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-Chapter 1-

Hi my name is Naru Uzumaki,i am 12 year old and i am a Diclonius and the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi.
What a Diclonius you may ask? Well its as far a i know they were a acient race who lived around 1000 years before the creation of the elemental nation,but even this date is very vague.
Many people put them in the same catogorie as ghost since no one could find a waterproof evidence that they really existed, I was one of those people after all if they were that great how come that they arent existing anymore so wrote the storys of as nohting as folk lore, well thas until this fateful , my 8 birthday.

It was like each birthday for me, for most people there birthday is something to anticipate but for me it was the worst day of all 365 day of the year.
The first thing of the day was the totour to get out of my room without lithing up the whole complex since serval explosiv tags where installed in the room.
After i escaped from my room i had to run like the devil was behind me and like always i asked the first mob easily.
Until that moment anything was like it usaly was,but some Kami in heaven must hate, as a second mob consisting of trunken shinobis saw me and began there hunt for me.

At first it didnt seem bad for me until i made a fatal mistake... i took the wrong way and ended up in a dead end with more or less well trained shinobi right behind me... or in other words i was screwed and as i looked at them i even saw a few anbus which should protect me from things like this.

I paniced and tried to run right trough them which lead to kick in my gut, i hadnt even time cry out as another hand took hold of me and drew me against a wall, this beating went on until some decied to end it.

I was laying on the floor in a sea of a red substance... my blood.
My whole body was numb from all the pain it had to endure the only thing i could was laying there and looking at the shinobi who seemed like the leader of the group racing trough hand sign.
Only one thing raced trough my mind `I dont want to die` but i know it would be other in afew minutes so i closed my eyes and waited for the final shot of pain which would end my short life... but the only thing i heard where screams full of pain.
After those screams followed a dead silence... and the smell of blood and urine , i slowly opened my eyes...
And the thing that was happening before my very eyes were terrifying... over the whole place where laying dead body... all of them had one mutuality, either the missed whole body parts or the body parts where twisted far beyond healthy... at this sight my brain did the only rational thing,it shut down.

A few minutes later the anbus arrived at the place and even trough they were war veteran most of them threw up at the sight what where before them.
But the stranged thing about the whole scene was a litle girl with long redish hair and two bulge on her head that was laying nearly the death bodys.