I don't think this asshole of the world would have too many cars that cost that much. Little Fucker must be rich," James said, his interest rising.

He recognised man with red gold hair who was walking towards the now closed gates.

"Get out of the car, go walk up so he doesn't come out and see me," Ted ordered.

James did so and approached the gates.

"Hey ,Edward, long time. I'm looking for the Fairweather house, do you know where it is?" he asked and the copperhaired man frowned. He looked tired.

" Jamie? Hi. I never heard of anyone named Fairweather. I think I know of most of the families here. They new?"

"Yeah, just moved here a few months ago," James confirmed."They said Fife Street, that's this road, right?"

"No, I know for a fact Fife Street is in Brereton," Edward answered.

"Shit, no wonder I can't find them. Thanks, I had better go update the Natsav and find out where the heck I should be. Bloody technology."

James got back into the car and drove away, waving at the man at the gates.

"So,was that fun, seeing the Little Fucker all grown up?" he asked Ted.

"Looks like he survived. I figured he did since I didn't get charged with his murder but until you tracked him down I assumed he was at least crippled. Seems I'm not as good at hitting my target as I thought."

"So, what are we doing? Going home?"

"No, I think we will pay Junior a visit. That car his woman drove looked to have quite a roomy trunk, didn't you think? Room for a couple of visitors that wouldn't be welcome at the front door?"

"Nice," said James. By the look of the cars in the open garage and the clothes Edward had been wearing, there would be some choice pickings in his house. And they weren't shitting on their own doorstep. Nobody knew them here, other than the soon to be dead Cullens and their friends knowing Jamie. They had never once asked him his last name, not even Bella. He was that invisible to them.

He shrugged, he could kill the friends if Ted wanted.

Ted would definitely want to kill the Little Fucker himself. Probably kill Bella first so Edward would suffer more.

He pulled in at a cheap motel and pulled out his wallet. Credit card he stole yesterday from that blind old fool should still be okay to use.

"A room with twin beds for Ernest Harold Towers and friend" he told the clerk.

"Surcharge for weekends. It's Saturday."

James wondered if he could kill this moron when they left.

Leave him a bullet in the brain for a tip.


Edward rolled and hit the alarm before realizing he didn't actually have an alarm clock or need it. Izzy was wailing loudly, he could distinguish between the cries of his daughters no problem. She was the impatient one and he stumbled from bed and scooped her from her crib.

"What's up, Princess? Today is Sunday, the day of rest. Do you think you can remember that for next week? Daddy would love to sleep in on a Sunday and then spend some time playing with Mommy, not changing diapers and mixing formula. How about that, just for Daddy? Just one Sunday off?"

He dropped the soggy disposable into the nappy bucket and slipped a clean one under the tiny bottom of his firstborn.

"Daddy loves Izzy very much but Daddy would love Izzy even more at 6am, instead of 5am. Look at your sister, still asleep."

Ruby rolled and started so suck her lips loudly so he was warned, his second daughter wanted a feed as well and would be awake any minute. He was going to have to wake Bella after all.

Even three months after delivery, Bella still looked a little pale to Edward. She was tired all the time, despite Esme being here all day most days, and Alice and Rose had suddenly decided to come home every weekend to help.

Edward wrapped Izzy up again against the morning chill and headed for the kitchen.

The buzzer for the front gate rang and he hit the button that allowed him to communicate with whoever was there.

"Edward, it's Renee. I had a feeling the girls might be awake early, buzz me in and I can take over for you. Charlie is getting pretty good with bottle feeding now."

Edward gratefully hit the buzzer and took two bottles of formula from the fridge and stood them in the bottle warmers as he carried his daughter to open the front door.

His eyes were still only half open and he gazed at Renee and thought she was almost the most beautiful woman in the world at this moment.

Handing Izzy over to her grandmother, he shook Charlie's hand, leaning the other against the door frame so he could remain upright.

"Go back to bed," Renee ordered, checking the temperature of the formula on her wrist then handing baby and bottle to Charlie, who promptly sat down grinning at the baby drinking loudly in his arms.

"Now, where is Miss Ruby?" Renee said, bustling to the nursery as Ruby made her first squeak.

Edward stumbled back to bed and fell back under the covers and his wife moved over and snuggled up to him.

"Babies?" she said.

"No, Edward," he replied.

"Crying?" asked Bella.

"No, just damned tired," Edward said, putting his arm around her.

"Wet pants," she suggested.

"I wouldn't be surprised, I hardly have the energy to get out of bed," he answered.

He felt her hand wander down his stomach and into his pajama pants and to his surprise, there was one part of him still capable of rising.

Bella kissed his cheek and his hand grazed her right nipple.

She stroked her hand up and down his shaft lazily and he stroked and squeezed her nipple.

