Chapter 1: Shocking Discovery

Gray awoke feeling sick. It's been happening for a full month already. In a rush, he hurried over to the bathroom and puked it out. He doesn't know why it was happening, but he had a pretty good theory. It was just not possible because it's screwy and illogic.
'It can't be for real can it? I mean that kind of thing is just not possible... Right?' Gray thought as he cleaned up his mess and went downstairs for breakfast.

He finds Natsu cooking and setting up the table.
"Good morning, sleepy head!"

"Morning..." Gray sat down in a chair where Natsu had set his food.

"Are you feeling any better? This has been happening for quite some time now, well from what I've heard that is." Natsu was only back from a long mission that took 2 full months to finish with Erza, Lucy and Happy, coming home just this week which was 4 days ago.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Gray shrugged and ate his breakfast albeit rather fast and then got up to put the dishes into the sink and then went to the couch.
"When you're done eating, just set the dishes in the sink, I'll wash the dishes today."

Natsu was a bit curious and worried. Since he came back, Gray's been acting really weird. Quickly, he finished eating his share and placed the dishes into the sink as told and then went over to sit beside Gray. Gray laid his head on Natsu's shoulder and let out a sigh of content.

"Seriously Gray, what's going on?" he asked in a worried tone.

Gray was silent for a moment before beginning.
"It's really nothing Natsu, don't worry about it. I'm just not feeling so good. Besides, you better hurry to the guild or Lucy and Erza wouldn't be too happy to find you late."

Natsu scratched his head.
"Gray, I don't care if I'm late. You're much more important to me than them... I just really want to make sure that you'll be okay by yourself."

Gray smiled at Natsu's consideration for his well being.
"Yeah I'll be fine, alright?"

Natsu was reluctant in leaving him, but begrudgingly complied and got ready. Once done, before he was going to leave, he gave Gray a light peck on the lips.
"Don't hesitate to come to me or call me when you need to. Heck, even if you just want me to be here I'll come to you, alright?" Gray nodded while smiling.

"Alright... I'll be seeing you soon then, but I'll be back as fast as I can." Natsu promised as he ran to the guild as fast as he can, trying to make it on time.

Gray watched him run until he was nowhere in sight before going back inside and closing the door. He headed towards the couch to ponder what he'll do for the day.
'I need to see a doctor to confirm it. I think I should tell at least one person about my condition; it'll be easier that way. Maybe master Makarov can help me, and possibly even Mira can explain to me how this was even possible. I need to know as fast as possible before it's too late..." with that last thought, Gray got ready to leave and go to the guild.

Once he was nearby, he went to the backdoor, undetected. He knew Natsu was still here for he left not too long before him. Once inside, he carefully watched from the corner of his eyes to where Natsu, Lucy, Erza and Happy were chatting, though it was more like arguing about the mission they were going to take. It might be about forming a plan. Either way, Gray just wanted them to leave as soon as possible so he could talk to Mira and know the whereabouts of the guild master. It took about 10 minutes until they were finally able to decide and leave. However, just before they were about to leave, standing near the doors, Natsu came into a sudden halt.

"Hey Natsu what's wrong?" from Erza.

"Why'd you stop all of a sudden?" from Lucy, and

"Do you miss Gray already?" from Happy.

What Natsu came into a halt was that he had sensed Gray albeit even for the slightest moment, he thought that he was here in the guild.
'That's not possible; Gray is at home not feeling so well. I wish I could be there for him right now, though he insists I go in this mission. I mean it had been so long since we've done stuff together! I wish we could have more time to spend with each other... Maybe Happy is right. Maybe I'm just missing Gray. Though I really thought for a moment there that I felt his presence close... Must be my imagination playing tricks on me.' with that Natsu shook his head and shrugged.
"It's nothing, let's go." and walked out with the rest.

They finally left much to Gray's relief that Natsu didn't catch him red-handed; he was safe from being discovered when he was supposed to be at home. Slowly, he moved to the bar where Mira was, trying to act nonchalantly.

Once there she gave him her usual smile.
"Hello Gray, I thought you were supposed to be at home because you weren't feeling so good. Natsu had been worrying about you for a full 5 minutes. He couldn't stop complaining to the girls about him wanting to skip the mission until he finally gave in considering that they really needed his help... What brings you here?"

