Chapter 5: Foreboding Nightmare

The moment Natsu came into the guild with Gray in his arms, he was immediately surrounded by some of the guild members, and are all were worried sick about them. Wendy came forward and asked.
"How's Gray, Natsu? Is he alright?"

Natsu nodded.

"He just used up most of his magic, but he should be fine with a lot of rests."

At this, Wendy nodded.

"We'll take him to the healing rooms. You should stay here and wait. I'll return with the first-aid kit to patch you up."

Natsu complied. Even though he wanted to be beside Gray, he decided that he should follow his friend's advice. He gave Gray to Macao who gave him a firm nod that meant.
'He's going to be fine.' before walking away.

Natsu stood there watching, until they were out of his sight. He sighed before rustling his hair and walked to sit down on the benches. Though before he sat down, he heard the members of the Raijinshū and Laxus make their entry from outside. Filled with anger, Natsu walked straight to them and punched Bickslow in the face. That sent him flying straight to a wall, causing it to dent from the force. Everyone was baffled by Natsu's sudden action; no one knew that would happen.

Natsu was still fuming, but decided not make any more of a scene after that. Lucy came to his side and stated.
"It's not like they knew about Gray's condition, Natsu."

Natsu huffed.
"That was for hurting my wife. They were at the wedding weren't they? So they should know at least that much."

Natsu made a point, so Lucy had to stop with that. Laxus, who was also sharp in observing, asked.
"What condition are you talking about?"

Natsu answered dryly as he crossed his arms to his chest.
"Gray's pregnant."

Laxus gaped dumbfounded, as did Evergreen and Freed who stood there frozen; speechless. Bickslow on the other hand, was still groaning in pain as he struggled to get up.

"... Did you say pregnant?" Laxus asked, trying to see if had heard wrong.

Natsu nodded.
"Yeah... Why?"

Lucy sweat dropped, thinking that Natsu had forgotten.
"Natsu, it's still impossible for men to get pregnant."

"... Oh right." Natsu said, forgetting that fact because of Gray.

Laxus still couldn't swallow that fact and asked.
"You're kidding right?"

Natsu was getting annoyed with the questions and wanted to punch Laxus in the face, but he stopped when he heard Makarov's voice.
"It's no joke Laxus. Gray is indeed pregnant." he walked over to them as Laxus and his gang stared at him in disbelief. Bickslow had been with them some time ago and heard it all, not believing it himself.

"But that's not possible though." Evergreen finally spoke out, but this angered Natsu even further.

Makarov made a gesture for Natsu to calm down, and he did so begrudgingly.

"It's true that's its not possible, but it's no lie that Gray is carrying a child. I examined him myself and made sure that it was no mistake."

Natsu's eyes widened at that statement and asked.
"You examined Gray?"

Makarov nods.
"Yes, and he's around 2 months along. Am I right?"

Natsu nodded which made Laxus finally admit that they were telling the truth. The trio who still remained frozen in shock, finally managed to swallow the truth as well and slowly, but surely, congratulated Natsu for the new family member.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to rough up Gray up." Bickslow said as he scratched the back of his head as his dolls mimicked a word.
"Sorry. Sorry. Sorry."

Natsu smiled lightly.
"It's fine."

Then Laxus came closer to Natsu.
"Sorry. I didn't know."

Natsu gave him a sympathetic look.

"It's alright. He's fine."

Laxus gave him an unsure look.

"But it could've been bad if we didn't hold back."

"I told you, its fine. Look, you can go apologize to him in person when he wakes up." He suggested.

Laxus shook his head.
"With what I did to everybody in the guild... I don't think that I can stay."

Makarov cleared his throat.
"Well, yes. You should be banished for your actions." At this, Laxus mumbled an "I knew it.", interrupting him for a moment.
"However, since you truly regret your actions. I'll reconsider."

This stunned Laxus and his team. They've been getting a lot of surprises lately. The trio then exclaimed.
"Really, guild master?"

The said person nodded in approval and stated in serious tone.

"Never do that again."

With that, the rest of the guild members cheered for them even after all they'd been through. They were a family after all. Needless to say, the guild was filled with happiness. At that moment, Wendy came back with the first-aid kit.

"Sorry it took so long!" she huffed and began to recover her breath when she stopped in front of Natsu.

"It's fine. How's Gray?" Natsu asked for it was the only thing that'd actually been on his mind.

Wendy smiled and reassured.
"He's sleeping right now." This made the other sigh in relief before she continued.
"Let's get you patched up, so you can see him when he awakes."

Natsu eagerly complied, for he would get a chance to see Gray.

When Gray woke up, he realised that it was already night time; the festival was going to start soon. Tiredly, he sat upright to observe his surroundings. Then he heard a voice, and it was familiar to one he had heard before.

"I see that you're awake."

Gray began to panic, realising where he had heard it from. It was the voice of the woman who tried to kill him. Still weak, Gray knew that he couldn't fight. He resorted to distancing himself as best as he could, hitting the backboard of the bed. He still couldn't make out who the woman was in the darkness. So when he turned on the lamp on his bedside table, he's eyes widened.

He saw Lisanna.

"L-Lisanna?" Gray's voice was quivering as he said so.

"Hello, Gray. It's been so long hasn't it?" Lisanna stated, nearing him slowly.

"But you're... Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Gray was confused. He had been at the funeral, so it should be impossible to see Lisanna here, and alive.

