Yo. This is a really big fic here, probably twenty or more chapters planned in my head. Ten chapters are currently in my laptop while five are still on paper. I hope you all enjoy this; it's based on L vs. Light (duh) with a little bit of L's successors and Light's minions inserted here and there. Oh- I usually make first chapters in my stories quite short. Please don't be disappointed by the length. :)

Chapter One


Light continued staring at L through the surveillance camera yet again, his eyes flashing rebelliously. L was sitting on his chair in his normal position, complete with the slouch and thumb up his mouth. An empty plate with only a fork on top lay on the desk nearby and a few cake crumbs scattered about. The black-haired twenty-four year old's dark eyes were focused on the computer screens, which were showing the currently imprisoned Light Yagami, Misa Amane, and Soichiro Yagami. At the moment, Light was convinced of not being Kira, which contrasted greatly with his attitude when he insisted his own imprisonment.

Frankly, L couldn't figure out the reason behind Light's sudden change of heart.

"Ryuzaki," Someoned called. It was Aizawa. "This is going too far. Those three need to be released."

L sighed, craving for something sweet to eat or drink. Aizawa tapped his foot impatiently while Matsuda and Mogi shifted uneasily as L kept them waiting for an answer.

"Just a little longer."

The room was a bit dark and all that lit it up were the screens showing the prisoners. Tension was easily felt inside and it was obvious that the only calm person was L. Nobody said anything as a few moments were spent for deep, silent contemplation on the situation at hand. It was exactly like the night before, but worse. The curtains were slightly drawn back that day, so L looked out the window. The sun was setting.

L yawned.

"Hey Jan, I bought some magic dust from this cool store," Sienna said excitedly.

Jan rolled her eyes. She was stuck with her friend's cousin. Her friend said something about babysitting a cousin for her while she went to martial arts class. The ten-year old, long black-haired Sienna stared up at the fourteen-year old, short brown-haired Jan with eager eyes, waiting for a response.

"That's great, Sien," the older girl said bluntly, "You can be like Harry Potter or something."

Sienna laughed and started sprinkling "magic dust" on a stick, trying to turn it into a wand. Jan wondered where the stick came from but shrugged it off, pulling out her Death Note manga volumes 1-12 from her bag. She brought the set along with her so she could re-read the whole story while babysitting.

Jan's friend's house was of medium size and it was quite neat, so Sienna obviously did her best not to mess up the house while playing. Jan found this odd in particular since children were always rowdy and ignorant in her opinion. But then again, this was her best friend's cousin, and knowing her best friend, she probably treated the little girl like a sister and trained her like some sort of child prodigy.

Later, when she finished, she went to read some Death Note fanfiction on her laptop. She didn't notice Sienna curiously pick up some of the volumes and look at the covers. The little girl looked interested at the cool characters and awesome fonts that spelled out "Death Note". She decided that reading would take too long and simply browsed through the pages quickly.

Apparently, she didn't notice that the bag of "magic dust" on her left hand had spilled a little, leaving traces on the manga volumes.

Before she could put all twelve back into place, they all magically disappeared.

Jan heard the gasp behind her. "Hey Sien, what happened?"

"It w-wasn't my fault, I swear!" the girl replied.

"What did you do?" Jan asked, rolling her eyes. She turned and stared down at Sienna, wondering what the girl was so hyped up about. Suddenly, she noticed that something was terribly wrong. Her favorite manga series was missing- all twelve of the volumes.

"Um, Jan? Why are your eyes popping out of your head? Oh- it's before dinnertime! Aren't you leaving already?"

"No! Not unless I find my Death Note manga!" Jan yelled angrily. "You must have hidden-"

"I didn't! I promise," Sienna interrupted, her eyes widening, "I just looked at the covers. That's all! Well, I was about to put them back on the table when they just disappeared."


"Yeah! Like poof."

Jan groaned. "You're lying! Where'd you put them?"