He felt her hand go limp and his dick followed as they both fell asleep.


"Bella, you have not been out of this house since you gave birth," Alice said crossly.

"I have, I went to..." Bella frowned. Surely they had been somewhere.

Esme and Renee did their grocery shopping, Alice bought everything the twins could wear if they were completely changed from the skin outwards ten times a day, Rose arrived with make up, perfume, hair care products, insisting Bella was not to turn into a housewife and stop looking after herself just because she was a mother.

Alice checked Bella's walk in closet.

"These jeans still have their tags on them. So have these! Bella, what have you been wearing?"

Bella looked down, oh pajama's. So she had forgotten to get dressed once again.

"Get in that shower, wash your hair, it's as bad as Edward's," Alice growled. "Rose and I are dressing you and taking you out. Today."

"But it's Sunday," Bella wailed. "A day of rest."

"Well, we are only here weekends and we have given you plenty of time to start rejoining the real world so get washed, and Rose and I will do your hair and make up and you can wear this outfit I put on your bed. You have five minutes while I grab a coffee and then we will both be back."

Bella felt the water wash over her and was about to get out when she remembered the shampoo. By the time Alice was back she was pretty sure she had washed and conditioned her hair but not sure she used the products in the correct order.

Alice sat her on a chair and the two women went to work and did their magic.

Bella sipped the coffee and held the cup out.


"Jasper, another black coffee for Bella, two sugar, she needs the energy," yelled Alice.

Jasper walked in and kissed Bella's face.

"Sorry , we tried to reign Alice in," he said, handing her the cup.

Bella nodded, knowing that was like trying to stand in front of a hurricane and suggest it changed direction.

She stood on command and the women dressed her. Jasper quietly looked over her body, she looked good. Trim and no marks other than the pink line across her pubic region where she had been cut open to get the twins out. Her breasts were firm and perky, Jasper liked perky breasts.

He walked out and did the thumbs up to Edward, who was too tired and confused to know his brother just saw Bella naked.

"Where are you taking her?" Edward asked. Bella looked beautiful, he had to give the girls that much credit.

"Lunch at some civilised restaurant in Port Angeles. A little retail therapy, the shops are open today. Coffee at Bella Rosa before we allow her to drive home."

"Make sure she is actually awake before you put her behind the wheel," Edward advised them.


Ted and James watched the three gorgeous women walk back to Bella's car and open the trunk to drop in their shopping bags. It was fate, they were here checking out the security on the local bank as you do, and up drove a very familiar car, parking right in the street across from where they sat together in the shaddows as James used his phone to photograph interesting features of the bank building. Like the Pizza shop leasing out half the lower floor.

But suddenly the bank was on the back burner. They had other fish to fry.

"Go pay those boys on the skateboards up there to create a diversion so we can hide in her trunk," Ted said and James did as he was told.

Bella caught sight of him after he had come to an agreement with the leader of the unruly pack, and she called out his name.

"Hey Jamie, how are you? We haven't seen you in an age. Sorry things didn't work out with Angela. Her disappearing like that was a shock to everyone."

Her disappearance had been nothing to do with James, he hadn't killed her. Left her up the duff maybe, but not killed her. That soppy Ben wanted to marry her, she should grab him with two hands, she was used goods and not many men would be interested.

"Let me help you with those," Jamie said, putting the bags in deep so there was plenty of room at the front. He pretended to close the trunk and leaned on it so it would not spring open again and reveal the pen he had placed to stop the clasp working.

"So, you ladies done bashing the plastic?" he asked.

"We are having coffee then heading home. Bella has responsibilities these days," Alice smiled, hands clasped behind her back. Okay, she loved Jasper but Jamie was pretty eye candy. A girl could look.

A boy on a skateboard yelled out to Rose, who immediately walked forward up the sidewalk to reply.

"Skanky ho, want to earn a dollar?" the boy said.

"Come here and I will kick your ass and you don't even have to pay me a dollar," Rose replied.

Alice ran up to her side.

Bella shrugged at James.

"I guess I had better stop Rose brawling in the street. Nice seeing you. We should all get together sometime."

Sooner than you think, Jamie smiled. Regardless of what Ted said, he would be having the pleasure of fucking these three fine ladies before they died. Not negotiable. He would start with the snooty blond who pretended he didn't exist.

"Bye," said James, turning as if to walk away in the opposite direction. Ted sauntered across the street and he and James slid into the trunk as the two smaller brunettes were grabbing at the Amazon further up the sidewalk. A group of spectators hid the car from their view anyway. James pulled the biro out and pulled the catch shut.

"I hope it's a quick coffee," Ted whispered. It was unseasonably warm and the heat inside built up quickly.

Both he and James sighed a sigh of relief when the doors slammed and the car started. It seemed coffee was not happening.