"Supposed to be, but I'm here aren't I?" she came even closer.
"In fact, I actually need a favour from you."

Gray sensed danger coming from her, and that made him slightly hesitant.
"W-what is it?"

Her eyes suddenly became red and her nails sharpened like claws.
"Give me your life! Yours and that child you carry!" she had Gray trapped when she used her sharp nails to pierce the wall around Gray; they were removable nails for they turned into fang-shaped needles.

"For me to be fully revived I need a sacrifice... and I choose you."

"No. I won't allow you to harm the child." Gray spouted, though his body was paralyzed in fear.

"Gray, Gray, Gray. Don't you know how happy Natsu is going to be when he sees me?" she extended one of her fingers to lift his chin.
"I think you know very well that he still loves me deep down... The moment I show up, he will realise that he still loves me and forget about you completely." she retrieved her hand and smiled evilly.

"Unlike you, I can give birth naturally. Plus, I was his first love which means that, he's still madly in love with me."

"You're wrong! Natsu loves me!" Gray spouted back.

She smiled at this for it seemed as though the other had become desperate. She thought quickly.

'Just a little more to go.' before saying.

"Does he really love you? Isn't he just trying to move on? He may think that he loves you, but he actually loves me. I know that you know it too Gray. That deep down, there's that part of his heart that you can never conquer."

Gray was quiet. In fact, he was in tears. His eyes were becoming watery, for he knew what she was trying to point out. He didn't want to hear it. He didn't want to believe it.

"Aww... There's no need to cry Gray. We'll make Natsu happy together." she began to place her hands around his neck and tighten it slowly.
"Once I'm fully revived, I'll tell Natsu that you helped out and we can all be happy."

Gray didn't resist as his breath was quickening its pace.

"You're making a great decision." She kept on tightening her hold even more, so that the other couldn't be able to breathe.

However, when Gray came to his senses, he punched Lisanna on the stomach and it sent her some feet away from him. At this, he was wheezing and coughing to regulate his breathing, while, Lisanna was weakly getting up.


"The baby." Gray answered when he took a deep breath.

"What?" she asked, now standing up.

"I won't let the baby died." he stated with newfound determination of keeping his child safe.

"Why you little!" she pounced on Gray and began choking him again, this time forcefully.
"Life would be better if you just die!"

Gray couldn't get her off, as hard he tried to struggle free. He came to the point that he was going to lose his consciousness as his vision was becoming blurry and dark. When he thought that all was lost, he was startled awake. His eyes widened and he sat up quickly to look at his surroundings.

"Hey, are you alright?" Natsu asked in concern as he stood beside Gray.
"You were moving and gasping about. Look, you're sweating and you look so pale."

Gray could only look at Natsu, before looking around once more and back at Natsu again. Suddenly, he began to let tears fall from his eyes.

This surprised and startled Natsu.
"Don't cry, Gray. Don't cry."
He climbed onto the bed and positioned himself behind Gray and embraced him to calm him down.
"Shhh... It was only a dream, Gray. It was just a dream. I'm here for you."

After some time, Gray had finally calmed down and was now only sniffling.

"That must've been some dream, huh?" Natsu asked as his hands held Gray's.

Gray could only nod as he slightly gripped Natsu's hands tight.

Natsu kissed his head.
"I won't leave, Gray. I'm right here." He tightened the embrace just slightly to prove to Gray that he was there for him.

Gray stayed quiet; basking in the warmth Natsu's embrace was providing him.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Natsu tried to lighten the mood and see if there was anything he could help with.

However, Gray just shook his head.

"Sorry, but I don't want to talk about it."

Natsu frowned, but acknowledged and respected Gray's decision.


Then Gray asked to change the subject.

"How's everybody?"

"Nothing too serious. Right now, they're putting the finishing touches on the floats, so that the festival can go on. Plus, Laxus and his team get to stay in the guild." then suddenly remembering.

"Oh right. Laxus wanted to apologize to you in person."

"Why?" It seemed strange to Gray that Laxus would want to apologize to him.

"I told him you were pregnant." The other answered dryly.

"Oh." was all Gray said before Natsu nudged him on the shoulder with his head.

"Come on, let's go. You're still needed to participate on one of the floats..." then quickly added.

"If you're okay now."

Gray nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Shouldn't I be asking you that? You're wrapped with bandages."

"Its fine, it's fine. Let's go." and with that, the two got off the bed and headed back to the main room.

The moment Gray walked into the main room; he was immediately bombarded with questions about his health.

"Are you alright now Gray?"

"Do you feel sick?"

"Should you be moving?" and so on.

Gray managed to ease the crowd by answering that he was fine and could still move around. Then Laxus came to him and apologized just as Natsu had said he would do.

"Its fine, Laxus. Really! I'm better now." hearing it from Gray eased Laxus' worry greatly and proceeded with helping the guild finish for the festival.

"Are you guys ready?" Mira exclaimed for it was time to start.

"Ready!" the whole guild answered as they started the show.

While the parade was still on the go, two figures hid in the shadows behind the crowd.

"You wasted some time there, Lisanna."

"I know. I was so close too." she muttered angrily before adding.

"It won't be long though. I'll find a way."

The other commanded harshly.

"Well you better do so, or the deal is off." then disappeared into the darkness.

"..." Lisanna looked back at the parade and sighed.

"I'll need more time for this to work and I'm sure that with this plan, Natsu will be mine and Gray will be no more." Before following the other figure.

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