"I'm not lying. They did disappear!" Sienna insisted, "Check the whole house!"

But the manga volumes were never found.

L looked around him. The room was empty and even darker than before since it was nighttime already. He was the only occupant and L sighed, quite accustomed to being alone. Everyone had left, frustrated with his decision to keep Light, Misa, and Mr. Yagami locked up a little longer.

He was starting to think that there was no other choice but to set them all free until he felt his heart skip a beat. He gasped. A few minutes passed and nothing happened. "Calm down, L. No heart attack. Kira doesn't know your true name," the detective quietly said to calm himself.

He then thought hard, his instincts telling him that something big must have taken place. L stood up, looking around the room. Nothing changed. He then looked back into the screens showing Misa Amane, Light Yagami, and Soichiro Yagami in their respective rooms. Nothing changed with them as well.

He looked around the room again, feeling as if there was something he failed to see.

And there was.

A stack of books appeared out of nowhere, right on top of the table near the wall. "Where did they come from? It seems as if they just appeared out of thin air," he mused to himself pensively, "This wasn't here a while ago and I'm sure nobody entered the room. That's odd..."

L approached the stack of books cautiously. When he looked closer, the cover of the one on top quickly attracted his attention. Death Note was the title. There was a picture of a man with a sort of monster behind it. He realised that this was the first volume of what looked like a manga series and that the following three were continuations. Death Note Volumes One to Four.

The detective's eyes widened as he realised that the man on the cover looked like Light.

He then read the back, which contained the summary. Light Yagami. Death Note. Justice. With his eyes subconsciously widening in surprise, L flipped open the first pages. The first chapter alone told him exactly what the whole story was about.

Without even hesitating for a single moment, he brought all four manga volumes to his chair in front of the screens, planning to read for the whole night. L stared closely at Light Yagami through the screen before immersing himself in the first volume of Death Note.

Meanwhile, at Wammy's House, in Winchester, England, two boys had discovered similar books of the same title.

They were both out on the back garden. It was a pleasant garden big enough to fit a dozen or two playing children. The trees and flowers gave it a sort of cosy, warm feeling but that day was windy. Plus, it was slowly growing dimmer outside as sunset approached. The swing was long abandoned by the pesky little seven-year olds and the gardener was done with his planting job. Most children would have been back inside the orphanage by then; however, these two weren't.

"What's that you're looking at, Mello?"

There was an awkward pause as the fourteen-year old boy with shoulder-length blond hair- Mello- simply glared. He then decided to take a look at the three books lying still on the grassy ground, attempting and failing to ignore the albino standing curiously behind him. "Go away, Near. It's none of your business."

Near, the twelve-year old boy with short, messy white hair and dark eyes, paid no attention to Mello's plea. He crouched down on the ground to further analyse the books. "Death... Note? It seems like a graphic novel of some sort..."

"I told you to go away!"

"Why does the man on the cover of this one look like L?"

"How many times do I have to tell you to-"

"Volumes five to seven? It's incomplete..."

"Just leave me the hell alone-"

"This is intriguing. So you saw it lying there behind the bushes?"

Mello sighed, exasperated, and ran a hand through his hair. The kid always managed to piss him off. Said kid was still staring at him with wide, expectant eyes, causing him to answer reluctantly. "Yeah. Strange, isn't it?" Near didn't respond for a while.

The wind blew open the book which had Volume Five printed on the side, the book with the picture of a standing brown-haired Asian man with the L-look-alike crouching below him on the cover. It opened to the first page of the first chapter.

"Yes. Very strange."

Chapter Summary: Jan has a complete Death Note manga set. Her close friend's cousin, Sienna, whom she was babysitting, accidentally spilled 'magic dust' on the covers, so they all disappeared. Actually, the manga volumes 1-4 suddenly appeared in L's room while the volumes 5-7 appeared to Near and Mello. What happens when they read the manga? O.O

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