Well. What do we have here? A drabble collection, that's what. Of Cress/Skyla. Or Jetlagshipping (hence the name). Anyways, this, behind Chess, Wishful (game-verse), Cheren/Bianca, and FerrisWheel (tied with Chili/Elesa and Cress/Elesa) is my favorite Unova shipping... so yeah, it's in fifth place along with two others. So. Here we go. Anyway, as drabble/one-shots progress, they will get better. (I do not, and will never, own Pokemon. Even though I just bought a copy of Pokemon White)


Cress did not like to be cornered.

Cress found himself enjoying working at the café rather than running battles; strange, considering he usually preferred the easy escape from screaming girls, begging him for attention.

Many times his brothers, Cilan and Chili, had to ask him what was bothering him. When he replied, "Oh, absolutely nothing," they knew better.

He was their brother, after all.

Finally, Chili figured it out, only due to having the same issue. Cilan, however, remained in the dark until he himself was faced with the problem.

The redheaded brother walked up to his brother, a grin plastered on his face.

"So?" he asked, "Who is it?"

"Who's who?" Cress replied, not breaking his façade.

"The girl," Chili shot back, his face took a more mischievous smile as he continued, "and I know you like one of them that stops by here I mean I… never mind."

It was now Cress' turn to question.

"Never mind what?"

"Nothing!" Chili said, feeling his face turn pink.

"Oh." Cress' face turned sly. "So, who do you like, Chili?"

Cress did not like to be cornered. Which was why he was good at comebacks.

"N-no one!"

Cress did not buy it; his brother was always looking at magazines with pictures or models, drooling over the stick-thin ones, always flirting with costumers.

Finally, it dawned on Cress.

"O-h," he grinned, "You like Elesa."

"D-do not!"

"But you do!" Cress whistled, "You couldn't keep your eyes off her when she visited last week!"

But now, Chili had all he needed.

"Then you must like Skyla!" he shouted in a fit of frustration, referring to the redheaded gym leader from Mistralton City.

That shut Cress up.

Chili's fire-red eyebrow shot up.

"You… actually like her?" he asked, his voice barely a whisper.

"S-so what if I d-do?" Cress replied.

Chili's face lit up as he shouted, "Finally!"

"H-huh what?" Cress said in a shocked manner.

"I finally got you to confess you like her!" Chili was jumping up and down now. "You were staring at her for hours yesterday! Well… for the short half hour she was here, anyways."

"I never said I liked her; I only said 'so what if I do?'" Cress remarked.

"Denial!" Chili said, running off.

Cress did not like to be cornered. Nor did he like to be an open book.

But he absolutely hated that his [loudmouth] brother now knew his biggest secret.