The trip back to Forks was fairly smooth except when Bella stopped at lights and grated the fuck out of her gears.

"Shit, I can't believe the Little Fucker let's her out on the road, she is a shit driver," Ted said.

"She has responsibilities. I think maybe you are a Grandpa," James said, winking.

"Then we kill his kid first, in front of him. Shoot it in the back."

James shrugged.

"Do what you want but I am having my fun with those three bitches."

"I may just join you in that. If I shoot Edward in the back properly this time, he can sit there paralyzed and watch before I kill them then finish him off properly."

"Sounds good," said James, bracing himself as the car stopped again.

"Fuck, here we go," he said as the gears crunched.


Bella cursed and grabbed the stick and started the car again.

"I think the traffic behind are all applauding you finally got us moving," Rose said, watching the truck driver behind mock clap silently at her.

Bella pulled out and the car shuddered and stopped, too quickly for the man behind and he slammed his truck into the back of her car.

"Is everyone okay?" Bella said shocked as the car stopped that terrible screeching of tortured metal and remain in place. The brakes were excellent. The airbag obscured her vision as she tried to check on her friends.

Rose answered she was fine, Alice was screaming but more in shock than pain. A couple of men suddenly surrounded the car, forcing the doors open and checking on the girls.

"I've called 911," someone said, "Don't move them, there could be whiplash or broken backs."

"I think we are fine," Bella replied, trying to step out.

"Stay where you are, the ambulance will be here any second, I can hear the siren. Just let them check you over."


While the girls were relatively unharmed, the two stowaways in the trunk literally never knew what hit them as bones snapped and shattered and skulls hit metal. It was over quickly for James, he died instantly. Poor Ted was not so lucky, and who knows, had anyone bothered to look inside this blood filled prison, maybe he could have been saved. He lay there barely conscious, unable to cry out or move, all the time listening to the voice of his son, the 'Little Fucker', as Edward unknowingly condemned him to death.


Edward stood beside the tow truck driver and looked at the mangled metal where his wife's trunk used to be.

"It could be fixable," the tow truck man suggested, optimistically.

"Fuck it, this is is her second accident in this car, I think it's a sign from the God's this car is not for her. Third time might be really unlucky. I'm not taking the chance. She could have had the children with her."

Charlie scratched his head as he stood beside them. His daughter had just caused the first accident of the month, spoiling their record. He had been aiming for 31 days clear without a traffic bingle.

"Thank God nobody got hurt," Charlie said patting the twisted metal. Dark pools of oil were being hosed away by the fire brigade. The truck had taken a blow to it's engine and gas and oil were pouring out everywhere.

A dark pool of engine oil puddled under Bella's car and Edward frowned. In this light, it almost looked more like a mixture of oil and ruby red blood. It almost looked like the vehicle was bleeding out.

"Actually Rose was screaming her new Manolo's had met a horrible death when she saw the trunk," Edward replied, watching the rainbow colors swirl with the oil and water down the drain in the curb.

"You want me to try and cut it open?" the tow truck driver asked. "See if there's anything salvageable in the trunk?"

"No, fuck it. Take the motherfucker of a car and crush it. I'm not holding a funeral service for a pair of shoes. You'll sign the insurance claim the car's a write-off?" Edward asked his father-in-law.

"I don't ever want to see her behind that wheel again. I agree, it's a write off. Edward, buy her an automatic next time."

"Hallelujah to that."

"I'm heading up to the hospital, but Carlisle says the girls are fine. Want me to bring them home in the cruiser?" Charlie asked."I don't imagine Rose or Alice have been in the back of a police car before?"

"Maybe not Alice," Edward grinned. "Yeah, thanks. I'm following the tow truck, I want to see this car destroyed."


Edward watched Bella's car be lifted by a massive magnet and dropped inside the crusher and it came out a few minutes later in a nice, neat cube.

Ted looked up in surprise as his Earthly life ended and the gates of Hell opened to welcome him. At least he had someone to begin this new journey with. Young James was there already, his face distorted with terror as he instantly regretted every life he had taken, and the two men screamed as their Fate was decided, and they felt the eternal burn begin.

Edward smiled, and felt comforted that this monster car was gone, and could never harm his Bella again.

She was safe now, strangely, he felt they all were.

"I'm almost tempted to have that metal cube delivered to put in the garden," Edward said to the operator.

"That car didn't look too bad, it could've been fixed," the man replied, surprised such an expensive car had been sacrificed like this.

"Nah," said Edward. "It was a deathtrap in my wife's hands. It was only a matter of time before it took someone's life."

He paid the bill and drove home to his sleeping daughters and gazed down at their little faces, putting his arm around a slightly bruised Bella as she walked to his side.