Gray sat on a bar stool, he had to admit that he was pretty nervous about all this; after all this was a rare occurrence.
"Where's the guild master?" he asks as Mira took her time pondering and then answered.

"Master is in his office right now."

"Can you lead me there? I need to tell him something important."

Mira became serious though with her usual smile as she nodded and lead the way.

On the top floor they were stopping in front of huge red doors, Mira knocked.
"Master, Gray wanted to see you." she heard a soft "Come in." from the other side and opened the door.

They walked to where Makarov was; he was sitting behind his desk that had a stack of papers piled neatly on one side. Makarov greeted them.
"Oh Gray! It's so nice to see you! How's it been?" he pointed at the chairs for him to sit, and just before Mira was about to leave Gray had asked her to stay.

She was confused at the sudden request, but stayed nonetheless and sat on the chair beside him.

He began.
"Well, it had certainly been a while, a full month perhaps. It's been going well actually."

Makarov nodded in delight.
"Is my idiotic grandson taking responsibility?"

Gray nodded.
"He's been very responsible and helps around the house pretty often."

Makarov kept nodding.
"Good, good. So what is it you wanted to see me about?"

Gray took a deep breath
"Guild master-" he started though he got interrupted by Makarov yelling at him.

"Don't call me guild master or master! I've already told you to call me gramps remember?" Gray smiled suddenly recalling the memory.

Short flashback
It was 2 years ago that Natsu had proposed to him. He couldn't believe it himself. Natsu, his friend/rival/lover wanted to marry him. At first Gray had even considered it a joke, but that was all pushed aside when Natsu kneeled down and brought out a box with a pair of rings inside; clearly he was dead serious.
Gray was happy of course. He loved Natsu no matter what and Natsu loved him the same. Gray managed to say "Yes!" through his shock of disbelief and tears.

It was one of the happiest days of his life, especially after 6 months of preparations of getting married in a church. To Gray, he didn't mind being the wife in the relationship for he wore a white wedding gown. It still embarrassed him a bit nonetheless because he was still a man with pride, but that didn't really matter if it meant staying with the person he loves for the rest of his life. He was proud actually, to finally have someone to cherish and know that the happiest days of his life were just beginning.

Everyone supported them and was happy for them. However, others didn't realize that some in the crowd didn't really support them; it was more of having to have their hearts broken for Gray. There were some people in the guild that had huge crushes on him.

The guild master came to give his blessings and gave Natsu a very serious look and tone about responsibility and taking care of his wife and such. He then came to Gray.
"You're now a part of the (Dragneel) family. Call me gramps from now on, alright!"
End of short flashback

Gray nodded.
"Yes, right." he cleared his throat to start again.
"Gramps, there's something important I need to confirm... What are the symptoms of becoming pregnant?"

There was some silence, until Makarov had a feeling where this conversation was heading and got to it with a slight hesitation.
"Gray... Are you by any chance pregnant perhaps?"

Gray paused, he wasn't entirely sure.
"I don't know" he said slowly.

In understanding the situation more, Makarov made Gray stand up and asked Mira to get his medical examination kit. This was quite serious for it is an extremely rare occurrence. Once he got the kit he also used some of his own magic like an ultrasound, and examined Gray carefully.

An hour has passed since then as Makarov was slowly and possibly going over it numerous times in disbelief. He then finally stopped and sat down with Gray and Mira doing the same.

"I can't believe it! You really are pregnant Gray!" Mira cheered as Makarov sighs and Gray speechless.

"... Have you told Natsu yet?" Makarov questioned.

"... No, not yet. I just wanted to confirm my theory... How was this even possible?" Gray really wanted to know how.

Mira started.
"We don't know either Gray, but the fact that you have a baby inside of you is still unbelievable... Although I worry as to how you are to give birth when your body is not structured for such things... Also, how would Natsu take this?" Mira had a point.

"I honestly don't know how I am going to give birth, but as to how Natsu would take this... Well-" he was cut off by Makarov.

"He better be proud! That's my great grandchild in there! Your child and his, it's a miracle sent from above. Natsu better start taking really good care of you from now on, but it all depends on when
you're going to tell him."

Gray knew that he'd need to tell Natsu sooner or later, but he was just not quite ready yet.
"I'll tell him when I'm ready to." with that, Mira and Makarov nodded.

"Just tell us when you need our help; we'll support you through this." Mira assisted.

Gray replied with an "I'll keep that in mind." as he left the guild to go home and rest.

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