Hey guys! Just a little AQ oneshot. Nothin' too special. I own nothing but my AQ character Raine. Who I had since I was in 7th grade. heh, now I'm 18 and she's lvl 46. Only I stopped playing around 9th grade, and she was lvl 45. But I digress. Now, read! please? and review, but not be a jerk and flame. And like I said, I own nothing.

The girl opened her eyes so see nothing but a blackness around her. Patting herself down, she realized that she still had on her Scholar Robes, and still had her Water Gem Staff strapped to her back. Sighing in semi-relief, she slowly stood up and looked around. She took forward one step before stopping, realization hit her.

"Oh yeah, that's right," she said, mussing her brown hair, "Those Fire Golems really did a number on me, so of course I died again."

The girl looked around, expecting Death to show up. She sat in the black void and started to think aloud and tap her feet rhythmically.

"I do have to wonder why Death never comes to collect me," she started and rubbed her chin, "I mean, I've been pummeled about twelve times in the past three weeks, even more so before that, and he lets me come back to life every time."

She then stood up and started to pace about in the void, "He always says that his quota is full that day, and that I owe him a favor. Well, I owe him tons of favors first off, and second, a quota? He's freaking DEATH! How on earth can he have a quota! Unless…" A light bulb then went off in her head before she tripped over something.

"Ow!" she yelped before getting up on her knees and held up what she tripped over, an hourglass. "Oh yeah, Death said he was looking for these," she mused before stashing it in her robes. "What was I saying? Oh yeah, if Death has a quota, does that mean he has a boss? If so, who is it, this weird, all powerful Meta-Death the presides over the quotas of every Death in every dimension? Hmm, that's actually not a bad theory now that I think about it."

She proceeded to grin in triumph at her theory when the familiar scythe-wielding, black cloak wearing skeleton that is Death appeared before her.

"Well, well," Death started with his usual greeting when he saw the girl, "Oh, it's you Raine. What happened this time? Young Earth Dragon?"

"Nope," Raine said, "Two Fire Golems. Say, can I ask you something?"

""If you must," the skeleton sighed.

"Do you have a boss? I mean, you keep saying you have a quota, so I though might have a boss."

"No, I don't have a boss," he said, rolling his eyeless sockets, "Now get going, My quota's filled today."

Raine smiled before taking the hourglass from her robes, "You're looking for these, right? I tripped over one waiting for you."

The skeleton then nodded and took the hourglass before sending the girl's soul back the land of the living. Once Raine woke up in Battleon, she was greeted by the ever so punt-able Moglin, Twilly.

"Raine, are you alright?" he asked concernedly.

"I'm fine Twilly, I just died," she said with a smile and headed to the inn for some rest.