Something had changed today, Edward felt a load lift from his shoulders. Maybe it was the death of that car that he now knew Bella had struggled to control from the start but it felt like more, it was as if this truly was the beginning of a new and perfect life for him and his wife and family. The world was suddenly a beautiful and peaceful place again.

Edward was just grateful Bella had never had that termination and swept this pair of beauties from their lives. They deserved the best life he and Bella could provide for them. These three girls were his happy ever after.


Bella answered the phone and listened intently. Much as she loved Edward and the girls, she had always imagined herself with a son, and now Carlisle was telling her about a newborn baby boy surrendered for adoption by his single mother.

"The mother is known to you, Angela Webber, and she wishes for her baby to go to a local couple who will raise him in Forks. She's left the area herself, permanently, off to start her new life with her new husband who is not this baby's father.

Currently we only have one family waiting to adopt in Forks, they have four boys and want a girl though.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, Bella, we don't get many babies surrendered here as you can imagine, and if the mother wants to stay here, usually they request the baby go to a couple in NY or LA , somewhere far away. Let me know what you decide before I call anyone in."

"The girls are so young," Edward said, when she told him, but Bella could see he was seriously considering the idea.

"Yes but in a way, that's good. We will get the bottles and diapers all over and done with at once. Carlisle said he is beautiful, all blue eyes and golden blond hair. Edward, how often will a baby boy become available, especially here, and most relinquishing mothers will never choose us because we have two children of our own already. Carlisle can get us this little boy."

" I promised to give you all the children you wanted, however we had to do it. Tell him yes. We will go collect him as soon as Dad will release him. Now, I have to tell our two angels they are big sisters before they can even sit up alone." He smiled at Bella, he was happy with the idea, only cautious because of the timing.

Bella hugged her husband and kissed him tenderly.

"Thank you, Edward. I really want a little boy, a little Mommy's boy hopefully. The girls will benefit from sharing their lives with a brother. It's going to be wonderful."

Unless their son was to be dressed in lolly pink hand me downs she needed to get in a whole stack of boys clothing, fast. What does one do at times like this? She called Alice.

"We need..."

"another crib and a shitload of blue clothes for your new son," Alice finished for her. "I have bought his Winter clothes, not sure how big he will be by Summer. Do I wait or guess?"

"Wait, I want to choose some of them myself. Alice, I'm so excited, I never thought I would be a mother now we have three children. It's so much more than I ever dreamed. You know I chose Edward above children, I don't even feel worthy of being thrice blessed."


Carlisle invited his son and daughter in law inside the room off the hospital nursery. Angela Webber had signed the papers, the adoption could take place today. She had sworn the father was unknown and carlisle was surprised that this nice girl had managed to put herself in a situation where that could be possible, but then, he really knew very little about her.

Many people had secret lives nobody else knew about.

Angela had surprised herself when this child was born. She had always assumed she would fall in love with him instantly, and see him as 'her' child alone, nothing to do with the man who had deserted her the moment she told him she was having his child.

It just hadn't happened.

She looked at the infant and all she could see was James.

There was no way she could ever love her baby the way he deserved to be loved, so her only choice was to surrender him and hope whoever adopted him would just see the pretty face and love him.

They would have the advantage of never knowing James.

This baby was a mistake, but she didn't see why she had to pay for the rest of her life. Not when Ben still wanted her, and was happy to agree with whatever she decided.

She wanted a line drawn between her old life and new and now she could go marry her precious Ben without encumbrances. She had walked away without a backward glance.


"Here he is, what do you think?" Carlisle asked as he lay the child in Bella's arms.

"Oh God, he looks like a doll. That skin, those eyes, and and the golden curls, he looks like a cherub straight from Heaven. I adore him. Edward?"

"Bella, if you want him, he is yours. What are you going to name him? Let me guess...Jacob."

"Perfect. Jacob James? Why does he look like a James? Don't you think that's the perfect name for him?" she asked.

Edward smiled. Now he didn't feel any guilt about the vasectomy, now she had a little boy to raise as well as their precious girls and he wasn't the grandson of a killer. Life was perfect.


Alice and Jasper stood outside the church, and Edward handed her her choice of the three infants.

"Um, let's see, I have never held Jacob. I choose him," she decided, holding the precious child carefully.

A rush of visions flew through her head as his tiny hand touched her arm and she gasped.

Then she calmed as she realized all he was showing her was his father's history. His father's life.

His own life would be so very different.

Raised with love and care and cherished as if he was Edward and Bella's own flesh and blood, he would never feel the same horrific urges his biological father had felt.

Had the man raised him himself, it may have been different, but Alice saw instantly that Fate had decided Jacob could be saved from a life of pain and terror, and unlike James, he would not grow up wanting to inflict the same onto others.

Jacob James was going to, instead, follow in Edward's footsteps, and be a man any parents would be proud to call their son.

The End