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Lili stood in front of the class shyly, as the teacher told her to take a seat at the empty desk. She did as she was told, but unkind eyes lingered around her. The teacher began to teach, back turned to the chalkboard. Lili looked around the classroom, it seems pretty old unlike her old school. Oh yeah that's right, she now have to attend school here because someone burned it down.

Though Alfred said something about getting free education, he also offered alot of prevlidges. She accepted, but her brother went against it. After alot of fussing, he agreed but under a condition, he gets to pick her up whenever there is a world meeting. Though she already knew that he was going to anyway, regardless if she didn't apply.

Snapping out of her thoughts, a girl stood in front of her, brown hair with pink streaks, light blue eyes. Her hands on hip, glaring at Lili. She looked at her questionably, but she spoke first.

"Hey new kid, do you want to join our group?"

"Uh, how am I suppose to Join when I don't know your name?" Lili asked.

The girl stared at lily, then motioned her friends to come over. They looked at Lili strangely, then the girl spoke.

"Bella Hazelnut, Alice Johnson, Maggie Fredpatrick." the girl said pointing towards herself and the two.

Lili looked at them, they're eyes seem like used trust. Though they looked at her with pity, but why with pity? Maybe because it's her first day in school with alot of other ethnics.

"Um, I decline your offer." she politely said

The girls looked at Lili angrily at why she declined, maybe because they needed another friend. Bella spoke up for them. "why? I mean we can hangout and such."

"By the way you talk, looks, treat others that I notice, why would I join?" Lili encountered.

She wasn't dumb, by the time they walked in, they smart mouthed a girl in Maggie's seat.

Which the girl got up and walked to another seat.

"Oh yeah, you think you can smart mouth us? I'll have you know, that I can remove you from this school." Bella smirked.

Lili looked at her, she rolled her eyes. She didn't have time for little girl drama. Bella huffed at her, does she really think she can get away?

"Well, Alice's father is the principal of the school, so you better join or else we get you kicked out." Maggie said

Lili sighed as the school bell rang, gathering up and ignoring the girls. She went to her next class. Repeating the process again, except for the girls. The class went by swiftly.

It was lunchtime, she looked at everyone chattering and having a good time. Looking around, seeing empty seats, she sat in one of them. She silently ate her lunch, until she felt something fall down her head. "Hey, Lili, you want some of my shake?" Alice smiled.

They all laughed at her, Lili kept her head down. she wanted to kill them now with her gun, her brother gave her. It was under her shirt, strapped to her side. Everyone laughed with them until a person stepped up.

"Hey Alice, want some fries with that shake?" said a person who dumped fries on Alice.

All three of the girls looked at the person. The person's hair style was Like Ludwig's but black. Brownish black eyes, that are fierce.

"What the heck Huang?" Alice yelled.

The the person call Huang smirked, then pulled Lili out the seat and walked away. Lili shyly looked at the person, the person had stand up for her. After a couple steps, they stopped at bathroom door. Huang handed her an extra shirt and a comb, then pushed her inside the door and waited outside.

After five minutes, she walked out the bathroom. Huang softly smiled at her as she gave back the comb, she shyly thanked Huang.

"Ha, no need to thank me, just doing what was needed." Huang whispered.

Huang bowed his head slightly at her, it was a sign of respect. Lili looked at him, then introduced herself.

"Lili Zwingli."

"Huang Yu Zhang, but you can call me Yu or Huang for short."

The school bell rang, Huang patted her shoulder and walked to class. Lili walked to class a bit dazzled but shrugged it off. As class started, her phone rang, she answered of course.


"Liechtenstein! How's your first day of school?"

"Hello Alfred, and It was surprising day."

"Oh, ok! Your brother and Roderich, Elizabeta is picking you up."

"Thank you for informing me Alfred."

She hung up on him, then proceeded her work. Classes went swiftly fast. Lili waited outside the building, but saw the trio walking up to her until honks where heard.

Everyone turn to the car as Elizabeta screamed out the driver's window.


Everyone Looked at her while Elizabeta waved at her frantically.

Oh boy, she's in a tight spot again.

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Liechtenstein/ Lili Zwingli, Switzerland/Vash Zwingli, Austria/Roderich Edelstein, Hungary/Elizabeta Héderváry, America/ Alfred F. Jones