This is a set of 20 Mon Colle Knights haikus that I made-up. I may make more, so please review to tell me what parts of my poetry you like, and what I need to work on. Suggestions are welcome, too!

Oh yeah, I don't own Mon Colle Knights, or any anime for that matter.

Mondo Ooya

Strong yet romantic
the heart of a brave lion
passionate Mondo

Friend of Pegasus
the bravest and boldest knight
tender-hearted soul

Athletic and strong
has a bandage on forehead (?!^_^;;)
still sweet to the end

Rockna Hiragi

Rockna Hiragi
intelligent and graceful
a bright aqua jewel

Monster summoner
a genius and hard-working
golden ivory

Mondo and Rockna

Mondo and Rocka
Courageous Mon Colle Knights
the perfect couple

Girl-crazy Mondo
upsets Rockna very much
dodge the frying pan!

Dr. Hiragi

Brilliant scientist
opened portal to Mon World
yet often clumsy


Cute, cuddly Zeechi
playful, innocent, monster
carefree; lovable

Prince Eccentro

An ancient ruler
is handsome yet eccentric
the Prince Eccentro

Evil scientist
time-traveling to destroy
the special Mon World

Lover not fighter
destined prince of Mon World
evil yet worthy


Mean-spirited; evil
the superior minion
the lost soul of Batch

Complains about life
often subject of mishap
hidden depression


Gluko the ditzy
Hides unknown intelligence
Good-natured to all

Friendly and bubbly
naive, loyal, and cheerful
thus describes Gluko


Evil Tormentor (^_^)
ears as big as half body (^o^)
tolerates Gluko (^O^)

Beginner and Luke

Beginner and Luke
monster summoning students
macho and bubbly

Mon Colle Knights

Six monster items
sought by the good and evil
who shall find them first?

Portal is open
the Mon World is in peril
go Mon Colle Knights!

Well, that's it. How did I do?