Title: Banana Splits and New Friends
Summary: Edward learns that looks aren't everything, and appearances can be deceiving.
Word Count: 499
Rating: M
Disclaimer: We always wondered if the fabric of time and space would unwind if we collaborated. LETS SEE IF IT DOES! Oh..we don't own anything. damnit.

I left the spa feeling sparkly and refreshed. Is it effeminate to enjoy manis/pedis and facials; to keep up with waxing and tweezing? It's manly I decided. To be your best, you must look your best. I ran my hand through my shiny new highlighted locks. Looking around, I caught sight of a tall blonde grinning my way...

Oh Jesus fuck! Would you look at that!WANT THAT! Thinking of all the things I wanted to do to that man had me grinning like a motherfucker. He was standing between the spa and the ice cream shop. Trying to be sly, I inched closer to him. I wanted-no NEEDED-to talk to him. Looking down at the dessert I had just purchased, I picked the banana out, licking the end before pursing my lips around it...

The blonde neared, sucking whipped cream from a banana. "That looks really good." I said, feeling my mouth water. He smirked, stuffing the whole banana in his mouth. "Wow," I breathed, "You must have amazing throat muscles to do that!" His smirk morphed into a huge grin as he drawled, "As a matter of fact-I do." He winked and stuck his hand out. "Jasper Whitlock, pleasure to meet you."

"Edward Cullen; the pleasure's all mine." I felt him tickle my palm with his fingertips; his hand lingering in mine. I knew a man could appreciate soft, smooth hands and finely-buffed nails!

Edward, I thought to myself; weighing his name in my mind. Sexy. I could hear myself calling it while his lips were wrapped around my cock. Fuck! Now I was hard. Hmmm, maybe i could use this to my advantage. Dipping my finger in the whipped cream, I held it out to him. "Wanna taste?"

I eyeballed the proffered digit. I didn't know this man, but the cream looked so tasty. I couldn't resist; my tongue peaked out,gingerly lapping the gooey-white-goodness from his skin. One taste and I was done for. "Mmmmm," I moaned out, immediately sucking the entire length of his finger into my mouth, sealing my lips around it, and sucking furiously.

Oh good God! I could cum from Edward attentions to my finger. And that moan! Fuck! My cock was begging for that ass!

He was still sucking my finger. I couldn't resist. I leaned in, brushing my lips against his neck.

What the? I jerked away quickly, releasing Jasper's finger with a wet pop. He moaned. My wide-eyed stare met his eyes, which were swimming with lust as he stepped closer to me. My jaw came unhinged as pieces started to snap into place. Words couldn't come quick enough, but Jasper could. I felt his hard-on press against my leg as he leaned in, brushing his lips against mine. "Jasper..." I mumbled against his lips. He took this as a sign to continue. Grabbing him around his shoulders, I tried again. "Jasper...I'm not gay."

"Sure princess, whatever you say."